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Ask to Join Six Kingdoms: The Grand Tale (RP)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Cmeriwether, Aug 6, 2020.

  1. Connor I, the Crystallized King of Wethera had been sitting on his throne in the Palace of Albuquerque when King Brandon of Arton burst through the doors with a slim, short, red haired girl, holding his hand, looking lost.

    "Your Royal Highness..."

    "King Brandon, what brings you here?" Connor asked from his throne.

    "Francis Constitution and his spies, Eryn and Elaine, have been sighted near the Pastian border, and amassing a large quantity of troops."

    Connor immediately told a tall, dark green haired girl to get Ariana Silver, who was in her room, figuring out what she was wearing for her court appearance for her first anniversary with Connor.

    "Lady Ariana, King Connor needs you in the throne room, King Brandon and Viscountess Ellie are there." The maid told Ariana.

    "Let me get dressed." Ariana responded.

    Ariana put on a light green dress, it showed off her figure, but not too much, it had long sleeves. She walked from her room with the girl, and arrived in the throne room.

    "Presenting Her Royal Highness Ariana Silver." The girl called out.

    Ariana had walked in the throne room, spotting Connor, Brandon and Ellie. Connor was awestruck at her beauty.


    "My liege, why are sitting there with your mouth hanging open like a fish?" Two of the guards asked.

    Connor closed his mouth, utterly baffled by the guards' question.

    "Ari, I needed to talk to you because Francis Constitution was sighted amassing troops near our border with Pastia."

    Ariana gasped with slight horror when she was told the news.

    "I think I know who might be able to help, Morgan and Arthur III." Ariana explained.

    "You go find Magnus." Connor responded to Ariana, "Guards, Find me Arthur III!"

    "Ellie, take this and get Allant." Brandon handed her a banana-like crystal.

    Ellie heard Brandon's note and immediately used the banana, which sent a message to Allant.

    @RedTopaz @RhythmThief


    King Harry was in Rommel talking to Princess Harriet about things when they heard the call from General Ramirez of Wethera. They immediately knew who they were calling to the council.

    "Get me Shaun Brig." Harriet called out.

    "Find me Jack Friar." Harry told a soldier.

    @mallard @Gamingfan
  2. Psymallard

    Psymallard Previously mallard

    Jack was sitting on his bed, slurping up a bitter stew of his own making, the primary ingredients being radish and mutton. Vanilla was floating in the corner slurping up a cat it found when returning from the market. He heard a knock at the door as he finished off the broth, and jumped out of his bed. Jack rushed to the door to see a soldier standing in the doorway. "You are being summoned by King Harry in Regentsville. Be there at once." He nodded, smiled and slammed the door.
    A minute later, Jack burst through the second story window, cross-legged on top of Vanilla, who he accelerated by turning gravity sideways in a field around him. Friar unrolled the map of the continent, looked for Regentsville, and made the necessary adjustments to his trajectory.

    After stopping to sleep for a night, Jack arrived in the late morning. Steering Vanilla, Friar placed his hands and face on the throne room window to look inside. @Cmeriwether
  3. It was a peaceful, quiet morning in rural Arton. Allant woke in his forest shelter, away from main civilization. He pushed open his wooden door, the piercing sunlight causing him to shield his eyes instinctively. As he walked out into the forest, a bright blue magic scroll appeared before him.

    It unfurled, and read:

    'Allant Micolash of Arton, King Brandon has requested your presence in the Royal Palace of Wethera. There, he shall discuss what matters require your assistance.'

    Then, the scroll disappeared. Allant, slightly irritated that his peaceful morning had been interrupted, also knew King Brandon wouldn't have requested for him if it wasn't serious.

    Now with a job to do, he went back into his hut, grabbing his signature black duster, feathered tricorne hat, and black boots. He also grabbed his pistol, and transformable axe, sheathing it on his back. He also stashed what looked to be vials of blood.

