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Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Satoren, Apr 6, 2011.

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  1. RX breathed a sigh of content as he watched the scenery outside the bus’s windows rush past him. The lush greenery of the trees and earthy brown of the mountains, coupled with the soft whiteness of the clouds and the crystal blue oceans was indeed a beautiful sight to behold. But for the little otter, it was more than that; it was a comforting reminder of the home he had left long ago.

    Although Charming was not, in fact, the same town RX grew up in, it was certainly a place that reminded him of his youthful days. Some might consider being lost in nostalgia a tad unhealthy, but the Oshawott instead thrived on it. Having left his hometown, he went and pursued his dream of being a world-famous artist. His unique pieces, fusing the warm ambience of a simple town and the hot, vibrant lights of the urban jungle produced masterpieces of both contrast and balance. Well, that was what one critic said, anyway. And it was that one comment that propelled RX’s inspiration to create countless pieces showcasing the facades of harmony and opposing forces.

    RX quietly thought of his last exhibit. A stunning culmination of the past and present; Taking dinosaur skeletons and then putting them in a modern setting, which at the same time provided a message of what the future might bring. The sheer applause and number of guests that came to the schindig was certainly evidence that his latest pieces were an overall success. And yet, in his heart, RX felt something awry. There was something missing; something important. It was something he wanted to grasp ever since he had left home. An indescribable feeling that he wanted to place into his pieces: The true message he wished to convey through his art.

    Flashing forward to two years later, RX found himself seated comfortably in a bus, waiting to reach his destination. He had barely done any pieces since that last exhibit, and the more he conceptualized, the farther he was from attaining his goal, or so he felt. It was because of this that he decided that perhaps a recession was in order. It had been forever since he simply dropped everything and took a break from his work. Relaxing for an artist was somewhat difficult, he thought. After all, there is inspiration everywhere, and most of the time it occurs in a fleeting moment. The Oshawott had trained himself to take notice of these things, and as a result was always on edge, looking for the once bit of inspiration that might finally help him discover the message he had long sought after.

    No, this time there would be none of that. RX even left all of his art materials back in his apartment. From henceforth today, he was going to be on a true hiatus. Absolutely no creating, conceptualizing or conveying; He was going to relax, return to a simple life, and perhaps once his mind was rested and filled with new experiences and memories, he might return and find the answer he so terribly desired.

    Thanking the bus driver, RX waved him farewell as the doors to the bus creaked closed. The Oshawott then turned over to the new path that lay before him. He looked up at the old wooden arch that marked the entrance to the town. On it was a faded message that had been painted there long, long ago.

    Charming Town.

    RX considered how he had ended up in this place. It was a busy evening, the very evening of his last exhibit, in fact. All the socialites had come out from their busy schedules and exuberant lifestyles to come see his artwork; and more importantly, to display their own pieces exhibiting the wealthy and eloquent lifestyles they lived. RX didn’t like them. He knew they only came for the company he had. He even came across a couple who looked at his piece with a face that might’ve said ‘I don’t get it; just what is all this hullabaloo about?’ He was about to make note to place his next exhibit in a more public place, like say behind a restaurant dumpster, when he chanced upon a young lady.

    RX had no idea who she was. Well, it’s not like he ever paid any heed to his guest list. She moved about the exhibit, looking at his pieces thoughtfully and smiling. RX always caught a glimpse of her from the side. However, the profile of her face, and the way she smiled, it was a very charming smile indeed. Genuinely curious as to who this charming lady might be, the Oshawott walked over and struck her for a casual conversation.

    She had a remarkable insight of her pieces. RX wondered who she was, but she didn’t seem to be a noted art critic nor an infamous socialite. He was beginning to consider she had snuck into his exhibit from somewhere else, to which she confessed that she did. The Oshawott found this amusing, and the two exchanged chuckles. They continued talking for the rest of the night, and despite the sheer number of things they learned about each other, RX never truly knew who this Naomi was.

    It wasn’t until the day after that he seriously set out to discover who this mysterious damsel was. And from his extensive research he had discovered that Naomi was much like him. She, too, was a famous artist in her own right. She was a world-renowned cellist, in fact. She, too, had started out in a small, simple town. This town to be precise. Having become a fan of her work, RX decided to take his recession here in Charming. It was a town not unlike the one he had grown up in. But also, it was Naomi’s hometown.

