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Shado's art (Updated 12/29/09)

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by 112% Elusive, Jul 15, 2009.

  1. Ok, since my old art topic is long dead and gone, and I has new art, I'll just make a new thread XD


    Any comments on it? (That's a gabite, by the way)

    (the chances I'll ever use thus thread again is slim.)
  2. This is very nice lineart, Shado. ^_^

    Out of curiosity, did you use MS Paint, with the rounded Paint Brush? It looks like all computer work, so ... XD.
  3. Yes I used the rounded brush. (and MS Paint)

    It took half an hour before I was satisfied with the linework, which looked really bad when I drew the rough copy Xp

    I tried to color it as well, but I failed so bad XD
  4. Well - With the way I am when trying to do mouse-art - you probably would have cut my attempt-time in half, XD.

    ... If I had your permission, could I try (note the key word) to color it?
  5. sure Moonlight-Zelda.

    Oh! Anyone can try to color it, because I failed at coloring it so badly, and I want to see it in color. =p
  6. Well, if I can't manage pixel-coloring correctly, I'll just print it out and take my map pencils to it. Thanks, though. ^_^

    Anyway, I'll start the first coloring process in a bit.
  7. Oh look, Silver Magpie colored it =D (other people can still color it if they want to ^^)

    I love it. The shading is very nice on it. ^^
  8. Bump =3

    I have a new drawing. Hand-drawn this time =3 Naruto Fanarts =D

    Potential Naruto Spoilers ^^'

    the monster turtle at the top was a pain to draw.

    the text reads: Yagura, jinchūriki of the Three tailed Monster Turtle.

    It got cut off.

    I tried to shade on the monster turtle. I think the score is: Shading - 1 / Shado - 0 =p
  9. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    It's not that bad. Like I said in Chat last night: Nice!

    The Gabite is also worthy of epic proportions! :)
  10. I can't say that I've read/watched Naruto, but the shading of that drawing is very nice. ^_^

    (Sorry about how long it's taking to send that colored version of the Gabite drawing back, XD. Life has been kind of busy lately. I'll try to get it to you soon.)
  11. I'm alive, I swear D:

    I've started coloring on this piece, and I would like critique on it as I work on it. Ignore the white space, and please just critique the shading. I messed up on the lineart and am trying to still make it look nice.

    My reference is here

    The first part. Yes I know the lines are pixel-like. I'll fix that later at the end.

    The second part. I TRIED to shade the body.

    The third part.

    Edit 2: Condensed into links.

    Edit 3: Finals.
    I gave up trying to redo the lineart. I may revist later. It always came out pixelated. >>

    Same as above, but lineless. I think this came out better than the above.

    So, opinions?

    Edit 4: Fumanshu made a background for the lineless one :D
  12. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    I love the Mismagus, they are both so well done! The lineless one actually looks 3D as in Wii style graphics.

    Sasori in the first and second pic looks absolutely deranged and ready to kill you all with his puppets. He looks calmer in the third pic with a hint of "Color me soon because I don't like to be kept waiting!" XD. I can't wait to see that one colored.
  13. He's supposed to look deranged in the first one X3
    The last one is being colored, and will probably get put up tomorrow. X3
  14. I agree with Monkey, but I must note that the lineless makes it look less tangible as well, like ghosts should be. However, the lined one would look good in a comic book.
  15. Originally, the lineless one was supposed to make up for th fact I couldn't reline the other one :p

    Thank you for the comments ^^

    Second Sasori Lineart Colored

    The shading on the cloak irks me. >< As well as that little DOT near the top left of his hair that I can't seem to get rid of. >>

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