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Ask to Join Secrane Region! Adventures Await.

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by MysticalBreeze2, Aug 12, 2019.

  1. https://pokecharms.com/threads/secrane-region-adventures-await-discussion.21352/ Discussion and signup thread.

    Brielle was relaxing on a pool float at Alryne Waterpark as her Pokemon were either basking in the sun or were in the water with her. She’d often go here to cool off and have some fun, usually after gym battles. She looked at the sky, darkened because of her sunglasses, and rested her forearm on her forehead. There was a lot of splashing, and it was mostly because of children doing splash fights or anything upon those lines. Flinging her legs over the side of her float, Brielle got up and out of the water, sitting in one of the chairs that were put out, smiling as her Pokémon played happily in the waves. It was about 10:00 AM, and Brielle planned to go back very soon because of battling, and spotted her Pokémon. “Hey! Time to go back, guys!” They all turned their heads to look at her and quickly got out of the pool.

    When they headed out, Brielle went straight for her apartment. It was a nice one, but not like one of those luxurious penthouse-sized celebrity ones. Brielle decided to make herself some food, and afterwards head downtown to the park that she enjoyed going to. Heating up some spaghetti and meatballs she made the previous night, she scarfed her lunch down and went outside to go to the park. Instead of using her motorcycle, Brielle decided to bike there. Riding to her destination, she greeted a lot of people along the way. When she finally arrived, Brielle let out her Pokémon to take a walk around the trail.


    Santino woke up a bit late that morning. Leaping out of the bed, he went to one of the bathrooms and brushed his teeth. After he got dressed, Santino grabbed his backpack and exited the Pokécenter. Santino, at the moment, was in Celdara City to try and challenge the gym leader. He had heard that she was pretty tough, but Santino figured he’d give a shot at it and if he failed, went to another gym. Santino wanted a challenge for starters, instead of something practically easy. Santino decided to watch and learn, as a nearby battle was going on between two strangers. This battlefield was down below a rock wall on all sides, and on top of the walls were railings so you didn’t fall in, and there were stairs to get down and back up. Smiling, he watched from above the railing as the battle between Carracosta and Luxio raged on.
  2. Aaron sleeped peacefully. Soon after he felt a warm light warm touch. He woke up to find Carmen in severe distress. "Twick! Twick!" cried Carmen. "What's wrong Carmen!?" Said Aaron. Carmen pointed at Venari chasing a very scared Lilac around while pecking. Aaron ran over and restrained Venari. "Calm-rghh down Venari" said Aaron as the Rowlet started thrashing around in his arms. Rowlet calmed down and flapped over to an empty treat bowl. "Ooh, that's the problem." "Alright, here's the plan. Lilac we'll take you to the front desk for your scratches. While you get treated, we'll get more treats. Also Lilac you'll get no treats tonight." Said Aaron. All 3 pokemon agreed then returned to their pokeballs. Aaron changed out of his pajamas into his normal outfit.

    Aaron walked to the front desk of the Pokemon center. "Good afternoon Aaron. Did you sleep late by accident again?". Aaron blushed embarrassingly. "Yeah, sorry. Would you please take care of Lilac?" "Aww, did she eat Venari's food again?" "Yeah." Said Aaron as he handed Nurse Joy his pokeball. "Also, today is your day off, if you forgot." "Oh right. Well, see you later." Aaron walked outside and next to the area around the battlefield. On the railing there was a messy haired freckeled guy. Watching the battle. "Oh hello! I'm Aaron. Are you new to this town?"
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  3. Anomaletix

    Anomaletix Previously Keet

    James had been walking around Azura Town with his Froslass, Lady Boo and his Metagross, Metabee. "It's been a bit since the last challenger... maybe I should go to the cafe and have some coffee." He yawned, and headed over to the cafe to get a drink, putting his Froslass in its pokeball.