    “I’m here, Naomi,” RX whispered to himself. “I will be sure to find it, I promise.” Convictions made, the Oshawott shuffled quietly into town, eager to add new memories to his repertoire.
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  2. Re: The Mapmakers

    “Ano...” RX whispered. looking up at the towering orange Pokemon before him. Living in the city for quite some time, the Oshawott had seen his all sorts of Pokemon, great and small. But this Pokemon was gigantic! He looked as if he would suddenly go ‘Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum’ and squash him right then and there. Huh. Must be all this healthy country air, thought RX to himself. The Arcanine turned and looked down at the small, blue and white Pokemon before him.

    “Oho, hello there, little guy,” he boomed as he knelt down. “What’s a little fella like you doing all the way out here?” he asked.

    “I..like to see someone about buying property here?” RX stuttered. As intimidated as he was, he was also not very skilled with the local language. As a foreigner who came to this country to pursue his dreams, RX made leaps and bounds in learning the language and communicating. Still, his diction was far from perfect, and he would sometimes require a moment or two to thread his words together.

    “Ohoho, we’ve got a lot of guests comin here today, don’t we Popo?” barked the Arcanine happily. The smaller, just as orange Pokemon nodded to his superior.

    “Well, it’s nice to meet ya, squirt. You can just call me Sherriff. Popo and I are the local law-enforcers around here,” the Arcanine said.

    “I’m RX. I am from the city,” the Oshawott struggled to say. He also wanted to add that he didn’t like being called squirt, but wasn’t sure how to say this in a non-offensive manner.

    “Well, if that ain’t the Combee’s knees. Charmin’s a smaller place than the city, so I expect you can familiarize yourself with the place real quick.” The Sherriff then lumbered over to Popo’s post, rummaged through their things behind the desk and pulled out several folded up sheets of paper. Taking one of them, he unfolded it to reveal a fairly large map which he then handed to the little Oshawott.

    “Here’s yer map. Now we’re here at the Town gate,” he said while pointing at a mark on the map. “From here, you can probably manage to get to Town Hall. You can sort out everything there.”

    “Thank you very much,” RX replied. The Sherriff seemed to be a gentle giant, RX was glad to see. Being a law-enforcer, he must’ve been a good person after all.

    “No problem,” the Sherriff said with a grin. “Now off you go, there’s a bunch of other people already there. You should get some prime property while you can!”

    “I will, thanks!” said RX as he rushed off. He didn’t know why he was in such a hurry. Maybe it was the excitement of being in a new place, and meeting new people. The Oshawott smiled to himself, thinking that this was going to be a fun venture.

    Back at the post, the Sherriff chuckled to himself. “Hehe, sweet kid. But to think someone so young’s out here all on his own. That’s city folks for ya. A real smart lot,” he told Popo. The Growlithe, however was already beginning to nod off again.

    ooc: just to clarify, RX isn't a kid. His small stature just makes him seem like a kid to Sherriff :>
  3. Re: Welcome to town!

    1:14 am

    “Heeeeh, it is rather late now..” RX whispered to himself as he peered at the clock on his ClamP3 Player. It was one of the few, rather, the only real thing he brought with him to Charming Town. The idea of starting from scratch was something he considered, but never really wanted to do due to the momentum of his career. But here in Charming, nobody really knew him, he didn’t have any claim to fame here. It was just like how he started out when he came to this country, only without the inability to speak the local language. Now that he had experienced a successful and fairly rewarding life as an artist, he wanted to try something new. And the best part was that all his past experiences had left him a wiser mon. No more embarrassing rookie mistakes for him!

    RX entered the post office and found a dimly lit room hiding behind it. An orange bulb shined brightly overhead, illuminating the room’s contents. While the reception up front was neat and tidy, what lay behind the desk was a clutter of paperwork, filing caibinets and other assorted knick knacks. There was no doubt this was the post office.

    “Hurry up now, hurry up,” squawked a voice from behind the desk. RX looked up to see a very impatient-looking Pelipper seated there, tapping her forefeathers heatedly. “I’m a very busy Pelipper, if you don’t mind. I certainly have a lot more important things to do than to wait on tardy guests to the town,” she snapped at the Oshawott as he softly closed the door behind him. He wanted to close the door gently as not to disturb the serenity of the town’s evening, but this hawty womon was already spoiling the ambience.

