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Ask to Join Spider-Man: Fractured Spider-Verse

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Mechanist Gamma, Dec 21, 2018.

  1. [Discussion/Sign-Ups]
    [RPers: @Eeveechu151, @Mockingchu, @SS-I Never, @Rohan Kishibe, @Comic, @Godjacob, @Generation Sect]

    Let's try this one more time.
    My name is Peter Parker. For the longest time, I was the one and only Spider-Man.
    You all know the story. Kid gets bit by a radioactive spider, didn't use their new powers to do good, lost someone close to them because of it, decides to try and stop that from happening to anyone else.
    And y'know what? It was pretty good.
    Made some friends.
    Made some enemies.
    ...lost some friends...
    But at the end? I'm still Spider-Man. And Spider-Man is a beacon of hope the world over.
    Got myself a wife. Bunch of friends too, including a girl bit by the same spider as me, my best friend and the son of one of my most dangerous enemies, and my old bully working on reforming an old symbiote enemy of mine.
    Sure, my villain's gallery is one of the biggest in the world.
    But they haven't stopped me.
    And they WON'T stop me.
    Because you don't stop the Spider-Man.

    The Spider-Men.

    Peter Parker's Underground Laboratory
    "You can't win, Peter."
    "Are you quite sure about that?"
    Peter Parker chuckled, his mechanical spider-arms lifting him up. "I've already won, Octavius. The world is mine. The terror of supervillains will never again threaten the Earth. But other worlds need to share in this glory."
    "Even if it works... you'll destroy our world in the process." Otto Octavius growled, crawling along the floor. "Everything you've done will be for nothing."
    "If worlds are destroyed, they will be considered martyrs, sacrificed for the sake of science and universal peace." Parker replied, turning towards a large computer. His arms began tapping away at the program as he looked into the spheric super-collider chamber, with six different collider engines.
    "You'll kill us all, Parker! You and your damn ego!"
    "I will SAVE us all, Otto! You are the anarchist causing chaos and insanity within my perfect world!"
    "You trapped the world's superheroes in a pocket dimension - HOW IS THAT PERFECT?!" Otto spit. "You know, maybe it's better if you do activate that device. Destroy our world. It's too far gone at this point, anyways."
    "Not a chance, Otto."
    Peter's eyes widened as a purple light appeared at the end of the hall. The Prowler dashed forwards. Spider-Man leapt back as the Prowler slashed straight through the computer.
    "Aaron! Get out of here, now!" Otto yelled in panic. "He'll kill you!"
    "He'll kill us all!" Prowler replied, dashing forwards.
    Spider-Man merely growled. "Aaron Davis. The Prowler. What, is Moon here too? How about Osborn? Thompson? No, let me guess - that's Marko in the vent system right now."
    "I'll let you guess where I'm going to slice you from!" Aaron growled, slashing apart several of Spider-Man's robotic limbs. "You took Miles and Jeff from me, you bastard! I said I'd make you pay!"
    "You're the one that's going to pay, Davis." Peter let out an evil smile. Suddenly, several tips of the robotic arms opened up into laser blasters, and five red hot blasts seared through Prowler's costume. Aaron let out a gasp, collapsing to the ground.
    "AARON!" Otto was shocked.
    Davis coughed up blood. "I may not stop you, Parker... but someone will."
    "No one in this world." Peter smiled, one of his arms splitting in two, lifting Prowler into the air by the neck.
    Then one of the arms stabbed straight through Prowler.
    Octavius let out a yell, his four robotic arms rising up. Suddenly, the four arms were pinned to the wall by twelve others.
    "I told you not to move, Otto."
    "You can't just...! YOU JUST KILLED AARON! I'm not going to sit back and let you...!"
    "Too late."
    Peter touched a button, and the six super-colliders blasted at each other.
    Earth 14560 - "What If Spider-Man Conquered The World?"

    Earth-14512 - Peni Parker, SP//dr
    Peni's Lab

    Peni popped a bubble of bubble gum as she typed away at her keyboard. She was close to done with repairs on SP//dr after that incident. Good thing she had her father's blueprints to work off of. With the final presses of the keyboard, Peni let out a wide smile as SP//dr's programming was complete. Peni reached over to a small spider on the table next to her.
    "Time to get you back in your suit."
    Peni carefully placed the spider in the back port of the mech. As soon as the spider crawled inside, the back port closed up. Peni smiled widely as the blue eyes of SP//dr regained color.
    "It's good to see you again!" Peni chuckled.
    SP//dr beeped happily, gently prodding at Peni's cheeks.
    Suddenly, the floor vanished from under them.
    Peni yelped as she and SP//dr fell through a portal once again.

    Earth-1645 - The Legendary Spider-Man
    New York Bank

    "Harry, I could really use some backup right about now!"
    Peter Parker, also known as the Spider-Man, swung around the pillar quickly, bombs exploding around him. "It's not just one Hobgoblin!"
    Three Hobgoblins glided around the pillar using a variant on Norman's old glider. God, Peter hated that thing.
    Webbing one of the gliders, Spider-Man pulled it into the floor, leaping into the air to dodge the other two Hobgoblins. The Hobgoblin he had pulled to the floor rolled before tossing another bomb, which exploded behind Spider-Man. Peter crashed into the floor with a groan, the three Hobgoblins closing in once again.
    "Harry? Jess? Cindy? Anyone there?"
    That was when the spider-themed mech suit crashed into the ground, causing a large dust cloud. Peter rolled over, looking at the mech, as the Hobgoblins watched on in confusion.
    Peni let out a moan, spirals in her eyes as she lay lopsidedly on the floor, SP//dr implanted in the ground.

    Oscorp Main Facility
    "Harry, I should be out there!" Cindy said, walking beside the young CEO. "I can help! I've had enough training already! Besides, Peter took down one of these guys solo before he even fought Venom."
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  2. Earth-58164: House of M Extended
    The Daily Bugle Building
    House of M Spiderman (Earth-58164)

    Peter Parker, or, as he would call himself, the worldwide icon Spider-Man, was currently climbing up the side of the building. This wouldn't have been an unusual sight for him, had it not been for one small detail. That... no, THOSE small details were the slicing blades of red energy that he was leaning from side to side as he wall-crawled to avoid. One blade narrowly missed his side, the searing hot laser so close he could feel it as he leaned to the left in a sudden jerking motion, one hand and his feet keeping him stuck to the wall. "Give it up, Slayer. I'm not outta Magnetic Pulses yet, and you know exactly how it went for the last one-" He spoke with an arrogant, brash undertone to his voice as he referenced the late Spider-Slayer, and that was when a flying hunk of brick came flying into his face at full pelt. "Oh sh-" He barely had time to react, leaping back off the wall and reaching up skywards with his wrist, a line of webbing launching out and making contact with a ledge higher up on the building. A news helicopter circled around as he quickly zipped upwards, clearly recording the whole thing. He made contact with the wall at the point where the web met it, and pressed his feet against the building once again, using the momentum to launch himself in an upwards spiral over the top of the building, landing legs outstretched and a palm to the floor on top of the Daily Bugle. He quickly turned his head over his shoulder, knowing his pursuer was most likely still on his tail, chiding him once again.
    "Come on out slowpoke. I know you're not used to legging it places but really, this is just-" Once again, before he could finish his insulting quip, a bloodcurdling scream of rage was heard as those same red blades grew in length, arcing straight across his chest and sending him tumbling across the roof.
    Peter let out a mix between a scream of agony and a groan, rolling over onto his back, feet against the floor as he looked up to the very very angry metallic behemoth above him, not even having time to look at the smoking slash straight across his chest, that had practically broken his Spider symbol in two.

