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Ask to Join Seolaris Academy: PKMN Contest RP (Roleplay)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Crimson Sun, Apr 16, 2020.

  1. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Sign-Up Link: https://pokecharms.com/threads/seolaris-academy-pkmn-contest-rp-discussion.22268/

    "Ow! Swablu stop, you're going to get me in trouble," Felix half whispered to his partner Pokemon. The small Cotton Bird Pokemon, simply ignored him and continued poking at the trainer's stray hair strands. It was currently the introduction assembly for new students. There were a hand full of upcoming freshmen students seated by their last name, which unfortunately left Felix up near the front center of the gym, as his surname is Arrowin. Felix was trying to his still, with his Swablu perched on his shoulder, but the motherly instinct of the small dragon type urged her to make Felix look his best, which means plucking out any stray stands of hair. With the constant plucking, Felix was sure he was going to go bald at this rate.

    "...and so once again, we welcome you to Seolaris Academy," Principal Aurelio exclaimed, which catered a large round of applause for the gentleman. The principal's Chandelure, on cue, spewed small fireballs into the air, creating a mini array of firework display over the students, which gently sparkled down onto the students, not harming anyone at all. Felix could only applaud politely unfortunately as he wasn't able to listen to the majority of the presentation. All he garnered from the speech from what he remembered is: the welcoming of freshmen, classes start effective-immediately, dormitories, and that was about it. Guess he caught a lucky break, catching most of the important information, no thanks to his Swablu. The little cloud of Pokemon fluttered about Felix, satisfied with her work, careful and dodging everyone that almost collided with her.

    Felix could only sigh at his Pokemon before heading off towards the first destination. There was a bit of a crowd, but being at a private academy has shockingly decreased the size of crowds compared to public high schools. The male brunette was able to head to the first class early on, which was Pokemon Grooming. Seolaris Academy is a major based academy where all the general education and prerequisites were done before being able to apply. All Felix got to focus on now is how to coordinate Pokemon well, and thank Arceus he was able to join this academy.

    Arriving in the classroom, it was actually pretty small. Small classroom for a small school he supposed. There was only about 15 seats available, not including the teacher's desk. Five seats per row. Felix would've wanted to sit smack dab in the middle of a classroom, but it seems some other students took some of the optimal seats already. Felix resorted to the middle row, second seat from the left. Swablu detached herself from Felix making herself comfortable on the backpack Felix was carrying.

    Watching the classroom carefully, it was clear not a lot of people knew each other, since there was a low acceptance rate after all. However, what caught his eyes the most were Pokeballs that had students' named labeled on each one. Each of those balls must contain the assigned Pokemon that each student will end up using for their college years. Felix had brought along Swablu as his moral support and source of comfort, but it was unfortunate that Swablu wouldn't be able to participate in school events, even with all her grace. Felix just wondered now what Pokemon will he be receiving from the academy.
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  2. -Thanks for inviting me to your RP Crimson Sun, I figured that these roleplays don't really work out unless someone like you comes in to set everything up for us ^w^. That being said, I am aware that my post is short but I kept it this way since It didn't want to tread old ground or write too much dialogue without a response. let me know if you'd prefer longer posts in the future.-

    Isamu Tamaki, who seemed a bit older than the other students, arrived earlier than most of his classmates. Since he had ample time to find a seat and relax Isamu appeared very tranquil. at least until he noticed his classmates Swablu. It would be pointless for him to repress a smile, so Isamu figured that he may as well introduce himself to the kid on his right. “I expected to see a lot of new pokemon when I applied to this academy, but I never thought I’d see someone who’d remind me so much of home….” The boy offered Swablu his hand and a warm smile in hopes that she’d find a new place to perch on.
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  3. Samuel Ergoh was on his way to academy with a bit tired look on his face. He had his Gallade on his side. He had mixed feelings about this but on one hand it was mostly contests but on the other hand it could help him bond with new pokémon. So after a long time of walking he put his foot on the Grounds of the Academy with a proud look on his face. And thus a new journey in the academy begun for Samuel
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  4. Naturally, Beth was in aww of everything before her. Granted when she was accepted to the Seolaris Academy she expected the best quality care and training when it came to the path of a Coordinator given it was the soul focus what with general ed being prerequisites done before hand, but for the opening ceremony to include a display like this? That was just too cool for words though more importantly she paid attention and got all the key info she'd need to start off her year on the right foot.

    "Plio!" Her rather overjoyed Popplio named Poppy said, as she clapped her flippers when she saw the dazzling flames from the Chandelure as Beth had to join in with her partner and the rest of the auditorium. Poppy had plopped herself right on Beth's head though given they had traveled like this for years before they entered the Academy so it had no strain on Beth's neck as soon enough the assembly came to an end and the pair got up as they prepared to head out to their first class.

    As Beth stopped by the hall to check her supplies, she had given thought to her first class. Pokemon Grooming, naturally as part of any self respecting Coordinator one had the expectation to keep their Pokemon in top condition and as presentable for the stage as possible. Beth had been no stranger herself to personal care with her partner, though the idea of grooming a Pokemon that lacked hair had drawn her intrigue as she if nothing else hoped she could pick up on tips from this class that'd be of use down the line in actual competition. Though perhaps that had gone without saying the more she had thought it over as quickly she flung her backpack behind her as she had everything accounted for and with Poppy still happily on her head had made her way to the class in question.

    As Beth entered the room, she saw a couple of students already present before her. One who seemed to have a Swablu who had been uh "playing" with his hair which drew Poppy's gaze though Beth worked to get a window seat to the side as Poppy was placed in front of her desk and Beth seemed ready to start the day.
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  5. Haruka quickly walked out of the hall, gasping for air. Never had he ever been near so many people. His froakie climbed underneath his beanie, nesting on his hair. "F-froakie...Teachers are going to see you...get back into the Pokeball" Pestered Haruka, his froakie not listening to a word that his trainer had spoken.