    More important things? Isn’t her job here supposed to be more important? RX thought to himself. Well, perhaps she was neck-deep in paperwork and wanted to get it done by morning. That was probably the case. RX never imagined someone would be working this late at night. The Oshawott scurried over to the desk and looked up at the Pelipper, her eyes staring daggers at him the entire time he was there.

    For all her rudeness, the Pelipper proved to be a rather efficient worker. It looked as though she was just straightening out the clutter on her desk, when really she was going through RX’s papers. Quite amazing considering he never even introduced himself. In no time at all, the paperwork on her table was set aside with one folder left in her hand. She quickly forced this into RX’s arms.

    “Nick’s probably not around for the evening. Must be nice having better things to do than stalking about this time of night,” she grumbled. “His assistant should be around at least, you can go bother him from now on if you need anything.” RX blinked at her briefly, and she exchanged glances with him as well.

    “Well? Is there anything else you need?” She demanded him. The little Oshawott quickly shook his head.

    “Right, off with you then!” She snapped, and the Oshawott quickly did so. Outside the door, RX sighed deeply and looked at the folder in his hand.

    Well, it’s not like I’m a nighttime person myself, but sheesh, he thought to himself. Hoping that the worst was behind him, the Oshawott hobbled out the town hall, quickly taking out the map he received to find Don Nick’s residence.
  4. Re: Don Nick's Part Time Helpers

    1:46 am

    As excited as RX was about moving into town, he was also considerably tired. He had managed some rest on the bus, but hoped he had enough energy to at least make it to his house. The Oshawott yawned as he climbed the hill towards Don Nick’s shop. This better be my last stop in this town, he thought to himself. The Pelipper’s crankiness seemed to have rubbed off on him. However, his face lit as he found a small shop with a large sign on its front, indicating in large, friendly letters that this was indeed Don Nick’s store.

    RX clutched the door handle apprehensively. From what he gathered, Don Nick himself wasn’t around for the evening, and it was instead his assistant that was managing the store. He could only hope the fellow wasn’t as cranky about a night shift as the last Pokemon. Turning the handle, the Oshawott entered the shop, the cheerful jingling of a bell beckoning him to come inside.

    “Hm? Oho, looks like we have another one,” said a Pokemon who was seated inside. Judging by the green uniform he wore, RX assumed he was indeed Don Nick’s assistant. “Right, name’s Stocker. It’s nice to meet ya,” he introduced.

    RX then responded in a strange dialect the Sneasel had never heard before. Quickly realizing that he was using his native tongue, the Oshawott clapped his paws agains this cheek and bowed towards him. “I’m sorry; I’m kind of tired and so my head’s wandering...that is to say...” His brain really was failing him now. Any bit of grammar and diction was thrown right out the proverbial window. The Sneasel blinked at him and let out an energetic laugh.

    “Hohoho, a foreigner, huh? That’s really interesting,” remarked Stocker. RX was glad at least one of them was enjoying being up so late in the evening. “Well, you look pretty tired, so how about I just ahnd you your key and you can call it a day?”

    RX’s eyes glazed over. Those were possibly the most beautiful words he had heard all evening. He looked over at Stocker as though he were the Messiah himself. “Thank you very much,” he said while bowing his head.

    Stocker quickly got behind the counter and rummaged through some things. When he returned, the key to RX’s house was now in his paw. “You know, you’re not the first person to be here so late at night. She scuttled off to bed, too. Why don’t you two come back here tomorrow morning? Don Nick will be around and you three can talk over your mortgage and all that?” So long as it got him closer to a soft, comfy bed, RX nodded.

    “Right, then. Off you go, have a good evening...uh...” It was then that both realized that the Oshawott had yet to introduce himself.

    “Oh, sorry. My name is RX. I’m very, very pleased to meet you,” RX said.