    Now prepared, his eyes turned a blood red briefly, before he disappeared into a red mist.
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  4. Arthur was inside his house of the sort of wealthy part of town, He put two logs in the fire and had just made himself a nice cup of tea. He sipped only once with he had heard a knock on the door, Arthur got up stretched a bit then opened the door to see a guard holding a scroll. Arthur nodded as he took the scroll, The guard left back for the castle. Arthur read the scroll while drinking tea, As soon as he finished he put on his chainmail armour then he grabbed a bag full of his knight armour and weapon and headed out the door, not before putting out the fire if course.

    I wonder what the king needs of me. Arthur thought as he walked towards the castle. He could see guards running everywhere. Must be pretty serious, But no matter what i shall do my best for my kingdom. He approached the doors of the castle and walked inside going straight to the throne room. He kneeled in front of his king, "You have requested of me your highness?"
  5. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    Shaun and his troops were together in their base, talking and roughhouse. Despite their tough appearances, they had somewhat of a family relationship, and got along well.
    Their roughhousing was canceled, however, when a guard walked in and requested for Shaun.
    "Um, yeah?" Shaun replied.
    "Harriet has called for you." The guard replied, turning around and motioning Shaun to followed.
    As they went, Shaun heard a couple of the soldiers jokingly ooooh and say things like Shaun's gonna get executed.
    Shaun turned and flipped them off as he went. The soldiers laughed.
  6. "Arthur, we are facing Queen Annalise and her troops in about a week, we need to get everyone ready, she's most likely headed for Regentsville, beware of Francis Constitution, he is powerful," Connor noted.

    Connor noticed a young man looking into the Window as King Harry of Southern Fimia arrived.

    "King Harry, who is the man out the window?" Connor asked.

    "Jack Friar, I'll call him in." Harry responded, "Jack Friar, please come in the Palace."

    "Allant seems to be on his way." Ellie responded.

    @RhythmThief @mallard @RedTopaz


    "Shaun Brig, you have been called because our Allies, Wethera and Arton are facing the Pastian Army in one week, we are to head to Regentsville, we should be there tonight if we leave now." Harriet responded.

    Harriet called for the royal chariot as she had things prepped for leaving.

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  7. Psymallard

    Psymallard Previously mallard

    Jack spotted King Harry, who seemed to be inviting him in. He pushed open the window and guided Vanilla inside. He gave a large wave and hopped off his white jellyfish. Friar looked down at King Harry. "What happened?" @Cmeriwether
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  8. It was morning in the city of Arton, and the usual rush of the morning in a city was there. Amare, however was sitting inside a large builing, reading a book. She turned the page, and a magic blue scroll fell out of it. It unfolded itself, and Amare read what it had to say.

    Arton's Amare Fortis, King Brandon has requested your presence in the Royal Palace of Wethera. There, he shall discuss what matters require your assistance.

    She wondered what it could be for a moment, before putting on her helmet and cape. She walked to the exit of the building, and picked up a bow and quiver of arrows. She put them on her back using leather straps and walked outside. A water strider clung onto the arm of Amare. It seemed to be bigger than a normal one, but it was still incredibly small. Amare looked at it. "Any ideas for how we are going to get there? I have one." She whistled a weird tune quite loudly. A man with a horse and carriage arrived after a while. "How fast do you think you can get to the Palace of Wethera?" The man nodded and lifted three of his fingers up to her. Amare got in the carriage. "Three hours is not bad, let's go then!"
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  9. Francis Constitution was preparing troops, and called for all his forces, calling his assistants into his tent, it was huge and purple.

    "Eryn, Elaine," Francis called out, "You two are to spy on the major cities of Wethera, you are leaving now to do so, don't get caught, or I will destroy everything in my path to get you two out."

    Eryn and Elaine hopped on a horse and headed out towards Regentsville, but not before a Quetzal spotted the two, flying back to Regentsville.



    When the Quetzal arrived at Regentsville, she landed on Carla's shoulder and gave a little squawk.

    "Get me every hero in Wethera, now, there are spies in the kingdom!" Connor's eyes were glowing.

    "Understood, Amare and Allant should be arriving soon," Brandon responded.

    "Jack, Shaun," Harry responded, "go into the town and prepare for spies."

    Ariana immediately left for the North of the kingdom, heading towards Chrysanthemum.