    House of M Spider-Slayer (Earth-58164)
    "I'LL TEAR YOU APART YOU WALKING CESSPIT OF CORRUPTION!" Alistair Smythe made one last jump, leaping straight over the roof of the Daily Bugle building, and mentally giving the neural command to extend the length on his left hand blades as he swung that same fist forwards, the red scythe-like weapons slashing the object of his murderous intent square across the chest. Bingo. He was gonna count every single hit he landed... because he knew that every single one was for his dad. Gravity caught up to him, the heavy metallic armour crashing back into the roof with all the grace of a three-legged gazelle, the clawed feet making distinctive marks in the ground, as he marched forwards, the boys brown eyes obscured by the red lenses over them, those eyes locked on one singular target on the floor. He was going to fulfil his promise today, and that was all that mattered. Spider-Man made a rather gasping quip, even on the floor.
    "What a way with words! High school English must be coming in real handy for ya now. Or wait, did you inherit it from your pops-"
    Alistair visibly grit his teeth, trying his best to remind himself mentally. Sticks and stones, Ali. Don't let him get under your skin like you did the first time, or you'll start slipping up. That's what he wants. Sticks and stones... He merely continued his stomping, clanking, seemingly unstoppable advance, holding his right hand up to the sky as those same red energy blades on his fingers ignited further and grew, stretching out into the air, each one wiggling back and forth, as if deciding on their own where they were going to find their mark. The floored superhero quickly moving one of his hands as if to fire a web, but the small blob of webbing aimed towards that raised right hand didn't do much, Alistair simply flicking the metal gauntlet, the webbing bouncing off and out of sight as he smirked, although it could also be described as a grimace.
    "You're... desperate... All outta magnetic pulses??? HMM? ANSWER ME! THE WEAPON YOU USED TO DISARM AND MURDER MY FATHER... WHERE IS IT NOW, HUH!" As Alistair finally cornered his nemesis, whatever he had been telling himself, sticks and stones, had quickly left his mind, Spider-Man slowly scooching himself backwards to the buildings other side. On his ass, like the animal he was. Both the combatants now consumed by the shadow of the towering skyscraper next to them, Alistair's metallic right hand glinted in the sun, as the humming sound of his simmering blades picked up, ready to make the lethal cut, the one he knew would free this world, and his fathers tortured soul. However, before he could answer, Spider-Man twisted his head upwards to him, both his wrists pointed out towards him, as two silver capsule-like structures attached to his wrists become visible.
    "Right here. Say cheese-"
    Alistair barely had time to react, not exactly sure of what panicked movement he would be able to make in the heavy metal battlesuit, but knowing he had to do SOMETHING as the magnetic pulse was undoubtedly about to fire, and then it would be all over for him, a shot at this range from this angle, t-the battlesuit would be out of commission, h-he was gonna die here, or even worse, go to prison he wasn't cut out for prison! WHAT WAS MOM GONNA THINK-
    The teenagers panicked thoughts ceased at once, as he felt the roof that he and his grounded arch-nemesis were on slip away from beneath them instantaneously, as they both fell through a portal, completely unaware of what had happened.

    Oscorp Main Facility

    It was at that moment Peter Parker found himself, butt against the floor, wrists pointed upwards, last shot of his Magnetic Pulse Wave ready to shoot, in.... w-where the hell was he? A sudden and completely understandable wave of nausea hit him, as if his gut had been doing flip-flops throughout the entire transformation. His vision blurry, he awkwardly lowered his hands, tracing a costumed finger along the large, still steaming and red hot rip across his chest. Kid had sliced him good, the mark making a canyon through the middle of his spider symbol- if that was intentional, it was sure as hell a lucky shot. The Spider-Slayer had always been skilled, for a Sapien. His throat was so dry he didn't even have the time to let out a gasp at how painfully hot that gape in his costume was. He brought that same finger back to his blurry face, staring at the red matter on it. Blood... of course, the power on those blades, any slice had to have been more than enough to break the skin. But wait... he quickly turned his head from side to side, his vision still blurred... Where was his opponent?

    Alistair Smythe didn't have his head in the right place enough to be thinking about how weird this must have looked. A hulking, metallic armoured machine of death, standing awkwardly around in the middle of- wherever this was, HOW DID HE GET HERE? That nervous thought left his mind the exact moment it came in as he span around, eyes darting from place to place, not assessing his surroundings, only having one thought on his mind-
    Where did he go?
    This had to be another one of that bastards little tricks. Had the roof fallen out from under them, no, this didn't look like the inside of the Daily Bugle at all- He wasn't thinking enough to have applied his heat vision, but had he done such a thing, he would have been able to see the body of his enemy, still on the floor in that same position, across the room... conveniently concealed behind a chunk of debris that had fallen here with them. He merely continued swirling around, blades lightning up and at the ready, quietly scanning the room as he attempted to get his bearings.
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    Oscorp Main Facility.

    "I get that. But he's him. You're you," Harry rebutted, moving as quickly as he could to get to his office, "He's well versed in his powers... for the most part."

    Harry couldn't help chuckling to himself as he remembered all the strange situations Peter had gotten himself into, thanks to his powers.

    "Just sit this one out. And then maybe the next one. And the one after that," Harry shrugged, "Everyone afterwards until you're ready. Peter will know when that time comes. Spider-sense and all."

    They finally reached Harry's office. A well decorated room with one wall made completely out of windows that overlooked Manhattan. He strode over to his desk, typed in a few commands on his computer, and smiled back at Cindy.

    "You'll get there one day."

    Suddenly, a portion of the wall opposite Harry's desk flipped around, revealing a sleek suit. Yes, he pulled the hidden door cliché.

    The suit was mostly dark. A black torso with a green chest and green piping throughout. The helmet, green with a triangular dip over the forehead, and a black visor, hung loosely off of the neck. The pants were a very dark gray with green shoes. Harry clambered into the suit, and zipped up the back. The helmet was pulled snugly over his head.

