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Open RWBY RP Discution

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by GameBug03, Apr 27, 2017.


Whose your favorite memberof team RWBY?

  1. Ruby

  2. Blake

  3. Weiss

  4. Yang

  1. Hello everyone this is a new RP that I've wanted to try since I started watching the RWBY anime so I hope it works out.

    In this RP we will begin with our first year at Beacon Academy and continue on to fight Grim and a new Organization (Still haven't decided on a name) made up of Former and new Huntresses and Huntsmen who have aligned them selves with evil.

    You cant be related to anyone from the original anime. (e.g. being Ruby's secret third sister)
    You can only have one weapon. (Unless you choose to duel wield weapons)
    Don't be too overpowered everyone has a weakness.
    Have fun :).

    Bio Info
    Nickname: (Optional)
    Age: (average age of entrance is 17 but in Ruby's case 15)
    Alignment: (Good or Evil)
    Favorite Color:
    Backstory: (Optional)
    Weapon Appearance: (Optional for If you want to be more descriptive about your weapon)
    Team: (will be decided in game)
    Pet: (Optional)

    My Bio:
    Name: Caesar Gears
    Nickname: N/A
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Alignment: Good
    Race: Human
    Semblance: Enhance-This Semblance increases Caesars five senses and reflexes
    Favorite color: Green
    Weakness: While using his semblance with the increase of his senses he becomes sensitive to overly bright lights and overly loud noises (excluding Gun fire) and he will take more damage from attacks, after using his semblance his body and mind take heavy tole's with the sudden drop of effectiveness his senses.
    Appearance: Caesar has messy white hair, green eyes and usually wears long black pants, a green button up shirt and a black leather leather jacket and brown boots.
    Personality: Caesar is fun loving and isn't afraid to break the rules to do and get what he want's but although he may not act it he can be serious when he needs to be or when he gets into a good fight.
    Backstory: N/A
    Weapon: Caesar has a pair of gauntlets each combined with an Uzi, Part of the gauntlet can also shot of and be used as a grappling hook.
    Weapon Appearance: Caesars Gauntlets are green and are comprised of two main parts, the first is the main gauntlet that covers from half way up his arm down to all of his fingers and at around the wrist the main gun is located, the second part is a ring of metal that holds the ammo of the main gun that can slide on to his gauntlets from his shoulders and upper arms and off his gauntlets by releasing them from his gauntlets and to the ground, Caesar has about seven of these rings on each of his shoulders and upper arms.
    Team: N/A
    Pet: N/A

    I'll post the RP thread when we have at least 4 people.
  2. I'd love to join but I have a few questions

    Will this be happening before or after RWBY, or will the events be non-canon

    How far into the series are you (to avoid plot spoilers)
  3. Hmmm
    It will take place after the main series.
    And I'm nearly finished season 3
  5. Watch the rest now, then make a big plot descision. A lot happens in the last 3 or
  6. Ohh ok I'll finish it off by tommorow then
  7. Hey I've finished season 3 and decided to make this RP
  8. Yup :p
    What did you think?
  9. Ooh, RWBY stuff~

    I'm thinking of joining. It's kinda late, so I might not respond with my application today, but still.

    From the comments above, I assume this is non-canon stuff, but from when does it take place? Is it going to be like we started at Beacon, or is it going to be from the end of Season 3?

    ... ... ... Sorry if I sound stupid, I just want to clarify some things. I'll have my character up soon-ish if I can join. :D
  10. Answer too @Mr Fishykarp it was amazing!!!
    Answer too @Hisseki it will be like I said at the start of this thread we will be starting our time at beacon
  11. I'll join.

