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Open Scoria Foundation [Neutral Team] Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Prof. Galeun, Dec 16, 2016.


Ill make the real RP Page, but i like to see if people would like this so Vote.

  1. Yes

    8 vote(s)
  2. No

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  1. [​IMG]

    Scoria Foundation
    “To make a Continent, to Make Are Own Home!
    To Build a new Future for us, To Study Pokemon to Move us forward:”
    “Together!” -Prof. Galeun


    For Centuries we lived under the Rule of our Government and their unchanged ideal making choices that benefit them over us. The people who are poor, people that can't Work because you scared their ways with a new idea,or because you Challenge there their way of thinking With a new different way. We have a better way and I better world in mind; free of the world simple minded ways. A world without Greed and money a world of peace and honor.

    Battle for Honor: not for money, Work to live: not to fall, and Form hard work we will be free.

    -Awaken Groudon, Heatran, Regigigas, Regirock and Registeel
    -Make a New land mass
    -Build a new city a new home
    -Terraform With the help of Pokemon
    -Study new ways to move us forward
    -Study Pokemon
    -Catch and study Deoxys


    (Leader): Prof. Galeun Volken

    (Admin) Resource Director: Steve

    (Admin) Intel Division Director: Isaac Willow

    (Admin) Director of Research: Caspian Vann

    (Admin) Head of Engineering: Chief Engineer Arden

    Lower Rank and there Division you see them in:
    Pilot/Grunts: (Resources/Research/Intel Division)
    Scientist: (Intel/Research Division)
    Researchers: (Research/Intel Division)
    Engeeners: (Engineering/Research/Resources)


    -There can only be four Admin and one leader
    -Admin can have 5 pokemon
    -"Grunts" can have 1 to 3 pokemon but they can Catch more.
    -No Powergaiming, Meta-gaming, and be Fair
    -No Legendary pokemon
    -There no Type limits but we mainly have Steel, Ground, Fire, Dragon, Electric and Psychic
    -You Can Play 3 Character
    -You well have to Rp "Catching" higher level Pokemon
    -Please make a Character sheet here

    Bio Template:

    Small Backstory: (or a long one up to you)

    Pokemon Bio:


    Link: http://pokecharms.com/threads/scoria-foundation-neutral-team.15034/
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  2. This will be my Frist time doing a Forum Rp so this should be fun.
  3. Name: Galeun Volken
    Age: 26
    Rank: Leader/Professor
    Personality: Claim, C
    alculative, Joyful

    Small Backstory: Was a Scientist For the Government Space Program to find life, Ever sense he was young he always wanted to find more life on this world any others, To Study the world , and some how help are world to move forward.
    But that day came When Deoxys was discover; Galeun wanted to world to know but... The Other Scientist and the Government did not want that.

    Name: Mala
    Species: Malamar
    Appearance: standard
    Personality: Careful

    Name: Eleross
    Species: Eelektross
    Appearance: standard
    Personality: Modest

    Name: Noivern
    Species: Noivern
    Appearance: standard
    Personality: Timid

    Name: Camerupt
    Species: Camerupt
    Appearance: standard
    Personality: Modest

    Name: Skarmory
    Species: Skarmory
    Appearance: standard
    Personality: Careful

    Name: Toxapex
    Species: Toxapex
    Appearance: Shiny From
    Personality: Modest
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  4. Here is My Form.

    Caspian Vann
    Personality: Caspian is a Rather Young Admin, But He Is Not Naive. He is quite intelligent man, always curious and trying to learn everything he can. Though mostly serious, He is still a kid at heart and loves a good joke. He always is known for a huge smile on his face and a joke on his mind. He is a huge goofball when alone or with his pokemon, but doing research or on the job he is serious and calm.
    Small Backstory:

    Caspian was raised on a small island near the Akala Island. He lived in a rather small village with hardly any people and new everyone around him growing up. Caspian was abandoned on the island and was found by one of the Villiage leaders, A Man buy the name of Rai. Rai raised the Curious lad with the help with the help of some of the village leaders.

    During Childhood, Caspian loved to read stories about this Legendary pokemon. While most people in the Village cared about Solagelo and Lunala, Caspian cared more for the Psychic Legendary Pokemon, Deoyxs. To Him, It was a Pokemon of great importance, and he wanted to study it. He spent years trying to find out more about this Pokemon. He was found by Scoria Foundation and Decided to Work for them.