    @Foxex @TheGrimmRemix027 @RedTopaz @mallard @Gamingfan
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  10. The Dark Fairy

    The Dark Fairy Previously Eliiiscool

    Angel walked into camp, her bandanna on, and sheathing her knife, as she was no longer in much danger of attack. Angel looked around as she walked up to her bosses tent, distinguishable by its purple color, she walked into the tent, stepping aside to let whoever was talking to him beforehand, watching them walk off before walking up to the desk and looking her boss in the eyes.
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  11. "Angel, I am sending you to send this letter with the report from the border." Francis told Angel, "Be careful, the guards saw a Quetzal in the area, that means Wethera might be onto us, so hurry."

    Francis left, on the desk, her a letter with every report that he had taken in the last month, along with every report of the Disastrous Guard in the area that had been taken note of in the last year.
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  12. A red mist settled outside the throne room of Wethera, and Allant materialised before it. He took a look around, as this had been his first time outside Arton in quite a while. Wethera was a decent place, after all.

    Remembering his mission at hand, he slowly walked over to the massive doors before him. He pushed them open slowly, the creaking of the doors echoing throughout the entire palace, before Allant stood, examining the palace. He bowed before Connor, before kneeling before Brandon.

    "...You requested for me, sire?"
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  13. The Dark Fairy

    The Dark Fairy Previously Eliiiscool

    Angel softly picked up the letter, nodding to Francis before walking out of the tent. Stopping a moment to place the letter in her bag, she looked around before walking back into the woods, wanting to make good progress to the Queen before nightfall.

    Some time later

    Angel walked into the city, already knowing where the palace was, she only stopped to get a cold drink, wiping her mouth with her sleeve before pulling her bandanna back up. She looked up at the castle, wondering what is was she was sent with as she walked up to the entrance to the castle, waiting to be stopped by the guards.
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  14. Dutch would sit quietly in his cell, he stole a pipe from one of the guards and was smoking it. Lots of commotion up there huh.... He thought to himself, A guard came and gave him some food in his cell. He looked at it, the only thing that looked editable was an apple. He took it and crunched down on it, It's been awhile since he got to eat something not trash. Though the apple was too ripe, too squishy, and barely tasty he threw the apple at the corner and drifted off to sleep. I'm really going to stay here for the rest of my life aren't it, he thought before drifting off to sleep.
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  15. Edward was in his cottage just outside Wethera at his desk with a plethora of tools and trinkets before him. He was working on his small collapsable sharp shields. He put the leather straps on his shoulders and connected the collapsed shields together making a sort of backpack. He used his power to disconnect them and slip the straps into his hands. He uncollapsed the shields and put himself in a fighting stance. He then did the exact opposite and made them a back accessory once again.

    Unix, a large steel golem, was in the flowery field near the cottage sitting in the flowers with butterflies, bumblebees, and other beautiful insects curiously crawling on him. (He would probably notice the Quetzal if it was present before Edward.)
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  16. Psymallard

    Psymallard Previously mallard

    Jack nodded and jumped backwards onto Vanilla, who he guided right back through the window he entered into. He steered towards the front of the castle, and dismounted in the street right in front of the castle. He wondered where a spy would potentially appear, he should have asked when he had the chance. Jack spotted a produce vendor on a branching street, and decided to get an apple while he could. He purchased a granny smith, and skipped along the road, getting a good distance from the castle.
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  17. Arthur nodded as he put on his armour instantly and a chameleon came out making him go invisible. He looked around finding no one in particular suspicious until he saw a man drawing out the overall shape of the kingdom. It was almost done, thank god I got here on time, he thought. He made sure he wasn't a map maker and before he left the kingdom grabbed him and took in the castle. Arthur kneeled before Conner and threw the man before him. "I believe i have found one of the spies, he was mapping out the kingdom" Arthur said as he opened the map to show Conner.
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  18. Carla had been waiting for instructions when two guards had told her about Dutch, who would serve some use for this, despite being accused of treason by the King's parents. Connor realized just how powerful Annalise was and Francis was someone only he, Dutch, or Carla, if she used Mindslicer's ability, can handle him. He knew he had no choice.