    During his time in the cafe, he realized that he hadn't visited any of the towns in a long time. "I should do that... since I got the job it's been hard to have some free time." he thought. James sipped his coffee, still going through the plan in his head.
  4. ThatWeirdOne

    ThatWeirdOne Previously ThatOnePerson

    Oswald stepped outside of his house, his mother calling out to him from inside. "Have fun, alright Ozzy?" She called out, smiling at him. Ozzy just sighed and nodded. "I'll try.." He replied, walking towards the way out. He wanted to go to one of the nearest routes to catch some more pokemon.. even though he didn't really want to. His Rockruff, Rocky, followed him out. He shut the door and looked down at the pokemon. "Um.. ready to go?" He uncomfortably asked. The Rockruff barked and jumped in joy, seeming excited for the adventure ahead of them. The male slightly smiled at how happy the pokemon was, but quickly turned away to start walking.
  5. Sarah had woken up early to get her morning run around town. Her brother Tyler always took the time to run with her. Their two eeveelutions followed behind the two. They were always ready to work off some energy in the mornings. Tyler had his long blond hair pulled into a ponytail. His sister had done the same. "So Sarah you ready to face the next gym challengers today? Also do you have any plans for the showcase the gym is going to host this month?" Tyler had no trouble keeping up with his older sister at all. He quite enjoyed their morning runs. Umbre and Rose both enjoyed being out in the fresh air. It reminded them of their home in Kanto. That is why Sarah had chosen this location over others. "Yeah I have a few ideas for it. We have a couple of days to get everything ready. The town already has signs up for the closing of the gym for it and everything. I can not wait to see some of the new coordinators do with the theme. You going to compete this year Ty?" Sarah asked her brother. "I don't Sarah. I do not want to think the only reason I am competing is because my sister is the gym leader. Heaven forbid if I actually won. They would hate me thinking it was rigged so I will sit this out. Though I could be convinced to work with the gym trainers and you for the intermission show if you want."
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  6. Santino turned around, reluctantly taking his glued eyes off of the battlefield. “Yeah, this is my first time in Celdara, actually. What about you?” He stood up straight, instead of his slouched position. Looking at the battlefield, he saw that the Luxio had lost the match. It must’ve been the last round, because the two trainers shook hands and exited the battlefield. “This is one of the nicer battlefields! Let’s battle!” Santino declared, pumping a fist in the air.
  7. ThatWeirdOne

    ThatWeirdOne Previously ThatOnePerson

    Ozzy walked towards Malburgh Forest, stepping into the wooded area and looking around. "Doesn't seem so bad.. maybe being a trainer won't be so hard after all," He said to himself, taking a few more steps in. His Rockruff followed close behind, cautiously looking around. Suddenly, a wild Rattata jumped out of a bush from in front of him, looking ready for a battle. "Look Rocky! A pokemon!" He called out, taking out his pokedex and scanning it. After learning about it, he quickly took out a pokeball and threw it at the Rattata, it sucking the pokemon into the ball. It landed on the ground and shook for a moment before freezing.. then releasing the angry Rattata back out. "Hey! Why did it not work?" He asked nobody as the pokemon charged up to him. "Ah! Rocky use tackle on the Rattata!" Ozzy quickly told his partner, backing up from the wild pokemon. His partner nodded and ran towards the other pokemon, hitting it with his body. The Rattata quickly ran away from the two, not wanting to fight anymore. He sighed slightly and continued walking.
  8. Anomaletix

    Anomaletix Previously Keet

    James had finished his coffee, and returned Metabee. He looked at the map in the cafe, pondering where to go. He decided on going to Celdara City to relax. He went outside, and let out his Crobat. James fed him a treat before saying "To Celdara City!" he said. Crobat got ready to fly. James got on, and he and Crobat flew over to Celdara City.
  9. Aaron looked over at the battlefield and the current battle was over. Aaron was taken aback by his sudden excitement. "Su-wait. Now that I think about it, I can't right now." *Darn it. I wouldn't want him to be disappointed. But Venari won't do anything untill I get him a snack and Carmen hates battling. Not to mention Lilac is getting healed right now.* thought Aaron. "I might be able to battle you later though. Do you know anywhere to get some good snacks for grass types? It's a long story."
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  10. At one of the cafe's in Celdara city, Colin sat down at a table and just finished the last of his eggs and hash browns, next to him was a Pyroar who laid down and yawned after he too ate his breakfast. Opposite the table to him was a lady who strongly resembled Colin and was clearly several years older than him. "It's nice to see how much you've improved, little brother." She said with a smile before she looked at the Pyroar. "It's funny; the last time I saw your Pokemon, he was just an adorable Litleo, but he's grown so big... and majestic." He added before she sipped her tea and let out a little giggle when the fire lion Pokemon looked at her.

    "I've managed to catch and train a couple of other Pokemon as well, although I doubt they're they type mother and father would like the look of." Colin said with a joking tone of voice. "Since when did you care about your parents' opinion on which Pokemon you get?" The lady asked rhetorically before she got out her phone to check something. "I know one Pokemon mother and father would like the look of, you would as well." She said before she turned her phone to Colin to show the image of what looked like a Salamence. Colin widened his eyes in awe. "A Salamence...? Why didn't I look for one sooner?" Colin asked, almost embarrassed. "Maybe because I heard the places you've been wouldn't have one there? You could always buy o-" She replied before she was interrupted by Colin.