    Haruka let out a sigh and walked down the hall, trying his best to hide the bandages on his arms as he speed-walked to his assigned class. "Look's like we have to go to class to receive something..." Said Haruka with an irritated face, not wanting to be around people. "We might be able to make friends...Who knows." Froakie let out a happy cry as the two walked to their class
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  6. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    Sierra looked around. She was tentative, but not nervous. Apprehensive, but not self-conscious. Restless, but not scared. Never scared. As she looked around the campus, she could feel a broad grin spreading across her face. She may not have any Pokémon with her currently, but that didn’t matter; she’d be receiving a Pokémon from the school. Which could be a good thing or a bad thing, she thought wryly. What if I don’t like him? What if he doesn’t like me? Or she? She banished the thoughts from her mind. Nerves have no place in front of a camera, so they have no place here. Period. So she straightened her back, pasted a radiant smile on her face, and walked towards Pokémon Grooming.

    When she arrived at the classroom, there were already several students, one with a Swablu who seemed rather obsessed with its Trainer’s personal hygiene. Sierra stifled a laugh and sat down, filled with excitement, not worry. Yeah. You just keep telling yourself that, Sierra, she joked dryly to herself. Her mind once again turned to the topic of the Pokémon partner that would be chosen for her.

    She wasn’t a complete idiot when it came to Pokémon; her parents were always busy, so Sierra would busy herself with making friends with wild Pokémon. But she’d never caught one; she just couldn’t bring herself to force such magnificent creatures into an itty-bitty ball because it was convenient for her. So she was... unsure... about how she’d do with a Pokémon of her own. Her smile was still present on her face, and she leaned back on two chair legs. This will be a great year. For some people.
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  7. Kia was sat near the middle of the gym. She was struggling to store all the information in her brain, but soon realised she didn't need to remember everything and only some key parts of the speech. Her Mudkip rested on her shoulder, occasionally hitting Kia gently with her tail fin. The Mudkip was surprised by the small firework display at the end, but Kia thought she was overreacting. When it ended, Kia stood up and left for her first class.

    When she got to the classroom, she sat near the back of it. She could spot a couple of other people with pokemon, and one without a pokemon. Mudkip seemed happy about being at the school. Kia looked at her. "You can't participate anyways, you know. Even if you wanted to." Mudkip frowned. Kia shrugged, spotting the pokeballs at the side of the class. Those must be the pokemon we get. I better not get something unusable for a contest. I might be able to make it work, though.
  8. Kitsune Kiara

    Kitsune Kiara Previously Keen Kitsune

    Aisha walked into the room, her gaze sweeping the room once before she walked over to her seat. She had never before gone to a public school, so she was used to the small number of classmates. After smoothing down her skirt, she sat down. Her Alolan Vulpix, Diamond brushed up against her legs before sitting next to her chair. She had been given Diamond as a gift for one of her early birthdays, and even though Diamond expressed no want in performing, she still cared for her. She had always preferred to hang out with pokemon rather than humans, or perhaps it was just because of the people she knew in the past. When she had gotten accepted into the school, she was elated. It was sort of a new start for her, a chance to pursue her dream. She wasn't sure what her parents thought about it, as they weren't very vocal. She suspected they only allowed her to attend the school because of its reputation. However, she secretly had her own agenda, to prove to her parents that this was an acceptable, and wonderful, career to pursue.

    In her quick scan, she had noted her classmates. All of them except for one seemed to have a companion pokemon or pokeballs alongside them. She had also seen the pokeballs labeled with a different name on each one, sitting in the center of the room. She wasn't sure which pokemon she would get. She strangely didn't feel anxious, she was sure that the pokemon she was matched with wouldn't decide whether they won or not. Sure it would play a part, but the winning conditions were not etched in stone, and she was no stranger to hard work. Even if they had to stay up late or practice extra, she would try her best to succeed no matter the hardships. She wasn't used to backing down to a challenge, in fact, the harder the challenge the more motivated she usually got. She reached up and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, hopefully, they would get introduced to their new pokemon soon.
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  9. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Felix's Swablue turned to the trainer that held their arm out towards it, as if inviting her to perch onto his arm. Weary of strangers, Swablu ignored the kind gesture and gave a slight nod, almost as if it was bowing to say goodbye to the student before perching herself back onto Felix's backpack. Felix gave a slight chuckle, noticing the interaction between Swablu and his seatmate on his left. Felix turned towards the tall male, wanting to apologize for his Pokemon's actions. "Sorry, she's not really too fond of strangers," Felix explain. He wanted to introduce himself, but a loud womanly voice interrupted him.

    "Alright class, we will get started now," a middle aged woman called out while entering the classroom. She had a short ashy blonde hair that was getting closer to white due to old age, and she had a purple blouse and an a purple skirt that reached her knees, keeping it classy but sort of casual at the same time. She held a sweet smile while the Pokemon held the same. A Lopunny came hopping in, trailing behind the professor, presumably her partner Pokemon that would help out with the class. "Today's is going to be a bit more lenient since it's the first day after all." Students were still trailing in as she spoke, but she didn't seem to mind too much. The Lopunny was at the door, ushering students in but ensuring they stayed quiet for mannerisms. "My name is Madame Galligan, but you can just call me Madame," the middle aged woman said, fully expecting the students to follow the protocols.

    "We'll be starting off the classes with the distributions of of your first Pokemon from the academy," Madame Galligan stated. "As you all know, you had taken a compatibility test of sorts to let the academy assign you a Pokemon that you would be allowed to use to showcase in projects, events, and more. Seeing as some of you brought your own Pokemon, I would like to give a slight reminder that school policies says that the Pokemon you brought along from home are not eligable to participate in school acitivies, but can be used for personal benefits." Madame walked over to where her partner Pokemon stood, where Lopunny handed her clipboard over, showcasing both the student's names, student ID photo, and other relevant information for a teacher to know. She scanned around the room quickly to see each of the student's faces to ensure she was calling out a student who was here. "Mr. Arrowin? Felix Arrowin," Madame Galligan asked, her gaze eventually landing on Felix.

    Felix gulped nervously, raising his hand to signal that he was present in class. "Here," Felix called out in response. Madame Galligan only smiled before reaching for the Pokeball on the table that held his name tag. Felix's eyes trailed her as she excruciatingly grabs the Pokeball off the table. "You given Pokemon is...," like the fraud actress she is, Madame paused and slowed down her speech for dramatic affect.