    "Carla, I am giving Dutch a full pardon as part of the festivities, but warn him if he is accused of anything like the Eighth month of 813 LD again, he will be back in that cell faster than my Ocelot." Connor told Carla.

    Carla walked down to the dungeon and was told where Dutch's cell was, she walked over to the cell nervously, this man was accused of treason.

    "Dutch, Your Highness has ordered your pardon, due to emergency circumstances and your true innocence of this event, you are hereby released by the order of Connor I, The Crystallized King of Wethera." Carla explained towards Dutch.

    "Are you serious?" Eleven guards asked at once.

    "Yes," Carla responded.

    The guards opened the door under Carla's supervision.

    Connor noted Arthur's return, and realized that the man he just snagged was the Royal Mapmaker for Tenyengcheng.

    "Arthur, let this man go, he is Takeshi Hokuto, the Mapmaker for Tenyengcheng, and he is here on the Soon to be Emperor Sasuke of Tenyengcheng's orders." Connor noted, "Sorry about Arthur, Takeshi-San, but also, This is Francis Constitution we're talking about, he has two very specific spies, and Dorel is the only one who's seen them."


    "Allant, we have Annalise ready to strike, there have been spies sighted at the border, I want you to go into the town and prepare for spies." Brandon told Allant, "and Also if you see Amare, have her come to me."

    Brandon then noted the King of Wethera's orders to release Dutch. He understood, since he was defending the crew to do so.

    @RhythmThief @Clunpsy


    Ariana Silver had headed for the far North, prepared for cold weather as she rode north, she reached the village of Isaac by the end of daylight. She the found an inn, and went to bed for the day.


    Elaine and Eryn had separated around Friendship, so Eryn went towards Chrysanthemum. She snuck into a barracks outside of the major city and prepared to take note on anything out of the ordinary. Elaine went towards Regentsville.


    Dorel had been flying around looking for the Disastrous guard when the green bird spotted a small cottage and an iron golem, giving a squawk to the golem sitting in the yard, and sat on the window sill like a regular bird.



    The palace guards noticed Angel and motioned for her to see Annalise, who decided to walk outside the castle.

    "When I heard Angel Kovich was sending a letter from Francis Constitution about something, I was a bit surprised, since Francis would usually deliver it himself." Annalise responded.

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  19. The Dark Fairy

    The Dark Fairy Previously Eliiiscool

    Angel waved at Annalise, due to her lack of ability to verbally respond. Angel shrugged her shoulders at her statement, not knowing why her boss had not come in person. Looking at her only a few more moments, she grabbed the letter from her bag, holding it in her right hand, extending the papers to who they were to be delivered.
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  20. Edward looked out the window to see a quite humongous bird nonchalantly sitting at it. He sat there in amazement and remembered who had that type of bird, "You know that Unix doesn't take very kindly to strangers. May I ask what business your master has sent you here for?" His left eyebrow raised in a questioning manner.

    Unix had already gone up to the house not thinking about intruders at all. He, like a child's imaginative brain wrapped in a giant steel behemoth, wanted to pet the Quetzal. The golem looked at the bird and lightly tapped it on it's shoulder after Edward was finished talking. He pointed at the bird and then cradled his arms and pretended to pet an imaginary animal in his arms as if to ask if he could pet the bird.
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  21. Owen awoke staring straight up at the ceiling of the cabin. The room was chilly but the bed was warm. On his left Yuki was still fast asleep snuggled up on her side and practically clinging onto his body. Her long fluffy tail was wrapped around Owen’s nearest leg to her and her left arm was lazily wrapped around his upper torso. Her head s resting on a combination of her pillow and Owen’s shoulder. She was still softly snoring, barely audible, but the stillness in the room made it rather obvious.

    Owen turned his head and looked at her sleeping face, her large ears were spread awkwardly they were completely relaxed and moved around as she slept. The ear on the pillow was pointing nearly straight behind her head while the other was drooping over the side of her head. With the arm that Yuki was sleeping on top of he reached around behind her and pulled her closer to him, and she responded in kind snuggling up even closer, he felt the softness of her chest press against him, and the warmth of her fur. The room was relatively chilly, and their bed was only warm due to the two of them being close and under a blanket. He gently stroked the back of her head as he took a deep sigh simply enjoying the moment, remembering what it took to get to where they were. He smiled and sighed just enjoying the peace.