    "Isabelle... I want to earn it, that's one of the main reasons I took up Pokemon training. I'm tired of being given everything I want in life, there's no fun unless I actually earn it myself." Colin said as he stood up, Pyroar quickly followed. Isabelle sighed. "I know... I know, I'm just worried about you, so is your brother and your parents." She said as she too got up and put a hand on Colin's shoulder. "Why do you think I try to keep in touch with you so often? I know you're worried, but with my Pokemon by my side, I'll be fine." Colin said with a smile.

    Isabelle checked her watch and sighed. "Well, I should head home, mother and father will need me for something." She said before she opened her arms and pulled Colin in for a hug. "It's been great seeing you again, little brother." Isabelle said as Pyroar moved closer so that she could pet his head. "You too, sister. I'll become strong for our family, just wait and see. Speaking of family, say hi to mother and father for me." Colin said as they released one another from the hug and Colin grabbed his bag. "Of course, safe travels." Isabelle said as she began to walk off whilst Colin waved at her.

    "Ready, Pyroar?" Colin asked his Pokemon who nodded in response. "Perhaps we can get ourselves a battle or two to warm us up for the day, hm?" Colin asked Pyroar again who this time let out a light huff of fire to show his confidence as both the trainer and Pokemon made their way toward the battlefields to observe the battles.
  11. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    Wes was sleeping on Arcanine’s back as it walked into Celdara City. The reason we’re there was not to do the gym challenge, Wes would wait to take on the water gym until he had other strong Pokémon that would have an advantage over the type. Rather, Wes had forgotten to pack a sufficient amount of food so they needed to stock up. Shinx, like his trainer, was napping on Arcanine’s head, while Dunsparce hovered nearby and Wartortle walked next to the large fire type. Wes despised it when trainers kept Pokémon in their balls at all times, he believed it to be unfair and just rude, so he never put them away unless required. Thus leading to a band of strong looking Pokémon marching into the city with no trainer visible when looking from the front.
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  12. Allie strolled through Celadra City, a serene smile on her face. She'd gotten used to the heat already.
    Eve sat on her head, marveling at the sights of the city. Zelda walked at her side, occasionally teleporting forward.
    The trio had just finished visiting a friend in the city. Allie hadn't seen her in a while - she lived in Kalos, and her friend had moved here - so it was quite the reunion.

    (Mia's POV)
    Deep within Castilbe City, Mia practiced with her Pokemon in the Castilbe City Gym. Currently out were her Whimsicott, nicknamed Whimsy, and her Sylveon, nicknamed Pixie. They were mainly practicing performance combinations.
    "Pixie, try sending Whimsy into the air with Fairy Wind! Whimsy, fire a spiral of Energy Balls!"
    The Sylveon created a spiral of pink sparkling wind, picking up Whimsy with ease. Whimsy was spun in circles by the vortex, and began firing off Energy Balls in an elegant spiral.
  13. Santino looked at him, and raised a brow. “I only have a few Mago Berries, and they aren’t specifically for Grass Types. If your Pokémon wants some I can give him a few, they are pretty sweet though,” He replied, frowning. “Also, sorry that I dragged you down to the battlefield. It’s one of the nicer, non-destroyed ones that’s usually taken quite quickly,” Santino explained, letting go of the boy’s hand.
  14. Anomaletix

    Anomaletix Previously Keet

    James had finally arrived at Celdara City, and took in the sight. "Wow... this is beautiful!" he said. James decided to walk around Celdara City, with his Crobat. He noticed a few pokemon roaming around, and decided to not approach them. "Probably just strolling. Their trainer should be coming for them.." he said. James then went to the Celdara City gym and entered, wanting to see some of the shows that go on in there.
  15. Aaron took the berries out of his hand. "It's no problem. Thank you for the Ber-" said Aaron as Venari jumped out of the pokeball. Venari proceeded to eat most of the berries in Aaron's hand before stopping and resting on Aaron's shoulder. "Alright, since Venari has had his treat, I guess we can have that battle you wanted though." Said Aaron as he ran to the other side of the battlefield. "Okay, It'll be a 1v1!" Shouted Aaron toward the otherside of the battle. "By the way! You didn't tell me your name."
  16. Sarah and Tyler had made it to the gym. They slowed down to walk. They walked in and saw a guy standing in the enterance to the gym. Tyler walked off to get changed and take a shower. Sarah on the other hand walked up to the guy. "Hello, my name is Sarah Blackwell. I am the gym leader. What can I do for you?" In the pool there seemed to be trainers and pokemon working together. They are practicing for the showcase that will have happen in a weeks time.
  17. (Who do you think should win the battle? I don’t want any battle to end up in arguing, so I’d like if we know first.)

