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DPPt/HGSS Spinda Moveset

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by HyperReaper33, Jun 15, 2007.

  1. Yeah, it's weird, but the little guy is working fine!

    Spinda a.k.a Confuzzle, LvL 68

    Ability: Own Tempo (Can't be confused)

    Dizzy Punch
    Teeter Dance

    This is my ingenius creation, the Confuser.......Ok, it's not THAT original, but not a lot of people do it.....right?

    Anywho, All three moves Dizzy Punch, Teeter Dance, and Psybeam can confuse a Pokemon, and Teeter Dance works VERY well in 2 v. 2 matches, as it confuses all Pokemon on the field (exsept Spinda, of course)

    Thrash is a very nice Heavy-Hitter move, and you don't even have the backlash of the confusion afterwards because of its Own Tempo.

    So...Any Ideas? Questions? Hopes? Dreams?
  2. hrm...what else could you put on it? it needs some variety in terms of moves. but then, i suppose it's just to whittle down the opponent's health to nothing.

    i suppose it could work, unless you come up against a ghost type.
  3. Carmen Lopez

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    You could replace Dizzy Punch with Faint Attack. Sure it doesn't cause confusion but you have two other moves that could. Plus it helps with Ghost types.
  4. Curtis

    Curtis Guest

    Yeah, but then he wouldn't be much of a Confuzzle would he?
  5. i have to agree. but then again, he wouldn't be too much of anything, let alone LIVING. hint hint.
  6. You do know that Psybeam IS effective vs. Ghost-Types, right?

    I haven't had trouble beating Phoebe up and down with this guy (since Ghost Attacks don't effect him and Confuse Ray dosen't either).
  7. it's not hard beating Pheobe's pokemon up and down with something 18 levels higher. trust me.

    *goes to get a type chart*

    psybeam isn't supereffective against ghosts, only ghost/poison types. that's why they made the ghastly line ghost/poison in the first place, so that it had some weaknesses.
  8. Ah yes, my bad. I did the test on Gengar, lol.

    It'll be something to consider.
  9. My Spinda's Moveset (Worked great):

    Dizzy Punch
    Teeter Dance
    Dream Eater

    Sorta catches them off guard and gets pretty funny when they cant attack due to confusion or sleep.
  10. Personally,i would ditch psybeam for shadow ball/psychic
  11. That ruins the theme, though...Psybeam confuses whereas Shadow Ball and Psychic lower Sp. Defense. Sure, Psybeam is WEAKER, but the theme is confusion.

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