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~Sprites de naanny~

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by naanny, Oct 1, 2009.

  1. Okay, since Pokecarms was down I've gotten much better at spriting; I am only going ot post recent stuff. Well, here ish mah work. ^^
    [​IMG] Request
    [​IMG]Munchlax cosplay
    [​IMG]One of my charries for roleplaying. (I don't RP here, though.)
    [​IMG] Same charrie, in a dress.
    [​IMG] Random card I made for another roleplaying site.
    [​IMG]Another OC with matching overworld.
    I believe that is it~^^.I do take requests, just explain what you would like me to make. I can do just about anything I guess.
  2. could you make a togekiss cosplay?
  3. [​IMG]
    I'm sorry if a very little girl isn't what you were going for, but I'm done!
  4. ooh, I like the feathers on it =D

    I like the idea you made it like an outfit based on the person instead of the person looking like they're in a costume. Some of the sprites in the first post could use some more shading though.

    Also, I've seen the character in the last sprite in a lot of places, are you sure it's your OC?
  5. I admit the shading could use some work. When I work with the color black it isn't always easy for me to shade, sometimes I may choose a color too dark and then the shading would be too dark and blend in with the outlining.

    Thanks for the compliment. ^^

    Did you see the acutal sprite or a drawing? I based it off of a drawing (I don't like/am not an art thief) because I really don't like using other people's pictures with just giving credit instead of permission.
  6. Ah kay then. Makes more sense then.
  7. Now, I will show/attempt things such as walking and mugshots. Basically every type of sprite I didn't do yet.
    [​IMG] Mugshot for one of my OCs
    [​IMG] Walkie for Lexi, hair down.
    [​IMG] Mixes of Umbreon and Vaporeon, and the Hoenn starters.
    [​IMG]Nidoqueen revamp
    [​IMG] Gorebyss and Huntail Devamps
  8. Naany, the only comment I have about your mugshot in the last post was that the pigtails look rather stiff and pixelated. Maybe you could soften them by adding some pixels around the edges to 'soften' it.

    In the second (walkie is the word you are searching for), the head is a little small, and the shading in the knees is a little off.

    Ooooh, nice. I like these two splices. Vaporeon now looks quite demonic. I like it. On the other, OMG, fishy chicken!

    On the last two, those devamps and revamps are nicely done. However, the Nidoqueen looks a little off.
  9. I'd say your critique is fair. I can't really change the head to make it bigger without deleting it, so my improvement list looks like this:
    1. Less stiff ponytails; add light grey pixels
    2. Fix knee shading
    Also, what you you mean by "off"? Like, I should've kept the black outline of the spikes instead of making it lighter at the bright tips?

    And don't forget, those are my first attempts at those types of sprites.
  10. Oh, sorry! Naany, I apologize for forgetting to define 'off.' In my opinion, in reference to this, it means not horribly wrong, but wrong enough to make it look odd. In relation to the legs of the walkie, it looks like half the leg is darker than the other with no gradient in between.
  11. I don't mean to butt in and be rude, but, I think what Secad is trying to say is that the shading sort of makes the legs look more like sticks.

    Also, nice work ^^
  12. Thanks. ^^ The Huntail sprite was kind of hard, blue and orange are completely different colors. I'm pretty proud of it, something just looks cool about it.

    [​IMG]Backsprite of my favorite OC
    [​IMG]Request... I think.
  13. Bump!
    [​IMG] Fakemon that my friend, Shell, made.
    [​IMG] Sprited version of me in a dress.
    [​IMG] Sprited version of me in a... bathing suit. xD
    [​IMG] Random kimono old lady.
    [​IMG] I'm really into contestshipping, so I made this. Inspired by StellarWindElsydeon's avatar.
    [​IMG] Random person, couldn't decide on which color for the coat.
    [​IMG] Another random person.
    [​IMG] Volbeat and Illumise cosplayers.
    [​IMG] An old trainer card I believe I submitted awhile ago. I think the Mew ruins it (lol pun).
    [​IMG] Deoxys themed pokeball.
    Something is wrong with photobucket and it wouldn't upload the saved image, so I have to upload it from my computer. I moved the shells and improved the outline on the tails.
  14. For some reason, the sprites in this post get better and better.
    I like the bag the 'Random Person' has, althought the person's width is a bit odd.
    The deoxys themed pokeball is wonderful, as is the trainer card.
    I don't think the Mew ruins it.
    The mermaids are wonderful, especially the shading on the tails (I counted 5 different colours on them) and I could imagine those sprites in a pokemon game.
    Keep up the good work!!
  15. I think the 'another random person' is really good, except the lime green does not go well. Maybe try a different shade of green?

