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Ask to Join Sonic Forces: Rise of Infinity

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Pro Hero Dekiru, Sep 30, 2017.

  1. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    Discussion here: https://pokecharms.com/threads/sonic-forces-rise-of-infinity.17874/

    Lance moved through the forest, barren of animal life. The last moving thing he had seen was Knuckles, when they had split up about two minutes ago. He darted past the trees, pushing off of each one as he sprung forth. His headset suddenly buzzed.
    "Be careful," warned a voice, which he immediately recognized as Tails. "We don't know what's there."
    Lance grinned, even though he knew no one could see him. "Hey, we know that a load of Color Wisps there are being held captive. We'll slam through security like tin cans."
    "Yeah Tails, have some faith," said Knuckles, his voice buzzing in. Lance smiled again, jumping out of the forest.
    "Hey," he muttered. "I think I found it."
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  2. Alex, the most recent member of the Resistance, was leaning on the walls in Resistance HQ. He was waiting until HE'D get a mission. "Uh, Knux, when am I getting into action?" He quietly asked, growing tired of all the waiting. Classic Sonic looked at Alex in slight interest, tilting his head. "Be careful, Lance! I sense a lot of Eggman robots further in the woods!" Silver spoke through the radio.
  3. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    Knuckles grinned. "You actually can get a chance. Sonic found a carrier full of Egg Robots. If you want, you can pop over and smash some of them with him. I'll send you his location."

    Meanwhile, Lance faced the building. It was a warehouse, reinforced with metal walls and turrets. Egg Robots carrying heavy artillery floated around, and Lance just grinned.
    "Well?" buzzed Tails on the headset. "What's it like?"
    Lance used his goggles to snap a picture, then sent it to Tails.
    "Guys, I'll be fine." He shut off the headset.
    He zipped down, slamming into the first robot. All eyes and cameras were on him now. Capsules of Color Wisps floated around. Red, Blue, Ivory...
    and Cyan.
    He slammed into a Cyan container, being energized with the power.
    "LASER!" he shouted, ramming through a set like a bowling ball. He whipped out the Cyan Chaos Emerald, empowering himself with the energy. He ran into the door, crashing through it. Shots fired, and he just Spindashed through the turrets aiming at him. He jumped, facing the robots ahead of him. He extended his hand, using a technique he had just learned. He hefted the Chaos Emerald.
    "CHAOS CYAN!" he shouted. A bright cyan laser shot out of his hand, decimating the robots in front of him.
    He busted through the door, facing what was ahead of him. The main controls to the plant, and along with them...

    Was Metal Sonic.
  4. "Oh, really? Great!" Alex answered, feeling alive again. He quickly grabbed his Wispon, despite not needing it a lot. "Show me it, Knux. I'm ready whenever you are!" He spoke, pulling out his mechanical arm, which contained his sword. Suddenly, Classic Sonic started to tug onto Alex. He seemed to want to come along. Alex gave a smile, and Classic Sonic stopped tugging onto him. "Do you mind if Classic comes along?" Alex quickly asked.
  5. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    Knuckles shook his head, finally remembering Alex couldn't see him. "Nah, it's cool. I'm sure Sonic wouldn't mind. Anyways, how ya doing, Sonic?"

    Sonic was running beside a Land Egg carrier, full of bots carrying heavy artillery. Sonic slammed into the first one, then the next. But the thing was swarming.
    "I'm alright," Sonic exclaimed into the headset. "Wouldn't mind some backup though,"
    "Hey guys," Lance said into the communication stream. "Found something I bet you'd like to see."
    He turned on the camera in his headset, giving everyone a clear view of what was in his path. It was Metal Sonic, and he looked ready to fight.
    He dashed at Lance, who moved out of the way just in time. Lance extended his hand.
    "Chaos Cyan!" The cyan beam shot out of Lance's palm, but Metal dodged just in time. Lance grimaced. He curled into a ball, Spindashing at Metal.
    Metal extended its hand, catching the spinning Lance. It threw him tho the wall, where he crashed through it. Lance crawled out.
    "Any," he coughed. "Any advice here?
  6. "Come on, punch him. He deserves it."
    "Are you kidding? Shut up."
    "Hey, I'm the other side of your mind. Don't try to stop me."
    "Get out."

    Alex held his head, trying to stop the voices. He eventually stopped, but, despite being blind, he was able to sense what was around him. "Okay... Well, let's head to Sonic!" He spoke to Classic, immediately running off.

    After a while, he'd arrive near the Land Egg Carrier, and jump on. He quickly put on the headset. "Sonic! Me and Classic are on your location! We're on the main deck! Come search for us if you can!" He said through the set. Classic Sonic immediately spin dashed into a few robots.

    However, they didn't know Infinite was watching them..
  7. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    Sonic tracked their headset. "See you!"
    He jumped down next to them, smashing a few Badniks along the way. Sonic turned to them.
    "Nice of you to make it," he said, smiling. Some robots ran towards them. Sonic extended his hand.
    "Sonic Wind!"
    A blast of wind shot through them.
    "Here!" Sonic busted open a box of Wisp cages. Most of them were red.
    "This is a shipment that happened to get way too close. Whaddaya say we bust some tin cans?"

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