    Name: Yuuji Gull
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Species: Faunus
    Height: 5'11"
    Alignment: Good
    Semblance Name: Jokester
    Semblance Desc: His speed, agility, and react time increases, after every hit. He can dodge hits faster and counter faster. He often seems like a blur when doing this.
    Weakness: He sometimes gets dizzy afterwards.
    Favorite Color: Gold
    Outfit Desc: Yuuji wears a golden shirt with a silver open vest over it. The vest has gold accents long the seams, and holes for his arms and the edges. There are also gold markings on it. The gold shirt is pretty average design, with a v-neck. He wears light grey pants and gold boots. He also wears a golden one strap backpack. Now it may look like he has no protection, but his vest has hidden armor and can take multiple blows due to a combination of Kevlar, and strong fireproof polymers, makining it immune to most explosions. He also has a pair of gold earbuds, and an iPod, which he uses to listen to music.
    Physical Appearance: Yuuji has unkept dirty blonde hair, along with golden eyes. He has tan skin, and looks quite handsome. He is quite fit, thin, and is always smiling. On his right knuckles there is a faint scar, that stretches across. He has a long dirty blonde tail, that acts like a monkeys tail.
    Personality: Yuuji is a happy go lucky kind of guy. He cracks jokes, goofs off, and a joker. He risks his life for others, if needed, but acts goofy about it. He's hard to upset, and is hard to insult. He is generally well liked by other people. If someone gives him shit, he doesn't care, and is quite oblivious. He loves to fight, but smiles the entire time, in the middle of the fight. He always can get back up if he is knocked down and has incredible willpower. He love to eat and loves food.
    Backstory: As a young boy, Yuuji was often bullied around the playground, due to him being a Faunus. They would often tease him. He never let it get to him. When he was 12, there was man who broke into the school and separated his class from the others, planning on sing them as hostages. While the other kids freaked out, Yuuji made jokes and still smiled. Then he singlehandedly beat the man and freed his class. During that entire endeavor he never stopped smiling. Soon he went to Signal and moved on to Beacon.
    Weapon Name: Golden Upbringer
    Weapon Desc: A broadsword with a silver blade and golden hilt. The sword is light for easy slashing, and is sheathed behind his back. The blade can fold down, and a chunk likes down, to create a muzzle, turning the sword into a shotgun.
    Hometown: Vale
    Transfer School: Signal
    Team: N/A
    Pets: N/A

    Let me know if you need anything else.
  12. Name: Burdock Virgil
    Nickname: Prefers to be called Virgil
    Age: Just turned 17
    Gender: Male
    Species: Faunus
    Alignment: Good
    Semblance Name: Resin-ation
    Semblance Description: He can create a slimy substance made from his aura. It can catch things and do one of two things with the things that are caught: either launch them away or keep them in place.
    Weakness: He has a tendency to drool, and when he does, it's this stuff that comes out of his mouth. Also, if the projectile is moving fast enough, if the object is heavy enough, or if it is set on fire, the slime breaks.
    Favorite Color: Peach
    Appearance: For starters, he is a Basset Hound Faunus, so he has big floppy ears like a basset hound. His ears, like his messy hair that runs to the middle of his back, are dark brown. His eyes are a vibrant peachy color, while his skin is pale and freckled at the cheeks. Virgil wears a white turtleneck with a pink lace bandana around his neck, as well as a pair of mahogany jeans held up with a beige utility belt. In the shoe department, Virgil chooses to wear a pair of matching beige boots. He has a pair of peach colored glasses with a silver chain attached to the legs to keep them on him.
    Personality: Virgil is a dork, no doubt about it. He gets excited over silly things sometimes, and is a bit hyper other times - like a real dog! - but when he's around others that he doesn't know too well, he tries suppressing this... the key word being tries. He is a kind soul who loves being pet (he'd never admit it though, it's a bit of a guilty pleasure, so to speak), and even if he is a Huntsman-to-be, he doesn't want to cause great pain to other people. When Virgil makes friends, he can be a bit clingy, always wanting to be around them, but if he's told nicely enough, he'll back off for a bit.
    Backstory: Virgil is originally from Atlas, though he did a lot of area-hopping when he was little. While his parents were basically his best friends, he never was around one place long enough to make legitimate friends. While he went to Signal, he shied away from others, preferring the company of his parents over the other students, but now that he's going to Beacon, he is attempting to back away from that attitude. Without his parents there, he's going to try making newer friends!
    Weapon: Tutela Fidei
    Weapon Appearance: Tutela Fidei is a tower shield in its standard form, made to look like rose gold with simple white metal triangles around the border. It hooks magnetically onto a silver vambrace he wears on his left forearm and has his personal symbol on it: two thin circles surrounding a stylized tree. It can be transformed into a blade-like shape, staying attached to his vambrace so he can use it. This weapon has no projectile functionality, but he makes up for that loss with the ability to coat the weapon in his Resin-ation slime.
    Team: (will be decided in game)
    Here he is~! Hope this is okay, and sorry this took so long ^~^
  13. Both accepted!!! Now just one more person!!!
  14. Yay a RWBY RP finally!!!