    The mermaids are amazing. I love the blue tail.
  16. I agree, the mermaid's tails are beautiful. If you were to move the boobs over to the right just a smidge, it would help them follow the rest of the body better, 'cuz yeah, they do look a little out of place right now.
  17. The thing with the "another random person" is that I tried to make her look like she was in a uniform, and she was inspired by visits to the arcade. The bright green was basically the point, to make it look like a uniform. Notice the tickets in her hand. The sun stone was sort of like a "prize".

    I will fix the mermaids, I didn't spend too much time on the posistioning of the shells, so I'll fix that. While I'm at it, I'll get rid of that pixel that creates an odd indent in the tail.
  18. New stuffs~!
  19. Impressive. May I ask, can you make a Giratina and/or Darkrai Cosplayer?
  20. BlackRoseJack

    BlackRoseJack Formerly psy-teen

    youre team aqua sprite is awesome :)
  21. Meh, can't do those cosplayers. >_< I might finish them eventually though, but don't get your hopes up. But, I bring you a witch, a strawberry shortcake person, and two clowns!
  22. *Dumps sprites into post and bumps*
    I've got a new OC~
    Also, new holdidayish... idea.
  23. Cute! I love the Candy Corn Cleffa. (Oooh, alliteration XD) I want to huggle it and eat it, maybe at the same time! D:

    Nice trainer. However, on the mugshot, something is amiss with the cheeks. Are those freckles, or rogue pixels?
  24. Yep, freckles!
    I've started a spriting service on another site, and have been doing a bunch of requests there.
    [​IMG]And, a little button~! ^^
  25. BlackRoseJack

    BlackRoseJack Formerly psy-teen

    hi naanny can you do a trainer sprite of my avatar her bottom half is black jeans with chain belt and dark brown boots plz
  26. [​IMG]
    Juliet is pretty, I tried to make her look like the full body mugshot on your sprite thread.
  27. i dont know if you are taking request but if you are can you make a shiny umberon cosplay ???
  28. BlackRoseJack

    BlackRoseJack Formerly psy-teen

    omg naanny she is perfect i luv her ;D
  29. Lots of new sprites... No explanation for you :p
    I've got a new OC, and I had lots of fun doing the overworld sprite for her.
  30. The animation is well done, but I noticed something: it seems that her wand gets swapped over in the last 'casting' pose, from (what I think, I need tea) right to left. Not to mention that the last pose the legs don't seem to 'flow' with the dynamic poses of the first two - I should think that a more feet-spread stance might work better.

    Your OC sprites are silly nice, espcially the flower headband.

    (Why so many short skirts?)
  31. Basically just a test of OIE animation, it was the first trainer sprite animation I tried, so it would have some flaws.
    I never noticed that I sprited so many short skirts. :p
    EDIT:Felt like doing some mapping, credit for thia tileset goes to ~KageNoSensei on Deviantart.
  32. Bump and more stuffs.
    [​IMG] I tried out a new style of shading... I really like it. =]
    [​IMG] Milotic mermaid thing~
    I really like to animate overworlds now.
  33. hi :) if you're taking requests can i ask for a chingling cosplayer please? and i think the sprite is the little girl, if thats actually the name ^_^"

    lol if you can message me thanx ;D
  34. [​IMG]

    Sorry it took so long! With winter break I had a million tests to study for and forgot about this a little...
    Also, I'm obsessed with new Vocaloid Miki now. I knwo there are lines on her elbows and knees; those are supposed to be there.
  35. Did you make the maps by hand? =O
    They're awesome. :3
  36. Thanks!
    By hand? Well... I put all the tiles together by myself, but I didn't make the tiles.

    New sprites, I tried to focus more on the character design than the actual spriting. The best I could think of is a bow with hair streak... Then I decided to make her into a non-ranger.
  37. Yeah, that's what I meant. I do believe there are programs where you can simply put in the tiles and it generates maps for you, or something. or at least makes it easier. >>
  38. I have an OC that looks a lot like the first trainer with the grey bow! o.o lmao you make me wanna sprite her, too bad i suck T_T and the one with the yellow bow looks great! nice work, keep it up (:
  39. Oh, it really isn't /that/ hard, but when you have to put the grass to beach tiles in, it gets monotonous. I found a guide on dA:
  40. BUMP.

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