    Fro the Pokeball, a red flash exited the capsule and appeared in front of the center table revealing an alien flower creature? It had a vertical purple body that held some intricate yellow insignia around it's body. Atop of it's head(?) was some purple appendages that seems to look like it was resembling a flower. Two glowing yellow eyes peeked out above the center of it's head. "The Sea Lily Pokemon, Lileep!" Madame exclaimed. Felix stood up slowly and walked towards his new Pokemon. Felix was shocked, and not in a bad way. He was just so excited to have anew Pokemon and Lileep is who he is going to be using for the next years or so. Lileep stood about to where Felix's thighs end. The male had to squat down to talk to Lileep.

    "Hey there," Felix said awkwardly. "Hope we can work well together for a long time!" Felix picked up the Sea Lily and it's Pokeball before going back to his desk. "Quiet everyone," Madame called out. "I know you're excited, but other students are going to meet their new Pokemon too!"

    (OOC: This are for the people who already posted and are currently residing within the classroom. Late posters on the thread will have their Pokemon be revealed to them on a later post by me.)
    (@HoennGrey ) Madame Galligan called up the next few students to reveal their Pokemon. "Mister Tamaki," Madame called out, seeing the lad sitting next to Felix Arrowin. "The academy has given you a," the Pokeball released a Pokemon, whiched look quite familiar but different at the same time. it floats in the air with purple eyes, and it's bottom half holds onto a rubble of sorts, with some red design of a tail at the end. "The Spirit Pokemon, but Galarian Forme... Galarian Yamask!"

    (@Sarah316 ) "Miss Phoenix," Madame called out towards the intricate surname. Her gazed went towards to one of the window seats where Elizabeth sat at. "Your Pokemon is," Madame released the Pokemon inside. It revealed a small and adorable Pokemon. It looked a bit like it was wearing an emo attire, but it's pouty lips contrasted the whole black and white scheme. "The Fixation Pokemon, Gothita!"

    (@Nutraln00b ) "Haruka," Madame called out seeing if the male was present. Finally eyeing the student, Madame grabbed his Pokemon's Pokeball of the table. "The academy has given you," Madame paused for the dramatic o effect once more, releasing the contents out in front of the table. Similarly to lizabeth Phoenix's Gothita, this Pokemon held onto the color scheme of black and white, it's tongue hanging out incredulously. "Another Galarian Forme, but of the Tiny Raccoon Pokemon... Galarian Zigzagoon!"

    (@Night's Shadow ) "Miss Sierra Rucci," the question was thrown out to the classroom as Madame laid her eyes onto the student finally. "Who you will be working with its..." The Pokemon released with a bright red flash, revealing a small spherical Pokemon. It left slime all over the place, looking white gooey, but oh so innocent with it's green cheeks and small black eyes. "The Soft Tissue Pokemon, Goomy!"

    (@Clunpsy ) "Miss Ostroth" Madame called out to the girl sitting at the way back of the classroom. Grabbing Kia's Pokeball, Madame allowed the Pokemon to be released. "The academy has given you.." The red flash soon revealed a a skinny flying Pokemon. It hovered in the middle of the air with it's wings beating quite fast and it's green goggles looking curiously at the students. "The Clear Wing Pokemon, Yanma!"

    (@Keen Kitsune ) "Miss Frye, hope I am pronouncing that correctly," Madame noted as a side gesture. She scanned the room and saw the student sitting casually in her seat. "Miss Frye, the Pokemon you recieved is..." The Pokeball released the Pokemon with a bright red flash. The light disappeared to reveal a spherical Pokemon, but it appeared to have some large appendages beside it. It's orange and a peach tone really complemented each other with the accented blue-purple shade. "The Tantrum Pokemon, Clobbopus!"
  10. Akira was excited to be attending the prestigious academy for performing. He would have loved to been in the musical section as well, but the school tends to frown on being in more then one program. Jade and Akira sat patiently for the person to call out his name. It really was a happy moment for Akira that he would be taking this step. He was a little sad that he could not do it with Jade, his leafeon, but he was excited to see what pokemon he would get.

    Natasha was more on the reserved side as she sat. She was really looking forward to performing with Tiger, but she now knew that would not happen. So she sat and waited for the pokemon that would be hers.
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  11. Arriving in the classroom, Haruka saw that he was assigned a Galarian Zigzagoon. "T-thank you, miss..." He said timidly, before picking the black and white pokemon up and went to the very back corner to sit down. "I'll get to know you later, but for now, return..." Haruka said to the energetic Zigzagoon before putting it back in it's Pokeball that Haruka received from the teacher.

    Haruka pulled out a sketchbook, that had different sketches of pokemon on each different page. Drawing is what Haruka did to escape his ever-growing problems at home. He thought of drawing as a get-away from the real world. It always seemed to calm him down, no matter how sad he was. He looked up for a minute, too see how many more people will be receiving new pokemon.
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  12. Kitsune Kiara

    Kitsune Kiara Previously Keen Kitsune

    Aisha got up and approached the teacher. She let out a murmur of thanks before returning to her seat, her new pokemon a step behind her and the Pokeball clutched in her hand. She picked up the semi-octopus-shaped pokemon and set it on her desk. She was honestly a bit shaken, she didn't know much about the pokemon she was given. However, such a prestigious school would not mess up majorly so she wasn't quite worried. "Hello there," she greeted, smiling. The more she looked at it, the cuter it seemed. She wasn't sure how elegant it would be, but its colors seemed to go well with each other. She watched it wobble around for a while, her mind twirling as she thought. Perhaps she could draw on its clumsiness as a natural cuteness. After another second of thought, she shook her head, now was not the time to be lost in thought. "What should I call you-" she started to say before she cut herself off "rather, what is your name?" she asked.
    "Clobbopus!" it responded, as it was practically the only thing it could say
    "Clob- no, that's too direct. Hmm, how about Clovis?" she asked.
    The tiny pokemon stared at her for a moment, processing the name before letting out another happy noise. He spun around on the desk cheerfully, before spinning off the edge and onto the ground. He froze for a moment in shock, though clearly not hurt. With a noise of disgust, he pounded his fists into the ground, his small legs flailed around as he tried to straighten himself. Aisha quickly bent down and picked him up. Instantly, he seemed much happier and the second he was safely on the desk, he continued to walk around as if nothing had happened. She noted his short attention span and his intense curiosity. It was almost as if he was a tiny baby. She let out a tiny giggle, this was going to be a nice learning experience.
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  13. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    Sierra grinned as she took the Soft Tissue Pokémon from the teacher. “Thanks,” she said, still grinning broadly. Her first Pokémon! Back at her seat, she set down the tiny bundle of adorable slime. “What should I name you?” she asked it. It blinked at her innocently. “You’re a girl. Maybe... Slush?” It blinked again. Sierra picked it up. “Oh my Arceus, you’re just so cute!” She could’ve sworn it smiled, though she couldn’t be sure; it was kind of hard to tell due to the fact it didn’t have a mouth. It began to crawl up her arm, and she transferred it to her shoulder, still smiling.
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  14. Frantically, Arron had hightailed his way into the classroom. As hastily as a pachirisu, but as stealthy as a liepard, the blue haired teenager had made his way to the back of the classroom and quickly located an empty seat just as Pokemon were being assigned to the students that dwelled within the classroom. Hovering very closely behind him was a timid Togetic. The tiny Happiness Pokemon had been magnetic to the boy ever since their arrival on the Seolaris Academy Campus. They were decent ways away from Sinnoh, where both Arron and the Togetic had been born and raised. This was their very first time outside of their home region, and the fairy-type wasn't coping from the homesickness very successfully.

