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Ask to Join RWBY RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by GameBug03, Apr 29, 2017.

  1. To join go to the Discussion page -> https://pokecharms.com/threads/rwby-rp-discution.16359/

    Caesar struggles through a crowd of people his white hair blowing in the heavy wind of the air ship as it lands "amazing!" Caesar yells with excitement as he rushes through the crowd of people to get closer to the air ship "I can't believe its really happening i'm on my way to Beacon!" he shouts while jumping into the air.
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  2. Eliza walk's through the crowd of people scurrying to get on the airship, occasionally posing for some photos with fans and fending off love struck boys "man this is already hard work and I haven't even gotten to beacon yet jeez" she says with a sigh when she notices a boy jump into the air yelling "well at least some of us are having fun" she says as she continues to the air ship.
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  3. A white hair blur sped right by Burdock Virgil, the speed alone nearly knocking him back. He kept his balance and sighed in relief at the fact that he didn't go flying. "Alright... ... to Beacon then!" He muttered, heading off towards the airship and following the white-haired blur from before, albeit at a much lower speed. He maneuvered through the crowd as best as he could, muttering "sorry" and "excuse me" left and right whenever he bumped into someone, or even at the very least brushing past their hair enough to move it. "To... the... airship..." he muttered again to himself as he continued.
  4. Caesar finally makes it through the crowd and is standing at the entrance of the air ship "wow its way bigger up this close he then turns around to see a path of fallen over people and stares from most people in the crowd "ummm sorry bout that" Caesar says before running into the airship out of sight from the other people "not an overly good start but well work on it" Caesar said to him self before running over to a window to look at the amazing view "wow we haven't even lifted off yet and the view is still amazing" he exclaimed while running to other windows to look at the view.
  5. After walking through the crowd she comes to a split where a bunch of people have called down "well might as well take advantage of this" she said to her self as she ran into the split and followed it into the air ship where she saw a white haired boy running from window to window admiring the view a shocked expression came over her face "this kid was the one who ran over all those people?" She asked her self as she walked up to him.
  6. Finally, Burdock reached a clearing, but it wasn't exactly the kind of clearing he expected. Rather than just being an open space, there were a bunch of other people, presumably students or Huntsmen- and Huntresses-to-be, lying on the floor. No doubt, they had succumbed to the same fate that he himself had narrowly escaped at the hands of the white-haired blur. He continued past them and arrived in the airship, where the aforementioned blur was bouncing from window to window, and a girl was approaching him, no doubt to talk to him about something. Deciding this opportunity would be great for making two friends in one swoop, so to speak, he approached them both. "I can see somebody's a bit excited to get to Beacon, huh?" He said with a soft smile on his face.
  7. Caesar jumped into the air in shock as he turned around to find two people standing in front of him "uhhhh you could say that" Caesar said shyly while looking out into the crowd that had been cut in two by his recklessness "soooo" Caesar said awkwardly trying to think of something to say "uhh im Caesar... Caesar Gears ummm whats your name?" Caesar asked snapping out of his shyness
  8. Yuuji Gull, with his hands in his pockets, whistled as he walked towards the towering airship. He was currently whistling to the beat, coming from the earbuds which he had in his ears. He stepped over the people, who were currently lying o their backs, from he had presumed to have been knocked down previously by the white haired blur. Then he stepped inot a gap in the crowd, where that very same person introduced himself.
  9. Eliza looked around the airship "ok so there are four people in here, me, a reckless idiot, a weirdo and mr gold over there who seems to be interested in our conversation" she then turns around to look at the crowd of people out side the ship "BOY EITHER THESE PEOPLE ARE WAITING FOR A DIFFERENT AIRSHIP OR THEY JUST DONT GIVE A CRAP IF THIS ONE LEAVES WITHOUT THEM!!!" Eliza shouted trying to signal the crowd to get on the ship so they could leave "agh there all idiots!" she then turns back to Caesar "Names Eliza, nice to meet you" she replied
  10. Well, he seems nice enough.