    Name: Eliza Gale
    Nickname: Liz
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Species: Faunus
    Alignment: Good
    Semblance name: Killer Dance crew
    Semblance ability: Eliza can create four more copy's of her self with each sporting a different color (Green, Yellow, Red, Blue)
    Weakness: knowing that there's someone who's a better dancer then her, she can get really dizzy at times (but that's to expect if your fighting style is a modified version of hip hop)
    Favorite color: Purple and Silver
    Appearance: Eliza has magnificent long purple hair going down to her waist with a neon green streak going down the far right side of her hair, one of her eyes is deep Blue and the other bright orange and also has a light tan, Eliza wears long overly baggy blue pants and a purple and orange checked shirt tied up at the bottom. She's a monkey Faunus and has a long tail that she dyed purple.
    Personality: Eliza is really chill and is nerer afraid to let loose and show off her epic moves. When ever there's a party she'll be there and will be centre stage killing it on the dance floor. Eliza is alsways up to making new friends no matter who they are or from what culture there from.
    Backstory: Eliza was born into slavery and worked in dust mines for five years until managing to escape with the help of her parents she ran away looking for a place to stay to keep her occupied and to stop her of thinking about her past she danced because it was the only thing she new how to do without needing anything. Eventually she went to Atlas and became a street dancer to earn money and soon was very famous amoung dancers until she was approached by a man who admired her skills and offered to help her refine and personalise her dance style, when she turned 14 she left and went back to street dancing she had heared that her tutor had been killed in an accident involving Grimm, Eliza became torn having lost her second pearental figure swore that she'll protect others from the same fate that she had suffered and started traveling the world training to become a huntress until meeting with the headmaster of beacon and asking if he would consider letting her into the school.
    Weapon: Dance battle gear??? (Can't think off cool name)
    Weapon appearance: Eliza's weapon is a combination of Yangs and Mercurys weapons she has a pair of Purple gauntlets (not made up of much metal so it doesn't way or slow her down) with machine gun like weapons attached to it and a pair of silver skate shoes with metal plates on the bottom and the same machine gun like weapon ataxhed to them.
    Team: N/A
  15. Interesting concept I love it!!! Accepted!!! I'll post the RP thread later today!!!
  16. One more thing if we're gonna do teams of four we might need to think of a good team name cuz the best I've got is BECY (pronounced: Becky)
  17. Who would be the leader?
  18. We could do BYCE

    It's a stretch, but I found the color Byzantine here and while it doesn't necessarily have a C in it, it sounds close... ish...

    CEBY also sort of sounds like Sepia, that's a bit closer in my opinion to the color name than BYCE and Byzantine.

    I dunno, that's just my two cents in the matter XD
  19. I think BYCE sounds pretty good.
  20. answer to @Ry_Burst i say we vote or do a random draw???
    And I think your onto something @Hisseki I like the sound of team BYCE
  21. Isn't in the show, whoever's name starts off the team name is leader. Like how Ruby is the team leader of team RWBY. So wouldn't that make Burdock Virgil our leader?
  22. That would make Burdock the leader of that team, while with the other name I proposed, Caesar would be the leader.

    I'm trying to come up with one where the others have the chance to be the leader, so unless you are set on the ones I came up with so far, I'll keep thinking. ^~^
  23. I know Yuuji would make a horrible leader.
  24. Yea i agree BYCE sounds great!!!
  25. I think BYCE is what everyone seems to agree on, making Burdock the leader~! Should we start posting responses to the RP thread?... ... That felt like a stupid question to ask. XD
  26. Ok then let's do this!!!
    Hisseki likes this.
  27. Count me in.

