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Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Sem, Apr 2, 2011.

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  1. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Sem yawned, staring up at the ceiling of his house as he lay in bed. It was dark out - glancing at his clock he saw that it was only two in the morning.

    Rolling out of bed, he made his way downstairs - his feet making no sound at all on the creaky steps. It paid being a Ghost-type sometimes. Sem appeared to be a purple creature with gems for eyes - a Sableye.

    He currently had a modern theme going on, having most of the set. He walked through the dark house, switching on his Modern Lamp and going to his Modern Wardrobe, he pulled out his Witch Hat - a designer hat he had purchased back during the Fall from Robinbells. He also pulled out a Night Sky Tee and slipped it on. the shirt went down to his knees, but it wasn't like they actually made more than one size of clothes. Everyone needed to be a certain way to fit into them properly.

    "How depressing," he muttered, closing the wardrobe and looking out the window. It was a clear night, and he could see Chadwyck's house a ways away. He made his way to the door, checking to see that he had everything he needed in his pockets. Before leaving he checked on Nebulus, his pet jellyfish. It floated as simply as it always did, but Sem smiled nonetheless, tapping the glass with a purple digit before turning off the lamp and leaving his house.

    Immediately before him was the vast and endless ocean. Sem lived on the beach, since he liked the beach. He liked the sound of it, and the way it looked right now under the moon and starlight. He turned around, looking his house over. He was on his second expansion, which was nice. It was incredibly small when he first got it. His roof was purple, and surrounding his house were several roses on the darker end of the color spectrum. Blue, purple, and black roses grew around his house, which was one of the few things he liked about Charming. Of course, he had to breed them and put them their himself. Up in the northwest corner of Charming were abandoned fields of red roses and fields of white roses, which were where he had grown them.

    Aside from that Charming was a dump. Hardly any trees, barely any flowers except in the northwest part of town. It was pretty fugly as far as he was concerned. Wartimer, the mayor, had finally realized this despite all his senility, and managed to get some people to move in and help make the place, well, you know, decent. Sem and Chadwyck were the only residents, and Chadwyck hadn't even been there for very long. Sem was pretty much the only villager for at least a year.

    He hoped the new villagers would be able to accomplish something, and Sem would probably help. He himself had done hardly anything to help fix the issue, as it was such a daunting task for someone to do on their own.

    Sighing a depressed sigh Sem trudged away from his house and made his way to the shop. He lived practically on the opposite side of town from the shop, which was sometimes annoying, since it was a long walk. Sooner or later Sem arrived at Pick n' Nick and walked in.
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  2. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Re: Pick n' Nick


    Sem arrived at Pick n' Nick and walked in. Don Nick, the owner of the store, was thankfully absent. Stocker, a Sneasel, ran the shop at night, and was much more enjoyable than that money-grabbing mob-boss Nick.

    "Yo," Stocker said as Sem walked in. Stocker sat in the corner as he usually did, not caring about his job and waiting for his shift to end, which was still several hours away. The Dark-type wore Nick's ugly uniform, which was a hideous green color with a four-leaf clover on the front. Sem shuddered, remembering when he had to temporarily wear one of those. He still had it for some strange reason, tucked away in some godforsaken corner of his Modern Wardrobe for when he needed to remind himself that his life could, indeed, be worse.

    "Hey," Sem replied, browsing through the store's meager selection. He picked up a random bag of flower seeds, perhaps in the hopes that the town would become, well, nice, very soon. After a few moments he realized that that was all he wanted and showed them to Stocker, handing over the 80 bells.

    "Thanks," Stocker said, tossing the money onto the counter and sitting back down. "You ready for the new people?"

    "I guess so," Sem said, stuffing the seeds into his pocket. "It'd be nice to put the 'Charm' into 'Charming'."

    "I hear ya," Stocker nodded. "Have a good one."

    "You too," Sem replied as he left the building.
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  3. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    After leaving the shop Sem made his way over to the Town Gate, looking around for a bit. Pulling out the seeds he had purchased, Sem walked over to a grassy spot by the bus stop and planted them, watching as yellow tulips suddenly appeared. Sem grimaced at the bright color of the tulips and then shrugged, hoping that they would be a happy enough site to welcome the new residents to town. Reaching into his pockets he pulled out a Silver Watering Can - his reward for buying so many freaking red roses from Nick's shop. He bent down and watered the flowers before putting the tool away.