    Their room was bathed in a light shadow, the snow white outside peered through the windows with its light, dimly lightning the room. A loud echoing screech sounded from the distance. Despite being far away the sound was clear and powerful, like an eagle’s cry.

    The sound stirred a reaction from Yuki, her ears twitched and sprang up in alertness as she began to wake, and barely peering open her eyes she yawned and closed her eyes again and snuggled closer to Owen with a smile on her face. Her tail tightened its wrap around his leg

    “Lazy morning?” Owen asked, as he shifted his hand down onto her back and proceeded to gently rub and scratch her back.

    “Nyaaa….” Yuki made a lazy noise and smiled with her eyes still close and her ears relaxing again.

    Owen felt her arch her back and tighten up her legs in an attempt to stretch before she went limber again. Owen took of the blanket and got out of the bed and headed to the bathroom. Yuki rolled onto her back and stretched properly, the sheets falling off her revealing her nude boy as she sat up and rubbed her eyes. Her ears were till down to the sides completely relaxed a she looked around the room with a rather silly looking smile on her face. Her tail wrapped up around her and she began absent mindedly petting her tail. She looked at the large fireplace in the room and her vertical slit pupils widened as she focused on the objet. She held up one of her furry fingers as a ball of fire ignited, bursting to life from nothing. She pointed it at the fireplace and the fireball disbursed into five twisting whips of fire that flew out around the room, greatly warming the space before shooting themselves into the fireplace, setting it ablaze. Yuki grinned and lied back down onto the bed and under the covers again.

    Owen returned and was pleased by the new warmth. He smiled seeing the lump under the sheets of the bed. He threw himself back onto the bed and grabbed at Yuki through the sheets. “Time to get up!” he laughed as he tried to get a hold of her but she thrashed and twisted around making it impossible to get a proper hold of her.

    “Not yet! The bed’s too comfy!” Yuki said though laughter and squeals as Owen inadvertently grabbed sensitive and ticklish parts of her. “Hee Ya!” Yuki eventually managed to fight off Owen’s attempts and even managed to pin him down onto the bed, she was much stronger than she appears. She sat on top of him straddling over his waist and crotch with her small frame. Her hands pressing down on each side of his chest and her tail swished around playfully under the sheets. She was looking down at him with a wide closed mouth smile, her eyes flashed of something mischievous. “Not time to get up yet….” She smiled, “Not until you play with me some more.”

    Owen raised an eyebrow, “Yea? So what do you want me to do?” he put his hands on her thighs, gently running his fingers though her fur.

    Yuki smirked, “You know how I like it….” She leaned forward and ached her back, pressing herself into Owen as the two began to kiss, his hands moving to her more intimate areas.

    xoXO One Hour Later OXox

    The couple laid in bed after their amorous activities basking in the afterglow. Yuki was resting with her head on Owen’s chest. Her ears drooping, relaxed, she listened to his steady heartbeat, something that she has always found immediately comforting and soothing.

    Owen had his arms around Yuki gently doting on her and petting her. As they enjoyed themselves another eagle like cray echoed from outside, much closer this time. The sound caused Yuki’s ears to perk up. “Wanna get up now?” Owen asked looking down at her.

    Yuki looked up at Owen with a grin, “Yea!” she pushed herself off of Owen and rolled out of bed. “Wanaa take a shower? Or a bath?”

    “Nah, we’re going to get plenty wet today.” Owen got out of bed and began helping Yuki make it.

    “Right….” Yuki slipped on her usual white tank top and jean shorts, definitely not something someone living in the cold mountains would be found wearing normally, but the clothes were more formality than anything, her fur is more than enough to keep her warm. She picked up and slipped on her necklace that had her totems and looked out the window of the cabin. The sky was grey and overcast, nothing out of the ordinary when Azuron was near. A bolt of lightning danced across the bottom of the cloud.

    “Alright, lets head out, washing Azuron will take all day.” Owen laughed sheepishly closing the bedroom door behind him. He was dressed in casual clothes, though he was still topless with his scarf he had light baggy pants, and comfortable shoes.

