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Snap! Snapped! To that Tun on the radio~

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Tunolipede, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. If anyone gets the title reference, I will love you forever. ♥

    I got interested in photography back in June~ I've been wanting to show off some photos for a while now; and today I got them on my netbook~! So, here they are. I hope you enjoy them and will comment on what you thiiiink. <333 (warning: I'm nowhere near as good as Cody, but oh well~!)

    Pots in View

    Sunshine and Roses


    Build Me Up Buttercup

    Stand Out

    Sunshine Amidst the Clouds

    Make Your Move

    Like a Child in a Candy Shop

    Heartfelt Wood

    Blue Balloon

    In My House:
    Star Jar
    (Gyark, ignore the bits at the bottom because they're being annoying D:<)

    Rose Stone

    Neon Dinosaur

    So, um ... yeah. ^^; Tell me what you think~! :>

    Also, bigger pictures are available if wanted. o:

    ~Tun ♥​
  2. Wow Tun~

    The names of the pictures are very fitting, and the quality of the pictures is really good too. I like the make your move picture - it looks really cool. Keep up the good work!
  3. The sight of some of your photos gave me a squeegasm~

    Oh my goshums, these photo's are so much win. You have a beautiful garden, the chess and sweet shop ones are so nostalgic and Neon Dinosaur ilu ♥

    I want moar!

    (Also, Star Jar? Awww~)
  4. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    I still say, I love the chess one most. XD
    These are pretty nice imo, and I love the perspective you put on some of the things.

    ... neon dinosaur <33333
  5. Why do you build me up, Buttercup baby just to let me down~

    Why do people keep saying that! xD These are great ^^

    I really like the Chess one, Make Your Move. It's a cool concept, one that I've been thinking of for quite some time. You captured it very well ^^
    The Candy Shop one is really cool, too! Though if the focus would have been on the front jar, it might have had a better effect. It's still a fairly nice capture ^^
    And the very first one, Pots in View, could have benefited a lot from cropping that bit of chair out...Now, there's something to be said for totally "natural" photos, but some editing, like cropping and whatnot, never hurt anybody ^^

    May I ask what kind of camera you use? And I'm really looking forward to seeing you improve as you post more photos ^^
  6. Huh, where have I seen that photography style before? Hm... Oh wait! The way these photos are taken reminds me of my cousin Melissa's pictures! (And she is, like, majoring in photography.) These are so awesome! The angle that the pictures are taken really captures the pictures beauty.

    When the sun breaks through the clouds, you know it shines down on you~ Love that one! (Also, love the chess picture! Checkmate.)
  7. Omigoshness thank you five so much ilu all <3333

    ilu, Cody~! ♥
    Thankyouuuu for all of the compliments. c: Yeah, my focus was acting up when I took that photo. >:C But I liked the perspective on it, so I posted it~ Ahh, right about the first one. ^^; If I ever use that, I'll change it. |D Thanks~!

    I use a Fujifilm A170 A180. It isn't the best of cameras, but it's good enough for me, and I love it~ Besides, my family isn't the richest, so ... yeah.
    I've been saving up for a better camera over the past two months (I've actually started doing chores now :V), so hopefully I can get a more professional one. :3

    Here's another photo I forgot to upload in the first post~! ^^;

    Speak Up!
    Mainly based around all the fuss about abuse going around. It's really horrible and I hate hearing all the stories, so I decided to do something based around it. Hidden messages, yo.

  8. Paparazzi~

    Anyway, the photo's are fantasmasqueekuglormpsome. Flower photos lke yours are enough for anyone to dismiss global warming :'D
    The photo's in your home look so bright and sparkly among many other wonderful words. Amazing is the best word to describe all of them.

    neon dino says RAWR
  9. I believe I said this in chat, but gjdghjsfgsefegfa

    Those pictures are great, particularly the chess one. It has a really nice 'glassy' effect.

    The 'Unripened' one is really good as well, as the unripened berry/whatever it is is like someone staring at the camera through a crowd.

    The plush speech bubble is good, but I don't think it's featured enough. Maybe stick it to a wall to make it look floating or something?

    The sunshine in the clouds is also good, but I think it would look even better if the flower's yellowness was increased and the grass was made completely grey.

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