    With a wave to Sherriff and Popo, the town guards, Sem made his way home.
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  4. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry


    After a while of walking, the Linoone reached the first home, that of Sem, a Sableye. A beachfront home had to be expensive, and part of Rex wanted to return to his old ways and see if there were a few Bells lying around he could 'part' the Pokemon with. However, he managed to hold himself from that, and, with a sigh, knocked on the Sableye's front door, then sticking his hands in the pockets of his pants, wondering why he hadn't changed out of the ugly shirt Nick had given him.
  5. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    "New villagers today, yeah right," Sem muttered, making his way down river towards the ocean. "Why would anyone move here? Why did I move here?" he asked himself, unable to answer the question. He had been out doing errands, not that there were very many of those to do. Sem was technically on his way back from The Coop, where he had had a nice cup of coffee - another of the few perks for living in Charming.

    Coming to the bridge, he spotted a figure outside of his home. "Oh gods..." Sem thought. "What's Windle doing here? It's not even Sunday." The Buizel-insurance-salesman was one of the few visitors he actually got. "Maybe I should go the other way..." he muttered, beginning to turn right as he crossed the bridge before realizing that the figure at his door wasn't Windle.

    Sem just kind of stopped then and stared at the individual, spotting the hideous Work Uniform he was wearing. "Oh, just new inmate in the jail of Charming," he said, not realizing the actual relevancy of his comment. Adjusting his hat a bit he made his way over.

    "Didn't think we'd get any of the new people today," he said as he approached the stranger. "Hope you weren't waiting out here too long - I'm Sem," the Sableye introduced himself.
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  6. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry


    It took an ungodly amount of time, but eventually the Sableye made his appearance. He hadn't even been home, out doing something when he finally came across Rex at the door to his home. He made some light conversation, Rex generally looking sour in return.

    "If it was my choice, I wouldn't be here right now," the Linoone muttered, "I'm Rex, and as of today I'm beginning a minimum of a year of slave labor, or 'Community Service', as they're calling it. The shop owner wanted me to meet you and the other resident of this town."
  7. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    "If it was my choice, I wouldn't be here right now," the new resident replied, looking not all that nicely at Sem.

    Sem just sort of stared for a moment straight-faced. "Well, you'll fit right in then," he replied before having to listen to the guy talk about the reason he was here. Apparently he was a criminal.

    "Pleasure to meet you, Rex," Sem said. "It'll be nice having a murderer around. The cliffs aren't high enough for me to do it myself," he joked in his typical dark-dry humor. "I should probably welcome you to town with something..." he muttered, digging through his pockets. "Here's a, uh, squid I caught earlier..." he said, handing Rex the creature. "You could keep it as a pet or sell the poor thing for money towards your mortgage," the latter is more logical.
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  8. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    "Yeah, I'd help, but I don't think my parole officer would be much happy with me getting my hands on a weapon," Rex replied.

    The man handed him a squid in a nice sized tank, claiming it was a welcoming gift. He went on to say that he could keep the thing as a pet, or sell it to Nick to pay for his mortgage.

    "Wait, mortgage?" the Linoone frowned, placing the Squid in his own pocket, "Nick didn't say anything about a mortgage."
  9. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    "Nick never says anything about the mortgage," Sem replied darkly. "The guy is a leech, and he will suck you so dry you'll wish that that was an innuendo."

    Sem turned around, beginning to water his assortment of dark-colored roses. "Since it's only your first mortgage it'll only be a bit less than 20,000 bells. You should be grateful - I wish mine were that cheap."
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  10. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    "20,000 Bells!? For the little shack he gave me!?" Rex sputtered, "I have to work on fixing this shit hole up for the Sheriff, how in hell am I to make 20,000 Bells?"

    He knew there was some reason he didn't like Nick, but he had never thought that the Zigzagoon would try and two-time a convicted criminal. He really wanted to put the Pokemon in its place now, but if he violated parole, he'd go back to jail with an even larger sentence.
  11. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Sem just sort of eyed Rex out of the corner of his eye, watching the expressions on his face. "Maybe he actually IS a murderer," he thought to himself.

    "Twenty thousand is nothing once you get going," Sem explained. "You could pull it off through a couple days of fishing, and sell most everything you find. The man will buy anything, not just souls." Sem moved over to his coconut tree sapling, checking it to see if it was still doing all right. He had been fortunate to find a coconut on the beach the other day, and he planted it post-haste.

