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Spellstorm: Julia versus Sorena

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Chadwyck, Aug 22, 2010.

  1. OoC: Private RP betwixt Sem and myself.


    "Are you ready?" Asked a young man's voice with the British accent of someone originally from Scotland, thus the two mixed together. The remarkable thing was that the girl was standing alone, a light rain falling from the gray sky onto the vast green field. She was atop a large hill that gently sloped down into the green field, the wind whipped at her violet-red dress and black cloak, causing her clothing to flutter about.

    The grass beneath her black, knee-high boots squished unpleasantly as she let out a deep sigh, "Not really," She confessed. She was frightened, it was written on her face; she was only sixteen after all, facing off against a witch of her caliber made her nervous. Even if it was only for the purpose of training, they would not hold anything back; neither of them. And Julia could only guess what her opponent had at her disposal. "Maybe this isn't such a good idea..." She said nervously.

    "It's too late for that now, you'd better get prepared. Don't worry, you're ready for this." The voice said to her encouragingly, "At least you'd better be, I don't want to end up being outdated by some ancient witch." He muttered under his breath. Julia looked down at the book in her arms, "What? I was your teacher after all, you should be able to beat her. I am The Arcane Dictionary of All things Magic, after all. No sweat, we can take down the old woman easy!" Despite the fact that Adam was undoubtedly older than the witch in question, he had been around since the first days of magic after all, he still referred to her as being quite ancient. Probably because he was embodied in the persona of a young man, a young man who was incredibly wise and powerful. And sarcastic and full of himself. But he preferred looking at the positive things.

    "Thanks, Adam. I hope that you're right," Julia sighed, moving several strands of her pale, blonde hair out of her face; it was almost soaked from the fine rain that was falling, though it was still partially dry in some places. Her heels sank into the mud as she walked down the slope to the field, the witch would be there anytime now. She blinked her emerald eyes against the water droplets that assaulted her vision, and breathed heavily.

    "Just remember to speak clearly when invoking a spell." Adam reminded her after she had trouble conjuring a wall of earth and ended up instead with several sentient tulips.

    "That was just the one time, and I had a cold!" She protested, threatening to throw Adam in a puddle of mud.

    "Back to your old self again?" Adam said with a smile, but his voice shook slightly, knowing that the girl wouldn't hesitate to throw him in just for being sarcastic toward her. Instead she lowered him and smiled, before tucking the book beneath her arm and running a hand through her now thoroughly soaked hair.

    "Who's idea was this anyway?" She asked sarcastically for a change.

    "How can you get stronger without practice?" The book asked, slightly muffled from being tucked away, Julia was about to protest that a full on battle with a very powerful enchantress could hardly be considered practice before Adam shushed her. "She's nearly here." He said very seriously. Julia knew that there was no turning back now.

    OoC: A little friendly sparring match because Julia and Adam deserve more love~ Don't let this one die, Sem.
  2. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    OOC: I don't remember agreeing to participate in this RP, or you talking about this RP at all =(

    "Who's idea was this anyway?" asked the voice of a woman that appeared to be in her late forties. In fact she was older. Much older. So much older that no one including her really knew how old she was. And even that didn't even begin properly explain the woman's age. Being as easily distracted as she was, a century could have passed by the time she came to. It actually did happen on more than one occasion.

    "And why is it raining?" she moaned, having nearly gotten her boot stuck in the mud. "And how did that shadow-man even agree to this? ..." she paused. "What if this is just a ruse in order of have me killed?" the witch wondered, darting her eyes to and fro. She looked down and gave her shadow a menacing glare in order to discourage it from lashing out at her and slitting her throat.

    She wasn't speaking to anyone, only herself. Sem had decided to observe from a safe distance, and was most likely the one responsible for the rain. "Bloody melodramatic little otter-thing." She reached the top of a hill and found herself staring at another hill across from hers, upon which stood the girl she was going to be skirmishing with.