    Arron cursed himself under his breath, as he hated being late. If his parents had found out about him arriving tardy to his first class, he would've been a dead man... he was relieved that it was a performance-based class, as he wasn't nearly prepared just yet. Thankfully, though, it seemed the teacher had his full attention on the distribution of Pokemon so he hadn't been noticed.

    "Toki, Toki..." His Togetic had muttered, gesturing towards all of the Pokemon coming about in the classroom.

    Thinking back to the opening ceremony earlier on in the day, Arron remembered Principal Aurelio mentioned that throughout the day the students would receive a randomized selection of Pokemon for them to begin their coordinating endeavors with, something that filled him with mixed feelings of angst and eagerness. The teacher within the current Grooming Class hadn't called Arron's name for the assigning of a Pokemon, so he figured it was either because he was skipped over due to his tardiness of the class, or he was scheduled for a different part of the day.

    Togetic slowly settled on it's navy-haired trainer's lap, noticing how intently Arron was watching ahead, ready to mentally note any information that would be offered throughout the remainder of the class. He had some catching up to do for sure.
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  15. Kia nodded a thanks as she took her new pokemon from the teacher. She returned to her seat and stared at it. The Yanma stared back just as blankly as Kia. "It's only fair I give you a nickname right?" Mudkip glared at Kia angrily. Kia noticed quickly. "Technically you're still mother's pokemon, not mine, so I can't nickname you if she doesn't allow me to." The Yanma just continued staring at Kia, beating its wing in a sort of rhythm. Kia looked into its eyes. "Hm... I'll call you Bulank, then." The Yanma gave a smile. He descended onto Kia's left shoulder. She expected some sort of movement from Bulank, but there was nothing. Just stillness. It was as if he was a statue, except that Kia could feel some of its warm breath on her cheek. If I could train him well enough, he might be like this when I want in contests... She thought, before lifting him on top of her desk. She looked at the teacher and waited for the rest of the class to get their pokemon.
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  16. "For the last time! Give me back my tie!" shouted the blonde-haired teen running down the hallway. "Krow! Catch me first! Krow!" Squaked back the crow pokemon. "The staff here are serious about uniforms!" said Aaron. The Murkrow made a sharp turn and just slammed into a window by accident. Aaron picked up his dear friend and took back his tie. "Eew, it's all slobbery. I'll wash it later." As he put the tie back on he got a passing glance at his watch. "Oh my Arceus I'm late!" he said as he started sprinting with Agnes flying right behind him (a little wobbly since she just flew directly into a window.) Aaron got to the classroom and didn't see many seats open but his eyes darted to one that's diagonal to the right of a boy with a swablu who he remembered distinctly reminded him of another bid pokemon that sat right on Aaron's shoulder. He sat down praying to Arceus that the teacher wouldn't make a deal out of being late and whether or not Agnes would try to peck her eyes out if she did.
  17. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    (@EmoKitty21 ) Madame Galligan the next student to claim their Pokemon. "Mister Love," Madame called out the student's surname, finding the name quite unique to the person. Her eye made contact with the boy that looks similar to the photo she got in hand, so she automatically presumed he was Akira Love. "The Pokemon the Academy gave you is..." Madame released the Pokeball containing Akira's name. Inside revealed to be a long yellow bodied mongoose Pokemon with quite the set of sharp teeth. "The Loitering Pokemon, Yungoos!"

    (@EmoKitty21 pt2) Calling the next student after Akira Love, Madame yelled out the student's surname due to how loud the class was getting. "Miss Glade," Madame said, before having to interrupt herself slightly. "Just a small reminder to everyone to stay quiet for everyone else! Anyways, your Pokemon is.." Natasha's Pokeball was released and revealed a small white insect Pokemon that stood on all four legs and whisker-like antennae sprouting off it's head. "The Trainee Pokemon, Nincada!"

    (@Platinum_ ) "Is Mister Lockette here," Madame asked scanning the room around, before making eye contact with the male just sitting down at the back of the classroom. She checked her clipboard to make sure she was matching the right face to the right picture. "Alright Mr. Lockette, the Pokemon you received is..." Madame released the contents of the Pokeball onto the floor. A black canine appeared in front of the center table with it's prominent skull head and red snout. "The Dark Pokemon, Houndour!"

    (@Crystal1302 ) "Oh we got a similar name here," Madame Galligan commented. "Mister Lockeheart?" The middle aged woman gazed around her classroom, seemingly looking more busy as the students quietly interacted with their own Pokemon. Her gaze fell on the student who rushed in late. Not minding his tardiness at all as it was only the first day of classes, she said "Just on time Mister Lockeheart. The Pokemon you are getting is..." The Pokeball quickly flashed red and revealed a white and green humanoid ooking creature, with it's lower half covered in brown. "The Frost tree Pokemon, Snover!"
    While Madame Galligan was busy passing out academy assigned Pokemon to each student, Felix was buys with his new pal Lileep. It was unique for him to get a fossil Pokemon as his assigned Pokemon, but he wasn't complaining because of how adorable the Sea Lily Pokemon looked. Swablu, on the other hand, was watching Lileep carefully. It wasn't like she was afraid of it, but more so not used to socializing with, quote-on-quote, strangers.

