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Private/Closed Sinnoh Journey RP : New Arrivals *Remake*

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by hollowhead_, Oct 21, 2017.

  1. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    @The Delivery Pancham, @SummerShaymin, @Avalios, @TheForgettingBacon, @YourLittleSylvia
    So, yeah, I'm doing a remake cause @AuraVolt97 left the RP, and things just didn't work out without him, and everybody wanted a restart, so yeah, here it is.
    Lao was flying to Sinnoh, on Decidueye, while slurping a milkshake. He threw the milkshake glass into the sea. He looked around, for Sinnoh, and soon winded up in Sandgem. He sat down, and looked at the sunset, and then at the plane, the others were in, "So, what do you wanna do, in Sinnoh?" Said the 16 year old. Decidueye shrugged, "Contests?" Lao suggested. Decidueye folded his arms, and shrugged again, "Dude, I'm telling ya, we can't do gyms again, we gotta give others a chance to become champions." Said Lao. Decidueye sighed, as did Lao, "Exploring, places no one goes to?" Lao brightened up. Decidueye nodded excitedly, "BUT, we can't tell the others where we're going. And how about we get a large paper, and draw all the unknown places we've been to?" Asked Lao. Decidueye couldn't agree more, "It'll be like our special world. But we need a name." Lao and Decidueye sat thinking, and decided that they would think about it later. They continued waiting for the others, as they both went from Sandgem to a small beach, and just sat there.
  2. Luna was hyper as the plane got closer and closer to Sinnoh. She had digitally transferred all her Pokémon to the Professor after one last goodbye. She couldn't wait to arrive in Sinnoh! The plane landed, and her hype reached it's peak. "C'mon, guys! Let's go!" she exclaimed happily. She stepped out the plane and ran over to Lao. "I can't wait to explore Sinnoh!" she exclaimed. "Now, where's everyone else?".
  3. Meanwhile, Sylvia had just flown into Twinleaf Town with her little sister, Alexandra. Alex was planning to do some Contests, while Sylvia was hoping to do Contests and Gyms. She had decided that by trying all of that, she could see where she really wanted to go.

    "We're here!" Sylvia exclaimed excitedly.

    "Yeah, you've said that, like, five times already," Alex groaned, rolling her eyes. Despite their age difference of two years, Alex was more mature and Sylvia was more childish and excitable.

    "We should get to Sandgem Town. That's where Professor Rowan will be," Sylvia told her sister.

    "I know," Alex said. "Tell me something I don't know!"

    The two made it to Route 201, the only thing standing between them and Twinleaf Town, when they realized that there was tall grass between Twinleaf Town and Sandgem Town. "Um... we don't have any Pokemon and we're not getting to Sandgem Town to GET a Pokemon WITHOUT a Pokemon," Sylvia managed to tell Alex.

    "Diiiiidn't think about that..." Alex muttered.

    Sylvia started walking toward the tall grass when Alex slapped her arm. "Hey!" Sylvia exclaimed. "Stop that!"

    "What do you think you're doing?!"

    "I'm going through the tall grass. There's no other way. Besides, are we about to ask Dad to help us? He hates Pokemon! Ironic, since he has like, three Dragonite..." Sylvia said to her sister.

    "Well... I-I dunno! Ask a passing Trainer or something?!" Alex struggled.

    "Literally, where in this town do you see a Trainer?!" Sylvia argued.

    Alex ran out of things to say. "W-well, um... s-shut up!"

    The two continued to argue about whether or not they should go through the tall grass.
  4. Luna saw the two siblings bickering from across the route. She went to the Poké Mart and bought some Repels with leftover money from Alola. She crossed over to the sisters. "I've got Repels. We can cross using these." she said. "By the way, what are your names?" she asked.
  5. Sylvia and Alex stopped arguing and glanced at the girl. Sylvia gratefully accepted the Repels and sprayed them all over herself and her sister. Once the two were done, they thanked the kind girl. "I'm Sylvia," Sylvia told her. "This is my sister, Alex."

    "I can introduce myself," Alex grumbled.

    "Jeez, sorry!" Sylvia huffed. "Anyway, thank you so much for the Repels. As you can see, we're sorta new Trainers..."

    Alex crossed her arms and rolled her eyes. "Nooo, as if it wasn't obvious before!" she said sarcastically.