    "Once you pay it off he'll get you a bigger house," Sem continued. "And a bigger mortgage..."
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  12. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    "Having a bigger home would be nice though," the Linoone frowned, "You saying twenty thousand is nothing? Wow, inflation must of hit this place hard."

    Rex sighed, and crossed his arms, "Anyway, perhaps I should be on my way, have another person to visit before I can change out of this shitty shirt."
  13. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Sem chuckled. "You have to do more than that to get out of that shirt," he said. "Nice meeting you, Rex. See you around." Sem waved. He stood there for a moment before deciding to pay a visit to the tailors. With a sigh he made his way there.
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  14. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry


    The Linoone hurried up to the door to Sem's home and pounded on it. His hopes for a quick delivery sank almost as quickly as they had arose. After how long Rex had had to wait to even meet the Sableye, he very much doubted this would go any quicker. The Linoone pushed himself again the wall of the Sableye's home in a pointless attempt to escape the falling water, grumbling to himself. At this rate, he was going to get a cold.
  15. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    "I'm so loving this rain," Sem said as he trudged through town, twirling his Spider Umbrella. Rain tended somewhat clear away his normally morbid moods. Somewhat. Sem was just getting back from some more errands, which included checking on his special tree in some hidden part of town. He tried not to think about it, in-case a Psychic were to pluck the information from his mind. Of course, Psychics could never read him. He had found this out when he visited Sybil in the city for the first time.

    "I see nothing in your future," she had said. "I can only see darkness."

    "Yes, I know
    that," was the Sableye's response. "But I want specifics! Just how dark and bleak is my future?"

    As Sem neared the bridge by his home he admired how wonderful his dark-colored roses looked in the rain around his house. The Sableye spotted Chad fishing out in front of his house, no doubt in search of that fish. As Sem was about to go inside his house he caught a glimpse of something huddling against the side of his home. Slowly craning his head out, he saw Rex, looking like death out in the rain.

    "Now how long were you waiting for me?" Sem asked. "I should just give you a key at this rate. Come in, come in," he beckoned, going inside his house. "Did you need something?" he asked the Linoone as he closed the door.
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  16. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    OOC: For the sake of the RP I'm going to auto Rex a tiny bit. If Rex has a problem with it he can tell me when he gets on.

    It wasn't long after he had invited Rex in that the Linoone had fallen asleep on Sem's Modern Sofa. "I hope he hadn't been waiting that long out in the rain," he thought to himself. "Maybe he's sick," he thought. It was definite possibility. Sem checked and Rex didn't appear to have a temperature going. "Maybe it just hasn't set in yet... or he's not sick," he considered, deciding to leave Rex be. It could have been that he was simply exhausted from a murder spree or whatever he had gone on earlier that day. He wondered if that human was still alive.

    Sem spent the next few hours organizing his wardrobe and other storage containers, figuring out if there was anything he wanted to throw out or sell back to Nick. Eventually he decided that there was nothing he was willing to part with. Rex was still out, so Sem figured it would be a good idea to drop by the shop for some medicine. He wanted to get out of the house at least.

    Donning his Witch's Hat and grabbing his Spider Umbrella Sem left the light on and the door unlocked, in case the Linoone got up while Sem was gone. Humming the tune of ZZ Emo to himself, he made his way north, towards the shop.
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  17. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Rex shot up to a sitting position, surprisingly dry and inside a rather nice home. He had been laying on a sofa. How had he gotten here? The Linoone stood, and wander over to the door, cracking it open and looking out. The scenery outside, said he was in Sem's house. The rain still hadn't let up. How exactly had he gotten in? Today seriously wasn't his day for keeping track of everything.

    The Linoone took a seat back on the sofa, making sure to close the door as he went back. If he was in Sem's house, he might as well wait until Sem returned to give him that god damn CD Player. He actually wasn't feeling too good. Who knew how long he'd been standing in that rain. The Linoone coughed a few times, making sure to cover his mouth as to not get germs everywhere. This was not his day.
  18. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Re: Pick n' Nick


    With a jingle of the door to announce his arrival, Sem walked into the shop, shaking off his umbrella. "Heya, Stocker," he half-heartedly waved.

    "Hey Sem, lurking about as usual I see?" the Sneasel replied.

    Sem briefly flashed his white teeth before beginning to peruse about the store. That was when he noticed the other person in the store. It was a small creature, even smaller than Sem. It was an Oshawott, currently writing furiously.