    “It’s Santino, but you can just call me Tino if you want,” Santino shrugged, walking over to his side of the field, clutching Jay’s Pokéball. “I’m not sure Regina will be happy,” Santino chuckled, remembering his Vullaby loved Mago Berries. “She’s my Vullaby and also loves food. What’s your name?” He asked, sending out the Mienfoo, who looked at his opponent with a glare. “Mienfoo..”
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  18. qlovers

    qlovers Previously pæstella

    It was a delightful morning in Celadra City, Secrane. The cries of bird Pokémon filled the air, and caused Ebony to toss and turn in bed. Her eyes flickered open for a moment, looking around her room. The white walls were lit up by sunlight pouring from the two long windows along one wall, the long red curtains only partially drawn. The four-poster canopy bed in which she lay sat next to a large desk, which was littered with papers, pens and other miscellaneous items. There were two doors on the room, one leading to a closet and one into the hallway.

    It was too early to wake up... she closed her eyes and almost fell asleep again when she felt something move in the bed... something.. soft? It was her partner, Jade. She threw off the covers, fluttering her eyes. ``What time is it..?`` she asked herself as she picked up her phone.
    ``Rua Rua~`` purred Jade, full of energy.
    ``You realise I literally have know idea what you're saying like.. all the time, right?`` she told her Pokémon, giggling as she looked through her closet, finding something to wear for the day.

    After a long period of time, Ebony picked up her black shoulder bag with pokeballs, her phone and other miscellaneous items inside and went outside. "Woah..." she said, strolling through Celadra City as she admired the scenery and buildings.
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  19. There had been several other people travelling to Secrane other than Herbett. The rather merry ferry ride on board the 'Poke Puff' had lasted just over four hours, but during that time much had been available to do on the vessel. Herbett had indulged himself upon a brisk dinner of freshly gathered, green salad; chopped cherry tomatoes with a dusting of Pelipper Sea Salt and black pepper; topped off with some exquisitely tasting Moo-Moo cheese. This he had eaten generously whilst talking to a kindly, aged woman named Lorice, who revealed to him that she was heading back to her abode in Alryne.

    "It was lovely of her to let us stay here, eh 2D?" Herbett said elatedly to his Porygon2, "What a lovely house has she has as well- picturesque views and a most comfy bed!" The Porgyon2 did its amusing little waddle of affirmation before gliding with its trainer through the mahogany door-frame. Herbett had already given his appreciation and goodbyes to the woman before she left for her necessary shopping visit, and so he left the house carrying his items and clothes in a suitcase and backpack. The sun allowed its brilliant gaze to reflect off the crystal water creating a dazzling spectacle of seemingly infinite blue, that only met with the crowded beaches. Herbett spied a nearby park and set that as his destination, so that he could let his Pokemon roam before a lunch.
  20. Anomaletix

    Anomaletix Previously Keet

    James turned around. "Ah, hello! Im visiting Celdara City for a bit. Nice to meet you!" he said. He went back looking, and noticed some pokemon and trainers practicing. It was a first-hand experience for him in a few years. "This town is pretty beautiful, dont ya think?" he asked Sarah. He let Crobat rest on his head after the flight.
  21. "Yeah it is. That is why when I was asked if I wanted to settle here and become the gym leader I jumped at the chance. If you want we will be having a showcase here soon. You should come and watch it. I am sure this years trainers will do amazing work with the theme this year." Sarah smiled as she saw Umbre jump into the pool and start to swim. For a a dark type Umbre sure loved to be in the water. She was surprised when he evolved into an Umbreon instead of a Vaporeon.
  22. (I think you should win)
    "Nice to meet you Taro! I'm Aaron!". Aaron looked around. "Taro was right, this is a good battlefield. Better not wreck it too badly." Venari jumped off of Aaron's shoulder and flapped mid air above the ground. "Alright, let's start out with Work Up." Said Aaron. Venari started glowing orange then then Rowlet looked more energetic. "Now go for Pluck!" Rowlet's beak glowed light blue and grew longer. Venari flew quickly towards the Mienfoo and thrusted his beak at it.
  23. "Out you come then," Herbett said as he released Magnezone, Matti, Gothitelle and Torkoal, "You guys go have some fun and fresh air, it will do you good!" The Pokemon spread out and began a game of frenzied chase between the bright-green trees, each of them darting after the other in a playful manner- even those who didn't usually enjoy such games. Gothitelle or Magnezone were the common winners of this little activity, Gothitelle's Shadow Tag usually allowed her to stop her opponents in there tracks quite easily and Magnezone had both skill and tactics, usually rising quite high up using magnet rise. However, if 2D was able to trace Gothitelle's Shadow Tag it gave it an almost immediate advantage.

