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Service Work

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Cody, Jul 3, 2010.

  1. Or mission work, or community service, or whatever you choose to call it, really.

    Whether it be spending an hour at the soup kitchen serving meals, donating a can of food, donating an old coat, picking trash off the road, ringing the bell for the Salvation Army, or traveling to a different country to help with some kids (or anything in between) I was wondering if the good folks of 'Charms have ever done any.

    The reason I start this topic is that this Sunday (July 4th) I'm leaving for something called Appalachia Service Project. Basically, our group gets in a bunch of vans, drives for several hours, and arrives at a city/town in the Appalachian region, and get to work. We stay in what is reffered to as the Center (typically an old school, sometimes a school still in use...one year a group stayed in an abandoned hospital....).

    Basically, what we do is work on houses. Sometimes it's roofing, sometimes it's insulating, sometimes you're under a trailer, sometimes you're digging foundations...it can be anything, really. The house I worked on last year was an old trailer, and it was really, really beat up. It's a lot of work, but tons of fun, as well.

    I guess the point of this really, (I think I said that twice already) is to see if anybody else has done anything of the sort? Or if you've ever though about it. Or heard a cool story about someone who once did. Discuss :D
  2. I do stuff like that sometimes. For my church, I've done basic stuff, like working in the soup kitchen, cleaning up after the masses, etc. But as far as charities go, I have done speed runs and game tourneys of various games before for a local cancer group. I actually just did a Luigi's Mansion speed run this past month, and it was pretty successful, but that's really all I have done.
  3. I have a feeling that blow jobs don't count as service. Just kidding, just kidding! I'm a virgin anyways.

    I can't say that I've done any "service work", but I do like helping people as much as I can. I'm kind of the confidant in my group, I take in everything for everyone and I help them deal with what they need to deal with. Does that count, at least a little?
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  4. Magpie

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    About once a year some local wildlife group asks for volunteers to help clean up a local pond. I always volunteer, because it's such a lovely little pond with lots of wildlife. Sadly, it tends to be a place that attracts ignorant kids who litter and such, probably because it's in a nice quiet place where they won't get caught if they're up to no good. I can't say it's the nicest work, up to your knees in crap and sludge, but when you see it looking all better, it's worth it. Often when I walk our dog I'll head up to the pond and see all sorts, such as Kingfishers, Herons and the local Ducks, not to mention all the little fish and newts.
  5. I often volunteer at places involving animals, like humane societies and earth literacy centers. I often end up doing menial work, like cleaning animal cages (I've gotten very good at that) and folding pamphlets.
  6. Ah, I'm sorry I didn't reply to this sooner!

    I love doing service work, though admittedly, I don't do as much as I should. I've worked in a soup kitchen before and would like to do it again. A couple of times we've gathered clothes, food, and other supplies together and distributed it to the homeless. At the end of this month, I will be going to Chicago and then I'll have an excellent opportunity. I'll be with a group of people helping to turn huge empty nasty lots into something beautiful (i.e. gardens, etc) that will help to benefit the community and turn the lots into usable space. I missed a chance to help in New Orleans and I can't even tell you how much I regret it. Since then, I make sure to try my best to take advantage of any service opportunities like that.

    I know that doing service work doesn't make me a better person whatsoever, but hey. I still think that doing service work is still very much needed and very important for both the people doing the work and the beneficiaries of the work .
  7. Well, my family does some kind of service work. When I have clothes I don't fit anymore, we donate them to less fortunate friends and family. I'd really like to do service work, but I'm always really busy. I am planning to do service work in my neighbourhood this summer, though. I'm free anyway.

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