    Sylvia tried really hard not to yell at her annoying sister. "So what's your name?" she asked, pretending to ignore Alex.
  6. Kayo was flying on his salamance thinking of what to do he then remembers that the others went to sinnoh “Sinnoh huh..? i guess i should pay it a visit what you think salamance?” his pokemon roared and flew at high speed.
    About an hour later he arrived in sinnoh “Wow thats a big region for sure so where are we headed” he looked at his map “Okay then sangdem town it is..” salamance flew down he saw some people at the beach and decided to land there. “Phew! made it!” he said out of exhaustion, whilst walking into the town a little boy came up wanting to pet salamance “Wait caleb you have to ask first remember” a womans voice was heard just behind the boy “C..can i pet your pokemon? Mr?” kayo kneeled down “Of course this is salamance say hi” salamance gave a friendly roar. Then a woman came running up “Sorry about my son he loves pokemon” kayo smiled “Its okay i just came to sinnoh so im new here!” the woman gave a big smile “Welcome to sanghem town then and of course welcome to sinnoh!” Kayo looked around “its a nice town quiet reminds me of hoenn a bit haha!” he said laughingly “Well i must get going return salamance” he returned his pokemon and the boy went to his mother “Thank you again for letting my son play with your pokemon” kayo walked on and smiled he then discovered the lab and knocked on the door then a scientist opened the door “Why hello and who may you be?” kayo smiled “Im kayo osako i just came to sinnoh and i am kind of lost hehe i am also looking for some friends” the scientist closed the door slightly “Hold on Professor rowan can i let this trainer in he’s lost and just came to the region” there was another mans voice heard from inside the lab “Sure let him in” kayo walks in “Hi there im kayo” professor rowan smiled and opened his hand “Im professor rowan how may i help?” kayo looked nervous “i am lost completely since this is my first time in this region is there any chance i can transfer my pokemon to hoenn?” professor rowan looked at kayo closely “Wait are you by any chance kayo Osako the hoenn champion?” kayo smiled “I am..” rowan got excited “Oh then i now know you are then oh and sure place them here” he placed them on the transfer pod “Okay then thats all of them except this one umbreon has been with me since my first journey so uh yeah..” the professor smiled “Thats fine now of course you need a new pokemon for your journey in sinnoh follow me please” kayo followed him “Okay here we have piplup the water type then we have Chimchar the fire type and turtwig the grass type who you may choose is up to you go ahead” kayo looked at them closely “i will choose chimchar” he grabbed the pokeball and threw it chimchar jumped out and smiled at kayo “So your chimchar huh nice to meet you okay then professor i better get going cya!” kayo walked out and went to the first route.
  7. "I'm Luna." Luna responded. "I was a trainer in Alola, but I'm starting new here." she explained. "Also, I like video games. Don't question my interests, or else you'll have a bad time." she added. It was, of course, a reference to her favorite game. "Anyways, what do you like? Tell me when we cross the route." she said, and ran back to Sandgem.
  8. Daniel stepped out. "SINNOH, HERE WE COME!" He yelled as people pushed passed him. One even toppled Daniel over down the stairs.
    "I'm okay!" He said in the background.
    Shinx jumped on top of her trainer's head. Daniel smiled and ran to Sandgem.

    After he got himself bandaged up, Daniel went to the grass. "Y'ALL OKAY?" He shouted excitedly to Luna and the new people. He tried to look for Lao as Daniel hadn't seen him for a long time.
  9. "Yeah, we're fine!" Luna yelled back. "These two are new Pokémon trainers. I'm helping them across the route!" she added. She ran over to Daniel. She spotted something on the ground. "A Poké Ball?" she asked, picking it up. She pressed a button, letting out a Bidoof. "...We should probably find this guy's trainer." she said. "C'mon! What are you two waiting for?" Luna yelled across the route.
  10. As kayo was walking through the first route he saw encountered his first sinnoh pokemon “Star starly” a new pokemon appeared out of no where “So you must be a starly huh? alright then chimchar show them what you got!” chimchar came out being calm “Ember go” chimchar span and threw the fire it hit starly causing to nearly faint “Alright lets see oh i still got a few pokeballs left go pokeball” the starly was caught “Nice battling chimchar” chimchar smiled and was returned. Kayo then continued to walk through the first route when he heard some familiar voices near by he decided to follow the voices and encountered daniel and luna “Hey guys long time no see huh?” he said cheerfully “guess im
    not the only one” he said laughingly.
  11. "Uh yeah sure. And hey Kayo! I've never really talked to you, have I? Wanna help find the owner of this bidoof?" He asked Kayo and started to walk.
    After some time, they found a boy looking in grass. When he spotted the group, he stared at Luna. Daniel got a bit suspicious. "We found your Bidoof, mate," he said and took the pokeball out of Luna's hand. The boy took it but still looked at Luna. He shoved passed everyone else and put his hand out to shake Luna's. And only hers.
    "The name's Paul..."
  12. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    "AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!" Screamed Lao loudly and excitedly, as he and Decidueye flew quickly and excitedly to find everyone. Some people noticed him. Some said 'Hey, what's that kid doing on that Decidueye?' Others said things like, 'Hey, isn't that the Alolan Champion?!' Lao paid no mind. He didn't really care, "SINNOH EXPLORATION, HERE WE COME!"......He wasn't acting like his age at all wasn't he? He soon found the others, and landed near them, "And from the depth of the not-even-that-tall grass, emerges....," He said quietly, "me." He said with a blank face as he rubbed the back of his head. Decidueye waved.
  13. “Yeah i know we never had time to really chat oh! guess what check this out” he throws the pokeball and chimchar comes out “This is chimchar i had happened to find he professor also umbreon is with me” chimchar was playing around cheerfully “what city or town is first?” he asked curiously also whilst watching chimchar
  14. Sylvia ran over to Luna, followed closely by Alex. "We're here!" Sylvia exclaimed.

