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Sonic Colours (or Colors, if you prefer)

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by Doubled, Aug 10, 2010.

  1. Okay, in case you've been living under a rock all this time, here's a trailer for Sonic Colors.

    Now, I know we have some Sonic fans on here, so I thought, why not talk about it? :) Anyway, what are your opinions on Sonic's new game? (Please, for everyone's sake, respect each other's opinion. No bashing about "I prefer the old games" or "This is gonna suck".)

    My opinion so far.... IT'S FRICKEN EPIC looking ;D The basic theme park, er, theme for the game gives you a sense of child-like wonder as you behold the wonderful graphics. I'll be honest, the graphics look almost like that of Unleashed for PS3 and Xbox 360, at least to me. Plus, the gameplay looks balanced and looks like it will get your blood pumping with each curve. I especially like the use of colors (hence the name, Colors I guess :p), plus that along with Unleash's speed will probably keep me on the Wii for longer than is considered healthy.

    However, my one regret about the game is that Griffith will be leaving. To be honest, I know Roger Craig Smith is a great VA, and probably will steal many fans' hearts. Even though I find his Alton Towers voice tolerable, and I know that he will improve by Colors's release, I still find it sad that Griffith, who had grown on me, is leaving (due to the contract being up). Oh well, maybe Tails will sound alittle older :D

    And the music... Let's be honest, when has any Sonic game had bad music? Hardly any right? This is proven again true when you listen to the game's main theme, Reach for the stars. Even though the full song hasn't been released yet, it still suits the game very well (giving it a sense of color but also keeping the coolness that is Sonic the Hedgehog X3). Also, I've heard a few other BG tunes for the game, and so far they seem fantastic ;D Jun Senoe (Sonic Team's main music cordinator) has done it again, and it seems that Cash Cash also fits in well with the game's theme.

    So, summary:

    Pros: The levels, music, and overall feel to it get's a 4.5 out of 5 for me :3 (but then again, I pretty much like all Sonic games, with the exception of ShtH, but Colors definatly feels like it will be one of my favorites for years to come.

    Cons: Griffith will be leaving, but this is only a minor con. Hence how it only takes a .5 off my score.

    Okay, now let's hear your oppionions :D
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  2. It looks promising, similar to the old verisons hopefully giving players that old feeling back before sonic turned into a werewolf. The stages, persay remind me twinklepark (A cookie for anyone who knows what i mean.) seems more revamped but that doesn't intentionally mean it'll be good~ Im having doubts about it, i mean if sonic turns into rainbowbryte, and starts running on double rainbows (Milk for the cookie to thus who get the memo) then i can see the remaining fanbase drop a large portion.
  3. a new sonic game?? GREEEAAAAT! *sarcasm*
    *watches video*
    ... well my god! that actually looks great!! no werewolves or knights or sparkling vampires :D this looks sweet!!
    :3 i might actually buy this game :D but again thats a might >.>
    it looks like it has everything ive been longing for in a sonic game lately :o
    but theres one thing i hope this DOES have! a chao garden!!
    i fell in love with it in sonic adventure and sonic adventure 2 battle and ive been DYING for a new one!!! D:
    but anyways :) cant wait for this game to come out ^^

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