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[Sprite Comic] ~Zac's Pokemon MIS-Adventures PG-13 Parts 3+4 Added!

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Kakashi, Jun 2, 2011.

  1. Don't forget to scroll down to see more of the comic in other posts! I'm only putting in 2 per post.

    Please put this into your Signature if you liked my Comic and would like to Support it.

    [move]Part 4+ Coming Really Soon![/move]

    Welcome to mah thread! Here, I will post each strip of my new Pokemon Sprite Comic Series, "Zac's Pokemon MIS-Adventures"! Please feel free to comment on either the way it looks, the story, or both!

    Anyway, this is a Sprite Comic based off of Pokemon SoulSilver and some... U Mad?

    I am accepting ideas for new strips or characters, but not full time partners. I will also post any custom Sprites I make for the Comic here for anyone to use just to make the thread look a bit larger! ^^' xD

    Ok, Comic Time! GOGOGOGO!!

    Part 1


    Part 2


    ~Hope you liked them, and dun't forget to CnC! Should I make more or should I kill the series?

    • Note: This comic is also on yugiohcardmaker.net. My user on there is • Ω Kakashi Hatake Ω • and I'd be happy to prove it. ^^
  2. Re: [Sprite Comic] ~Zac's Pokemon MIS-Adventures PG-13

    Oh my gawd this is hilarious x'D Don't stop, please, I want more :D Don't really have any constructive criticism for you, just don't drop the comic Dat Spoink x'DD
  3. Re: [Sprite Comic] ~Zac's Pokemon MIS-Adventures PG-13

    Jawdropping. I love it. Do more, since I want to see what will happen :)
  4. Re: [Sprite Comic] ~Zac's Pokemon MIS-Adventures PG-13

    Well, I guess I'd better finish 3 &4! xD
  5. Re: [Sprite Comic] ~Zac's Pokemon MIS-Adventures PG-13

    Part 3

    In Panel 4, I meant to say "Here it is!", not "Here is it!"

    Part 4
  6. Aaah, this isn't half bad. ;D Great job, poor Spoink. :'(
    At least there's sausage. :O

    Nice work.
    #6 Yellow_The_Wolf, Jun 4, 2011
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  7. Although I don't usually like comics using resources from Pokemon Games, this is brilliant! I liked them all, particularly part 2. It works really well when you include little mini scenes, like the "want some candy?" and "where's my Spoink?" Also, the ending was hilarious. U MAD?
  8. I should start on Part 5... I have been tied up with other projects and inFAMOUS. :/

    Thanks a lot!
    #8 Kakashi, Jun 4, 2011
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  9. The drama of getting your first PokéMon... It's so true
  10. Finally, some NPC notices all the hullaballoo about getting a Pokemon!

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