    Alex sighed. "Yep. We are," she said. "Don't mind my older sister. She's too childish for her own good," she told Luna in an attempt to be more adult-like than her.

    "Alex, can you not?" Sylvia asked, annoyed.
  15. "Uh...Hi? I'm Luna." Luna responded to Paul. She then accepted his hand, which felt cold. "So...Do you do Gyms or Contests?" she asked. "Gyms." Paul replied. "Got to go. It was nice meeting you..." he said, before walking away, not taking notice of anyone else in the group.
    Luna then turned to Sylvia and Alex. "Well, that was awkward. Do you guys play video games?" she asked. "I like seeing if people share my interests. It's OK if you don't." She added.
  16. Sylvia gasped excitedly, having completely forgotten about Paul. "I love video games!"

    Alex rolled her eyes. "I'm only here to get my Pokemon. From then, Sylvia and I are going our separate ways."

    Sylvia rolled her eyes, too. "Alex is going to do strictly Contests. I'm gonna do both to see what I want to do as a Pokemon Trainer. We've decided this since we were kids," she clarified.

    Alex glanced where Paul had left, narrowing her eyes in suspicion. "Well, let's get our Pokemon, then, shall we?" she asked.

    "Patience, Alexandra!" Sylvia huffed. "I wanna talk to Luna!"

    "All you do is talk," Alex grumbled.

    "Whatever!" Sylvia exclaimed, having given up on her annoying sister.
  17. "Nice!" Luna exclaimed. "What's your favorite game? Hint for mine: It stars goats, skeletons, a fish, a lizard, a flower, and a robot." she added. "If you don't know about it, you probably think that's the weirdest cast ever." she said. "Also, Alex, you could be a little more polite." she said.
  18. Alex elbowed Sylvia, who yelped loudly, as though it was Sylvia's fault that Alex was acting rude. "Hey!" Sylvia cried indignantly. Alex huffed indifferently. Sylvia, growling, sighed and faced Luna. "Lemme guess: Undertale!? I love that game! It's my favorite game of all time!"

    Alex rolled her eyes. "That's it, Sylv, I'm ditching you for people who actually matter. You just don't shut up about that stupid game..."

    Sylvia growled at Alex as she left, finally done with her shenanigans.
  19. "Yep! I love it too!" Luna responded happily. She then pulled out her phone and started playing some music. "Well, your sister may be a bit annoying, but we can still dance!" she said, and began to dance to "Spear of Justice". "This is my second favorite soundtrack. My first is Battle Against a True Hero." she explained. "So, which soundtrack is your favorite?" she asked.
  20. "That's my favorite too!" Sylvia exclaimed. "My second favorite is Heartache, on a tie with Asgore," she told Luna. "I can play it all on the flute, but Spear of Justice is difficult at a certain part." She began singing along to the music, but when she had to sing the fast parts, she pointed out that that was where she had trouble.

    She was cut off by a speedy young man suddenly running into her, falling to the floor in the process. "Hey, watch it!" the boy cried, jumping to his feet and pointing at Sylvia in an accusatory manner. "You've got ten seconds to give me ten bucks and apologize!"