    “RX, right. Well, have a good evening then, RX.” The two exchanged a wave of goodbye as the little Oshawott disappeared behind the shop’s door. Only one last hurdle remained, and RX could finally get to bed. Mustering up any remaining energy he had, he set out to find his beloved abode.
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  5. A long and eerie cry could be heard that evening. Many of the residents of Charming could not distinguish just what it was. It had sounded like something none of them had ever heard before, and that was certainly the case. Having reached the house he had desired to find all evening, RX let out a cry of relief, loudly shouting the house’s name in his own foreign tongue.

    Utterly exhausted, the Oshawott quickly unlocked the door and entered inside. It didn’t matter at this point whether the house’s contents were as he imagined it or not, what mattered was that he find something to flop onto at post-haste. Eyeing an old couch in the house’s large hallway, he settled for that and quickly leapt onto it. The soft upholstery bounced him upward as he landed. It felt so utterly wonderful, even though it was probably old and dusty and crawling with all sorts of microscopic vermin. Oh well, it really, really didn’t matter. What mattered was now it was time to rest.

    RX took the shell-shaped music player on his chest and set it down on the ground next to him. He glanced at the watch briefly and deciding that he didn’t care what time he would awaken, simply set it aside. The Oshawott turned and looked up at the ceiling of his new home. As he allowed his senses to drift away into slumber, he suddenly found that he had a lot of things to think about.

    He was happy to meet so many new people, even though some of them weren’t as nice as the others. He felt that he could make fast friends with the people in this town, that would certainly be nice. As he thought of all the different faces he would meet in town, he suddenly remembered one particular face. The face belonged to that of a young womon. A young womon he had met at his art exhibit two years ago. She, too was formerly a resident of this town. It was because of her that she came here.

    “Naomi,” RX whispered. “I haven’t forgotten...the promise....” and before he could finish his thought, the little blue Pokemon finally fell asleep.

    ooc: game saved. Btw, yeah, I know we all start out with a bed and a phone, but I don’t think Oshawott could make it up the stairs anymore. So instead, he is lying down on a foldable couch-bed. I hope that works.
  6. RX awoke with a yawn as he got up from the couch. He stretched his arms upwards and twisted from side to side, as he usually did after a long rest. But just how long was he asleep? The Oshawott could hear the faint sound of water splashing against the roof of his house. It was raining it seems. He then looked down at the ClamP3 player he left by his feet. The screen faced him, and on it marked the time.

    8:30 pm.

    “ワウ, Seems I was really tired,” RX said to himself. The Oshawott looked around his new home. Being so exhausted the previous evening, he never really got a chance to examine it. It was a fairly ordinary, if not empty, house. He and his couch were seated in a large, spacious room. Across from where he was, there was a pair of clear, glass and steel doors he assumed led to a balcony from which he could see the ocean. However, the weather made it difficult to disscern just what was out there at the moment. To his right, RX noticed a flight of stairs which would lead him to the second floor of his home; but seeing how empty the first floor was, he figured the attic would be no different.

    It reminded him of the first place he moved to when he came to this country. However, his current abode was a lot more spacious than his first apartment, and had a considerably nicer view to boot. RX though of how fun it would be to eventually refurbish the entire house; Filling it with all sorts of new things, bits and pieces that would form memories of his time here.

    Suddenly, RX heard a faint growl coming from his belly. He then realized that he hadn’t eaten anything since the last bus stop, which was now well over a day ago.

    “それが決めている, the first thing I have to get is a fridge with some food in it!” But at his stomach’s insistence, the first thing he had to get for now was a good meal. Picking up his ClamP3 player, RX headed towards the door. Taking one more look at his home, the Oshawott exited, eager to seek out some nourishment.

    “そうデス, That Sneasel….Stocker, wasn’t it? He said I should stop by to sort out paying for the house. I hope I can also buy food over there.” Pulling up his hood, RX ran into the drenching torrent, disappearing out of sight amidst the countless drops of rain.
  7. Re: Don Nick's Part Time Helpers

    10:48 pm

    RX was greeted by a familiar jingling of the door bell as he entered Nick’s shop. Flipping his soaked hood off, he bade the Sneasel behind the counter a good evening.

    “Welcome back,” Stocker said energetically. He was just as perky as he was when they met the previous night. Clearly he had been doing the night shift for quite some time and had gotten used to working at such late hours. “Got enough sleep, didja?” he asked.