    His memory flashed back to last night, where Mr.RMA mentioned something about an Oshawott. "Our one orange tree isn't going to be enough to feed all of us anymore," the Sableye muttered to Stocker. "You must be another one of the new people," Sem said, walking over to the Oshawott. "I'm Sem - nice to meet you."
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  19. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Re: Pick n' Nick

    "I'm typically up pretty late, yeah," Sem said, shaking RX's hand. "Plus, Stocker's much more pleasant than him," Sem spat the word. He caught an accent in RX's words, meaning that the Oshawott was a foreigner, which was pretty neat.

    Glimpsing at the sheet RX was writing on, and the shirt he was wearing, Sem figured that RX was hard at work paying off his debt. Poor soul. Another one stuck in the system of death and despair. So young too.
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  20. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Re: Pick n' Nick

    "Yes, well, he has to try to appear friendly and homely to the mayor. Plus he loves his money - he'll do anything to get it, even if he has a monopoly over the entire town," Sem explained.

    "Anyway, it was nice to meet you," he continued. "I need to pick up some medicine - one of the new guys collapsed in my house." Walking over, Sem picked up a bag of medicine, dropping Stocker the money. As Sem was about to leave, hearing the rain still pouring, and noticing that RX didn't seem to have an umbrella.

    "Here," Sem said, handing the Oshawott 160 bells. "Go next door and get yourself an umbrella. I'll see you around." The Sableye waved to RX and Stocker and left.
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  21. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Close to two in the morning Sem returned to his home, going quicker than he usually did. He didn't want Rex to have left already. He wanted Rex to see how nice he was being, bringing him medicine. "Friends with the murderer, friends with the murderer," he said to himself. To be honest he was also doing it because he actually did have a soul, contrary to popular, meaning Chad's, opinion. Though somewhere in Chad's mind he knew Sem had a heart. It was just fun to act like he didn't.

    The lights where still on, and Sem walked in a few moments later. Rex was up, sitting on the couch and waiting still. "Why is he always waiting for me?" Sem asked himself, feeling a bit guilty. His subtly darted his eyes about the room. Everything seemed to still be there. He would check his storage places later.

    "You're up," Sem commented as he walked in. "You kind of died on me, so I brought you some meds in case you weren't feeling well..."
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  22. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Where exactly was this Sableye? It had been hours since Rex awoke in Sem's place. The Linoone had had trouble refraining from trying to take something. God knew he needed the money.

    It took an incredibly long time, but eventually Sem did come back, with a bottle of medicine. Rex coughed again, the nodded hello to the Sableye.

    "Yeah, was waiting for hours, so the rain kind of got to me," the Linoone frowned. After a moment, he took the four leaf clover out of his pocket and held it out for the Sableye. "Here, Nick asked me to deliver this."
  23. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    "Yessss my CD Player," Sem said, taking the clover. He walked over to his Modern Desk and threw the leaf on top, where it inexplicably became said music device. Walking over to his old and worn out Tape Deck Sem removed the various tracks he had from inside the thing and put them in the CD Player, sighing contentedly as music flowed cleanly and softly from the speakers.

    "Thanks a lot, Rex. Though, I'm sorry this pretty much took up your whole day," Sem told him. "... Oh gods... I hope I didn't leave my axe somewhere he could find it..." Thinking quickly, Sem continued speaking. "Uh, you can crash here for the night if you like so that your cold doesn't get worse," Sem explained. "But if you insist on going home you should at least take my umbrella." Sem handed the Spider Umbrella to the Linoone. "I've got others lying around, so it's no problem for me."
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  24. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    "Doesn't matter, as long as I get the work done Nick and my parole officer should be happy," the Linoone frowned, "I think I'll take you up on that offer, if it isn't a bother."

    The Linoone accepted the umbrella and put it into his still rather small inventory. If he was getting free stuff, he wouldn't complain, no matter how odd said item looked.

    "The weather looking any better, or is it coming down just as hard as it was all day?" Rex asked.
  25. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    "Just as hard," Sem answered. "But it should clear up by morning." He quickly began rummaging through his wardrobe, seeing if he had anything suitable for Rex to sleep in besides the couch. "There's the bed that creepy Cacturne gave me last October..." he thought to himself. He pulled out a four-leaf clover that could've been the bed in question. Sem didn't actually know for sure. The magical clovers couldn't have magical labels, no, that would be too convenient.