    Felix thought he should make them interact more. “So Swablu, this is Lileep,” Felix started off slowly, petting both the Cloud and Sea Lily Pokemon. “She’ll be joining us from now on, and you’re going to have to teach her everything there is to about Pokémon Contests.” Swablu expanded her wings as if saying she understands the scenario. Swablu waddled up to Lileep and have a slight chirp, acknowledging the new Pokémon her trainer has caught. Lileep stood in place mainly, but she nodded her head, her eight pink tendrils bouncing along with the nod, in acknowledgment of Swablu as well.
  18. The snover walked up to Aaron's desk and did a small wave. "Wow you look so cool!" he said as he looked at his new partner. "I bet we're gonna be the best of friends," he says as he gave the pokemon a hug. The snover blushed a bit and hugged back as his murkrow looked back with a little jealousy. "Don't think I forgot about you" he said as he turned around for Agnes to meet his new friend. Agnes hissed at the snover who looked disappointed. "Come on Agnes." he said as the bird turned his head away. Snover looked as if he had an idea and kicked a few berries growing on his body and handed some to the Murkrow. The murkrow was angry at first but was surprised at the sudden offering of food. The murkrow immediately gobbled up half of them but suddenly became very surprised about how cold they were but then her mood instantly became better after she savored the flavor. "Food's the way to your heart isn't it?" said Aaron who tried one of the berries himself. "Man these are good. They kinda taste like ice pops," he said as he had another. He tapped the shoulder of the boy with the swablu and said, "Hey, my snover grew some really great berries, want some?" hesaid forgetting that his mouth was full.
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  19. Before class began, Isamu tried to introduce himself to Swablu and her Trainer, but failed on account of the bird pokemons shyness."Sorry, she's not really too fond of strangers," Felix explained. Isamu shrugged “No worries, my sisters’ was the same way'' If the fabulous Madam Galligan had only arrived a minute later than Isamu may have had the chance to introduce himself properly to the other boy, though Isamu could hardly complain. It was almost time for him to get a new pokemon!

    Who could it possibly be? Isamu thought to himself… he had no doubts that whoever the academy chose the pokemon would be right for him, after all, he lost to a trainer who was given a Magikarp of all things… Isamu hardly had any time to think it over before Madam Galligan summoned him to receive his pokemon.

    "The academy has given you… the Spirit Pokemon, but Galarian Forme... Galarian Yamask!"

    All of a sudden the academy's choices made perfect sense to him. “Really Madame Galligan, a galarian yamask? I didn’t expect you to take the essay section of the personality test so literally!” Isamu turned to his new pokemon and said “Well little guy, It looks like I’m gonna be training you for now on…” how about we get to know each other a little better?” The yamask agreed to his trainers' proposal and floated behind him on the way towards the back of the class.
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  20. Naturally Beth had been a touch nervous whens he stood up and the teacher approached her desk as it seemed that the Academy's "starter" Pokemon were being distributed. Unlike when a trainer went to a professor on an individual quest, it seemed these Pokemon were plenty more diverse but also even more randomized than usual as Beth and Poppy eagerly waited to see who their new teammate would be in their new life at the academy. And sure enough Beth saw her newest addition as the Fixation Pokemon, Gothita revealed herself and already she seemed to have a bit of flair to her. As the small and quite frankly adorable Pokemon blinked curiously Beth's way she perhaps somewhat shyly attempted a spin and bow as if she tried to show her performer in her as she greeted her new trainer. A display which caused Poppy to clap her flippers as she had been impressed by the adorable display and Beth smiled on as she thanked the professor and moved back to the seat setting Gothita on the desk as Poppy rested on her shoulder as both faced the Fixation Pokemon.

    "Quite an impression you made. I am impressed. My name is Elizabeth Phoenix, but you can call me Beth. And this is my partner Popplio you can call Poppy. I think I speak for her when I say we are happy to have you as a partner and I hope we get along great together." Beth said with a smile as Poppy nodded and barked in support as Gothita seemed taken aback by the warm embrace but smiled all the same seemingly having been happy to he accepted by her new trainer so warmly.

    Beth rubbed her chin in thought, since Gothita was now part of the team...what was she to name her? Well, she seemed to have a natural knack for presentation and hey this entire academy was about making stars so why not have had her name be a reflection of that? "Say, how would you feel if I gave you a nickname? And how would Celeste sound to you? I think that would be a lovely name but it is up to you." Beth said, as she hoped that Gothita understood what she had said. Thankfully, it seemed she did and even better as Gothita heard the name she seemed to smile in thought as it seemed to appeal to her. "Goth!" Gothita declared with an eager nod as now Celeste had accepted her nickname and quickly got a big welcoming hug from Poppy as Beth chuckled in response. This was gonna be interesting to say the very least.
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  21. Both Arron and Togetic's attention shot up as he was called by the teacher, who seemed to not yet be done issuing out the Pokemon. He was shocked, as he was expecting to have to wait on receiving the first addition to his new team right away. However, he was relieved as his opportunity was now! He made his way from the sea of elevated desks and moved towards the teacher, his fairy type partner hanging comfortably on his shoulder.

    If he had to be honest, Arron was quite nervous. Although he had experience utilizing unexpected Pokemon for performance purposes (all thanks to his parents intense training throughout the summer in order to equip Arron for his time at Seolaris), he had absolutely no idea what kind of Pokemon he would receive - as all kinds of lands and types were being discovered each day.

    Arron took a deep breath and approached the professor, and once the Pokeball had been popped open and released the creature inside, he found himself face to face with a Houndour, whom was wagging its tail and barking its name excitedly. Arron was definitely shocked, as receiving a dark type was the last thing he was expecting. He hadn't worked with them before, and had very little knowledge on Houndours, aside from its evolution into Houndoom.

    He had to admit, even though the Houndour seemed youthful and energetic, it's natural appearance carried an intimidating presence, despite being just a puppy.

    "Hey little guy.." Arron spoke gently, bending down to pick up the dark pokemon. His Togetic in turn seemed a little frightened, hoisting itself into the air, examining the Houndor while it hovered.

    After collecting its Pokeball, Arron made his way back to his desk, stroking the energetic Houndour's back as it constantly fidgeted, seemingly wanting to play.
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  22. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    After Madame Galligan finally finished passing out the Academy given Pokemon to each student, she announced, "Well, that's really it for today from me." Madame had a soft smile on her face, watching all the student's interacting with their new found friend. "You all can leave early or stay in here if you want, but when the it hits the time, I expect all of you to be out of the classroom and off to your next class." The students cohesively murmured a 'yes' to Madame, before she left the classroom with her Lopunny, leaving the students in free reign of the classroom. If anything, there are security camera's all over the hallways and one in the classroom to always see if any students may misbehave or not.

