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skill swap duration?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by tpl2000, Jun 17, 2007.

  1. Basically, i'd like to know how long skill swap lasts; i have a strategy that's....well, god-mode, and it all relies on skill swap.
  2. This doesn't involve a kecleon perchance?

    Anyway, I believe that it's permanent at least as long as your foe is alive. I can't really help on what happens hen the opponent switches or faints though because I never could figure that one myself.
  3. If it involves Wonder Guard, it won't work. Skill Swap will fail on it.
  4. well, originally this relied on a dusknoir, shedinja, and spiritomb. but, as i've found, skill swap does not affect wonderguard, much to my dismay. it would have gone....

    dusknoir, shedinja sent out.
    dusknoir: skill swap w/ shedinja
    shedinja: sand attack, or something >_>
    shedinja dies!
    send out spiritomb
    dusknoir: skill swap w/ spiritomb
    spiritomb: sweep, sweep, sweep, sweep, sweep.

    (in doubles)

    i don't like kecleons much, and i believe that skill swap is their only use. however, i may end up using a dusknoir/slaking skill swap combo.
  5. Ah, a good thought none the less. I was fooled by the inability of the two Ghost/Dark pokemon to learn skill-swap, never thought to use an intermediate. I rather approve of highly complicated and unusual setups like this, they may not be practical but they sure are fun.

    A point to note though is that it wouldn't have been full god-mode either. A fighting attack with the appropriate focussing move beforehand (I forget which) would get a super off the dark type by being able to hit the ghost. I thought Mewtwo and other psychics could have also used Miracle eye to remove the Dark's psychic immunity but I guess I was kinda wrong there too as it's not super-effective.
  6. Meangreen is on the right track; Foresight became a much more useful move as it negates all evasion bonuses made by the foe, prevents the foe from making more evasion bonuses, and allows Normal-and-Fighting types to hit Ghosts.

    My No-Guard Machamp, who has Foresight, Dynamicpunch, and Cross Chop, is a Dark/Ghosts worst nightmare, for example.
  7. I forget. I think its as long as the victim of the attack is still in play.

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