    "Don't do anything stupid," Harry warned. With that, he typed one last command into his computer. The lights in his room flickered momentarily as his windows slid apart. He sprinted out of the window, smacked his arms against his sides, and flicked them back out. A tightly woven fabric slid out from his arms and sides. He soared through the skies, smiling to himself. Was there anything better than this?

    "Pete, I'm on my way."

    All that he got in return was static. His smile began to slip away.

    - - -

    The hellhole that is Manhattan.

    He perched above an alleyway, wind blowing his trench coat around like a tattered kite. Down below, three men were tag-teaming an unassuming couple. Pushing them around at first. Then hitting them. Then, one thug pulled a gun. The screams of the couple nearly made Spider-Cop's ears bleed. This had gone on long enough.

    Spider-Cop slowly drew his twin pistols from underneath his dirty trench coat, and narrowed his eyes. He shot his pistols at two different thugs. Instead of bullets, long threads of sticky webs, peppered with traces of sulfuric acid. The webs wrapped around the crooks' wrists, burning through the skin. He flicked his pistols towards each other, crashing the two thugs into each other. He then hopped off of the ledge, crashing into the ground with a thunderous boom. The last criminal stared at him, hands shaking.


    The criminal let his pistol clatter to the ground. He nodded quickly, tears rolling down his cheeks. He turned and sprinted. Just before he was out of reach, Spider-Cop fired webs around his ankles, and dragged him back.

    "Never again."

    "N-never again!" the crook sobbed.

    Spider-Cop stomped on his face. He then turned to the couple. They were slack-jawed, almost as terrified as the criminals.


    The couple hesitated, then scurried away, occasionally checking over their shoulder to see if Spider-Cop would web them up too.

    Spider-Cop slowly climbed back up the building he had started on, and stared out of the city. The city he had once protected. Actually protected. What he did now... it wasn't protecting. And he knew that. But it was all the city had. It was him versus the evil that plagued this circle of Hell.

    And he wasn't backing down. Nothing would tear him away from his city. Nothing.

    - - -

    Peter Parker's apartment.

    Wade Parker/Peter Wilson (we'll just go with Wade Parker) stared directly through the screen, straight back at you.

    "I'm just waiting at this point," Wade shrugged, "I've seen the other posts. I know what's coming. Some crazy-a** adventure. Wait, what the f*** was that? What's going on?"

    He narrowed his eyes.

    "Kids site. Forgot. Well this is gonna be a blast. So what can I say? B****! Nope. C***! Dang. The other C-word! Nada. Damn! Finally! Okay, we're still good."

    He tried having an inner monologue, but since the rules state that RP posts can't be first person, this is going to be tough.

    'Is this thing on?' Wade thought to himself, 'Sweet, I can just do my narration like this. Ha! Loopholes! Take that admin! Alright, let's get down to business. I'm Wade Wilson. In Peter Parker's body. Long story. Crazy mission gone wrong. So now I live his life. He still checks in from time to time, when the plot demands it. Otherwise, he keeps quiet. I'm not gonna lie, I don't miss my body that much. Peter is pretty fit and acrobatic. And not all horribly disfigured. But he's lacking in--- kid's site, forget I said anything. The only bummer about this whole situation is I have to pretend to be Peter. I can't break ol' May's heart and reveal to her that a psychotic killer is inhabiting her nephew's body. I can't do that to any of Peter's friends. So I've had to act like Peter Parker. The goody-two-shoes. Is it too much to want to f****** shoot someone? But noooooo. Spider-Man doesn't kill.'

    Wade pursed his lips, disappointed.

    'I have taken a few liberties with Spider-Man. I bring along my katanas. But only because I have a deep emotional connection to them. Rob and Liefeld. An homage not only to my creator, but quite possibly the best comic book artist of all time. I could just rub my face over Cap's pecs. Getting off topic, sorry. Look, this whole bit was just to fill you in my backstory before we're plunged into madness,' Wade continued monologuing.

    "Spider-Verse here I come!" Wade finally shouted out loud.
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  4. Oscorp Facility- Earth 1645

    As Harry got into his suit, and left to help out Spidey, another figure popped into the room to have a chat with Cindy. It was Flash Thompson, aka Peter Parker's old bully and Agent Venom. He had still not been able to remove the symbiote from him, so he was all ready in his suit for action.

    "Don't beat yourself about it, shortstack," Flash suggested to Cindy as he patted her back, "Spidey was hard with me as well when I first started-but then I showed him whatsfor when I got right into action! I showed him who can take care of himself!"

    "You're not helping, Eugene," a scruffy voice could be heard from behind Flash. It was Ben Reilly, aka the Scarley Spider. He was already in his costume as he was ready to go out and help Peter. "If Spiderman thinks it's a good for Cindy to stay and not fight, I think we should at least comply with his wishes as he's helped us both and it's the least we can do," Ben told Agent Venom.

    "Aw, come on, Scarlet," Flash retaliated, "How is she ever going to learn how to take on any of the big bads if she's stuck here all the time?"

    "You're right," Ben responded, "Which is why you'll stay here and train with her."

    "Wait, wha-?" But before Flash could say anything else, Ben had already left Oscorp and was heading into the battlefield, leaving Flash and Cindy alone in the building.

    After a moment of silence, Flash stared at Cindy, and asked, "Wanna follow him?" A smirk hiding behind the symbiote covering.
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  5. Oscorp Main Facility
    Cindy had been just about to respond to Harry when he left, leaving Cindy alone. As soon as she crossed her arms with a pouty face (having the experience of a teenager and the body of an adult, after all), Flash and Ben entered the room. Their conversation proceeded, Flash's hand not leaving Cindy's shoulder. When Ben left and Flash suggested following him, Cindy turned towards him.
    "Do I?!" Cindy pumped her fists. "I'm suited up and everything! Ready to go when-"
    Cindy sighed, her arms drooping down. "Just great." Cindy glanced over towards the window as heavy metal shutters closed over it. "I guess we should investigate what that was?" Not waiting for Flash's response, as she could guess his answer, Cindy dashed off. They were currently in Sector 3-A, but had clearance to get past the security doors. As soon as Silk entered Sector 1-B, the courtyard, she noticed some sort of armored man and...
    "W-wait, what? SPIDER-MAN?"