    "W-what?!" Sylvia exclaimed, shrinking slightly. "W-what're you talking about?"

    The boy blinked his amber eyes once he realized whom he was talking to. "Sylvia?" he asked in disbelief.

    Sylvia blinked as well. "Um... have we met before?"

    "Sylvia! I remember now! You're the little sister of Cory, right?!" the boy exclaimed, pointing his finger at her.

    Sylvia still didn't know him. "Um, what's your name?" she asked.

    "Oh! Right!" the boy chuckled, adjusting his scarf before pointing to himself with his thumb. "The name's Barry! I'm a new Trainer, just like you! I just got my Pokemon! It's gonna be a Turtwig, just like Cory!"

    Sylvia stood up. "Are you a fan of my brother's?" she asked.

    Barry nodded. "Sure am! Pleasure to meetcha!" he exclaimed, extending his hand for a handshake.

    Sylvia was pleased with his politeness. "Likewise! It's great that you got a Pokemon, Barry. I hope you take good care of it."

    Barry smugly puffed his chest out. "Who do you think I am?! Of course I'll take good care of it!"

    Sylvia giggled, while Alex rolled her eyes. "Yeah. Sure. She gets the attention, but I don't."

    "Oh, c'mon, Alex! Barry, this is Cory's youngest sister and my little sister, Alexandra," Sylvia introduced.

    "That's Ikaya to you!" Alex shouted.

    Sylvia sighed. "Alex plans to do Pokemon Contests and she wants Ikaya to be her stage name."

    Barry nodded. "I see. Welp, time for Turtwig and I to say our goodbyes to my mom before heading back out!" he exclaimed, running off toward Twinleaf Town. "See y'all later!"

    Sylvia sighed, a little bit confused. "That was weird..."

    Just as Barry ran off, another young boy ran out of the laboratory with a bright orange Pokedex in his hands. "Wait! Barry! You forgot your--" he was cut off when he lost the view of the boy. "--Pokedex..." Sighing, he turned to the group. "S-sorry. If you see that boy again, could you possibly give him this?" Since Sylvia was the closest to him when he asked that, he gave the Pokedex to Sylvia.

    "Yeah, sure thing," Sylvia told the boy. "What's your name?"

    "Lucas," the boy answered, smiling. "And you?"

    "Sylvia," Sylvia replied.

    "I'm Alex," Alex told Lucas, having calmed down. "It's nice to meet you."

    "You too," Lucas said, chuckling.

    "Actually, we're on our way to the laboratory you just left. Would you mind if you could lead us to Professor Rowan?" Sylvia asked. "Alex and I are getting new Pokemon today and I'm positive we're bound to see Barry again."

    Lucas clapped his hands in delight. "Oh! You're all new?! Great, just follow me!"

    Sylvia tried to correct him, but decided against it, wondering if someone else would do that. Instead, she decided to follow Lucas as he led the team into the lab.
  21. Daniel was just staring in awe at the siblings and friends. As they went, he realised he was left with Luna and Kayo. "I'm going to uhh... go now, cya!"
    Daniel ran off into Sandgem.

    Annie heard someone crossing and shouting in her territory. Jumping all the steps, she looked around. A boy on his Decidueye! No one ever found this place! Only people with amazing potential came here! Annie straight away had a crush and threw the other away. She sprinted up to the boy and blushed. "You're the Alolan champion, aren't you?!" She asked. "You are a friend of Daniel?"

    Just as he tripped, Daniel knew it was going to be a good day. Normally it's bad day, but Daniel mostly had good luck. Well, that's not true. Shinx jumped on his head.
    "Shinx, how? How should I say I..." Daniel sighed, but Shinx urged him on. "How should I say I like food?!" Shinx seemed to think for a bit. Then, made a little dance. This was like pictonary! That would be what he would do. (It's not the dance.)
  22. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    "Huh, they don't seem to notice me-" He got cut off, by a girl, asking him two questions, "Uh, hi. Yeah, I am the Alolan Champion, and yeah, I am a friend of Daniel." He answered the girl calmly, "Well, he IS my little Bro, so of course I know of him." Decidueye waved.
  23. Kayo went off to the route “Right ill see you guys in the next town then” he looked back and noticed lao he ran over in excitement “Whats up man! long time no see yo!” he said happily “So your in sinnoh too huh i guess our rivalry never ends” kayo laughed
  24. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    "Hey, Kayo." He waved. Suddenly, Lao brightened up, So, it MIGHT be rude, to just leave a conversation like this, but I'll be back pretty soon. He thought, "Hey, gotta do something. Be back in a sec." He made a thumbs up for Kayo and the other girl. He and Decidueye flew off into the sky. Lao, with a confident face, but Decidueye was rather confused, "Alright, since the others didn't notice us, rather than Kayo, Luna and that other girl, then I won't make sure they notice us..., " He said, "I'll make sure ALL SINNOH notices us! How, you ask?..." He then began whispering things to Decidueye. Decidueye and Lao smirked at each other, and then shared a nod.