    The sorceress mumbled briefly and put two fingers to her lips. When she removed them there was a small rune of sapphire-blue colored magic over her mouth. She began to speak in a normal voice, though it sounded as if there were speakers hidden everywhere around the area, making it sound like she was right next to you instead of hundreds of meters away. "Well, let's get this started then now that we're here... How did I even get here?" she began to wonder. She shook her head then, telling herself not to be distracted. This was like telling a plant not to photosynthesize, but she tried. "I'll allow you to be the one to go first," Sorena stated. "Are you ready... oh gods what was your name... girl?"
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  3. "She doesn't look very happy to be here," Julia said aloud, then she added to the book in her arms, "How on Terra did you arrange this?"

    Adam's eyes were closed and his hand was over his mouth, the pose of someone deep in thought. "It's better not to ask questions that don't concern you." He said finally, as if that would be enough of an answer for anyone to be content. A look from Julia indicated otherwise, "Look, she's saying something!" He pointed in the witches direction.

    "Did she just ask how she got here?" Julia asked.

    "Look, don't dwell on unimportant things. I may or may not have done something clever and got the witch here without her consent. After that our shadowy friend delivered the message about you needing a sparring partner." He looked at her suspiciously, "Happy enough?" He asked. Julia wasn't really content with the answer she'd been given, but it would have to do. She was being waited on, by the by.

    "How did you get Angel to agree to this?" She mumbled.

    Adam cast worried looks toward the shadows, "Oh, I'm sure he's around somewhere." He muttered to himself. "The witch is waiting for you to make your move." He reminded her.

    Julia sighed and wiped her dripping fringe from in front of her eyes; the rainfall was really quite annoying, but it presented an ample opportunity for some spellcasting. Julia mimicked the witches spell, with some direction from her tome, and spoke evenly back to her opponent. "Very well," She said, then simply because she was too nice for her own good, she added, "I'm really sorry about all the trouble. If it's any consolation, I didn't know about this either!" Adam growled something about being neither the time nor place for pleasantries, "Anyway, thank you for your help." She added quickly before dispersing the spell.

    Julia closed her eyes briefly, her clothes began to look seemingly weightless, like she was suspended in water. It only lasted an instant as she focused her energy, but it was a sight to behold regardless. A wind that was obviously different from the natural breezes that accompanied the rain blew through her hair and all about her. She snapped her eyes open and shouted a command, "Glacies Tempestas." She spoke in a commanding voice with a wave of her hand.

    Instantly the air about her chilled, her breath hung in the air like an early morning fog and the water falling from the sky began to pile at her feet in the form of snow. That wasn't where it ended, however, as the temperature continued to drop; turning the snow to solid drops of clear ice. With another flourish of her hand they began to combine in the air. And not just in her immediate vicinity. All around the field there were large to medium sized spikes of ice forming. The spell took a while to complete, but there was no doubting its effectiveness whenever Julia had used it before.

    After a few moments, the process of preparation was complete. Julia thrust her palm toward the witch, sending forth the torrent of icy death as she did so.
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  4. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    "This spell could actually kill me," Sorena muttered as more thoughts of this whole scenario being a ruse to eliminate her popped into her head. "So much for sparring."

    As Julia's spell formed Sorena was already working on her own. Her sword slid out of her sleeve into her hand and with a flurry of her arm she carved a blue rune into the air before her with the sword. She stabbed her blade into the symbol and then swung the blade around herself to create a perimeter. The rune dissolved into several smaller runes that followed the tip of the sword, as if the witch were unwinding a ball a yarn. The resulting ring of arcane characters around the woman flashed briefly before vanishing.

    The spikes came, but none of them touched the witch thanks to the defensive spell she had just cast. Sorena sprinted forward, running down the hill as each and every single icicle was struck and shattered by a bolt of lightning from the sky. The lightning protected her as she sought to close the distance between her and her opponent.