    Yuki gave him a thumbs up as she slipped on her own shoes which were more like modified flip-flops to fit the unique shape of her foot and padding.

    Owen picked up his massive great sword from the stand and put it onto his back, his scarf held it in place firmly and securely. Then by the door he grabbed a large leather bag that he and Yuki had packed the night before, and slung it over his shoulder.

    The two of them left the cabin. Their home was surrounded by the magnificent hills and peaks of the Northern Mountains. The home was near the edge offering them magnificent views of the misty and snowy peaks and valleys around them. Their home is often surrounded by snow and when it thaws the terrain was covered in unique black rocks and pebbles with tundra greenery. They home was humble and cozy, next to it was a shack that looked like it was for blacksmithing, smelting, and cooking.

    The eagle cry echoed again, this time it was nearly overhead. “Okay, okay! Geez!” Yuki laughed as she held her hands out to the sides and closed her eyes. The natural light around her seemed to flicker and dim as bolts of white lightning began to flash around each of her hands and eventually arching across her body. Once there was a constant arc of lightning from one hand to another, she opened her eyes and pointed her right hand up into the sky as forks of bright white lightning pierced into the clouds, her eye were glowing white and discharging electricity.

    The forks of lightning forced the clouds to violently part and disburse blowing a huge perfectly circular hole in the thick grey clouds revealing a huge bird with countless tendrils of lightning bouncing between the clouds and its wings, body, and feathers. The primary color of the bird was a storm grey, but at the base of every feather was a vibrant blue glow giving it the appearance that it was charged with electricity, and it was. It eyes glowed white and discharged lightning just like Yuki’s, it beak was bright yellow along with its feet, and its talons were jet black and wreathed in lightning.

    Yuki’s forks of lightning didn’t seem to hurt the bird but instead the bird went from a hovering flight into a large circling decent. The bird cried out every now and then during its descent. Yuki returned to normal and waited next to Owen watching the Storm Roc. The back of its wings and body were covered with ancient tribal designs and symbols that breathed with and electrical blue glow.

    A few moments later the massive bird landed the back draft of the wind his wings generated swirled around Yuki and Owen as it blew harmlessly past them. “Hello Azuron!” Yuki greeted eagerly and happily waving at the bird with both hands on either side of her face.

    Azuron the Storm Roc had landed and perched in a position so it head was right in front of Yuki and Owen. It extended its massive head and hooked beak towards them. Yuki eagerly embraced him patting and scratching him in a way that it caused his crown feathers to flare up and a surge of lightning was released into the air and scorching the ground. The bird was massive compared to Yuki. His head alone was larger than Yuki’s entire body, and Owen didn’t measure up any better either.

    Owen pat Azuron as well when the bird nudged him for attention, nearly knocking him off his feet. “Well buddy ready for your bath? I’m sure you’re looking forward to it.”

    Azuron responded with a loud screech as more lightning discharged backwards out from his body, several bolts being absorbed into Owen’s sword.

    “Well let’s get going! It’s going to take all day!” Yuki cried happily running around to the side of Azuron. There was a very minimal and non-intrusive harness around the base of his neck and upper body that contained two low profile saddles. Yuki and Owen climbed onto Azuron as he lowered his body even closer to the ground. Once they were on, Azuron spread his massive wings and took off with a few large flaps, each flash releasing countless crackles of lightning and thunder. Despite the entire bird being covered in electricity, Yuki and Owen were untouched and unharmed.

    Yuki sat in front of Owen nestled in him as Azuron flew higher and higher, and faster and faster. His movements and flight was effortless as they glided down the mountain towards a large secluded lake surrounded by trees. The temperature was much warmer, more akin to a pleasant warm spring day.

    It seemed like wherever Azuron flew he brought with him a dense amount of storm clouds. The once pleasant and sunny clearing of the lake was now covered in grey thick stormy overcast clouds, bolts of lightning danced just under the surface he landed at the bank of the lake letting off his passengers before he awkwardly made his way into the lake. He crouched down. Looking like he was floating on the surface of the lake like duck and began dipping its head into the water.