    "SPIRIT SHACKLE!" Lao exclaimed, as Decidueye fired a Spirit Shackle-Engulfed Arrow, into the sky. The arrow, burst into purple pulses. They looked like purple fireworks, "LEAF STORM!" Said Lao, as Decidueye fired a Leaf Storm, which went and combined into the Spirit Shackle, making several green and purple fireworks, "NIGHT SLASH, TWO TIMES!" Said Lao as Decidueye used two Night Slashes in the shape of an X, "And finally....LET'S POWER UP!" Said Lao, as their red aura scattered through the sky. Lao and Decidueye had bonded. Decidueyes green leaf hoodie became red, his eyes purple, his feathers black, and his little orange bow tie, became white. They did the same moves over and over, along with doing some Alolan hand gestures. They did one final Spirit Shackle, and flew in front of it. And there they were, Decidueye and Lao, both making a peace sign, with their hands, "Way to make a grand entrance, pal! Sinnoh's OUGHT to notice us, now!" The people of Sinnoh, did notice them, the children danced, and clapped, and th adults laughed and chatted about. Lao and Decidueye flew back to Kayo, and Annie, as they both turned back to normal, from Battle Bond. They both just smiled.
  25. kayo smiled as he saw lao showing off “you always know how to get everyones attention don’t you” he said laughingly “Hey lao i got this starter pokemon off the professor” he threw the pokeball and chimchar jumped out “Chim chimchar” it smiled at lao with joy “This is lao my rival also my best friend!” chimchar went up to decidueye wanting to play “hm seems like does two are getting on anyways lao you thinking of getting a starter? or are you going to make a complete new team on the way?” he asked curiously
  26. OoC: You took too long

    Daniel heard the fun up in the sky. He smirked, "looks like I found Lao."
    But as he kept strolling, he couldn't take the thought of no one liked him out of his mind. Silently, he tiptoed to a cliff and jumped. He didn't want to die, but this was a risk. Suddenly, a huge bird whipped out of the sky and carried Daniel from the back. Daniel looked like he had wings!
    "GOOD TO HAVE YOU BACK, BUDDY!" He tried to shout through the strong winds - getting faster and faster. The bird could not stop going down at this point. They were about to hit the ground...
  27. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    "Don't really know for sure-ehhh....." He looked in the far distance, and then he saw "winged Daniel with the unknown bird Pokemon. They looked like they were falling, "Daniel!" He said as he quickly got upon Decidueye, and skyrocketed towards Daniel, many trees were rustling and everything. Lao and Decidueye were flying at a high pace, and they were almost under Daniel. Just a little bit closer...
  28. “Well lao goodluck anyway..!” he looked down to chimchar “We will become stronger you and me chimchar...” he looks over to where lao flew off to “Is that? daniel!” he started to wave “Yo daniel seems like my previous friends are joining sinnoh hm” he looked up to the sky “Don’t worry professor i will keep an eye on galactic...” he muttered to himself..” he looked back down at chimchar “ill make him strong” he again muttered to himself
  29. Elijah sat casually in the Café watching Lao and Daniel dance around outside. His waitress came with the check for his meal and starred in awe at Lao’s preformance. “I wonder who that is...” She said eyes glued to the Decidueye. “ I think I have a pretty good idea.” Elijah responded. With that, he paid the check and walked out. Scyther following close behind. With his Sinnoh Pokemon joining him, this journey would be a blast to the past. What new adventures awaited him?
  30. Luna waved goodbye to the girls, then put her phone back into her bag. She looked up at the sky. "It's nice being in Sinnoh." she said to herself. She soon caught a glimpse of the two boys flying in the distance. "Even when I have no idea what is happening." she added. She then pulled out a Poké Ball. "Well, you know what they say. Gotta catch 'em all." Luna stated, before walking into the grass. She was, of course, going to meet up with the others. But first, she was ready to catch whatever came her way.

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