    From a combat point of view Sorena was prerforming several no-no's, mainly running down the hill and giving her adversary the benefit of having the higher ground. In war such a situation would be over quickly, with the army in the valley being obliterated. Sorena knew this well, having been in several battles and wars. That was what she did originally, after all. She had been asked to serve because of her incredible skill with weather magic - magic that could wreak havoc on enemies. That was before she had experimented on herself and raised her body to the highest of human limits and effectively stopped her aging processes. It was a dangerous thing to do to casts those kinds of spells on someone, especially if you were casting them on yourself - but Sorena had always been a little crazy. Crazy, and forever stuck at age fifty with a body that that any athlete would kill for.

    Despite the tactical disadvantage that she had, tactical advantages were only paid attention to when you couldn't single-singlehandedly take out an army on your own. When you had that kinda of power those kinds of tactics were a bit moot. Which was why Sorena was running towards the hill upon which her foe stood. "I'll give you a run for your money, girly."
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  5. "See, I told you she'd be able to avoid that attack easily. Sorena isn't one to be beaten that easily." Adam said as the witch produced several runes that protected her from the deadly spikes. "And you were worried that she'd die. That's a laugh. Don't hold back, Julia, and if you kill her, well... I suppose there'd be some way for her to come ba-- oh bollocks here she comes!" He shouted, interrupting himself as his sense of self-preservation kicked in. "Quick do something she's coming!"

    "But I don't want to hurt her." Julia mumbled, thoroughly displeased with the book's decision to somehow arrange this sparring match without her approval. She preferred to avoid confrontation against other humans when possible, her main enemies were usually only vaguely humanoid war machines designed to kill her.

    "Seriously! Get your game face on or something!" Adam shouted as the gap began to close dangerously fast.

    Julia sighed and muttered a quick incantation, "Velox Tractus," She then wound her arm in snakelike movements, gathering up a bit of energy and throwing it at her feet. Her boots began to glow as she ran toward Sorena, the spell increasing her own speed temporarily as she readied her next attack.

    "Wait, you're running towards her? That's your plan? What kind of tactic is that?!" Adam shouted at his pupil as his sense of continued safety began to dissipate.

    "Quiet!" Julia growled as she concentrated, "Animadverto Geminus!" She shouted as the gap became little more than a ten feet. Suddenly there were two copies of Julia running at Sorena, though now they were curving to come at the witch from either side instead of moving in a straight line. With one voice both of the girls shouted, "Proventus Vires!" And they each readied a glowing punch as they cut through the falling rain, now within inches of Sorena.

    Of course, only one of the copies would do damage, the one that was really Julia. However, the witch didn't know that, and Julia aimed to keep it that way until her punch connected with the witch, sending her flying across the field.
  6. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    "Two girlies?" Sorena murmured. She thought to herself, thinking one could be an illusion, or they were both an illusion, or she had created a tangible copy of herself in which case they were both real. "Bollocks," she muttered.

    Sorena continued running and then jumped at the last moment, twirling just over the heads of the Julias and landing right behind them. She spun on her heel, delivering a powerful kick to one of the females, smirking at the panicked expression on Adam's face. At the other Julia she fired a small bolt of electricity. Sparring match or not, it would be interesting to see how Julia reacted to such close-range maneuvers. Magic casters were notorious for being unable to hold their own once the fighting got too close. Of course, Sorena would never allow herself to fall victim to such a situation, which was why she knew how to handle various weapons and could fight hand to hand. This gave her a certain edge over other magicians if her magical prowess wasn't enough.
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  7. Luckily the kick passed right through the illusion that Julia had created, she was now slightly glad that she'd yet to master the ability to split herself into two physical copies; that kick could have taken her head off. The bad news was the bolt of electricity currently surging towards her, it wasn't a huge bolt, but it would still hurt to take a direct hit. Fortunately, Julia didn't intend to take any lightning bolts to the face today.

    She threw her hands up in front of her, this was one of the few spells that she'd actually managed to master to the point that she didn't need to speak the incantation. If she had, it would have been Veneficus Contego spell; a wall of magical energy that would defend from other magical attacks to a certain degree. However, Julia had found a more convenient use for it, and Adam was quite proud that she had thought it up herself.

