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Ask to Join Scoria Foundation [Neutral Team]

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Prof. Galeun, Dec 21, 2016.

  1. (OOC: To Join Please ask here: Link)
    Scoria Foundation
    “To make a Continent, to Make Are Own Home! To Build a new Future for us, To Study Pokemon to Move us forward: “Together!” The words Echo from the Fleet of Airships as the Fly throw the sky. The Fleet seem to made up of Five large ships and Smaller planes: Four of the larger ship seem to be about 432-meter land and 240 Meter wide with four Large rotor 2 on each side , And the Largest ship in the Fleet the Command ship 650 meter long and 450 meter wide with 8 Huge Rotor 4 on each side. They all have a Gray, White base Color and bit of Orange for the logos and details as a color Scheme.

    After a few hours of Flying The intercom comes on saying; "Coming to are destination "Hoenn" We will be porting out side Sootopolis City for are mission, All Personal Part of the mission or wish to be. Please make your may to the briefing room on 8th Floor of the command ship." After the intercom turned of the four ship Start to Fly Closer to the larger ship Connecting to it; 2 of them on the side and 2 on the bottom.

    Intercom come on for the last time; " All Personal, to your Division. Alpha Omega Project is in Place and Today we move forward to are goal." The Personal Cheers as they get to work knowing that the day has come. Galeun sit in his Char on the main bridge Looking to the sky and Empty Sea with a Smile as he Place his hand on the side of his face. "So let it begin.”​

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