    "My name is Burdock Virgil. Just call me Virgil, though, I like it better," he said to Caesar, taking his hand and shaking it. "Pleased to meetcha!"

    With a close-eyed smile on his face, he decided to ignore the comment about someone being a weirdo made by the girl, no matter who it was for. He turned around to face the other - others - and held his hand out to them. "I introduced myself just now, but I'll repeat just in case. My name is Burdock Virgil, but you can call me Virgil. What are your names?" He asked with a tone made to sound as polite as possible, as well as his dorky close-eyed tongue-out smile. If he had a tail, it'd be wagging a bit behind him, but he would rather have his ears over a tail any day.
  11. Caesar smiled "so Virgil and Eliza... right" he asked trying to familiarize him self with them "but whose the other person your talking about Eliza?" he asked before noticing the boy dressed nearly entirely in gold "wow now those are some cool clothes" Caesar said before walking up to him "hey my names Caesar what about you?"
  12. Jobin silently walked through the crowd toward where the airships were only to see a small group of interesting people gathering and yelling. He walked toward the group, to see what they were doing. "Hello, my name is Jobin Higashikata. Mind telling me what all the commotion is about?" He asked the group politely, a small smile on his face.
  13. Caesar turns his attention to Jobin as he introduces himself "ohh hey nice to meet you, names Caesar, Caesar Gears" Caesar says as he thinks to himself, how many times am i gonna have to introduce myself before we take off? "and well were just kinda introducing ourselves" he says before turning to Eliza "and some of us are trying to get to beacon as fast as we possibly can" he added
  14. "Oh, well it's nice to meet you, Caesar." Jobin responded to the young man. "My name is Jobin Higashikata, and I'm pleased to make your aquantences." He introduced himself to the group. "My what a lively bunch of people we are. I can't wait to see how the teams play out." He said calmly, thinking of what his potential teammates could be like.
  15. "Okay, we all have names. I feel like there is a limit to how much people introduce themselves. I haven't even gotten a word in. My name is Yuuji Gull, but you can call me Yuuji." Yuuji said, stuffing his earbuds in his pockets and standing causally as his dirty blonde tail, swing behind him.
  16. "Ah, aren't you outgoing." Jobin turned to the young man. "I wasn't only noticing Caesar, if you notice, I said I was pleased to make your aquantances, which is plural, or singular. Thus referring to all of you. No hard feelings I hope."
  17. Just then the crowd begins piling into the ship "well its about time" Caesar said as he got pushed aside by some of the students "Off we go to beacon!!!" he yelled before noticing that most of the students on the ship were looking at him "heh heh umm hi sorry about the yelling" Caesar said before realizing that's not whey there staring at him "ohh no" he said before jumping behind Eliza "Protect me! please!"
  18. Eliza looked behind her at Caesar "Don't drag me into this!!! "I'm not the one who recklessly knocked them all over, face them like a man!" She yelled at him moving away from him "I don't want to be dragged into your silly antics soooo yea" she said harshly
  19. "Well, I have excellent timing today." Jobin congraduated himself, walking onto the ship, trailing gracefully trough the crowd to get a good spot near the mirror. "Man, this is going to be great. I can't wait to see my "competition". "
  20. Virgil noticed the general hostility of the group before him towards Ceasar. It was understandable, as those who were grouping up were the ones he had knocked over, but he wouldn't stand to see anyone get pummeled before they get to Beacon. He stood in front of him, arms held out to the sides protectively. "Excuse me, sirs and madames, but I don't believe being hostile is such a great idea here. Let's just try to get where we're going in one piece... okay?..." he said, his voice faltering a bit at the end.

    Hey, he just made a few friends, and he wasn't going to let one go right off the bat. He had Yuuji, Eliza, and now someone by the name of Jobin, sure, but he wasn't going to let Caesar go under. He stood his ground and looked behind him at Caesar. "Don't worry, Caesar," he reassured him, "I'm not gonna let anyone hurt you, okay?"

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