    The wall absorbed the bolt of electricity, however instead of letting the energy dissipate within the shield, Julia immediately sent a shockwave through the barrier. The bolt of lightning was reflected back at the witch, instead of the energy going to waste. It wasn't a great improvement, but it would hopefully keep the witch off balance for another second. "Umbra Ingredior." Julia said quickly as she teleported from where she was standing, right behind the witch. With a twist she threw a kick that was aimed to send Sorena reeling. "I'm not useless at close range, Sorena." She kept spinning through the kick, whether it landed or not she'd want to follow it up. "Silicis Parietis!" She shouted, shooting her hand into the air, a wall of rock followed suit as it cut up out of the soaking grass. If the kick connected Sorena would be meeting the wall very quickly, if it failed to hit its mark, Julia had other uses for it as well.
  8. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    The witch outstretched her left arm and the reflected bolt flowed right into it, returned the energy used to created it. Sorena was much too powerful to be much affected by weaker spells, especially her own magic, especially her own lightning magic, which was her specialty.

    Julia teleported away and Sorena instinctively turned around with enough time twirl out of the range of the girl's kick. "Good to know," she said as a wall of stone rose up out of the ground. The blade in her right hand flashed for an instant before a rather large mallet was in its place. It was of purest silver, much like the sword it had once been and silver seemed to gleam lightly on its own, which was due to its origins. Its pole was slim with a large sapphire onto, embedded into the hammerhead, which was circular. The sorceress twirled the weapon as if it were almost as light as an inflatable hammer, and it might as well have been. The magical weapon the witch carried was actually quite heavy, even heavier than it looked no matter what form it was in; but to her and only her it barely weighed anything at all thanks to magic, and her unnatural strength also helped her wield it with ease.

    "Adam, I will have your head for this if I make it out of this 'skirmish' alive." The book was at fault for bringing her here, and so she would target him. She would have vengeance, and being able to look through his pages wouldn't be so bad. The witch leered at him from under the brim of her hat with a wry grin. "And by that I mean that I'll will take my time to talk to you for hours on end as I read through your pages," Sorena said with a bit of glee in her voice. "I don't like that you used me as a convenient test subject, and while I don't mind helping... her... out - you should have asked me nicely." With a wink she walked back a few steps and spun on the spot. The hammer struck the back of the rock wall and shattered it as if it were a mere sheet of glass, sending fragments of sharp rock at Julia.
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  9. "Julia, don't lose." Adam said simply after the witch had threatened him, "I don't want her looking through my pages, I'd feel so exposed." He whined.

    "Quiet!" She barked, "Can't you see I'm a little busy?" She was, of course, referring to the fact that Sorena had shattered her rock wall and sent the shards hurtling toward her. Julia smirked, it wasn't exactly what she had in mind for the pillar of earth, but it would do nonetheless. "Silicis Loricatus!" She shouted at the incoming projectiles, releasing Adam from her grasp and allowing him to float beside her; a sign that what she was doing required quite a bit of magic.

    The shattered rock that was hurtling toward her began to slow, ever so slightly, but they still made contact with the girl. However, it wasn't in a damaging sort of way. The rock rested just above her, each new piece that hit was absorbed into the mass that was on beginning to form around her body. Before long an armor of rock had formed itself around her, glowing lightly from the magical energy coursing through her and the armor itself. It moved in perfect synchronization with her body; allowing free movement as was evident when she reached up and grabbed Adam.

    She started sprinting toward Sorena and as she did so she shouted, "Magnus Animadverto Geminus!" She was nearly certain that Sorena would recognize the last part of that spell, but it wouldn't matter. Suddenly there were not two, but five Julias running toward Sorena. It was only a bit more difficult to cast because of all the magic it used, but hopefully it would catch Sorena offguard enough to land a hit.

    Two of the copies jumped up, two ran around either side of the witch, and the last shot several fireballs toward Sorena. The only problem for Sorena now would be to find which one was her; if it wasn't the one shooting fire they would be painless. The two that had jumped fell with a thud, sending two waves of earth toward the witch that had erupted from the armor on their bodies. The other two simply threw punches increased in power by the armor of earth. "Good luck!" They all shouted at once.
  10. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    "This again..." Sorena said as all five Julias converged on her. There really was only one thing to do in that situation. As all of the attacks met Sorena vanished in a puff of inky smoke. She reappeared almost instantly a fair distance away atop the hill Juia was perched upon.