    As Hebett watched from a comfortable wooden perch and pondered the game, he sighted a woman (@MysticalBreeze2 's Briell) who seemed to know her way around. She had an interesting, and peculiar set of Pokemon and seemed quite friendly, so when all of his Pokemon's little charade ended he took them over to her. "Uhm..hello? Sorry, My name is Herbett Manion, but most people just call me Manion. I am new here, and I was wondering if you could give me any hints as to where to go and things along that line..?"
  24. Anomaletix

    Anomaletix Previously Keet

    Sebastian smiled. "It would be wonderful to watch the showcase!" he said. Mrs. Boo began to also watch, and looked in wonder. "I'll probably be staying to watch the stars, and then return to my gym back in Azura Town." He sat down with his pokemon and decided to watch until they wanted to leave.
  25. (Sounds good.)
    Mienfoo got hit as he was attempting to dodge the Pluck, luckily not critically. “You got this, Jay! Use Pound,” Santino yellowed our to the Mienfoo, who leapt towards the Rowlet with his left hand in a fist, and shot it at the Rowlet.
    Brielle looked at the trainer, and nodded. “Sure. There’s a Gym here in a big greenhouse, if you’re looking to challenge the leader. Right around the corner from the Gym, there is a Pokémon Center next to an apartment building. A good Café is only a few minutes away from the apartment. Though the Gym is about ten minutes away, twenty minutes if you’re on foot. Hope that helped a bit, is there anything else that you’re looking for?” Brielle grinned, and Aivana narrowed her eyes at Brielle like she was confused as to why she didn’t tell the guy she was the Gym Leader.
  26. Rick had been travelling across Alryne Forest for the past three days. It has been three weeks since he landed on Secrane, and decided to travel to Alryne City to challenge the gym leader there. He woke up early in the morning, packing his tent and bed on his backpack before heading deeper in the forest. He walked slowly, passing by several pokemon that he had no interest in catching or battling. He only cared about making as quickly as possible to the gym.
  27. "Well here let me get you a flyer before you go. This way you can remember the date and everything." Sarah walked over to the right of the front door. There was a stand with packets on it. There was also a stack of papers. That is what Sarah picked up and brought back to Sebastian. "Here you go this should have all the info you need. I will tell you the stars are beautiful almost every night. That is why I had the roof made in glass to sit in the confort of my gym and enjoy the sight."
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  28. Herbett nodded, "Ah, thank you. I think the Cafe sounds like an appealing place to start. I am not sure whether I might go challenging any Gyms- I'm not so.. confident when it comes to Pokemon battles, although I do love them. The reason I came to Secrane was to have a new adventure, and to hopefully continue my studies upon Pokemon Abilities as my prominent profession is researching. Eventually I hope to become a professor on my subject, but for now I am on a humble mission of gathering info."

    2D hovered to Herbett's side and examined the other Pokemon with curiosity. Herbett looked at them as well, "What an interesting group of Pokemon you have there! I do believe that is a Gardevoir that could have Synchronize, Trace or on rare occasions Telepathy. The ability Telepathy helps to affect whether the Pokemon can speak Telepathically or not. Ooh, and a Leafeon- it could have Chlorophyll or Leaf Guard, if it has Chlorophyll a day like this would be heaven for it, seen as it becomes more energised by absorbing the suns energy. The same goes for Leaf Guard, however it affects the Pokemon in a highly different waaa.." His voice trailed off awkwardly, realising that his rant could be very irritating.

    "Oops, hah, sorry old habits. I was also wondering whether you could tell me if there are any research-based areas, or interesting places to visit for someone like me. Even a Professor or two that might be in this region. Anyway, thinking about it, I might actually have a go challenging the Gym. I think it could do me good in several ways.. I will be able to examine the abilities and usages of them, and I could do something active and enjoyable." He said before turning to his Pokemon, "What do you guys think?"