    New York Bank
    "What the...?" Peter slowly rose to his feet, looking over at the girl and the mech. Looking at them, the mech seemed to be similar to something Harry would build with Oscorp tech, and the girl... well, she kind of looked like if Jessica was biologically ten years younger and an anime character. "Hey, you alright?" Spider-Man asked. "What just-"
    That's when his Spider-Sense flared. One of the Hobgoblins was back up, chucking a Pumpkin Bomb at the girl.
    Spider-Man quickly shot a web forwards, grabbing the girl by her shirt, before pulling her forwards. The bomb exploded on the mech, sending it flying back, but the girl was pulled from harm safely by Peter. When the other two Hobgoblins rose to their feet, Peter hissed out a curse before swinging up high, carrying the girl with him.
    "W-wait a minute! You're Spider-Man!" the girl said, holding onto him. "But you're not fat anymore!"
    "Yeah, I am- wait, what?" Peter was shocked. Not fat? What's that supposed to mean? I don't think I've ever gotten pudgy... "What's your name?"
    "Peni Parker." Peni replied.
    "I'm from an alternate dimension. And I guess you're not the same Spider-Man I met last time." Peni chuckled.
    Suddenly, two Pumpkin Bombs exploded next to them.
    "Get me to SP//dr! The robot!" Peni said. "I can help!"
    "I... uh, alright!" Peter said, unsticking his hand from the wall to run towards the mech. C'mon, guys, where are you?! Please tell me my comm's just broken...
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  6. Kaine Parker aka Scarlet Spider was swingin above the streets of New York City when suddenly his precognition spider-sense started acting up and alerted him of something that was happenings at the city bank. Due to the sudden triggering of his spider-sense, Kain got disoriented and almost collided with a wall but caught himself and ran up the building he almost collided with. He then pearched himself at the edge of said building. “Damn, my spider-sense triggering out of nowhere is still annoying.” He thought to himself before looking towards the bank. “Hmm, guess I could go check out what’s going on at the bank.” He thought. Just as he was a bout to depart, his spider-sense triggered again, this time alerting him to somewhere much closer, Time Square where he currently is. “Oh what is it now?” He shouted.
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  7. Flash chuckled as Cindy's enthusiasm seemed to be a bit contagius, and he would follow right behind Cindy to Sector 1-B. As soon as he was in the courtyard, Flash seemed to also be extremely confused as Spidey seemed to be back from fighting crime even though it seemed as if though he was having trouble.

    Yet, Flash was extremely oblivious. "Yo, Spidey!" Flash called out to the supposed Spiderman, "What're you doin' here? Weren't you just fighting the Hobgoblins? I guess Harry and Ben were able to help a lot more than I expected!"


    Speaking of Ben and Harry, Ben had finally been able to caught up with Harry and asked, "Any luck in contacting Spiderman?"
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  8. "Spider-Man", as they had put it, groggily picked himself up, leaning himself on the rubble, looking around the courtyard, before his eyes locked onto... whatever the hell those two were. But hey, they knew who he was! Even after sudden transportation and one banging headache, his star power knew no bounds. That was probably for the best, using the hand that wasn't propping himself up against the rubble to press it against the injury in his chest, his masked eyes just staring at them, as if noticing some similarities in their costumes to things he recognised, but deciding not to say anything, panting. "Y-yeah, I'm the Spider-Man." He began to mumble under his breath. "Noideawhoyouguysarethough." He then immediately looked away from them and down to his wounds, seemingly not interested in them anymore, as he took the arm that was propping him up from the debris, leaning his shoulder against it to stay upright, and then shooting some web from that spare arm's wrist, wrapping it around his other hand like a bandage, before moving the newly healed hand away from his wound, grunting in pain as he did so, beginning to shoot webs to block up the hole. The slashed through Spider mark on his chest was noticeably different from the Spider-Man of their time period, the costume's added purple hue instead of blue made that obvious enough on closer inspection. He began to sum up what he knew of the situation. One of the oddities had mentioned Harry. Harry... Osborn? This DID seem like something Oscorp would build, thinking about it. But he wasn't in an Oscorp building before, and more importantly where was- He slowly tilted his head back up, sloooowly and awkwardly turning around to look over the debris, realising his mistake. "... Oh no."

    It was at that moment that the VERY MUCH confused Spider-Slayers eyes locked onto Spider-man, standing there attempting to recover, basically a sitting duck. Completely ignoring the newcomer's presence, Alistair instead decided to take advantage of the gift he had ended up with handed to him on a silver platter, the clawed feet of the battlesuit leaving holes in the ground as he swiveled to face his enemy, charging forward across the courtyard at a pace that only seemed to be picking up as he went along, like a freight train setting into motion, each stomp making a heavy metallic thud as he grit his teeth, yelling in rage. "WHAT, YOU FORGOT ABOUT ME?"
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    Soaring above the streets on Manhattan.

    "Any luck?" Harry repeated the question Ben had posed, "No. Static. I'd assume he's still at the bank."

    Harry dipped his right arm to sail around a corner store. As he grew dangerously close to the ground, he held his arm in front of his face, and squinted across the top of a canister on his wrist. When he had a shot lined up with a rickety sign, he clenched his fist, pulling a small trigger near the base of his palm. A wire with a small, high-powered, "suction cup" (for lack of a better term) on the end of it, unraveled from its spool inside the canister. It latched onto the sign quickly, allowing Harry to pull himself along and gain momentum.

    "Now these Hobgoblins are no joke, especially when together," Harry warned, "It's no Big Wheel situation. This is serious."

    After a few more minutes, Harry finally arrived at the bank. And he was shocked, to say the least.

    A robot with a little girl fighting alongside Spider-Man.

    He mumbled, "What the s***?"

    - - -

    Still chillin' in the apartment.

    "So it's not just me that gets censored," Wade smiled, "Good to know."

    He stood up from Peter Parker's rolling chair and meandered over to his small closet.

    "I should probably be getting ready for my big debut. Portal should open any minute now."

    He sifted through dirty underwear until he found his suit. He threw off his shirt and loose fitting shorts and began to tug the suit up around his ankles.

    "Gah, the legs are always the toughest. I mean, Pete's got some meaty thighs. Putting on pants is no easy feat," Wade muttered to himself. And technically the reader too. Because, you know, fourth wall breaks.

    When he finally had the suit pulled all the way up to his neck, he donned his mask. No Spider-Mask. Classic Deadpool. Though the similarity was striking.

    "I'm ready world! Take me away!"

    But nothing happened. He stood there, arms outstretched, waiting.

    And waiting.

    Finally, he plopped down on the floor, pouting.

    "That's fine. It's fine. Take the frickin' anime girl before Deadpool. Makes sense," Spidey-Pool grumbled, "You can move on now. Go to the next post. You're not gonna get to see any of Spider-Cop. He gets a break here."
  10. Flash had noticed how Spiderman had webbed some wounds, and became concerned. "Woah, Spidey! I had no idea the Hobgoblins did such a number on you," Flash called out.

    Though, on further inspection, Flash noticed the differences between this Spiderman and the one he knew. "Wait a minute, you aren't Spidey," Flash said out loud, and before he could say anymore, a man in a robotic outfit charged at the injured Spiderman.

    Seeing that the person who called himself Spiderman was injured and probably couldn't fight as well, Flash took it upon himself to try and protect him. Flash immediately rammed up his rocket launchers from his shoulder and launched multiple rockets at the charging figure.


    Ben had caught up to Harry and saw the confusion on his face. "What's the matter?" Ben asked, until he looked down and noticed the giant robot, basically answering Ben's question.