    "We'll be at this for days, young one," the sorceress said. "Attacking, avoiding, attacking, avoiding. If we are to test your abilities then I'll have to use some more spectacular spells. This one will be Disaster-class." With that Sorena waved her sword, drawing runes in the air all around as she mumbled softly. Distaster-class spells were exactly what they sounded like - disasters. They could cause a lot of damage to a large area. They were mostly only cast by those powerful enough during times of war, targeting towns or cities whose destruction would cripple the enemy either economically or in terms of man-power. Then there was the Ruin-class. Ruin-class spells ranged in power and could be weaker than Distaster-class spells or stronger. The more powerful ones could bring a nation to its knees.

    And then there were the Apocalypse-class, spells that could only be cast by the most powerful magicians, and even then, few of them were ever cast. They could bring a world to its knees or even destroy it completely. Apocalypse-class spells stepped outside of the range of weather magic and included many other fields of the arcane. There had only been a handful successful castings of Apocalypse-class spells in history. They were highly illegal and dangerous for the caster. If not prepared, a successful or even an unsuccessful casting could kill the caster.

    Not that Sorena was thinking of casting one that day. No, never.

    The rain that was coming down suddenly doubled in volume. Then tripled. Then quadrupled, on and on. In seconds there was a massive torrent of water rushing down into the dip of land where Julia was. Enormous walls approached her on either side, and they would crush her into nothing if she didn't do anything. Or, they would crush her, but Sorena wouldn't let that happen. Flood was a dangerous spell, but any experienced magician had a number of ways to avoid it.
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  11. "Well that's just maddening. If I didn't know any better, I'd say that witch just avoided that attack completely at the whim of some higher being. It certainly seemed like it would have been harder to avoid than that." Adam mumbled to himself, but Julia wasn't listening. Which was lucky for her, Adam wasn't exactly being helpful, just looking for some excuse to complain.

    Julia's attention was, however, directed at the sky; particularly the intensity of the liquid that was currently falling from it. It increased two fold, which wasn't uncommon for a storm, really, but then it continued to increase until it just got ridiculous. Finally Adam stopped complaining about the witch avoiding her five attacks, even though only one would have actually done damage, and turned his attention instead to complaining about the water.

    "I'll mold! I'll fall apart! I can already feel my pages beginning to fray, and let me tell you: it doesn't feel good! It's all kinds of awkward." He grimaced and shuddered slightly as he sulked over the torrent. Julia focused on more practical things, like the four great walls of water that were currently coming to crush, drown, pulverize, and do all manner of other harmful things to her. There had to be several ways to avoid this attack, but the most obvious to Julia was straight up. She couldn't hope to survive being hit by this spell.

    "Nidor Fio," She commanded as she thrust her hand at the ground. In a flash her and Adam were little more than a wisp of vapor, literally having become a wisp of vapor, and they squeezed their way out of the incoming walls. Immediately after the water collided with a mighty crash at where she had been, the vapor flashed and Julia and Adam were back in a puff of smoke; now momentarily suspended above the field. Julia released Adam, who began floating beside her again, and held her hands out toward the water that was attempting to sink it's way into the ground. "Fumo Caliga!" She shouted, immediately the water did precisely what she had just done, more or less; it now hung in the air as a thick fog.

    But it didn't remain stationary. Julia controlled the fog like a puppet master, each particle of water vapor heeding her call and she sent it straight at Sorena. And sideways at Sorena. And from behind Sorena. Surrounding the witch like a terrible storm of thick fog. "Occumbo Siccus." Julia chanted, the area within the vapor began to drop in temperature, each particle was like a drop of liquid nitrogen waiting to freeze Sorena on contact. Of course, Julia knew how to reverse the effects, just in case. After all, that Flood spell was awfully dangerous as well, she felt less reserved about pulling out some big guns herself.

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