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Signature Moves- Your Opinion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Hoenn Master, Jul 22, 2009.

  1. Spacial Rend, Roar of Time, Dark Void...

    Those moves are signature moves, moves exclusive to a Pokemon, minus event and hacked Pokemon. Other examples are Attack, Heal, and Defend Order on Vespiquen.

    But how do you feel about them? Do you think it's unfair? Why? Do you think it's cool? Why? 'Should legendary Pokemon still get signature moves?' is the only question I really want answered. Also, Why/not?

    Get the picture? Now, go crazy kids.

  2. Personally, I really enjoy the concept of signature moves.

    It's a nice concept that a Pokemon is so unique that is has something that only it can do. This makes a lot of sense with Legends seeing as they are already quite unique.

    What I like less is when moves fall out of the category of Signature move over time. I think the biggest instance of this was when waterfall went from Goldeen/Seaking's signature move into an HM from Gen I to Gen II.

    As far as my favorite Signature move goes, I just really love Octozooka. Because Octillery is a Badass.
  3. Agreed. :D

    I just realized: I forgot my opinion on it! I, too, like hte ocncept of signature moves, but when there's like six in one generation *CoughDPPTCough* it gets boring.

    The only problem I have with signature moves is the lack of legal-Pokemon utilizing their own signature moves. There is maybe Manaphy with Heart Swap (I think it's legal), Octillery with Octazooka and Beedrill with Twineedle. I'm sure there's a few more, but not many.

  4. There are actually 31 signature moves belonging to normal Pokémon and 16 belonging to legends.

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  5. I like the idea of signature moves :)

    I don't think it'll ever get old for me, seeing as each of these moves are completely new and unique and thus not old :B

    I like it better when non-legendaries get signature moves (like Spinda and Teeter Dance
  6. I like signature moves, just sometimes I wish they weren't so overshadowed by others, especially when signature moves are so weak. I'd be quite happy if signature moves actually did something more than just being exclusive.

    I guess a huge flaw in them is possibly the fact of there's not loads more that can be done as far as moves are concerned without making more moves like energy ball with "no added effect" or filling in the gaps where the physical/special split has messed around movesets etc.

    Although I'd really like to debate the way that bulbapedia did that signature move list, as its not taken breeding into consideration, and even states that small groups of pokémon can only learn moves, cause to me that doesn't mean they're signature, just mutually exclusive to certain pokémon.
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  7. Man, they should give like, one signature move to an evolution line. They should also make it so smeargle can't 'sketch' the move. (Kinda like Chatter) so the move stays a 'signature move'.

    They should also make it so like, said move is usable in competitive battling. Otherwise, what's the point?

    It should also bee that you can just say the move and associate the pokemon/evolution line with it, as then it really is a signature move.

    That's my two cents.

    (I think Mime Jr. also gets teeter dance >>)
  8. Kinda on-topic: Sableye is the only Pokemon (that I know of), other than legendaries, that has its own signature ability. Other than Keen Eye, it could also have the ability Stall.
  9. What about Color Change, or Download, or Filter, or Flower Gift, or Forecast, or Honey Gather, or Iron Fist, or Klutz, or Marvel Scale, or Motor Drive, or Minus, or Plus, or No Guard, or Normalize, or Poison Heal, or Pure Power, or Reckless, Rough Skin, or Shadow Tag, or Skill Link, or Snow Warning, or Truant, or Unaware, or Unburden, or White Smoke, or Wonder Guard.

    Yea, there's a lot more of those than just Stall.
  10. ...oh. well, it still has a signature ability...
  11. So does the Cacnea line. XD There are few non-legendary signature, but many more situations where a move is associated with a Pokemon. Aura Sphere is semi-signature for Lucario as it's the only Pokemon that gets STAB for it.

    But yeah, I'm all for signature moves. I do like it when certain Pokemon has an exclusive moves and was a bit disappointed when a lot of Pokemon lost their signatures, i.e. all of the Hoenn starters, Metang and Metagross, and the Cubone line lost Bone Rush to Lucario. I think the Porygon line, the Cubone line, and Vespiquen still have the most signature moves though.
  12. I really like signature moves, although more so for non-legendaries (Lunar Dance?!). What I really hate is when a Signature move is suddenly not so signature (All Hitmonlees with Blaze Kick shall be inialated.) Poor Blaziken...
  13. I also like signature moves. They are why some Pokemon are so cool. Especially legendaries. Dialga would not be as sweet if he didn't have the most powerful dragon move ever, Roar of Time. (The only pokemon that can get it otherwise are event) I think some signature moves should be more powerful like Heart Swap. I am one of those people who don't really use non-damaging moves. I am one of those people who believes a good defense is a good offense. Like instead of beefing up a Pokemon's temp stats [im calling them that] (like iron defense) I would just rather have a kickass move that beats its weaknesses like a Swampert with Ice Beam. Dark Void is an exception to the non-damaging signature. It connects to Darkrai's ability. Heart Swap just doesn't do a whole lot. I just think signature moves should be more powerful but they rock.
  14. Signature moves are great, they add much needed flavor to the Pokemon world and make certain Pokemon all the more unique. For example, almost every Pokemon and their mums can use earthquake, so having a different move that achieves a different effect but doesn't skimp on damage (that's Bonemerang in case you didn't know) is very nice indeed. Not only that, it makes some Pokemon all the more desirable because it makes them so unique.
  15. I think that all Legands should have a signature. And only Legands, other than Ditto and Smeargle. But he can't "Sketch" a sig.
  16. Welp, we definitely should have more signature moves. It just makes each Pokemon an individual. Maybe have a really great move for a Pokemon that doesn't have the best stats in the world, but the move would make up for it somehow. *Shrugs*
    Allllllllso, I instantly thought of Mucha Lucha at the thread title.. -_-;
  17. Somebody understands me! Let signature moves stay signiture. It's one of the reasons Blaziken is a my favorite PokeMon!

    Back on the subject, signature moves are great but I wish the 1st generation legendaries had a signiture move. My favorite is Dark Void. Non-legendaries need more signature moves though...
  18. I like signature moves because they add a little extra 'flavor' and specialness to Pokemon. I don't mind if one or two Pokemon share one, because it's still rather exclusive.

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