    “Oh, oh, oh, here comes my favorite part, it never gets old!” Yuki exclaimed watching Azuron. Owen was taking things out of the leather bag and he stopped and watched.

    Azuron was holding still for the most part, occasionally flapping and dipping his wings into the water. Suddenly there was an extremely bright solid circle of light in the water around Azuron, it was like the sun was shining above over him.


    An extremely loud buzzing filled the air as the air became electrically charged, the hairs on Owen’s arms stood up, he looked at Yuki and her softer fur was standing on end as well as parts of her hair.



    There was a massive blinding flash of light followed by a massive explosion that exploded the water from the lake sky high. It was like it was raining. The blue glow from the base of Azuron’s feathers were gone, he had discharged the electricity on hi body all at once. The lake had lost several inches of water as a result of the electrical explosion.

    Yuki stood with her arms in the air enjoying the shower of misty water that was still falling after several minutes. She was soaked in seconds. “WOOO!” Yuki cheered as Azuron chirped and he became more animated splashing around in the water, flaring up and ruffling his feathers. Yuki kicked off her shoes and walked into the lake, right over the surface, she bobbed up and down along with the waves as she began to manipulate the lake water making large water spouts around Azuron, throwing the water onto his back and other hard to reach places.

    Owen finished putting together what looked like two brushes with very long bristles and a long stick. He made is way to the water and he too walked onto the surface like Yuki, it as like walking on a soft mattress that moved like waves. He handed one to Yuki and the two began brushing at Azuron’s feathers, freeing anymore trapped dust and debris that happened to be caught in his down.

    The process of washing Azuron did take the entire day, it was slow, but fun. Yuki manipulated the entire lake to resemble be a giant sprouting fountain.

    Azuron stood at the bank of the lake with his wings slightly openned, the stormy clouds overhead was tinted red, indicating the setting sun. Owen was completely drench along with Yuki, but they didn’t mind. Owen managed to dry himself off and had a change of clothes in the leather bag. Yuki stripped down nude and shook herself dry the best she could out of her fur before she wiped herself down and repeated the process until she was just damp. Then she changed into a fresh tank top and jean shorts. Her slightly damp fur was not exactly comfortable but it was fine.

    Yuki sighed and smiled, “Let’s get you charged up and we can all head home!”

    Azuron screeched as he opened his wings to full span. The clouds overhead immediately thickened and darkened. His sapphire colored eyes began to glow white as the clouds surged to life with lightning.

    Yuki was charging her own lightning as well, this time with even more power, the corresponding totem on her necklace was lit up and levitating in front of her. The lightning around her seemed to consume the natural light around her darkening the space around her

    With a mighty cry from Azuron, countless forks and bolts of lightning rained down from the swirling clouds overhead around the eye and into Azuron. With another loud cry, Yuki unleashed her lightning into the clouds, doubling the already countless bolts of lightning raining down into Azuron. The exchange of the force of nature was a spectacle to behold, anyone even remotely near the Far Northern Mountains can see it.

    Within moments, Azuron’s blue glow under his feathers had returned and lightning began crackling and surging throughout his body, now looking better than ever after his bath. Azuron lowered himself so Owen and Yuki could mount him and then took off into the skies again straight into the heart of the lightning charged storm clouds that seemed to move wherever Azuron did.

    Azuron dropped Owen and Yuki off back at their home. They exchanged their goodbyes and Yuki and Owen returned home and prepared dinner, then a shower, and was ready to turn in for the night.

  22. Dutch was just as surprised as the guards he stood up slowly. He walked out the cell and stretched, A pardon, there is not way he thinks i'm innocent, there is some other motive here but i might as well enjoy it while it can He thought. "Well since i'm out of this dungeon where shall i be going? To the throne room i presume." He asked Carla. He looked back at his cell on last time, he swore to himself if he ever get out, he is not going back in.

    Arthur apologized when he was told this. "I am sorry your highness, I should've done more research" He said as he let the man go. The chameleon croaked softly as it when invisible by himself.
  23. "....spies." Allant whispered to himself, pondering the situation.