    “Yes, I am feeling quite refreshed now,” RX replied. The Oshawott then unzipped the top of his jump suit and wrapped it around his waist. Oddly enough for a Pokemon of the Water typing, RX never enjoyed Rain that much. “I’m here to negotiatemy mortgage with Don Nick-san,” he added.

    “Nick….san…?” Stocker blinked. “Ehrm, anyway, yeah; Nick’s gone out for the night. You just missed him in fact.”

    “Oh, that’s unfortunate,” RX said. “I hope I don’t seem rude for not coming to see him this morning.”

    “Naw, he won’t mind. As long as he gets his bells, that’s all that matters,” Stocker replied with a chuckle. “Speaking of which, I understand you’re a bit short on cash at the moment?” RX gulped. He didn’t want to admit it, let alone have someone else say it right out; however, it was indeed true. The last bit of bells he had was spent away at the last stop prior to his coming to Charming. He was indeed broke. The Oshawott nodded weakly at the Sneasel, unable to admit verbally of his bankruptcy.

    “Well, that’s no problem. I mean, it’s a big problem, yeah. If you ain’t got no bells, you won’t be able to get anything done here. But like I said, as long as Nick gets his bells, that’s all that matters. You don’t have to pay right away, just so long as you can pay eventually, right?” The more RX spoke with Stocker, the more he was beginning to like him.

    “But in the meantime, you’re going to need some means to get income, you know?” Stocker added. A sly grin was playing across his face, and it made the Oshawott slightly nervous.

    “D-do you mean…a job perhaps?” he asked.

    “Bingo!” Stocker replied with a snap of his claws. The Sneasel than moved over to a large shelf and pulled out some sort of green-colored rag from it. Upon closer inspection, the rag was actually an apron, and on it was an embroidery of what RX assumed was the shop’s logo.

    “I don’t suppose you’ve familiarized yourself with the town and all its landmarks, have you? Stocker asked as he handed the apron to RX.

    “I haven’t meet anyone yet, but I know where some of the bigger buildings are at least,” the Oshawott replied as he put on the apron. Stocker placed a claw under his chin and began to ponder.

    “Well, that’s no good. Normally, I’d ask someone to make deliveries. But with this weather, you’d have to know exactly where you’re headed or you’ll just get all lost,” Stocker explained. RX was glad that his new employer was so considerate of him. He honestly thought he would have to submit a résumé or some sort and there’d be other meandering processes and interviews before he could get a job. Well, that was life in Charming town for you. A much simpler life with less hassles. Still, the Oshawott didn’t want to just spend his days here goofing off.

    “Maybe there’s something else I can do at the moment?” RX offered. Stocker continued to rub his claws against his jaw.

    “Well, let’s see now; No good planting the flowers in the evening…If I send you out to mail letters now, they’ll just get wet…all that’s left if…oh, that’ll do quite nicely!” The Sneasel then dashed behind the counter and disappeared. When he returned, he presented the Oshawott with a set of colored pens and a stationary with a list on it.

    “Okay, here’s what I’d like you to do. You noticed the Bulletin Board when you came into town, right?” RX instinctively nodded to this query. “What I want you to do is to come up with a vibrant and attractive advertisement for our shop. That way, people will notice it when they look at the boards and come to our shop more often,” Stocker explained. RX wanted to say that Don Nick’s shop was, from what he saw, the only shop in the area and that they would have no reason to feel threatened of competition. But this required more thinking than he cared to do, and he didn’t feel like questioning his employer on his first job. Besides, whether or not there were any rival stores, all he had to do was make an advertisement. He’ll get paid and be a step closer to paying off his house.

    “Leave it to me,” RX said confidently as he snatched the paper and pens from Stocker.

    “Hoho, you seem mighty confident. I suppose you use to do things like this back at the city, then?” Stocker asked with a chuckle. It was then that the Oshawott remembere one of several promises he made at the beginning of his trip. That he was to relax, and attempt to refrain from any artistic pursuits while he was in Charming. Looking at the pen and paper, RX became very conflicted. Was his conviction really so weak as to break a vow on the first day? Or was he to refuse the first job his employer so generously offered to him? He continued to stare at the pen and paper as he pondered this to himself.

    “Uhm, you alright there?” Stocker interjected, snapping RX back to reality.

