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Ask to Join -Runic Mystery- Pt 1

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Zenhu, Jun 27, 2017.

  1. Greetings! Welcome to the 'Runic Mystery Pt 1' , I will state the rules of the RP, and specify on what the RP is about. Post your character info here https://pokecharms.com/threads/runic-mystery-discussion-thread.17033/ ;)


    As you had carried out your daily bidding's, you received a rather odd-looking envelope, in which contained a little amulet on the front of it. You pocket the strange gem, quite ponderous of the packages contents, your hands un-folded it's rough paper closing--as the envelope is opened, green mist sprouted from the mysterious gift.

    The mist morphed into a hazy image of an old man. "You have been chosen..." the figure would croak, then cough, with an un-satisfying "HACK!" The mist would swirl then show the man again, he seemed to have a wispy-grey beard, with the addition of spiky grey hair. The man had a bloody face, as if he had been plumbed by multiple rhino's.
    As you listen closer, you hear him mumble "DarDoche island..."

    You empty the contents of the envelope, and spot a map of sorts. As you spread the map out, the map resembles an island of sorts; across from the island is a little landmark with the title 'Saltoon Station'. Letters scattered around the big hull of land read "DarDoche Island."
    With the addition of coordinates.
    You are encouraged to travel to the mysterious island, to inspect what truly is going on...


    Basic Rules--I assume you have already read the 'RP Rules' thread, if not, please do so before RPing on this thread.
    Avoid Pointless Fillers--Please do not go into a completely random subject, oblivious to the main task at hand.
    No voicing the GrandMaster--I will personally voice the GrandMaster, as I know what to say exactly.
    No Romance--I am afraid you are not permitted to partake in flirtation--to avoid unnecessary blurbs of drama.
    Listen to the Grand-Master--When the GrandMaster is presenting a clue, or something of importance to the main goal, please do not attempt to over-throw him, or disturb him.
    No Unnecessary Cussing--I get rather upset when somebody begins to harass others with words that are fairly offensive. It's okay to let one slip out when you are trying to emphasize something.
    No God-Modding--Of course from the various buffs you will receive, your character will seem to be over-powered. But do not go above and beyond with your power, as everyone will have their faults.
    Have Fun--Please enjoy yourself, as this is one of my first RP's, feel free to critique the errors.

    --My Bio--
    Ulris Farq Machtom
    Alias: Farqen
    Date of Birth: 1999, November, 13
    Appearance: Brown-Oakish short hair, 5'9, 140 pounds, green eyes, grey long-sleeve. Skinny, sort of fit.
    Personality: Very timid at times, but can adjust to people, and then can be quite humorous.
    Reason for Coming: Curious of what adventure awaits him and his future.
    Skills: Agile, Perceptive and great at stealing.
    Flaws: Reckless-goes ahead with no plan.


    Quivrend, Saltoon Station.

    The wind blew in soft strides, blowing Ulris's hair around, as he leaned against the counter of the station. A girl walked from the back-building, she smiled, then asked "That'll be 15$ for one ticket to-er-DarDoche Island." Ulris handed the cash, then took the little ticket she had handed to him.

    Ulris sat down upon the black chairs; littered across the boat station. He looked around, nervous, as the message from the old man had been giving him nightmares. Hoping to confront the mythical man, Ulris is headed to DarDoche Island, to piece the odd puzzle together. Fiddling with his little amulet that the envelope contained. He gazed at the sky, and went into deep thought.
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