    Hoping that it wasn't actually something huge that would blow up his house, he tossed it onto the ground, where in less than a second there was now a rather hideous orange bed with purple covers. "Why didn't I sell this? he wondered as he shoved it to one of the walls.

    "I hope this'll do," Sem said as he turned around. "Bed or couch, your choice. I'm going to bed myself, so... make yourself at home and I hope you feel better." Sem waved goodnight as he quite silently made his way up the creaky wooden steps, into the attic where his bed was. The next day would prove interesting, since there were obviously new people in town. Perhaps tonight he wouldn't pray for a meteor to crash into his house.
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  26. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    "Yeah, thanks," the Linoone called as the Sableye made his way up the stairs.

    Rex took one look at the hideous orange bed and decided he'd sleep on the couch. With a sigh, the Linoone laid back down on the couch, and closed his eyes. He'd get some sleep, and leave early in the morning when had either stopped or slowed. No doubt Nick wanted him to suffer more tomorrow.
  27. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry


    Rex awoke the next morning, and sat up on the sofa. The sound of rain no longer reached his ears, which meant it was time to get going. He crept over to the door, and slowly opened it. The Linoone was greeted by a fog. With a sigh, he exited the home, closing the door behind him. It was time to go back to work.
  28. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Sem has woken up rather late as usual, and had proceeded to spend most of the day going through all of his stuff, just so that he knew what it was he had exactly in his possession. He wasn't quite as poor as he though when it was all said and done, which was past at 1 in the morning.

    Deciding he really only had his old Tape Deck to sell, Sem stuffed it into his pocket and prepared to go out for the evening. Getting out of his over-priced Bathrobe, which was purchased at Robinbells, the Sableye slipped into a Deep blue Tee and once again donned his trademark Witch's Hat.

    It was night out, as usual whenever Sem left his house. The fog had vanished quite a while ago, and the night was clear. The Coconut Tree he had planted in front of his home was now fully grown. "Huh," Sem muttered, looking at it and peering up at the two coconuts. Grabbing both sides of the tree, Sem shook as hard as he could, which wasn't quite hard enough. Sem wasn't the biggest Pokemon out there. After a minute of useless shaking Sem took out his Golden Shovel and beat the tree with it. The coconuts fell without much fuss. Grumbling, Sem took one and walked to the other side of his house, plunging his shovel into the ground and digging a hole. Dropping the coconut inside, Sem covered it up and a small sapling promptly shot up.

    Putting away the shovel he took out his Silver Watering Can and watered the sapling, along with the rest of his dark garden while he was at it. Once he was done he ran back inside and grabbed a piece of Ocean Paper, stuffing it in his pocket along with the spare coconut. As he walked away he was reminded of his special tree, and remembered that he needed to go check up on it. Deciding to do so now, he backtracked, going back across the bridge and past his house, then Chad's house. Making his way north he eventually passed Rex's house and reached the northwestern corner of Charming, past his dying fields of red and white roses.

    Sem saw the tree, it was fully grown, and there were what appeared to be money bags on it. "It honestly can't be," Sem thought to himself. "My life isn't allowed to not suck..." Still, this was the kind of place where burying a shovel for a day turned it into gold. Stocker had been the one who told him of the rumor of money trees. Perhaps this was a prank, and the Sneasel had placed empty bags on the tree. Or worse. Had found it and stolen his money.

    Sem ran up to the tree, mercilessly attacking it with his shovel until the bags fell from the branches with heavy thuds onto the ground. Looking around, Sem quickly bent down and opened one of the bags, and almost died, but then for once he wouldn't have wanted to.


    That was a lot of money. Were they real? Sem picked up a single Bell and examined it. It seemed real enough. The bag contained smaller bags of 1,000 Bells. Counting them all, Sem realized there were thirty of them, which was the amount he had originally planted. He figured if it was a scam then it didn't matter too much, since he would've been expecting it and would make up the money again eventually. Still, he never thought his hopes would actually come true.

    Checking the other bags, Sem counted 90,000 in total. "Fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff-" Realizing that this was the perfect way to make money, Sem replanted one of the bags, putting the remaining 60,000 into his wallet.

    The Sableye quite happily sang ZZ Ev as he walked to the shop.
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  29. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Re: Pick n' Nick


    Walking in, Sem went over to Stocker immediately and hugged the Sneasel more tightly than Sem had ever hugged anyone, even his mother. "I love you," Sem said in a quivering voice.