    After Madame Galligan had left the classroom, Felix put his concentration back on Lileep and Swablu. Before he can interract more with them, a student offered him some berries. Felix turned to see who it was, finding it was the student who received the Snover. Felix recalled his last name to be Lockeheart from Madame. Peering down at his Snover's Pokeball real quick, the label on the monster ball read 'Aaron.' Felix snapped back up to accept the offers. "Thank you Aaron," Felix replied, grabbing some berries, not minding the way the boy's mouth was full of the frozen fruits.

    Popping in his mouth a treat, Felix felt the frost slowly melting in his mouth and giving a chilling, but sweet flavor to the berries. He dropped a couple of berries on his desk for Swablu and Lileep. "Have some you guys, a good friend gifted some to us," Felix stated, watching both of his Pokemon carefully. Swablu watched the berry intently, watching for any dirty particles or specks on the berry and cleaning it off with her cloud-like wing before nibbling on the berry. Lileep gazed intently at the berry, imitating Swablue sort of, before bending her hend down and swallowing the berry whole. After all Lileep's face is literally a top of her head and her mouth really isn't visible to the outside world.

    After the two were finished with their little snack, Felix decided to converse with them a little before time's up to move on to the next class. "As I was saying Swablu would help teach you the basics of Pokemon Coordinating if you wouldn't mind," Felix explained. It was hard to tell what Lileep is feeling as her face is literally inside of her hide so he wasn't able to read what she was feeling, but the squint in her eye let Felix assume she was more than okay with it. "I wonder what moves you have so we can know what we're working with," Felix said to no one in particular.

    At that moment, the time hit 10:30AM, and some students started to leave for their next class. With a 15 minute time gap, Felix had Appeal Class at 10:45, so he started packing his stuff, leaving both Swablu and Lileep out of their Pokeballs. Swablu perched on Felix's shoulder and Lileep stayed on the group, with her being quite big, reaching his under thigh and hip region. Felix reached out for his phone to read where his next class was. The next class was fortunately not that far, only being a few buildings down, being held where the Seolaris' student contest hall is. The class was being hosted by a teacher named Professor Aiyana. Felix let out a huff of air before trailing out the door with Lileep, not having the highest speed stats, trailing behind him, to which the latter slowed down his walking speed for the Pokemon.
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  23. Aaron overheard the "good friend" line and his heart melted a little. Aaron's happy loopy state was interrupted by a sudden peck to the back of his head. "Hey, what was that fo-" he said turning a round to Agnes. "Krow, Murkrow!" said Agnes while pointing at his watch. "Saved me again Agnes. It's almost time for appeal class. Back in the ball for you- Wait a minute, I don't have a name for you." The snover started ti think fro a moment until Aaron said: "I know, Peppermint!" The snover looked happy with his new name and did a little bounce with it. "Anyway we gotta get to appeal class, and I know you're not the fastest, so you better ride in your ball," said Aaron. Snover nodded in agreement. as a red beam encapsulated him and vanished into his pokeball. He put it in his backpack(/messenger bag) and looked for where the next class is. "Looks like it's a few buildings away. Let's go Agnes" he said as he ran off to the building with the bird following behind him.
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  24. Kitsune Kiara

    Kitsune Kiara Previously Keen Kitsune

    Aisha listened to the teacher explain that they could stay behind until a certain time. It seemed logical to her, and she wasn't surprised when she watched the teacher walk out. She had noted the security cameras while she had been glancing around. She got up, ready to leave when the clock hit 10:35. She didn't want to be late, and since she wasn't fully comfortable with her way around the school yet, she left the classroom early. Diamond scampered alongside her, and Clovis she held. Not everyone had left yet, so she didn't feel worried about Diamond getting trampled. Clovis however, would likely cause them to be late if he had been waddling along. He wasn't the slowest pokemon she had seen, not by a long shot, but he was quite inquisitive, often struggling to get a better view in every direction.

    "Cut it out," she chided lightly when he almost wiggled out of her grasp and onto the floor. He went limp, quite obviously mad. He didn't try punching her as a slight punch earlier had resulted in a lengthy, to him at least, explanation about why what he did was wrong. She wasn't worried about his temper, she had seen how fast his mood fluctuated earlier in the class. From down near her feet, Diamond let out a slight bark, her wide eyes blinking in amusement. It was almost a laugh, directed at the pouty Clovis who in turn let out an audible, drawn out sigh-like noise. "I used to think Diamond was a diva, and then you came along," she said, holding up Clovis while she talked. After a moment of silence in which he thought, he took the last sentence as a compliment and happily flailed his arms. She let out a laugh before lowering him back down so that she could see where she was heading. Hopefully, she was headed in the right direction.
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  25. As the class got an early dismissal, Beth quickly packed up her belongings as it seemed they were not needed here while her two companions sniffed each other out as they began to get more used to each other. Well, since the class ended a bit early that meant Beth had ample opportunity for some free time and she figured that since she lacked a Pokedex she heard trainers who had gone on a journey received she needed some way to get some info on her new partner. And a way to get information in general, as anything she could find could only help her as she learned the ropes on how to be the best Coordinator she could be. So, with Celeste placed upon one shoulder and Poppy the other she walked with her team in full out of the classroom and worked her way to the directory where she could hopefully map out the best path for her on her little excursion through campus.

    And indeed, she seemed to find just that. One that led to the library and thankfully her next classroom was not too far from it. With the time she had she could not afford a full stay at the library, but she had ample time to stop by for a quick peak just to get herself familiar with the location if nothing else. As she passed by the outside of the library both Poppy and Celeste looked in aww of the wide open space of the campus. The various students who entered in and out of the library, who moved about from one class to the next it and this look of wonder caused Beth to smile. She'd indeed enter the library and scanned the interior of the "lobby" before she just as quickly turned a heel and walked over to her next class ever eager to see what else had been in store for her today.
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  26. Haruka decided to stay awhile, to get used to his newly received pokemon. "H-hey, little guy," Haruka greeted to the energetic galarian zigzagoon, as it let out cheerful yaps, which echoed throughout the classroom. "C-calm down, I'm Haruka, and this is my Forakie."