    "What the hell is going on down there?" Ben asked out loud becoming confused himself.

    Though, Ben then noticed the Hobgoblins and said, "No time to think about it right now, however. Spiderman needs our help." Ben then swung down to the bank and went in for a drop kick on one of the Hobgoblins while also slinging a large piece of rubble at the other two.
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  11. New York Bank
    Peter hadn't yet noticed the arriving Ben and Harry, dashing across the wall. As soon as he got close enough, he held out his arm. "Peni, GO!"
    Peni nodded, leaping off of Spider-Man and on top of her mech.
    Lights seemed to shine around the room as Peni leapt into the air once more, doing a flip in the air before landing inside of SP//dr. As she did, SP//dr's blue eyes lit up brightly, the mech striking a pose, now fully prepared for battle.
    "Uh, okay then." Spider-Man said in response before a piece of rubble was slung at the Hobgoblins. Ben kicked one to the ground, but the other two flew around the rubble. "Good to see you, Ben. Peni, I'll take the higher one, you take the lower one."
    "Got it!" Peni rocketed into the air, landing on top of one of the Hobgoblins, knocking him off his glider and crashing him into the ground. The Hobgoblin crawled out from under SP//dr with a panicked expression, but Peni locked one of SP//dr's legs onto his ankle before slamming him into the ground.
    Meanwhile, Peter launched two webs towards one of the Hobgoblins, pulling him downwards. The glider crashed into the floor, sending the Hobgoblin flying off. As he got up, Spider-Man and the Hobgoblin began trading punches, but as soon as the Hobgoblin made a sloppy punch Peter webbed the fist to the ground and kicked him in the side of the head. The Hobgoblin was out in a flash.

    Oscorp Main Facility
    Cindy watched as the scenario unfolded before her. The man looked like - and sort of sounded like - Peter, but he was supposed to be at the bank, right? Flash said this guy wasn't Spider-Man, so who was he? She did see the charging metal man, though. Putting the question of how they were here and who they were aside for the moment, she put her Rhino training at the forefront of her mind. Cindy shot forwards a web, grabbing not-Spider-Man by his back and yanking him towards her, out of the way of the charging crimson crusader. "Okay, who is that?!" Cindy demanded to not-Spider-Man as Flash opened fire. "And for that matter, who are you?!"
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  12. Due to the impending charge of the metallic juggernaut, it didn't take long at all for Flash's rockets to find a mark. The Spider-Slayer was immediately stopped in his tracks, as explosions peppered the surface of his armour. Behind his visor, Alistair could barely even see what was happening, red flashing warning signs taking over his display. The missiles had damaged some of the most vital joints in his battlesuit, and he hadn't really ever thought about what would happen if something like that was used against him- He didn't even know where he was, or who these interlopers were, or WHAT they could do- He didn't know if he should panic or run, did he have time for either of those?

    Pete had simply been standing in the way like a deer caught in headlights, before one of the two new figures had yanked him over to her via a web. He nonchalantly looked to her, awkwardly raising a finger, beginning to ramble. "Spider-Slayer, big angry robot guy, really doesn't like me-" It was then that he processed her second question, and became even more confused. How did they have web powers or shooters or whatever and still not know who he was, hadn't the other one recognised him earlier? "And I'll have you know, I am the Spider-Man. Now, I should be the one asking who the hell you guys are, because I've never seen either of you nobodies in my life-"

    Before he could continue any further, Alistair had seemingly decided on his course of action. Despite the smoke and sparks coming from the suit, the piece of debris that had once concealed Spidey from him was now held above his head, the powerful metallic limbs of the suit cranking and heaving as they prepared to throw, some rather uncomfortable clunking noises being heard from the damaged arms as they clearly began to exert way more power than they should have been doing for the Slayers own safety. The tearing and snapping of wired, metal tendons rang out as Alistair flung the arms of the suit forward, his clawed hands releasing the hunk of rock into the air, barrelling downwards through the air towards its target, the one who had been firing the missiles, like a bowling ball somebody had tried to sling. He had been hoping to take out the missile launchers, the current main threat, but he hadn't compensated for the unexpected weight of the debris, and the damage his armour had sustained, meaning the angled flight path of the boulder was going downwards much quicker than he had anticipated.
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  13. comic

    comic Previously turnt3chGodh34d

    Earth-65 - Ghost Spider (Gwendolyn "Gwen" Stacy) a.k.a. "Spider-Gwen"
    "You insolent worm!"

    The pink-faced, red-eyed, wrinkled, old, gross, annoying, stupid, lame, dumb idiot, otherwise known as the Vulture, screeched out, flapping his green, feathery wings quickly in an attempt to avoid another string of webbing, managing success at this. His attacker landed on the side of one of the many tall apartment complexes along the streets of New York, Manhattan. Her body covered with her suit, a combination of spandex, polyester, nylon, wool, basically the same thing as leggings. It made for a much comfortable attire compared to full-on spandex, in her opinion. A white hood was pulled over her white head, the interior an attractive teal. Spider-Woman, more commonly referred to as the 'Ghost Spider', took pride in her look. After having met countless alternate versions of the victims that were bitten by that radioactive spider, or just weirdos that took up the mantle of 'Spider-Something', Gwen had quickly found that she was one of the more... original in her design. 'Course, she didn't really come off as spider-like, what with the lack of full-bodied web designs, though she had some of that under her arms, albeit a little less noticeable. While she loved her suit, it was completely useless in stealth situations, as she'd proven to herself for the millionth time since she'd donned the mask, as her 'sneaking' up on Vulture had been found out pretty quickly. She'd need to start considering taking up some new costumes. Like a stealth suit. That was an interesting idea.

    "Hey, i'll have you know that spiders are way different from worms!" The heroine shot back, leaping silently from the building, firing another string of webbing to a building on the left of Vulture, who shouted some unintelligible squawk back at her, flapping desperately to get above the buildings and out of her range. So far, he was climbing.
    Not that Gwen would just let him get away. "Come on, where are ya goin'?" She called. "I was just messing with ya! You gotta learn to take a joke!" She landed on the next building, before deftly leaping into the air, pushing off as hard as she could with her legs. The Vulture turned his head to glare at her, but his red eyes widened as he saw her rapidly approaching, and before he could do much of anything, she slammed into him, a full-on tackle.

    The Vulture let out a pained grunt as she slammed into his gut, knocking the both of them out of the sky. They began tumbling down, past the buildings, the streets approaching. Gwen thought quickly, shooting a string of webbing above her toward the tallest building she could find as she let go of the Vulture, before firing another string at him. Of course, she hadn't exactly thought of what she'd do when the Vulture didn't comply with her. Because he didn't. Like, at all.

