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Rukario's Doodles

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Rukario, Apr 17, 2009.

  1. http://lucario2128.deviantart.com/gallery/

    Above link is for every last bit of my art without needing to look through this topic, or for ones that are missing. :p

    Yeah, I draw a lot. I have a section of my gallery for most of my drawings, with some random miscellaneous goodies, such as TS2 screenshots. Currently, I've drawn lots of Sonic, Pokémon, and a couple of Ctrl+Alt+Del characters. I'll do the best from each category. :D

    The CAD category.
    The Metal Gear category.
    The Pokémon category.
    The StarFox category.
    The Sonic category.
    The Misc. category.
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  2. these are good the only thing i have to say is start using white paper instead of lined but other then that it is really good keep up your work ^_^
  3. Rai


    Like Saya said, try using non-line paper, it can really make a difference. C:
    Other than that, these are really nice pen pieces!
  4. It's kinda hard for me to find non-lined sketchpads. D:
    But still, I guess what with this one on it's last pages I could make the effort to find one without...

    Thanks for the compliments, too. :D
  5. Rai


    You could always snag up some computer paper if you have any, I seem to do that a lot for sketching.
    Or you could either look at office stores, book stores, or an art place. C:
    Ah I hate when my sketch books run out of pages, though it seems I have so many... lol

    Yeah, no problem; I seem to have a tough time with pen drawing... So these are really amazing towards me. 8D
  6. I love Ethan's pose. It just suits the character so well. This is an incredible pen drawing, with the shading being nearly perfect.

    My other favorite is the Staraptor one. The shading on that one is good, too.

    Maybe you could try pencil, or even colored pencil, next. I'm sure it would look amazing.
  7. I used to try pencil, but my style of working them ruins it when pencilled. That's why I switched to a pen.

    Also, next doodle question: Tails (Sonic), Ezekiel (CAD), or Umbreon (Pokémon, obviously)?
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  8. I vote for Zeke. Ezekiel the XBot is awesome! Maybe you could put a caption or quote with it, too.
  9. [​IMG]
    Thar he be. :p

    I can't help but shake the feeling I drew him chibi...
  10. *giggles*

    That quote is so true. More video games, less people, lol.

    Zeke does look a little chibi-ish, but other than that, he looks wonderful. The shading is amazing (and I still can't believe you draw with pen-no mistake correction!) and the pose is just...undescribably perfect for the character.
  11. Thanks! ^^

    Though, really, I would imagine the both-arms-down pose would be even more fitting for Zeke. :p
  12. I gots an update. :D


    First proper person doodle done right. :3
    Also, yay for lineless paper!~
  13. Eh...I'm not exactly sure of the video game reference here.

    However, I like how well-drawn it is, but the left hand and ear look funky.
  14. The text on the left is my score in Snake Tales C from Metal Gear Solid 2 : Substance. Snake is in the Metal Gear Solid 1 sneaking suit, like he is in the Snake Tale.

    But yeah, I'm not used to drawing people, so this is a start for me. Things ought to look bad here. :p
  15. Rai


    You made Snake look really cool, but like Secad said, the left hand and ear look a little off.
    But yeah, for not being used to drawing people this is pretty good. C:
  16. [​IMG]
    Play as Solid Blaziken and infiltrate the terrorist nuclear weapon facility to stop a worldwide crisis. Utilise many weapons and items in your quest against Liquid Typhlosion.

    Solid Blaziken returns to infiltrate a new evil - a weapon built to combat the one he previously destroyed. Sneak onboard the tanker and unveil a ploy against the United States.

  17. Rai


    Haha, that would be cool if they had a game like that, but I think it'd also have some bad sides as well; younger kids like Pokemon a lot, so if they got a game like this then, yeah...
    Anyways, nice pen work again it's just really awesome. I think you should work on shading a bit more though, experiment with it and I'm sure you can come up with something good. C:
  18. Heh, I just liked MGS enough to do a crossover.
    Also, did Jet the Hawk from Sonic Riders.

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