    The zigzagoon looked at both the froakie and its new trainer, and ran up and started to lick Haruka's face. Which caused Haruka to let out a genuine laugh, which he'd never had let out for ages. "How about I call you...Zig!" Suggested Haruka, trying his best to give a good nickname to his new pokemon.

    The pokemon let out a joyful cry, loving its new nickname. "W-well, zig it is then." Froakie crawled down from Haruka's shoulders and started to interact with Zig. As froakie climbed down, Zig started to get nervous, and ran off through the classroom, causing a commotion with other students. "W-W-WAIT!" cried Haruka, trying to chase the Zigzagoon.
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  27. Aaron got to the door of the appeal class' building and was about to walk in until a Zigzagoon randomly ran into the back of his leg. "Ow! he said looking behind him to see the black and white raccoon pokemon lying on the ground in pain and scared. "Hey little guy, I'm sorry." He said squatting down to the scared Zigzagoon. He knew the pokemon wasn't native to the area so he wanted to find the owner. He looked around and saw a short, curly-haired student with a froakie behind the Zigzagoon. "Hey, is this Zigzagoon yours? Sorry if I hurt the little guy."
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  28. Haruka had caught up with his Zigzagoon, gasping for breath. "D-don't ever run off like that again..." Haruka said with exhaustion.

    Looking up, he saw another trainer standing at the doorway. Haruka quickly picked up Zig and didn't dare make eye contact with the trainer. "I-I-I'm sorry..." He managed to say. Haruka didn't like talking to people, so he tried to make the conversation quick.

    "My pokemon is just really e-energetic..." He felt tear's welling up behind his eyes as he heard the gossip from the other students.
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  29. Kitsune Kiara

    Kitsune Kiara Previously Keen Kitsune

    Aisha finally found her way to the appeals classroom. At one point, Clovis had given up on sightseeing and so, movement became much easier. She wasn't sure why there was a boy nearly crying, but murmurs nearby quickly filled her in. She let out a sigh, honestly it was the first day of the school year and some people had already found something to gossip about. "I don't think energetic partners are a bad thing, in fact I believe that energy will come in handy later in the future. Clovis is quite energetic too, he has a temper tantrum every few minutes," she said, smiling. Clovis, hearing his name, wiggled in her arms as if to make sure they saw him. Diamond stared upwards from the ground before inching over and sniffing both of the boys standing near the door. She walked back to Aisha after a few more sniffs, satisfied that she was able to match scents to appearances.
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  30. "It's fine, no need to apologize. Your Zigzagoon gave a slight bruise at worst," said Aaron. Shortly after that, a girl with pale blonde hair came up. "Aww, Clovis is your Clobbopus? He looks adorable. Also, I wouldn't say energetic pokemon are a bad thing either. My pokemon could be considered "energetic" and she's only sometimes a pain in the- OW!" said Aaron before he was interrupted by a sharp peck to the back of his head. "Don't be mad when I tell people the truth! You also just proved my point!" said Aaron to his partner. "By the way, I'm Aaron. Whats you guys' names?"
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  31. "I'm H-Haruka..." The boy said timidly. Thinking that he might have actually made a few friends. Froakie climbed down from Haruka's head and started to identify Clovis. Circling the pokemon, froakie let out a playful cry. "I think you already met my Zigzagoon..." Chuckled Haruka, trying his best to not be awkward, which he normally is.

    Haruka returned zig into his Pokeball, hoping he'd not get into any more trouble. "You guy's got such cool pokemon," Haruka complimented, looking at froakie interact with Clovis.
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  32. As Beth approached the appeals classroom, she saw already a few of students who seemed to have gathered by the door. A curious sight to be sure which made the girl pause, but while she worked to observe the situation to try and get a read of what was talked about but it seemed that her Popplio was just a touch too excited as Poppy came off the shoulder and moved over to the other Coordinators and their Pokemon giving curious sniffs and an energetic bark as if she tried to introduce herself to them. With a panic, Beth and her Gothita Celeste (Who had moved off Beth's other shoulder) gave chase as they arrived by the others and Beth quickly worked to pick up Poppy as she faced the others sheepishly.

    "S-sorry, didn't mean to barge into this combo. Though if the topic if energetic Pokemon believe me I can relate." Beth said with a sweat drop as Poppy giggled in her grasp and Celeste stared curious at the group. "My advice is to just try and focus that energy than try to bottle it up or anything like that. A Pokemon is what it is, and each one has their own beauty and value I feel you just gotta play to its strengths and try not to get shaken off the wild ride."
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  33. "Speaking of focusing energy into something, Appeal Class is starting in like three minutes. Do any of you want to head to class together with me? I don't want to show up late to two classes in a row. Especially on my first day. I pray to Arceus above that we don't have to do any appeals today. I've barely familiarized my self with Peppermint and I can't use Agnes." He said as Agnes got grumpy and stomped on his head. "Agnes, I told you the rules of the school before we even sent the application form." "Squawk! I'm still angry! Squawk!" said the Murkrow. "Well you can either calm down and stop hurting me, or you can spend more time in the ball. "row,Krow." said Agnes as she sat down in a huff. "So, is anyone gonna come wth me?" said Aaron.
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  34. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    Sierra headed to Appeal Class, Slush on her shoulder. She walked alone, having not introduced herself to anyone yet, or have anyone introduce themselves to her. Shrugging, she made her way the short distance through buildings. There was a boy with a Swablu and a Lileep heading there as well, and she shrugged again. Now was as good a time as any to make a friend. No point being tentative, she'd have to deal with all the people in her classes at one time or another. May as well make some friends early!