    He swiped his wing, slashing the web holding him, before taking off once again, flapping frantically. Gwen pouted, watching as he bobbed through the sky, attempting to escape her. "Stupid. Shoulda just taken some time to think that through." She muttered to herself, before taking off once again, pursuing the Vulture. "C'mon, Toomes! You can fly, but you can't hide!" She called after the old man as he squawked another retort back that she didn't manage to catch.

    Best to just try and land the dude back in jail before he did anything absurd or crazy, like usual. "$#@% off, Spider-Gwen!" He yelled back, turning around midair to yell this. Gwen felt her stomach tighten. That name. Sucked. Even 'Spider-Woman' seemed cheesy, and now that the world knew her secret identify, she'd been referred to as 'Spider-Gwen', the same name her other spider pals called her by. It was definitely cringe-worthy, in Gwen's opinion. It wasn't enjoyable.

    "I don't like it, and I don't want it!" Gwen yelled back. "It's tacky. Tacky tacky tacky!"
    The Vulture frowned in confusion, not understand her reference, or why she'd said it. Gwen saw this, and sighed. "Don't worry about it, gramps." She sighed, before swinging off a web, trying to gain some ground on the Vulture, and managing to succeed. Once again, she was on top of him, slamming into him. This time was a bit different, however, as the two crashed through the window of an office building, finding themselves on the floor in a cubicle-filled room.

    Perfect. Adrian wouldn't be able to spread his wings or nothing here, meaning Gwen had the advantage in maneuverability.
    So she used this advantage, quickly getting to her feet and looking over a cubicle to see Vultures bald head start to rise in another cubicle. Leaping over the wall separating them, Gwen balled her free fist, and pulled her punch, slamming it into the back of the head of the Vulture, knocking him out cold.

    His form collapsed on the ground at her feet. "It was fun while it lasted, but you gotta stop running from your casted role in that movie by Alfred Hitchcock." She said as she stooped over, grabbing Adrian and slinging him over her shoulder, walking towards the busted window. "You know. That movie about birds he made." She continued. "It's funny because... ah, forget it."

    Vulture had a date at the station, and she had a date with her dad. They would be doing something irresistible, and that thing, was watching Dad Cop 2 while eating a buncha corndogs. Gwen felt her mouth watering at the thought of it. So close, yet so far. She would have been there sooner if not for this winged, wrinkled jerk. That reminded her, however, that her dad would need an update as to why she was late.
    Using some webbing to attach Adrian to her back, she dialed her dad, before leaping out the window.
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  14. Earth-51778, Japanese Spider-Man

    In an open plain within the outskirts of Tokyo, a large mechanical robot fired its two fists as projectiles; the rocket appendages struck what appeared to be some sort of giant monster covered from head to toe with demonic eyeballs as it struck right at the center of the creature which knocked it flat on its back as it crashed with a roaring thud.

    The battle had been a fierce one, as evident by the ruined area around them that appeared to have be turned into a warzone; which had been fitting, as the man inside the robot named Leopardon had been in a war against the vile Iron Cross Army and their nightmarish creatures. The one in question made it back to its feet, as a glare was shot to the Arachnid defender while veins could be seen around the many pupils; a sigh of anger and frustration.

    "Gah....w-who are you anyway!? You dare stand before the might of the Iron Cross Army!" The monster called out, and Spider-Man seemed unphased as he pressed a button to activate his mic to respond in kind.

    "I am the vanguard of the innocent, the champion against injustice and above all else the emissary of hell. I am....Spider-Man!!!" Spider-Man said with a passionate, if not over dramatic tone as soon enough a sword appeared from a back compartment of the Leopardon as the robot held the blade in hand before Spider-Man had it charge right for the monster.

    "You worthless ingrate! DIE!" The monster cried, as each eye began to glow before dozens of last blasts fired in rapid succession towards the advancing Leopardon; Spider-Man seemed undaunted and expertly began to use Sword Vigor to block and deflect the lasers away from the robot as the Leopardon never lost momentum as it edged closer and closer to the monster. Spider-Man then had the Leopardon pull the sword back for a mighty swing as he tapped the mic once more.

    "This is for my father, for all the people whose lives you've ruined! Sword Vigor, Spectacular Slash!" Spider-Man called out, as the Leopardon's sword charged up before it delivered a mighty slash right through the monster as the robot rocketed past the beast. With a dramatic flair, the Leopardon posed with the blade as did Spider-Man in the cockpit as the creature flopped on the ground before it seemed to explode in a bright flash of colors for no discernible reason.

    Once more, Spider-Man had saved the day. ​
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    New York Bank

    Harry ran inside the bank, still not able to process what was going on.

    "Spider-Man, what the hell is going on here?" Harry asked, making a broad gesture to... everything. He kicked his foot against a pile of debris.

    He pointed to the robot with the girl and shrugged, "What's that? Who's that? And why does she look so weird? No offense."

    Truly, this was strange. A girl who looked like she'd leapt right out of an anime was standing next to his friend. He'd seen some weird stuff in his life. His dad being a monster. His friend revealing himself as Spider-Man. But this topped all of those.

    What remains of the 24th Precinct

    James carefully stepped over the bodies of his former brothers and sisters in arms. He grimaced as he saw the mangled corpse of Ximena Cortes, his old flame. Her skin, once a soft brown, was now a dusty gray, with dark purple veins bulging. Her hand gripped her pistol, ready to fire. She had been too late.

    James came back here often. A reminder of why he did what he did. He was the police now. The only effective police, that is. There were still cops trying their damnedest. But no one quite got the job done like Spider-Cop. No one wanted to be laced up with sulfuric acid.

    Suddenly, James heard a clattering from further back in the precinct. He took off his dark shades, and squinted.

    "Who's there?" James asked, using his gravelly Spider-Cop voice. A sickly boy crept forward, into James's field of vision. He held a cigarette loosely. He couldn't have been older than ten.

    "Leave," James ordered, "And leave the cigarettes."

    The boy didn't move. James lunged forward slightly, spooking the boy. He threw his cigarette to the floor and sprinted out. James sighed and crouched down next to Ximena.

    "What has this world become?" he muttered, "Kids using this grave as a place to do drugs. We used to stop this kind of thing, Ximena. We used to- we used to mean something."

    He held her hand in his.

    "I will never stop fighting for this city. Even if it leads me to a grave of my own. I will never leave."

    As he said those words, the room began to shake. Another artificial earthquake, James deduced. No... No it couldn't be. His Spider-Senses told him it was something else. He saw visions of a large web. A strange, ethereal web. Otherworldly. Then, he floated closer and closer to it. It provided a sense of belonging. A feeling he hadn't felt in quite some time. On this web there were others, like him. Like the strange being in front of him. A being with a mask similar to his, but with a black skull and red eyes. His suit was primarily scarlet, with black shoulders. Who was this person? And where was James?

    He was no longer in the precinct, clutching Ximena's hand. He was in...

    "Times Square?" James asked himself in shock. It wasn't in ruins. It was the way it had been before s*** hit the fan.

