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DPPt/HGSS Shinn's Trade Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by Shinn, Feb 18, 2008.

  1. I have my own trade list. If anyones willing to trade with me then here we go. Please make sure the pokemons are legit. I already know which pokemons are legit and hacked. For example: I already know you can't get Shaymin, Arceus, U.S.A. Darkrai,ect... If you want a specific move(s) on a breadable pokemon then I can do it. Give me a few though to get it ready. I can also clone. One more thing... for the Pokemon's I want I would like them not to be trained in any type of way. As time passes I will post more pokemons I'm willing to trade and more pokemons I want from a trade. Thank you very much.

    Up for grabs
    Already traded
    Ran out

    Oddish (with Leech Seed) Can only be received on Pokemon Center Japan
    Nature must be Bold

    Pikachu (with Surf and Volt Tackle) Can only be received from the Wii
    Hypno (with Wish) Can only be received from U.S.A Pokemon Center Event
    Suicune : Bold or Calm with good IV's
    Raikou : Modest or Timid with good IV's
    Entei : Modest or Timid with good IV's
    Wobbuffet (with Encore) with Good HP and both defensive IV's
    Dragonite : from Pokemon XD with Heal Bell / Good IV's on HP, ATK, DEF, SDEF

    Darkrai (Japanese Movie 7) Timid Nature (Moves : Roar of Time and Spacial Rend)
    Uxie : Bold and Calm nature Lv 50 Untouched
    Azelf : Modest, Jolly and Timid Nature Lv 50 Untouched
    Jirachi (Wishmaker) Impish Nature
    Celebi (10th Anniversary) Bold Nature
    Lugia (Pokemon XD) Good enough to be the best WALL in the game. Lv 80 Untouched - Move Phychoboost Rare Candied
    Combee (female) Lv 1 Untouched
    Cresselia : Bold and Calm Nature Lv 50 Untouched
    Cleffa (100% Magic Guard Ability) Calm Nature (Mini Bliss : Softboiled) Lv 5 Untouched
    Chansey : Bold Nature (moveset : Softboiled, Seismic Toss, Counter and Aromatherapy) Lv 5 Untouched
    All the starters. Moveset and nature just let me know what you want.

    And many more. If your interested then message me.
  2. actually u can teach lucario all three pulse dark, dragon and water pulse since bother dark and water pulse are TM's water pulse is TM 03 and Dark pulse is TM 79 and he learns dragon pulse in the 40's - 50's in that range really unless there is a pulse that not even in the game? but i can trade u a surfing pikachu but i lvled it to 50 already on pearl but on my diamond i only lvled it to 28 is u want to trade it i'm looking for the Celebi
  3. Thanks for the information. Also thanks for the offer on the Pikachu but I'd rather have it untrained. Maybe if you can tell me what you trained it on then I'll be willing to do the trade.
  4. i was leveling it off the elite four...lol
  5. That's fine. I can give it berries to return it's stats back to normal. I'll trade you tomorrow though. Is that alright?
  6. sure around 6 pm est? oh yet the pikachu knows, Volt tackle, Surf, Thunder(Gave him a TM) and Slam

    I can Also Breed you a Chikorita egg if u want one
  7. Sounds good to me. See ya tomorrow then.
  8. ill trade you a swinubs evolution tangelas evolution and omanyte or any others such as mew or lvl 100 deoxys etc for darkrai or celebi
  9. I really want that darkrai of yours......I've got a lot to offer but how about a shiny pachirisu, shiny starly, shiny buneary, or some other pokemon. I've got a lot of stuff so just ask.
    PS I won't offer any hacked pokemon that I got off the GTS, but if you ask for a certain pokemon and I have it but it's hacked I'll tell you. (well, you can check it yourself too)
  10. To Both Diamondphantom and Emery:

    I can make clones of the Darkrai and the Celebi. So that way everyone that wants one can have one. I already have the omanyte. I can trade for a Lugia as well. That is if anyones willing to trade for it. I know those are hard to come by now adays. The swinub is already pending... meaning I already have someone that's willing to trade for it. So that's out of the picture.

    To Zarazin:

    Whenever you get online let me know. I'll be waiting until you get here.
  11. hiya =D add my diamond FC
  12. What other pokemons you wanted?
  13. really needed another mew if u got one the Chikorita egg is the bottom one
  14. Mew. Sorry Don't have a Mew. Have to work on it on Emerald.
  15. i have a few pokemon like Lugia.....lol restarted my Fire red so gonna see what i can get in that game again....lol
  16. Alright sounds good. If I come across a Mew I'll let you know.
  17. no thanks i would like a real darkrai or celebi
  18. Ruko

    Ruko Bearded Trout Warrior

    Friend Code:
    I can give you a Chikorita for a clone of the Pikachu with Surf/Volt Tackle...
    I'm assuming you won't mind since you have one now...
  19. i would absolutely love Celebi, Jirachi or Darkrai

    actually.. i'd love any legendaries or starters from any of the older games (since i dont have any advance games) and freakin original gameboy doesnt work on DS T_T

    I may not have much to give but I'll see what I can do ^^;
  20. Don't mind one bit. Gimme a few to do that.
  21. Would you happen to have



  22. uh yea i could really really use a darkari lol
    I can get you a tangela right away
    and if you give me some time i can eventually get you the hypno and oddish :]
  23. Yes I have all 3. I won't post them up on the trade thread until I breed a good moveset on them as well as IV's.
  24. So what do you want me to try and get you in exchange for some legendaries, Shinn?
  25. Currently I'm working on getting a Lugia. I will let everyone know how that goes. Other then that I'm currently looking for the list I have down and a few others. They will be posted as soon as I can post them.
  26. List has been updated. I will post more in the recent future. As far as the Lugia goes... very unsuccessful. I will continue trying though.
  27. I have a tangela for trade.

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