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Open Spring Starts, Flower Eevees Bloom

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Seal Pup, Apr 17, 2017.

  1. The title kind of explains this, but I'll explain it way more.

    Some unusual powered eevees were going to be born and other pokemon saw the eggs and were confused what the meant. No one ever got born in a egg with a certain flower pattern. Some Pokemon thought it might be a decoy. Others thought some other Pokemon painted it like Smeargle.
    Little did everyone know the flowers on the egg meant that all of their moves would be powerful and the flowers would be used in them.

    Flower Eevees: (Flowers are random)
    Sunflower Eevee -
    Rose Eevee - taken by @Grumpyface ( Casper )
    Daisy Eevee -
    Lilac Eevee - taken by @Aquatic Fox ( Willow )
    Tulip Eevee -
    Pheony Eevee -
    Freesia Eevee -
    Chrysanthemum Eevee - taken by @Celsci ( Tea )
    Marigold Eevee -
    Daffodil Eevee -
    Iris Eevee - taken by @spookyscary ( Aixa )

    Enter this and fill it in!:
    Appearance Differences:
    Name: Willow
    Flower: Lilac
    Gender: Female
    Appearance Differences: When Willow is born she gains a little pinkish shade with her brown fur.
    Personality: A bit shy, but friendly and willing to help.
    Other: S P R I N G

    Posts MUST be AT LEAST 3 lines long and 5 sentences. Longer posts are fine with me.
    Pokemon Role Play Rules are in this role play, please follow those while posting too.
    Put S P R I N G in other if you read these.

    THE ROLEPLAY IS NOW HERE. Link to the role play: https://pokecharms.com/threads/spring-stars-flower-eevees-bloom-bic.16271/
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  2. Name: Aixa
    Flower: Iris
    Gender: Female
    Appearance Differences: The light brown fur that Eevee have is tinted purple. Also, her eyes are a bright blue-purple color, and generally, her whole body seems to be more lavender than brown. On the top of her head, there seems to be a cluster of flowers that look like iris, covering her left eye.
    Personality: Aixa is pretty shy but will easily overcome her fears if she either knows the Pokémon or feels as if she has to, in which case she will become brave. She is also very kind and is barely ever rude.
    Other: S P R I N G
  3. Accepted, one more person before we start.
  4. Name: Casper
    Flower: Rose
    Gender: Male
    Appearance Differences: His fur is a dusty red colour, and several budding roses are entwined with his fluffy tail.
    Personailty: Casper is often more expressive and louder than others around him, and has a very playful streak. He is prone to teasing, too, but rarely in mean spirit.
    Other: S P R I N G
  5. Accepted! Starting role play later.
  6. Name: Tea
    Flower: Chrysanthemum
    Gender: Female
    Appearance Differences: Tea has a mixture of colors tainting her should-be-brown fur. First of all, the fluff of fur cuddling around her neck is a pink like red. Her main color is a light pink, though. Tea's eyes are a lavender color. There seems to be small buds and chrysanthemum flowers growing on her paws, or around her legs.
    Personality: Tea is bright, quirky, and clever, always trying to make a joke. However in serious situations, she's most likely to take charge as she feels she has the characteristics of a leader. Pretty much, Tea is confident, brave, and kind.
    Other: S P R I N G
  7. Accepted, getting role play ready.
  8. I know it's a little late for me to ask, but I was wondering; maybe it would be interesting for each eevee to have a move they can't normally learn? They could each have their own, nothing too powerful. Just an idea?
  9. I'll think about that. Might be a great idea.
  10. Hey everyone, I have a very important announcement!

    I'm going on hiatus for Thursday-Friday. Life has been hard.
    I will try to post a lot today.
  11. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    Enter this and fill it in!:
    Name: Horizion
    Flower: Pheony
    Gender: Female
    Appearance Differences: She wears a flower (Pheony) in her ear. She has blue eyes. Her fur is a creamy pink color. Referring to this color scheme-

    On this Eevee-


    (Hope U get what i mean)

    Personailty: Shy, Loyal, kind, Sometimes likes to be alone.
    Other: S P R I N G

    Crush on Casper, although is too shy to act on it yet.
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  12. Hey, is that art yours?
    If it is, then you are accepted.
  13. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    Oh the color scheme is mine, but the second pic was made by a friend for me.
  14. If the friend meant to make it for you, you can be accepted.
    If not, you can still be accepted, just delete the picture. Pictures cannot be used if they weren't made for you, or you didn't draw it.
  15. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

  16. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    I changed the color scheme of my eevee. Here is the updated version:

  17. Name: Eve
    Flower: Hibabus (If Okay, If it's not allowed I'll choose daisy.)
    Gender: Female
    Appearance Differences: Green eyes and wears a flower on the head by the ear depends if Hibabus flower is okay.
    Personailty: Cheerful, Caring And always there for you!
    Other: S P R I N G

    THE ROLEPLAY IS NOW HERE. Link to the role play: https://pokecharms.com/threads/spring-stars-flower-eevees-bloom-bic.16271/
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