    Waiting to be teleported to Earth 1645

    "There's nothing real important here," Wade admitted, "Just wanted to again comment about how glad I am that this unfair censorship applies to characters beyond myself. Plus, @Generation Sect seems to enjoy my little segments. What can I say? I'm a crowd pleaser."

    Wade got back on his feet, "I suppose I might take this opportunity to do some world building. The guy in charge of this RP says there can't be too many Spider-People in one world at one time. So I'll introduce you to my world. If the narc got to, I get to."

    Wade leapt out his window, and began swinging through the streets of New York.

    "As you can see, my world hasn't been hit by the apocalypse. We're still chugging along alright. We've got the Avengers, the X-Men, basically a world where Disney and Fox have completed their merger. A pretty great one."

    Wage thwip-ed around a building, transitioning into a flip.

    "Simone Biles who?" he quipped.

    He continued thwip-ing his way through the city, until he arrived at a small home in a suburb. He landed on the roof, and quickly scurried down the side of the house, entering through the back door. A kindly old lady was preparing a meal just through the door.

    "Boo," Wade said unenthusiastically. The woman, startled, turned around and gave Wade a quick smack in the face.

    "Don't you sneak up on me like that, Peter Parker," the woman, Aunt May, warned. She then smiled, and hugged Wade.

    "Remember, she still thinks I'm Peter," Wade reminded the readers (that's you!).


    "Nothing," Wade smiled, taking off his mask.

    "You know, I really like the old mask much better. The mask from when you didn't carry katanas," May informed Wade, "I'm still not fully okay with you bringing around katanas."

    "I hardly ever use them," Wade protested. Then he thought back to earlier in the week, when he had chopped someone's dick off. A moment of weakness, but a great moment nonetheless.

    "Stay for lunch," May requested.

    "I have more world building to do, I can't stay long," Wade explained.

    "I'm going to pretend I understand what you just said," May said, turning around to continue preparing egg salad.

    "I said I've got to go. I'll swing by for lunch another time," Wade promised before sprinting out the back door, pulling his mask back on, and power-jumping into the sky.

    "There you go," Wade said, "Now you know Aunt May knows that Pete is the one and only Spider-Man. We'll stop by MJ next. For now, Mockingchu wants a break from writing this. Cut him some slack."
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  16. New York City Tunnels, Earth-22534

    Jace shot another web at the wall, slinging over to the other side of the room to dodge the Jet’s attack.

    “I can’t let you do this, Jet,” he said, attempting to dismantle the machine on the wall.

    The Red Jet, riding atop his missile, hence the name, fired multiple smaller missiles from the big one. “There is no way to stop it,” he retorted, flying straight towards Jace.

    Jace dodged, forcing Red Jet to smash straight into the machine, crushing it. “No!” the villain shouted.

    Suddenly, a portal opened next to Jace. It started to suck him in, and Jace vanished from sight as the portal closed.
  17. "You're not the real Spidey," Flash reemphasized to the presumably fake Spidermam, "You're costume is all wrong. Like, when did Spidey ever have a big 'm' on his costume? Never. Exactly. He would also recognize his friends when he see's them. You're obviously a fan who tried to copy Spiderman by wearing a costume and thinking you're all that. But then you're face to face against an enemy that seems way beyond your capacity, so let me tell you something, it's more than the costume that makes Spiderman Spiderman."

    This was a lesson Flash had learned long ago after he had attempted the same stunt to get recognized by Spidey, but then he learned the true value of being a hero after Spidey had saved him and he could reflect on his actions.

    Though Flash would then quickly remember about the foe they were facing and noticed the giant of boulder going to fall on top of him.

    "Silk! Get out of the way and take that citizen with you!" Flash exclaimed, but before he could say any more the boulder was ready to make contact. Thankfully, due to the symbiote's quick reflexes, Flash was able to catch the boulder with his two hands, though it did prove to be difficult.


    Meanwhile, Ben had successfully tied up all the Hobgoblins and had handed them over to the authorities, so he was then free to be able to figure out the mystery of the little girl who carried around some pretty nice tech.

    "I'm with Goblin on this," Ben said as he met up with all of his teammates and the girl, "I have never seen her before and she seems to be...similar to me and Spiderman."

    "I can help with all that." A voice called out. Familiar, yet different, to Ben. He then looked back, and standing on top of a building Ben noticed someone wearing a white suit with hints of purple and pink. The figure would then jump down from the building and come face to face with the rest of the group.

    "Her name's Peni Parker, and we're...." the woman stated, "from different dimensions."
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  18. New York Bank

    "You're from what now?" Spider-Man's eyes opened wide, just as his eyes did beneath the mask. Alternate dimensions? I guess that would explain some things, but-

    "Gweeeeeeeen!" Peni said with a smile, hopping out of SP//dr before running over. "How have you been?! Did you and Miles hook up?! How's dealing with the Kingpin coming?! Do you... know what's causing this again?" That last question made Peni stop and think.

    The name Gwen triggered some emotions in Peter... emotions he had to push away. He didn't want to get his hopes up. But he did need to figure out what was going on. "Hold up. What did you mean by different dimensions? You mean full-on alternate realities? As in other worlds, parallel timelines, all that jazz? And this has happened to you before?"

    Oscorp Main Facility

    "Wait, but I...!" Silk quickly bit her tongue. She knew Flash was right. Her job was getting not-Spider-Man out of here. He was better equipped to deal with threats, anyways. She was still in training, while Flash was a war veteran with a symbiote.

    Quickly webbing up not-Spider-Man's arms, she pulled him out of the room. Quickly inputting a keycode, the safety doors slammed shut, locking Flash in with the Spider-Slayer.

    "You are obviously not Pe- Spider-Man." Cindy said. "If you were, you'd know who I am. Spider-Man trained me- IS training me. So I don't think he'd forget me that easily. Flash, too. Agent Venom is two major parts of Spider-Man's life put into one. So I know for a fact you're not Spider-Man. So who are you?"
  19. Earth-51778, Japanese Spider-Man

    Spider-Man prepared to transform Leopardon into its more mobile form to return to base, but before he had the chance to do so sensors and alarms began to rang all over the place.

    "W-what is going on!?" Spider-Man asked himself, as he tried to find the source of these disturbances that set Leopardon on alarm but before he had a chance to figure that out this ominous storm came around him as the sky blackened as this ripple appeared above head. A ripple that stretched all around himself and the Leopardon.


    Before long, the once looming defender of the innocent was sucked through the portal and vanished without a trace. Only a large cloud of dust that blew away from the area they had once been standing on.

    Earth-???, Times Square New York

    In a sudden flash, Times Square was suddenly greeted as a large Power Rangers-style Robot appeared from out of nowhere which caused a major traffic holdup as Spider-Man looked from the cockpit in utter confusion at what was around him.

