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XY/ORAS Skymin015's Trade Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by skymin015, Aug 31, 2016.

  1. skymin015

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    EDIT: okay so I'm 'refreshing' this because it was a complete mess.

    Hello, and welcome to Skymin's trade thread! A place where you can trade teh pokemanz. All is good in a fair trade, and let's hope there will actually be some.

    So, what I'm looking for is shinies, event Pokemon, and stuff like that. I will be able to breed you Pokemon with specific abilities, natures, egg moves, and EV train them if you're that lazy. I might even shiny hunt for you, if I'm feeling nice and the shiny you want is available on Omega Ruby.


    Raikou (AuS Love's)
    Ralts (Female)
    Sableye ( HA )
    Wailord ( Please just take it )
    Leafeon ( HA )
    Glaceon ( HA )
    Greninja ( HA )
    Meowstic ( WILL NOT TRADE )

    Fabulous list, I know. Now my 'shiny wish list'...

    Shiny Mawile ( Preferably female)
    Shiny Mewtwo
    Shiny Blaziken
    Shiny Zekrom
    Shiny Mew
    Shiny Shaymin
    Shiny Chandelure
    Shiny Gallade
    Shiny Froslass

    That's basically it. If you have any other shinies you'd like to offer, go ahead! That was just a list of shinies id like in trade of my own, not needed ones. Just, fair trades please, no hacked Pokemon, and have fun!

    -I really would like a Diancie with its mega stone! If anyone would want a Meloetta, Manaphy, Victini, or Keldeo, please let me know!
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  2. PurpleTartan

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    I would love to get that shiny Wailord off you. I adore Wailord. X3 What would you be willing to trade for it? :)

    Friend Code:
    Oh, hey, I don't have a shiny Meowstic, but I do have a shiny female Espurr, I hatched her myself while breeding for a male one. Would you be interested? I'm currently looking for Tornadus, like, desperately, haha. Not even a shiny one, but would it be a fair trade? Hmm. I know it's not listed in the offers but desperation is taking hold of my mind. :'D

    Edit: Okay, editing my post because my boyfriend got a Tornadus so I'll get lent it. XD But I'm still up to trading the shiny Espurr for another shiny if possible.
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  4. skymin015

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    Hmm...depends on what you have! I never was fond of the shiny Wailord and I feel like I need to give it away X3 any other shinnies? I've been wanting a shiny Eevee for a while. I always wanted to have all shiny Eeveelutions for some reason. All I need is a shiny Espeon, Glaceon, and Leafeon! If you have a shiny Eevee, or other shinnies, I could trade. (HO LAWRDY I NEED A SHINY GARDEVOIR/GALLADE)
  5. skymin015

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    Hmmm...would you like a shiny Metagross? I'm guessing you might have the event one. What about shiny Latias? It has Pokerus, as an added bonus X3 I just need a female shiny Meowstic. I'd give you event Pokemon, since I have like, 4 Victinis. Maybe take a Meloetta? Sorry, I'm desperate for that Meowstic :p

    Friend Code:
    Oh my haha. I don't have the event Metagross, and I happen to love shiny Metagross! I'd be willing to trade the Espurr for it. ^_^ Also, would you have any preferred nickname? Since I hatched her myself I can name her for you.

    Here's a pic btw (don't mind the quality though, my cellphone isn't the best):
  7. skymin015

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    YUSSSSS! I don't think I'd need any nickname for it. It's bootaful. I also don't mind the nature on it either :3 I shall raise that Espurr and treasure it as it should be. I just need your friend code

    My FC:3582-9400-1753

    Friend Code:
    Deal then! I'd also like to know when you're available to trade, today I'm kinda busy because I have classes all day, but tomorrow and Friday I'd be free.

    My FC: 3368-5214-8506
  9. skymin015

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    Alright! I added your FC. Whenever you are available, just let me know. Im usually not busy, I can't wait!

    Friend Code:
    I added yours as well. ^_^ I'll be available around 3PM tomorrow, I'm not sure which timezone you're at, but that'd be 6PM in GMT.
  11. PurpleTartan

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    Oh gosh, I have none of those shinies. I've been hunting for shiny eevee in my pokemon X myself with no luck. :'D is there anything else you're after? :3
  12. skymin015

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    Oh, that's fine :3 maybe you could give a list of shinnies you'd be offering to trade me? I like many weird shinies, so you never know.
    (I'm also hunting for a shiny Eevee, and no luck X3)
  13. What other HA Pokemon do you have? I have a shiny Golem, if that's a nice trade :)
  14. skymin015

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    Hmmm...I have a Chlorophyll Leafeon, with a brave nature, if that matters. I have a HA Quilava who also has egg moves. I have tons of Eevees, although I always get mixed up with its HA :p. I'm pretty sure it's Adaptability. There's also a Feraligatr and Emboar. I also have an Analytic Elgym. I probably have more but I just don't notice, although I could breed for one, because I'd love a shiny Golem ^.^
  15. I would love a sturdy Tyrunt, do you have one of those?
  16. skymin015

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    Not at the moment, but I could start breeding you one! Does the nature matter? If so, I could try to breed that too.
  17. Not really. Thanks!
  18. skymin015

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    Alright! I'll be on it right now

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