    All the Pokemon did there little nods or shakes which meant they agreed, "There, it's settled. Do you happen to know where the Gym is, who the leader even his, or what I have to do to uh.. book a session?"
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  29. "Quick, guard yourself with Steel Wing!" Said Aaron. Rowlet wings glowed silver and tried to block the part where Mienfoo hit it but the Mienfoo was too fast and had a direct hit to Venari's face. Venari rolled backward and hit his head on the wall. Closest to Aaron. "Jeez, that Mienfoo is fast but that Pluck should've done some damage. You okay Venari?" Said Aaron to himself. Venari jumped up and gave a quick nod. "Alright fly up and use razor leaf!" Said Aaron. Venari flapped it's wings and took to the air. Venari locked on to the Mienfoo he flew towards it fast while spinning. A flurry of feathers flew off of Rowlet and glowed green. The feathers flew toward the Mienfoo and swarmed around it like ta cyclone. "Then, strike from above with Steel Wing!". Venari flapped above the Mienfoo and dive bombed the Mienfoo with wings as hard as blades.
  30. “Oh, you want to go to the Gym now? You can borrow my guidebook, since I really dislike giving out completely directions that are pretty easy to forget. Since I’ll probably also be there, you can give it back to me when you get there,” All of her Pokémon sprinted towards Brielle, catching up with her. Getting on her bike, Lavender hopped on the backseat on the bike Brielle returned everyone else. “See you there!”


    Jay, after being hit by the Steel Wing, sped towards Venari. He was obviously injured after it, but wanted to get back. “Alright Jay! You look good! Use Double Slap, and follow it up with Drain Punch!” Getting ready to hit the Rowlet a few times, he swished his hands and claws back and forth, following up with a Drain Punch. (it might seem like autoing a bit, but since jay is using two moves at once it seems like that, it’s not though.)
  31. (It's Fine) Rowlet dodged most of the Double Slaps but got hit by the last 2 slaps. "Venari!" Shouted Aaron. Venari was slammed into the ground from the Drain Punch. From that a big cloud of dust came from the crash. When the dust settled and Venari was fainted in a small crater. Aaron ran toward Venari. "You did great bud." said Aaron as he picked up Rowlet. Aaron pulled out a super potion and healed the Rowlet. Aaron returned the Rowlet to his pokeball. "Good battle. I still got a whole lot of work to do if I wanna try the gym battle challenge. Wanna exchange numbers?" Said Aaron as he pulled up his pokegear.
  32. Anomaletix

    Anomaletix Previously Keet

    "Alrighty. I'll keep it in mind!" he said, taking the flyer and putting it in his pockets. Lady Boo was finally finished watching the training, and went into his Pokeball. "I'll just be wandering around the city. See you sometime soon!" he said, taking his bearings and started to stroll around the city, taking in the sights.
  33. After defeating a couple of Rattatas, Rick continued walking through the forest, where after quite sometime, finally saw a light, indicating that the exit was close. He ran the last couple of miles, with the wind rushing to his sweaty cheeks, as beautiful sun rays illuminated his face. He made it quite fast to the City, where he began to walk slowly in the heating sun. "Man, at least the forest had a nice wind, this city is way too hot," he said as he looked at his pokemon, with one of the them being poisoned. "Maybe I should go to the Pokemon Center first," he said as he saw two people talking in the distance. (@MysticalBreeze2's Brielle and @Havoc_The_Gandalf's Herbett). He decided to go meet them.
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  34. Herbett's curious eyes slowly followed her as she (he had not managed to catch her name) rode off down the beach-side paths, then he sighed. Previously, he had not planned to go to the Gym for a few days, but seen as she said it, it might be a good idea- even if it was only to watch a battle or two.

    Just then a young boy, Herbett estimated about 10-13 approached him. He admired the boy, as he at that age had never dared to go anywhere near older people unless he had an inkling of who they were. "Hello, I'm Herbett, but people usually just address me by my surname- Manion. Can I do anything for you? I was just heading to a Cafe, and then the Gym if you want to come?"
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  35. Rick saw the woman leaving on her bike, and was curious. He saw Herbett speaking to him as he then directed himself towards him. "Nice to meet you, Manion. I'm Rick Buggs, but you can call me Rick," he answered his question, "Say, do you know who that woman was?" he asked him, since he saw them talking a moment ago, he assumed they knew each other.
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