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Open Speed; A sonic roleplay

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by The legend of pika, Sep 27, 2017.

  1. Sign up here: https://pokecharms.com/threads/speed-a-sonic-oc-roleplay.17853/#post-524291

    Ill be being sonic and co until further notice, along with my oc turbo.
    Speed ran through the future town of silver city. Shadow stood at the foot of the road. Next to him was a light blue hedgehog, with a down faceing mohawk. He resembled amy. He wore a brown long jacket with yellow and silver shoes. His eyes were green, and wore fingerless gloves. "Master shadow.." he said to shadow. "I know turbo, stay here, your not ready" Shadow said. "But master, he killed my.." turbo was cut off. "I dont care, take Shade with you, GO!" shadow said. "Look, go find tails, ill be fine" Said the black hedgehog, looking at the two boys. "now go."
  2. Shade reached down to his hover boots, and activated the highest speed he could control. He mainly kept it on a setting that allows him to walk and run at a decent pace, but now was different. He had to get away. Shade pushed off, and zoomed forward. The roads were mostly empty, so he didn't have to worry about that. In a few seconds, Shade turned back to see Shadow, his Uncle, getting pounded from left to right, from a near invisible force that Shade knew all to well. It was Speed, and he killed his mother. He turned over to see if his counterpart Turbo, had followed.
  3. It wasnt long before Turbo ran fast shade. Turbo ran so fast it was as if he teleported. "I hope master shadow will be ok.." he said so shade, who was far behind, wouldent hear. Shadow looked speed in the face. "Shadow....its your turn" speed said, pointing to shadow
  4. Wolfy sighed as she dangled her feet from a building, nearby Shadow and Speed, that she had been sitting on. Her ears twitched as she herd someone talk and looked around. She saw Shadow and Speed but didn't really know who they were though something about Speed had seemed familiar to Wolfy. She decided to check out the commotion and jumped onto a building that was closer to them. She looked down at the two males and only now seeing Shade at the corner of her eyes. She looked at Shade then looked at the other two males on the road that no human not other creature was around.
  5. Nia Saw Turbo and Shade from a nearby rooftop, she smirked, and chased after them after hopping down, she muttered
    "Looks like it's time." she chased after them, taking a few, let's say shortcuts. Eventually, she Got closer to the boys. well, close enough that they might be able to see her if they looked back.
  6. Speed saw Nia. "Not in the mod for her crap" he said. then, he sped up, only leaving nothing but ash behind him. He, once again, ran so fast that he ran so fast that it looked like he teleported. He then sigh and began running to eggmans lab. since its the future, eggman changed his ways.
  7. Sighing, Nia Took another shortcut, She had been told by her Father that, At Eggman's Lab, he would be waiting with Tails' and Eggman, she said
    "I have to Catch up, Turbo and Shade aren't gonna wait for me." she Hopped on a Rail, and started Sliding to Eggman's Lab. she was still in the shortcut, hidden from sight.
  8. Turbo stoped at eggmans lab. "Great" he said, knocking on the door.
    "Who is it"
    "its me egghead, open the door"
    Eggman opened the door, letting turbo in

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