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Sprite Requests

Discussion in 'Requests' started by Scrafty, Jun 14, 2015.


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  2. Team Mystic

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  3. Team Instinct

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  4. Team GREEN?!

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  5. I don't play pokemon go soo...

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  1. it said drawing. I do drawings rarely. It will be last cause itll be special
  2. Oh Sorry! I meant make a sprite. Sorry
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  3. For TundraZap. The dankiest drawing of a Rowlet. crappyart.png
  4. yours will be done another day
  5. yours will be made tomorrow.
  6. Ok Thx
  7. Can you make a girl trainer sprite? Short brown hair, light purple tank top, white shoes, and blue pants. Thanks! :)
  8. long time no see!
    my request: venomoth + butterfree
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  9. Charmander and litwick
  10. This has to become a meme
  11. it should be called roulette LOL
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  12. I'm not sure if you still do these but, if it's not too much trouble, could you make a sprite of one of my characters (The one with the Drifloon)? I have a whole bunch of pictures on my account if you need references.
  13. Can you do a totodile and shiny umbreon?
  14. Thanks for the feraligtr trainer!
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  15. Can I have a fusion with a dragonite and a charizard! Best pokemon in pokemon go
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  16. For betamagmamon X3 R1.png
  17. Thanks a ton ^^
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  18. The totodile reaper for the totodile R4.png
  19. no probs. Tell others about my request and I can do requests for them. That will help my thread. Thanks
  20. (
    (Am I the only one who really likes this sprite)
  21. another one.
    druddigon + tryanitar + agron
  22. Okay.
  23. Hope I'll get more requests
  24. Koffing with smoke for hands holding a scythe like the totofiles. Also with red eyes.

    Also me
    #347 Milkyway, Oct 10, 2016
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  25. Can you make the sprite of my prof pic without the 3ds plus blue shorts and orange shoes
  26. Charmander + scrafty please
  27. Are you accepting Trainer Sprite Requests right now?
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  28. Yes
  29. Would it be possible at afk to make this lad into a sprite?
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  30. Hope and I will try my best
  31. betamagnamonX3 arti.png I tried to make it look suitable for Halloween.
  32. Thanks and that is a cute sig.
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