    Pokemon Bio:

    Type Specialty:Electric Pokemon
    Name: Raiu
    Species:Alolan Raichu
    Appearance:Normal Alolan Raichu
    Personality: Timid


    Appearance: Midday Form Lycanroc


    Appearance:Normal Togedemaru


    Appearance:Normal Bewear
  5. Welcome to the Research Division Admin Caspian Vann.
    Lets hope more will come.
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  6. Thanks! I hope more people join as well, I really like the idea of a neutral team. If I did anything wrong fell free to tell me, I can make edits.
  7. This sounds amazing. Here's mine.
    Name: Chief Engineer Arden
    Age: 23
    Rank: Admin
    Division: Head of Engineering
    Personality: He is a serious person, who knows what he is doing. He will do what is necessary to achieve his goals, not being very moral. Lastly, he is brilliant engineer, and can build just about anything.
    Small Backstory: Arden was the Chief Engineer for the Space Program, but when someone he admired, Galeun Volken, broke away from the program, Arden followed suit. He believes in the ideals of the Foundation.


    Name: Vikavolt
    Gender: Male
    Species: Vikavolt
    Appearance: Normal
    Personality: Serious

    Name: Klinklang
    Gender: None
    Species: Klinklang
    Appearance: Normal
    Personality: Quiet

    Name: Slowking
    Gender: Male
    Species: Slowking
    Appearance: Normal
    Personality: Modest

    Name: Marowak
    Gender: Female
    Species: Alolan Form Marowak
    Appearance: Normal
    Personality: Adamant
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  8. Name: Steve
    Age: 24
    Rank: Admin
    Division: Resource Director
    Personality: Likes to battle with his Pokemon, and is mostly out on the field of battle. Steve is always ready for a fight, even if the odds are against him.
    Small Backstory: Until he was 19, his father was a member of Team Magma, so grew up with the same believes as his father. Alas when Team Magma disbanded, Steve's beliefs did not change, and joined The Scoria Foundation.

    Pokemon Bio:

    Name: Bronzong
    Species: Bronzong
    Appearance: Normal Bronzong
    Personality: Quiet

    Name: Turtonator
    Species: Turtonator
    Appearance: Normal Turtonator
    Personality: Serious

    Name: Rotom-Frost
    Species: Rotom-Frost
    Appearance: Normal Rotom-Frost
    Personality: Naughty

    Name: Gigalith
    Species: Gigalith
    Appearance: Normal Gigalith
    Personality: Bold

    Name: Camerupt
    Species: Camerupt
    Appearance: Normal Camerupt
    Personality: Rash

  9. Name: Isaac Willow
    Age: 23
    Rank: Admin
    Division: Intel Division
    Personality: Willow is snarky, manipulative and has a habit of not noticing the good side of things. He is one of the more jerky of the Scoria Foundation.
    Small Backstory: Willow was always a scientist, ever since he suddenly appeared on the grid in the Alphi Ruins Johto. He was on the trail of a parasitic Pokemon from space, researching Pokemon from space. He then became a information broker, after selling his work to purchase a mansion in Kalos, where he was barely sighted. After lending a lot of information to the Foundation he was accepted as the leader of the Intel Division. However, he has more personal goals than that of the foundation and tries to keep close to the Research Division.

    (His Pokemon are his previous research subjects from his mansion)

    Name: Subject-1
    Species: Porygon-Z
    Appearance: Standard
    Personality: Modest

    Name: Subject-2
    Species: Smeargle
    Appearance: Standard
    Personality: Jolly

    Name: Subject-3
    Species: Shedinja
    Appearance: Standard
    Personality: Careful

    Name: Subject-4
    Species: Beeheyem
    Appearance: Standard
    Personality: Modest

    Name: Willow V2
    Species: Trevenant
    Appearance: Standard
    Personality: Docile
    (This Pokemon seems to have a close connection to Willow and seems scarily unresponsive)
  10. Welcome to the Front line.

    Oh this should be fun and Welcome to the Shadows.

    Welcome to the Engineering Core

    Oh boy this should be good.
  11. ill make the official page later today
  12. Is it alright if I join as a lower rank
    Personality:relaxed, careful and is very easy going
    Small Backstory: Growing up was hard for jackson he was an outcast to society and was eventually known as a fugitive but he was into the legendary pokemon of the different regions especially grudon,kyogre,rayquazza and deoxys

    Name: snake
    Species: onix
    Appearance: normal
    Personality: brave

    Name: tremmer
    Species: tyrunt
    Appearance: normal
    Personality: modest

    Name: bramble
    Species: stantler
    Appearance: normal
    Personality: lazy
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  13. You can but you need to change some of your pokemons like tyrantrum and steelix to the Per-Evlotion then work your way up
  14. I've updated my title to Chief Engineer.
  15. Got it I have changed it
  16. Ok offical page has made
  17. Terribly Sorry, But is it too late to join this roleplay? It looks a like a great roleplay and I would like it if I could join. I completely understand if I cannot join.
  18. Link: http://pokecharms.com/threads/scoria-foundation-neutral-team.15034/

    You can Join Just make a Character sheet.

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