    "Hi!" she said, walking up to him. "I'm Sierra. What's your name?" She stuck out her hand to shake, a self-mocking grin present on her face.
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  35. Kitsune Kiara

    Kitsune Kiara Previously Keen Kitsune

    Aisha let out a smile as she watched Clovis and froakie interact. She had been lost in thought as others came up and introduced themselves. "Oh, I'm Aisha Frye," she added when she realized she had forgotten to introduce herself. She straightened up, pulling Clovis away just as he was about to punch. He didn't mean harm, she had learned that punching was how he released his curiosity. She would have to teach him not to punch everything he saw later. She turned to face Aaron when he spoke. After a moment she giggled. "We're standing right in front of the classroom," she said a smile on her face. "I'm sure they won't make us do anything major. After all, it is our first day. I do wonder what we'll do though," she muttered, her voice dropping as she vocalized a thought. She shook her head, and looked at the classroom. "You're right though, we shouldn't be late, let's go inside," she said. She waved towards the group, a non-verbal good to meet you before she headed inside. She sat down, finally setting Clovis down. He wobbled around for a moment, stunned before he recovered.
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  36. Beth followed the others inside and it seemed some introductions had began to be shared and well who was she if not to be polite enough to give her own greeting to this group? Beth smiled as Poppy and Celeste walked beside her into the room and once Aisha finished she decided to go next. "Well nice to meet you all. My name is Elizabeth Phoenix. Though you can call me Beth, and this is my partner Poppy..." Beth said, as she first introduced her Popplio as Poppy produced a water bubble and bounced it on her snout before she flipped and barked happily to the group as Beth turned to her Gothita next who perform a stylish spin as if to show her moves. "...and this is Celeste. I hope we get along well and we have a fun stay at this Academy together."
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  37. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    (Sorry y'all, I got held up for a bit)

    While Felix made his way towards Appeal Class, half way walking towards there, a student came up to him. Wasn't that hard to catch up to Felix though, considering the speed he was walking at with his Lileep. She looked quite recognizable. Felix's mind suddenly clicked and connected the dots. She was one of the students in his class for Pokemon Grooming. She had received a Goomy from the school. Her name was Sienna or something like that?

    The girl quickly introduced herself as Sierra. Close enough he supposed. It wasn't too far away from Sienna. Felix outstretched his arms, while still maintaining the walking speed he was going fro Lileep's sake. "I'm Felix, nice to meet you." He clasped her hand firmly, wanting to demonstrate a firm grasp and solid handshake. "Nice Goomy you got there," Felix said, remembering the Soft Tissue Pokemon she received. "But I'm pretty confident that my Lileep is better." He emphasized better to ooze off his confidence and engage some friendly competition between the two.

    Felix eventually made it to the school's contest hall. As he stepped through the double doors, he and other students were immediately greeted with a light spray of water where the light contrasting off it created a rainbow. "Welcome to Appeal Class everyone," the teacher up front said. She was quite young, perhaps in his middle 20's. Her brunette curls reached all the way to her shoulders and her peachy grin warmly welcomed everyone who had entered the contest hall. She clapped her hands twice and the rainbow effect stopped, revealing a female Jellicent descending from above, which also revealed that it was the cause for the special entrance the student's had received.

    It was abundantly clear that the teacher before them was Professor Aiyana. She didn't seem close to stopping anytime as she kept rambling on with her face paced talking. "Well, you all know me as Professor Aiyana, or Aiyana. Please don't use the professor or any higher up terms, I don't think I'm privileged to use those titles yet. Some students have called me Coach before and I'm perfectly fine with that, but again my first name is always feasible. Anyways, this is an Appeal Class, meaning you show off your Pokémon anyway you can, using props or your Pokémon's moves and what not."

    Felix tried to keep up with her, but she just goes on-and-on. Not that that is a bad thing of course, but it's kind of difficult to keep up. "Okay now that introductions from me are over, We're going to jump straight into it with student introductions. No need to dilly dally. It's going to be spontaneous, whoever wants to go can go first. A short contest appeal stage right here right now on this very stage, and at the end, you will introduce yourself to the class, got it?"

    Students murmured in agreement. "Alright, and let's get to it," Coach Aiyana said enthusiastically. "Who is first up?" Felix didn't want to go first so he held back a bit, wanting to watch what other's may do first before it was time for his introduction.
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  38. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    Sierra grinned at the boy, Felix, who seemed rather sure that his Lileep was better than her Goomy. Who she still had to come up with a good nickname for, come to think about it. She arrived in the contest hall and found herself in a cloud of rainbow mist. When the Jellicent came down, she whistled lowly. Nice, she thought to herself. I think Goomy should appeal to the Cute category, seeing as she’s already adorable. Then we need to find a move that would amplify her cuteness, and then... Her trail of thought went on for a while until she realized that the teacher had been speaking. She snapped to attention, feeling rather sheepish, but ready for anything.

    There were going to be contests? Sierra wasn’t ready for that yet! She didn’t even know all of Goomy’s moves, not to mention she didn’t know how to handle Pokémon of her own. Hopefully while other people went first, she’d be able to figure out some of Goomy’s moves and determine how to suggest a move without feeling like or coming across as a bossy jerk. She immediately began wracking her brain for everything she knew about the Soft Tissue Pokémon.
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  39. Picking his Froakie back up, Haruka nodded to Aaron's request to walk to class. He obviously had no other reason to stay behind at that point, he originally stayed back to have some peace and quiet, but now half the class were talking about him and his Zigzagoon.

    "Y-yeah, I think it's about time we go to class," Haruka said.
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  40. Aaron headed inside and listened to Coach Aiyana's "lengthy" introduction and he was almost about to fall asleep standing up as the words meshed together into unintelligible babble. He started to zone back in towards the end. "Shoot. My worst fears came true." Aaron thought to himself. "Jeez. I barely got the chance to look at Peppermint's moveset. Let's see, I know it's an ice and grass type so razor leaf would be a safe bet. And an ice block could make a neat base and a magical leaf would help with the finer details and give it a finish. I just need to make sure my idea will work." Aaron sent out Peppermint and knelt down an whispered his idea to his Snover. Snover nodded. "Coach Aiyana, I'll break the ice. Pun entirely intended." He said as he walked up to the center of the appeal stage.

    "Peppermint, first start off with Ice Shard!" commanded Aaron Snover held his hands in front of him as a ball of ice charged up. The ball of ice got bigger and bigger. It eventually turned into a large ice block. Snover threw it up in the air. "Peppermint, use Razor Leaf!" he said as the snover spun around as a barrage of sharp leaves cut the ice. "Finish it off with Magical Leaf" Another barrage of leaves surrounded the ice and once the leaves dissipated, a rose carved entirely out of ice appeared. "My name is Aaron Lockeheart..." he said as the ice rose crashed right in front of him. "and I wanna be a pokemon coordinator," he said as both Peppermint and Aaron stuck a pose.
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