    “I..I’ll do my best,” RX said quietly.

    “O-kay. You can work on the advert at the counter,” Stocker said as he pointed towards the familiar table and Cash Register he constantly sat behind. RX silently nodded and slowly made his way there. Just as he got behind the desk, the Sneasel stopped him.

    “Say, RX; Does that thing on your leg belong to you?” he asked the Oshawott. RX looked down at his pant leg and noticed that there was indeed something stuck to his leg. A small, brown snail with a curly shell was slowly climbing up his pant leg. RX never really noticed the small creature. It must’ve gotten stuck to his clothes as he made his way to the shop. Gently, the Oshawott pulled the snail off his trousers, and the mollusk quickly retreated to the safety of its shell.

    “It probably got lost in the rain or something. I can let it go in a garden once the sky clears up,” RX said. But Stocker quickly took the small gastropod from the Oshawott.

    “Or, you could sell it to me. I can give you 250 bells for it. It’s not much, but it’s certainly better than nothing.”

    “What would you want to do with a snail?” RX asked.

    “Insect collecting’s a popular hobby here in Charming. As such, people will want to obtain all sorts of insects from anywhere they can, including from this shop,” Stocker explained.

    “Oh, well if that’s the case, then sure,” RX was just happy to be able to receive some money, small as it might be. As Stocker gave him a small stack of coins, RX thanked the snail in his mind.

    “Right, now, let’s get back to work!” Stalker said excitedly.

    “Yes, sir!” RX chimed in.
  8. Re: Pick n' Nick

    RX allowed his mind to wander as he continued devising an ad campaign for the Pick’n’Nick shop; He felt that it was the only way he could keep himself from revealing his skills as an artist. Looking up from his work station, the Oshawott noticed a new face in front of him.

    "You must be another one of the new people," Sem said, walking over to the Oshawott. "I'm Sem - nice to meet you."

    “My name is RX, and I indeed just moved here yesterday. I hope you’ll bear with me from now on,” he responded, offering a paw for Sem to shake.

    “So, do you regularly come to this shop every evening?” RX asked. He was curious to see if there were indeed other souls he could meet at this time of the evening.
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  9. Re: Pick n' Nick

    RX somehow understood that the him the Sableye mentioned could possibly refer to the shop’s owner, the elusive Don Nick; Well, elusive for him anyway.

    “I have yet to meet Don Nick-san, but I am quite glad to have met you and Stocker, he seems to be a nice person,” RX said thoughtfully. Suddenly, another thought occurred to him. “So is the Pick’n’Nick the only shop in the whole town? I managed to see a bit of the town yesterday, but I could be wrong in thinking that. I-I don’t mean to complain about my work or anything, in fact, I am quite thankful for it, but I am sort of curious as to why Don Nick-san would need advertisements for his shop if everyone comes here…”
  10. Re: Pick n' Nick

    Without warning, RX found himself possessing 160 bells; absolutely free from a Sableye he had only met not a moment ago. “Oh no, I possibly couldn’t…” he was about to say. But before the words even escaped his lips, the Sableye had bid him and Stocker a good evening and left.For a while the Oshawott simply looked at the bells in his hand, then at the door.

    “…何が起きたんだ…?” he whispered. Well, I suppose I should just be grateful, shouldn’t I? The sad truth was that RX really could use the money, and his hood just wouldn’t cut it the next time it was going to rain. For now then, I thank you, Sem-san; I will be sure to pay you back next… But before he could even finish that thought, the 160 bells he had just received were suddenly snatched right from his paws. “E-eh?” RX responded in surprise.

    “I’ll take that,” Stocker said with a sneer. “Sem gave this to you to buy a new umbrella, right?” The Sneasel then juggled the coins from one claw to the other, chuckling all the while.

    “You stay here and finish up, I’ll head next door and get you that umbrella,” Stocker continued. As the Sneasel turned around to exit, RX breathed a sigh of relief.

    That was really surprising, he thought to himself. The way Stocker-san’s eyes lit up when he took the money, brrrr. It was probably the most horrifying thing RX had ever seen, and in the dead of the night, too.