    "... I didn't realize you felt so strongly about me," Stocker replied a bit nervously as he patted Sem's back, unsure whether to use sarcasm or not. "Nice to see you too?"

    "It worked!" Sem said, pulling away and mindlessly pacing around the store. "Your thing about the money tree, by some witchcraft it worked!"

    "... Really?" was Stocker's response. The Sneasel didn't actually believe it was true. It was a popular rumor. "You were desperate enough to try it?"

    "What?" Sem asked, not quite catching what the Sneasel said.

    "Nothing, err, congrats?" Stocker said. "How much did you rake in?"

    "Ffffffffffffffffffffffrickin' 90,000 bells," the Sableye replied. "I planted 30,000 again so that I can get more. I'm so set for life, no joke. You should totally try it."

    "I work for Don Nick - I don't have 30,000 bells, and I'd rather not bury my life's savings in the ground."

    "Your loss," Sem chimed, waving around a fat bag of 30,000 bells. The Sneasel flashed a covetous glance at the bells, seeming to be an entirely different person for a brief moment. "Anyway," Sem continued, not noticing the disturbing change. "I'm here to sell this," he said, producing his old Tape Deck.

    "... Is that the piece of crap that came with your house?" Stocker asked with a raised brow, taking it an examining it.

    "The very same."

    "I can give you 175 Bells for it," Stocker said.

    "Sure, whatever," Sem replied, really not caring.

    Stocker handed Sem the pitiful amount of money and stashed the old device somewhere. "You going to go put that on your debt then?"

    "Ffffffff yes," Sem said. "I'm hoping it gives ol' Nick a heart attack. Wouldn't that be nice?"

    "One can dream..."

    "Anyway, I'm going to head to the Town Hall. See ya, Stocker. Stay beautiful." With that Sem left, leaving the Sneasel feeling a bit awkward.
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  30. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Re: ABD Machine


    Sem walked into the Town Hall and was immediately greeted with Pepper's glare. Sem wasn't about to be put down though. "Good evening you cranky old spinster," he greeted.

    "Get out of my building, you skank," she snapped back.






    "Call boy."


    The two stared at each other for a long moment, before Pepper sighed her typical I-hate-my-life sigh. "What do you want? So that I can help you, so that you can leave and get back to whoring yourself out to Blabbers. You know how lonely he gets."

    Sem sort of felt himself wither inside at the mention of the over-talkative Hoothoot. The idea of any sort of relationship with the owl made Sem want to cry. Well, more than usual.

    "Just throwing 60,000 at my debt," Sem said, walking over to the ABD machine. "I don't even need your help - so you can go back to chatting on your questionable chatrooms."

    "I didn't know that fat owl paid that much," she said snidely.

    Pulling up his account, Sem dumped the money into the machine, cutting his remaining mortgage more than half. Before he left he made sure to write the letter he was meaning to send.
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  31. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

  32. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
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    Re: Post Office


    "Just kidding, I do need to send a letter. My coconut tree matured today, so I'm mailing Chadwyck a spare," he explained.

    "Please, do tell me more. I find your 'life' so interesting," Pepper replied, throwing a pen at Sem.

    Pulling the Ocean Paper out of his pocket, Sem quickly wrote the letter.

    Dear Chad,
    Since I value your friendship, which I know only stays alive through the gifts we send each other, I present you with this coconut. Don't eat it.
    Loathingly yours,

    He really did need to tell Chadwyck not to eat it. It was quite tempting, considering the only thing to eat was oranges. It was fairly accurate to say that Sem had grown accustomed to not eating at all anymore.

    "Here," he passed the letter to Pepper after stuffing the coconut inside. The Pelipper took it and carelessly tossed it aside.

    "Now get out," she said.

    "Yes, ma'am," Sem replied, taking his leave. "Have a good remainder of you shift, my sweet Jezebel."

    No one would ever be able to tell that Pepper and Sem were friends. Sort of.
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    Sem stared at his blinking mailbox, indicating that he had mail. He realized that having more villagers in town meant that he would get mail much more often. Opening it, he pulled out a single letter addressed to him and read it.

    Come to Pick N' Nick, the only shopping center for miles. We have everything that you could ever need to survive in a 'dreamy' small town! Pick N' Nick, because where the hell else are you to go?

