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Sepo's New Dex Holder

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Flamion, Dec 8, 2014.

  1. It's been raining for hours in The Sepo Region. Derek is a young man who has the dream to become the Sepo Region's Champion. His best friend Kal, already began his journey with a prankster Oshowatt. Derek host came home from Trainer School to his surprise there was a gold box wrapped neatly. " What's in the box .",asked Derek from the the door step. Curious, Derek unwrapped the box the see 3 poke'balls inside that read CHARMANDER, MUDKIP, and CHIKORITA. " Hey Derek, my mum told me that there was a surprise for you, me, and Cody.", said Emma a young woman who dreams of being The Sepo Queen. A few seconds later, Cody who is a young man with dream of being a gym leader came running up. Derek let out the 3 poke'mon. The MUDKIP acted like a poke'mon performer as she ran up to the 3 kids, CHIKORITA just tried to act cool walking up, and CHARMANDER was shy as he crawled. "Aww, the MUDKIP is sooo cute she is mine.", said Emma grasping at that said MUDKIP. Derek was up next, the CHIKORITA batted CHARMANDER away and went to Derek. "I know who I want," said Derek as CHIKORITA gave him a grin," CHARMANDER, will you be my partner ?" CHARMANDER nodded and jumped into Derek's arms. Cody picked CHIKORITA . And the trainer's gave there pokemon a nickname MUDKIP Aquana, CHIKORITA Thorns, and Charmander Fuego. Also in the box was three poke'dexes and they all took one.

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