    “もぉ, what am I doing?” the Oshawott asked himself. Clapping both his paws against his cheeks, he let out a small, evergetic cry. “Okay, back to work!” Grabbing the pens, he swiftly resumed his work.
  11. Re: Don Nick's Part Time Helpers

    12:24 am

    Stocker returned a few minutes later, a brand new yellow umbrella in his claws; the soft jingling of the door bell announcing his return. “Hey, I hope you don’t mind the color yellow,” he told RX with a weak smile.

    “Oh no, not at all,” RX replied. The Oshawott was now in front of the counter and tidying up the clutter he made on the desk. Stocker then walked over and presented him with his brand new purchase.

    “Thank you, Stocker-san. It looks really nice,” the Oshawott complimented. Placing the umbrella under his arm, he then turned to the counter and organized the stationary set and pens he was given earlier that evening.

    “Oh, you’re finished?” Stocker asked.

    “Yes, I hope this will do.” RX then handed the Sneasel his finished piece. It was a very dynamic and colourful poster, yet the color combinations mixed beautifully together and weren’t a bright and painful mess. The name of the shop, as well as its logo, were drawn out in huge, bold lettering; such that it would’ve been visible even at a good distance away. Under the logo, RX had written a tagline: .Where one mon’s dream is everyone’s treasure.’

    Stocker looked at the poster without a word, causing RX to anxiously wait for a comment. “Uhm, hmm….” Mumled Stocker, a claw now scratching his chin. Oh no, was it too much, maybe?! RX panicked in his mind. But then, the Sneasel simply grinned and handed the poster back to RX.

    “Well, the slogan’s a little corny, but I like it! With this, it’ll be a very noticeable ad in the Bulletin and people will definitely be curious enough to come read it. Good Job!” Stocker commented. RX smiled weakly and scratched his head.

    “Well, I just did my best,” he said. More like ‘I did my best not to overdo it,’ he thought to himself.

    “Tell you what, all you have to do now is just leave this on the Bulletin Board, and you can go home for the evening. You can even use your new umbrella,” Stocker added.

    “Alright, I can do that, thanks!” Stowing the rolled-up advertisement in his pocket and returning the apron to Stocker, RX proceeded to leave for the night, but not before bidding his new boss a pleasant evening.
  12. RX returned that evening tired, though not as exhausted as he was the previous night. He looked over his home. It still remained empty, save for the couch at one side of the room. Oh well. At least he had managed to make some money that evening. Granted it didn’t really buy him anything save for an umbrella and a hot meal. Well, the meal was satisfying enough, and the umbrella was indeed a very useful item. It would take considerably more time until his house was filled with anything. But then again, it was only his first day, and it isn’t like he did any considerable work.

    Remembering the promise he broke for the sake of his job, RX felt a little sad. But it wasn’t like he had a choice in the matter. The Oshawott then tried imagining Naomi scolding him for breaking a promise he made to himself, but he just couldn’t bring himself to fantasize about such a thing. Naomi was too nice for that, after all. She was a very kind person indeed. And to think she grew up in a place like this; this exact town even.

    Yawning widely, RX made a beeline for his couch. However, upon reaching it, he noticed that the couch had a rather odd design about it. A bit of fiddling and examining and he soon discovered that the couch wasn’t only a couch; it was also a bed. How marvelous, thought RX and he eagerly got into the odd contraption. It was considerably more comfortable than his sleeping quarters yesterday. While the upholstery of his sofa was made of firm foam, his bed’s cushion seemed much softer and finer, probably made of feathers even.

    As RX praised his latest discovery, he also reflected on the experiences of that evening. His employer, or rather, his employer’s assistant, was a rather jovial fellow; a bit intimidating when it came to the subject of money, but he wasn’t at all a bad person. And of course there was Sem, a Pokemon he had only met that evening but already was offered a very generous token of friendship. These two, and possibly the Sherriff seemed like nice people to RX. If he had more time, he would definitely want to get to know them better. And besides, he hardly knew anyone in town. He wanted to get to know everyone. And at the same time, the town would familiarize itself with him as well.

    There was so much to do, and so little time to do it. RX was quite excited about what was in store for him. But not too excited as to miss sleeping. Placing his ClamP3 player by his side and once again staring at the ceiling, the little Oshawott allowed his mind to wander and drift off into sleep.
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