    It was from Rex, part of his part-time work. "Well isn't this special..." Sem muttered, stuffing the letter away. He actually did mean to head to the shop, so the letter was a nice reminder. Since it was day time and Sem wanted to shake up his appearance a bit, he had on a Paperboy Cap, along with a Leaf Shirt.

    Sem began the long walk up north to the shop, passing tree stumps and fields of weeds. Going along the river he passed the house with the navy-colored roof. It looked different somehow. Someone had probably moved in there too. He obviously still had people to meet, which was something to look forward to.

    After a few more minutes Sem walked into Pick n' Nick.
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    Re: Pick n' Nick


    "Ah, hello there, Sem," Nick said as Sem entered the shop. The Sableye inwardly cringed at the sound of the Zigzagoon's voice.

    "Hello, Nick," Sem replied, feigning pleasantness.

    "I noticed that huge some of money you dropped on your mortgage last night," he commented. He was always sure to use the word 'mortgage'. 'Debt' sounded much too sinister. "How did you get that kind of money so quickly?"

    "I have my ways," Sem answered.

    "Let me in on it and I'll cut you a deal," Nick half-joked, yet there was a sort of glint in his eye.

    "I'd sooner kill myself," Sem said dryly. Due to the nature of Sem's humor it was sometimes difficult to discern whether or not he was being serious. Right now he was serious. He swore to never tell Nick the secret of the magical money trees. Nick knowing would herald the end of the world, and Sem couldn't have that, not unless it was him ending the world.

    The Zigzagoon chuckled. "Secret, eh? No matter - I'll find out one way or another..."

    "Please don't break my kneecaps," Sem thought as he looked through the shop's selection. There really was nothing he wanted. Why did he even want to come here again? Perhaps it was to check whether or not Nick DID have that heart attack. Obviously not. "Drat."

    "I'll just take the flower seeds," Sem said, giving the Normal-type 80 Bells.

    "Oh? Finally getting off your lazy bum?" Nick asked as he took the money.

    Sem shot him a glare. "Yes, now that there's actually other people in town. I would've died trying to pretty up this place on my own - and then you'd be out a couple hundred thousand bells. My 'laziness' has saved you money,"

    "Hmph, how clever," Nick mused. "I suppose you're right then..."

    "And now I'll take my leave," Sem said. "May the gods continue bless you and your fine establishment and rain down a righteous fire to smite you and your wickedness.

    "What was that?"

    "Have a good day," Sem chimed, sprinting away after closing the door.
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    Re: The Coop


    "I almost missed him tonight..." Sem muttered under his breath as he entered the Coop. He was greeted with a nod from Baristo, the Tranquill and owner of the cafe.

    The Tranquil' could've said hello, but Sem wouldn't have been able to hear it anyway. There was too much loudness coming from the stage, where a Houndoom was currently rocking out pretty hard, screaming into the mic.

    Sem had been fishing all day, and had caught nothing worth noting. It was a whole day wasted. One plus though was seeing ZZ, who had recently broke into a new genre that Sem was totally into. He walked over to a small table, where ZZ had set up pirated copies of all of his own music. The people at his record label had no idea that ZZ did this every weekend, and if they did they would probably throw a fit and rain some sort of hell and destroy Charming.

    "Maybe I should tell them..." Sem thought as he sorted through the tracks, searching for the one he wanted. Finally he spotted it: Club ZZ. "Yessss..." Sem said, though no one could have heard him. With a wave at the Houndoom Sem walked over to the counter and sat himself on a stool.

    He was wearing his Paperboy Cap and a Fish-Bone Shirt, the latter of which was probably why he didn't catch anything. The Bird-Pokemon practically put his ear up against Sem's face so that he could hear the Sableye say, "Make me the usual, except make it a bit 'special' if you catch my drift."

    With a silent nod Baristo got to work. Sem tossed 300 bells onto the counter - 100 more than what a normal cup of coffee cost, since he was definitely not drinking a normal cup of coffee. As Sem waited he placed his head face-down on the counter as ZZ began winding down for the night.
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    "Bluuuuuuuuh," Sem moaned from up in the attic. He just laid in bed, staring at his ceiling, trying to gather up his thoughts as well as his memories.

    "What time is it... he wondered. The attic had no window for some reason. A sole light bulb was the only source of light at all times. Moaning again he crawled out of bed, dragging himself across the floor to the wall. He felt like he had been dead and brought back to life. His limbs felt odd, like he had never used them before.