    W-where am I? What is this....?
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  20. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    Earth 200069, Drike Dunban
    Central Park

    "You're aim's a little off!"
    "Shut up!"
    Drike Dunban, better known as Breaker, swung from the trees by his web shooters.
    A tingling feeling shot through his nervous system as he leapt down from a branch that was destroyed by a sonic scream, moments later.
    "Hold still, damn it!"
    Drike pivoted his foot, changing direction, running straight towards the Vulture.
    "Idiot. You just made yourself a better target!"
    Right as she activated her sonic scream, Drike shot a web to the left. Grappling onto something, he yanked it towards himself, letting the momentum carry him out of the line of fire.
    Carah Toomes turned towards him to blast another, only to get hit in the face by a park bench.
    Drike slid across the ground in a classic "both feet on the floor with one hand in a crouching position" Spider-Man pose.
    "You sure you're not Adrian? 'Cause this is getting real old."
    "Shut up; it's because of that symbol on your chest that he was put in jail in the first place!"
    "He made weapons for the black market."
    "He supported his family!"
    "A good reason doesn't justify his actions."
    "Justify THIS!"
    Using the exoskeleton in her suit, she picked up a piece of sidewalk and chucked it at him.
    Drike jumped, latching onto the large piece of concrete. Attaching a web to it, he spun it around himself like a morning-star.
    "Hey buddy, I think you lost this!"
    Finally, he let go, slamming it into her wings, utterly destroying them.

    Somewhere out in New York, Peter Parker, froze.
    "Hey, is something wrong?" asked Michelle, his wife.
    "Uh, no. Sorry; I just got the strangest sense of deja vu."

    Back to the fight; the Vulture hit the ground, her wings now being two weights worth several hundred pounds. She couldn't get up.
    Finally, she detached her wings, standing.
    "I have had enough of you," she said.
    "I don't even know you. You're just a guy who I had to stop."
    "My thoughts exactly, Breaker."
    The Vulture there a punch, which Breaker effortlessly dodged. At close range, she screamed right at him.
    Lunging to the side, Breaker jumped at her. Coming at her from behind, he leapt, wrapping his legs around her neck, bringing her into the ground with a move ripped straight from one of his idols.
    "God bless the soul of Natasha Romanov," Breaker thought, praising the passed hero.
    The Vulture got up, pissed. She lunged at him, to which Breaker simple turned towards her, giving her a left hook across the face.
    There went her mask, and her hair spilled out. There was the Vulture's true identity.
    "You're a girl?! Oh sh#t, I just hit a girl!"
    "Shut up," she muttered, on the floor.
    "Wait..." Drike muttered, recognizing the voice. Robotics class. "Carah?"
    She looked up, turning towards him. "How do you know my name?"
    Hesitating, Breaker just spread his arms. "I'm Spider-Man. I know everybody. And you're going to juvenile detention."
    He webbed her up, then and there. "C'mon, let's get you to the police."
    Still a little shaken by the experience, he walked over to her.
    Finally, the group opened up beneath his feet.
    "What the--"
    He dropped, falling into the abyss.
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  21. Spider-Man, who was also apparently not Spider-Man, but was still technically Spider-Man, stood awkwardly before Silk as she spoke, webbing wrapped around his arms, adjusting to the fact he was now not in the same room as his rampaging nemesis. It was... quieter. Which meant he had time to collect his thoughts before she asked him what seemed to be the All-important question right now- ‘Who are you?’ And to that, he had only one thing to say.
    Kid, don’t you dare patronise me by standing there and saying a whole lotta words that mean nothing to me. I am Spider-Man. See if I wasn’t Spider-Man could I do this-“
    He started to strain at the webbing between his arms, moving them all other the place with grunts of effort as he desperately tried to pull them apart, ending in a few rather comedic stumbling positions before the webbing finally snapped, setting himself free, as he gave a small pant before immediately returning to his point.
    “Or, or THIS-“
    He lazily flicked a hand towards the door she had shut, in the standard Thwip position, quickly shooting a ball of webbing that stuck to the door.
    “Or even THIS, look at these if I wasn’t Spider-Man where could I have even got this-“
    He ranted even more, producing a spherical, red and blue device from god knows where. The design was much like to that of a Goblin Bomb... however, it was instead donning Spider-Man’s colours. However, he quickly put it away, once again to god knows where, as he strode up and down, continuing his ranting.
    “And FINALLY, if I wasn’t Spider-Man why would I be fighting the goddamn Spider-Slayer! I mean, it’s in the name!”

    - - - - - - - -
    Speaking of the Spider-Slayer, it seemed as if Alistair had finally landed on his course of action, and rather quickly too. His armour was web-proofed, but certainly not missile proofed. He had no idea where he was, what had happened, or who he was even fighting, and his one remaining enemy was preoccupied with catching a boulder of debris. The injured Spider-Man had gotten away. This was no longer his fight. Despite that, he couldn’t quell the little voice in the back of his head, the one that said ‘Damnit... so close’. Maybe, if he could formulate a plan, he could come back later and finish him off.
    But for now, Alistair Smythe was enacting his all-new on the spot plan.
    And run he did, the sparking armoured behemoth turning tail the first chance he got, and charging back across the courtyard. Before his body could make impact with the nearest wall, he extended his rending claws, slicing downwards to weaken the material, before quickly leaning forwards, his armoured shoulder crashing straight through the wall he had torn at. It was then that he found himself crashing into a completely empty room with what seemed to be a variety of lab equipment. Expensive, good taste-
    He shook his head, reminding himself that he was in a crisis situation here, and had just gone through the wrong wall. So, he decided to do the one new option he had. That being to do the exact same thing all over again, plummeting through a wall of that room. The Spider-Slayer stumbled through the debris and out into the chaos, and that’s where he found himself, his suit sparking and damaged, covered in dust, debris all over the floor surrounding him, and a massive hole in the wall behind him. And he was greeted with the honking of cars. Was he... still in New York?
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  22. Flash held the boulder, but it was clear he wouldn’t have been able to put it up for long. Luckily, he quickly remembered about his missiles and used them to destroy the boulder into rubble.

    Though as soon as he did, the man in the robotic suit was not to be seen. Which Flash hit himself in the head for.

    God damnit, Thompson! How could you lose track of that dude! He’s literally twice your size!

    But Flash thought that the man in the robot suit wouldn’t have gone far considering the damage he sustained from the missiles, so he decided to follow up with Silk and the Spider-Man wannabe.

    “I lost track of the man in the robot suit,” Flash told Silk, “but I doubt he went far. Let’s head out now before it’s too late.”


    “That’s right,” Gwen responded, “You see, I’m from a dimension in which I got bitten by a radioactive spider and became Spider-Woman.”

    Gwen would then walk closer to Spider-Man of the universe they were in, and said, “I take it you’re the Spider-Man, aka Peter Parker, of this universe.”
    Mockingchu and comic like this.

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