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DPPt/HGSS Rydon help

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Lucario454, May 23, 2009.

  1. In Platinum, I'm trying to train a Rydon for a battle with my cousin. I'm not good at training so I really need help here. Here's the info:

    EDIT: Rhydon had strength replaced with Earthquake

    Lv: 60
    Nature: Bold
    Moves: Stone Edge
    Hammer Arm
    Horn Drill
    Other Stats: Attack: 171
    Defense: 191
    Sp. Atk: 74
    Sp. Def: 90
    Speed: 72

    I've lately found that his moves don't hit as often as I'd like, wich is why I need help that I know of. Please inform me of what I can do.
  2. Since you never listed any I take it that you don't use EVs?

    The nature is unfortunate, as attack is one of Rhydon's top two attacks and your nature neuters it.

    As far as moves go, not a very accurate move set nor diverse.

    Stone Edge is fine. OHKO moves are a big no-no. Strength just doesn't cut it. Hammer Arm isn't too bad, but I would suggest instead:

    Stone Edge
    Fire Punch
    Take Down (if he has Rock Head)
  3. I wish I could figure out EV's. For a long time I thought EV training ment leveling up an Eevee. ;D

    Anyways, Rydon does have rockhead. I wasn't planning on keeping strenth. I just needed him to know it for a little outing anyway. I'm thinking replace strength with Earthquake.

    So far I'm really planning to replace Strength and Horn Drill. What I really need is to figure out how to get his accuracy up. He's slow which doesn't help I'd bet.

    Before I really start changes I'd like a few more move options. Might breed for other nature. If anyone has a way to work around that it'd be appreciated.
  4. Accuracy has nothing to do with the Pokemon or their speed, it has to do with the move. Horn Drill only has a 30% chance to hit. It isn't Rhydon's fault he misses, it's the move.
  5. Mkay, I'd actually suggest putting Megahorn in, as it is a rather useful and strong move. Aqua Tail is also a suggestion, as it's physical and covers a good amount of fellow Rock or Ground Types. Other than that, even though Rhydon has Rock Head, it doesn't exactly mean Take Down is all that great on it. There are other things with 90 base power and more accuracy, although if you want to use it, it's your choice.

    And also, about Horn Drill's accuracy, I'm not certain about by how much, but here are three things about it:
    1) Its accuracy depends on the difference in levels between you and your opponent.
    2)If you are on a lower level than your opponent, it will never hit.
    3) The maximum amount of accuracy it can have is 30%, so that would have to be a big difference in level between you and your opponent.

    EDIT: Also, as an idea for an item, you can use the Choice Band, which you can get at the Battle Frontier for 48 points if you're using Platinum. And, it's spelled Rhydon, not Rydon.

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