    Pulling himself up the wall, he flicked on the light and trudged very slowly back to the other side of the small room, over to where his clock was. He hoped he would still be able to catch Agnes, the local turnip distributor. He had decided he wanted to have a crack at selling a red turnip. Checking his clock, he was forced to do several takes. It wasn't Sunday. It wasn't even Monday. It was Tuesday, and only for the next few minutes as the hour hovered close to midnight.

    "Oh my gods..." he uttered, falling back on his bed. "What happened to me..." He desperately tried to pull up what he last remembered. He had gone to see ZZ, and ordered special coffee. I remembered staying even after ZZ had left, busy mulling over his pitiful life as he sat there drinking his coffee. And then...

    "Oh gods."

    HE had come down. Blabbers. Blabbers had taken a seat directly next to Sem, and so began the Sableye's brief trip to Hell. The Hoothoot would not for the death of Sem stop talking about fish. He just kept talking. And talking. And talking. And Sem simply kept drinking. And drinking. And drinking. And then eventually Celia came down too and began talking about stars! She was speaking some sort of rubbish about making her own constellations. What a twit. Who did she think she was? Did she even go to a university? Obviously not, or she wouldn't be stuck here, in Charming.

    Everything was a big blur after that, though he did remember one last thing. It was Pepper's smug face, or at least he was pretty sure it was smug - he was looking at her upside down for some reason. He must've literally been there all night because if she was there that meant she had gotten off of her shift.

    "Oh, taking Sem home?" she asked the Hoothoot.

    "Goodness gracious, yes," the blasted owl replied eagerly. "He doesn't seem to be doing so well, the poor fellow. I'm going to escort him home and put him to bed."

    "Is that what they're calling it now?" she replied under her breath.

    "Eh, wot?"

    "Oh nothing, tell him I wish him the best," she said, shooting Sem a dark look as he continued to gaze at her upside-down.
    Sem figured that he was being carried, because he then noticed that everything was upside down.

    "Eat rafflesia, you soulless old bat," Sem said in a pleasant tone. "There's some sort of useless item for you in that item-chest-sphere-thing over there," he said, pointing at nothing in particular.

    He had obviously driven himself senseless thanks to the idiotic ramblings of the Hoothoot siblings. And by driven he meant drank. Still, that didn't explain why he was waking up three days later...

    Deciding to just throw himself down the stairs instead of descend them normally, Sem stumbled into his main living area. Everything seemed to be in order, though he did spy a note taped to his door.

    Dearest Sem
    Just letting you know that I brought you home from The Coop. You had drank yourself silly! You should be more careful you know. Do be more careful with your health.

    Sem had recently come to the conclusion that he couldn't die anyway, being part Ghost. What a nice joke the universe had played on him. He continued reading.

    One last thing. You were starting to act a bit ill by the time we arrived to your house, though I have an explanation: I had set you down by the big pond on the way home, because I had forgotten something back at the museum and ran back to get it. I may have taken a bit longer than I realized, but I did hurry back! Anyway, by the time I returned you weren't anywhere to be found, but then I looked, and saw that you had somehow rolled yourself into the pond and were floating face-down in it! I was very worried! I pulled you out with all speed, not daring to just stand by and let you sleep with the fishes! I pulled you out, and you still seemed to be breathing, but you were shivering. To be on the safe side I preformed the necessary procedures to ensure your survival and brought you home. I tucked you in and left some medicine by your bed. Hope you're feeling better if you're reading this!


    Sem couldn't help but cringe at the last few lines. He tried not to think about what "necessary procedures" meant. Now it all made sense. He had contracted some terrible bird-disease from the owls and had been bedridden.

    The Sableye did find it amusing that he had tried to drown himself, even in his intoxicated state. Of course, the fact that he was still alive and well only further confirmed his immortality, or undeadness, or whatever you may call it.

    "Oh why couldn't it have worked?" he whined to himself. "Now I have to eventually see those people again." He was particularly not looking forward to his next chat with Pepper. The only obvious thing to do was only go to the Town Hall during the day. Pippy was pleasant and non-judgmental. And he would simply never have to set foot in the museum ever again.

    Sighing, Sem put a hand on his head and looked down at himself, realizing he wasn't even still in the same clothes. He had his nice Bathrobe wrapped around him. "Oh gods..." he half-cried as he raced to the shower.
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