    "Very well. If I see Amare, I'll send her to you, though I imagine she'll arrive any minute now, knowing her." responded Allant, slowly rising.

    With one last bow toward Connor, Allant stepped outside of the palace, taking in his Wethera surroundings.

    I may come to visit once this is all over. This place is nice.

    Snapping out of his plans for his next holiday, he set his sights before him. After a bit of exploring, he found a sign that pointed him toward Regentsville. Deciding that he would post himself there, he considered using his mist to travel there faster, but the dull hammering in his head advised against it. He decided to travel the rest of the way on foot.
  24. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    "Affirmative." Shaun saluted before whistling. At the sound, a large wolf pup bounded out of wherever he was and stood in front of Shaun.
    Shaun mounted the large wolf. "Good boy Fang. To town, bud." he praised, patting Fang's head, a sign for him to move.
    Fang left quickly, hyper as usual, moving at fast speeds towards the intended destination.
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  25. Dorel remembered that they had a letter to drop to him and left it on his window sill as the bird flew off, giving off a squawk as it called for the Disastrous Guard.



    "Yes, Dutch, Connor is now King, not Edjord, and he found the documents proving your innocence, written by The Dragonman of Northern Stalia." Carla explained, "He may be a bit of a worrywart at the moment, he sent his girlfriend out to find a few allies."

    Carla was a little worried herself, "Also, Dorel, my Quetzal, had left to find a specific unit of soldiers you will be working with."



    Annalise accepted the letters, and told the guards to go away, as she read it. She was writing a response letter at the same time, and finished it after she finished the letter. She then sealed the envelope and handed it back to Angel.

    "Go, Francis needs as much help as possible." Annalise called out.



    Ariana set her stuff in the inn, and rode towards the mountains, trying to find a hut or a Storm Roc. She was told that two heroes live not far from the town, so she rode up the mountain, and found a small house.

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  26. Owen and Yuki sat at their dinner table enjoying their dinner after they took a quick shower and brief break. Owen was eating some equal portions of grilled fish along with sautéed vegetables and mushrooms, while Yuki ate mostly fish and smaller portions of mushrooms, skipping the vegetables entirely. The two ate in silence, but smiled at one another when they looked at each other.

    “You know you should try some veggies.” Owen speared some on his fork and offered a cauliflower to Yuki.

    Yuki stared at the fork with half opened eyes unamused, “No thank you, not tonight… or any other night.” She cut another piece of fish and put it in her mouth with sass.

    Owen laughed eating cauliflower.

    Suddenly, Yuki’s ears went from relaxed to perked up and alerted. She turned to the source of the sound, “Someone’s here… and it doesn’t sound familiar or like a villager.”

    Owen grabbed his sword and strapped on his boots and wrapped up his scarf. Yuki was dressed in a very long plain off-white t-shirt that resembled a one piece dress. Owen opened the door to their cottage and cautiously stepped out to meet the unknown newcomer. Yuki was clinging onto his back, cautiously walking along with Owen hidden behind him, peering around Owen’s arm to see the unexpected visitor, her ears turned to their direction in alertness.

    “This is private property. Who are you?” Owen asked gripping his sword on his back.

    Yuki stepped away from Owen her vertical eye slits were narrowed and she could see the person in the night. A young girl, she looked familiar, but Yuki couldn’t recall. She didn’t seem to be heavily armed aside from a sword. Yuki sensed no threat from her and slightly relaxed.

    The echo of an eagle cray sounded in the distance as a distant storm moved closer.

  27. The Dark Fairy

    The Dark Fairy Previously Eliiiscool

    Angel softly accepted the letter, giving a small nod to the Queen as she carefully slid the letter into her bag. Looking her monarch in the eyes for a few more seconds before waving goodbye, turning around to begin her travels.

    Angel walked down the streets, restocking her bag, staying the night in the town for a better rest, the best she will have in a while she felt for some reason. When she awoke in the morning, she paid for and left the inn, beginning her way back to the camp.

    About two days later, she arrived in the camp once more, looking around at everything, most people she knew. She walked up to the tent, looking around once more before stepping in, drawing out her letter, holding it up to indicate she had it with her.
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