    Name: Jobin Higashikata

    : 32

    : Male

    : Faunus

    : 6'2"


    Semblance Name
    : Speed King

    Semblance Desc
    : He can heat his target up up to about 300% it's original heat, but only if he touches them. The scale of heat is 20% of original heat for every 1/5 of a second

    : He has to physically touch his target with his body

    Favorite Color
    : Platinum grey

    Outfit Desc
    : He wears an overall light colored outfit of pants and a hooded top both bearing bulbous spikes. The hooded section is dark in color; and the second of two buttons on it bears a simbol that resembles a salt shaker.Jobin also wears a small, weaved necklace.

    Physical Appearance
    : he has Four grooves cross his face vertically, over the corner and the center of his eyes. He has an eyebrow that divides centrally, where it curls upwards. Wearing an undercut, the hair on his sides is of medium tone and textured by short, bulbous spikes; whilst the light hair on his crown is folded onto the right of his forehead, where it is kept with a barette.

    When he was a child, Jobin Higashikata was very meek and withdrawn. Melancholic due to his illness, Jobin quietly bore with the bullying one of his seniors in his scouting movement put him through, not daring to stand up for himself. It should be noted that the bully seemingly took advantage of Jobin's memory loss to get away with it. However, it is shown Jobin had the courage to refuse the bully's order to burn down someone else's home. In a moment of panic, as the bully was threatening to burn his face covered in oil with a lighter, Jobin awakened Speed King and stunned the bully. Kaato used that opportunity to change Jobin's mindset forever, telling him that he didn't do anything, that he was destined to climb his way up while others like the bully would stay at the bottom. Goaded by his mother's words, Jobin committed his first murder and performed the equivalent exchange with the bully. Since then, Jobin has been outgoing and jovial, and took Kaato's words at heart. Jobin maintains a quiet sense of humor and is fond of quoting One of his heroes . His philosophy is that humans are born at a level of "zero", no matter the circumstances. Jobin believes that because of this, humans must constantly look for a way to move up in the world, and to him, that is the only way they, and he himself, can achieve happiness.In his room, he keeps a large shelving unit full of display cases for exotic beetles. His son Tsurugi even describes him as child-like in his obsession towards this collection. This childish streak appears to extend beyond this as Jobin often makes reference to 'summer vacation' and other such indulgences correlating to a typical childhood. This could suggest that Jobin's interests and desires stem from a simple desire to have fun without responsibility.

    It is known from his son Tsurugi's explanation of the Higashikata family's superstitious beliefs of warding away "demons of sickness" that Jobin, being the firstborn son of his family, was raised as a girl until he turned twelve.During his youth, Jobin suffered from the Rock Disease, causing his skin to crack and suffer short-term memory loss, so that he would forget whatever happened the last day Two of his seniors at a local scouting movement he was part of were bullying him. One day, the bullies forced him to steal a set of Kaato's underwear and take a photo of her under the shower. Coincidentally, a fellow scout spotted Jobin being bullied and denounced the bullies to their school and the police.One of the bullies dragged Jobin to the scout's house one night and tried to force him to set fire on the denouncer's house, but Jobin refused to commit arson. Furious, the bully threatened the burn Jobin's face; at this moment, Jobin awakened his Power Speed King and heated the blood inside the bully's head, stunning him gravely. Going to his mother for help, Jobin went to the hole under the lone pine tree with the disabled bully and Kaato. There, Kaato told him that he was destined to climb further up despite his unfair birth, and told him to go bury the bully inside the hole. Jobin thus performed an equivalent exchange, which is what is needed to get rid of the rock disease.

    Weapon Name: Heavens Doors

    Weapon Desc
    : Two dual wield Bowie knives. He can press a button on either handle to launch the blade and turn it into a projectile.

    : Morioh

    Transfer School: Signal
    Team: N/A
    Pets: N/A

    Is this good enough? Sorry for the lengthy parts.
  28. it's great!!! your accepted!!!!
  29. Thanks so much!i can't wait to see this series we're kinda making evolve.

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