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Ask to Join Royka: Acadamy of The Elements

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by JacobRaze, Apr 16, 2018.

  1. Mariko took a breath after the burst fire settled. He looked at his sister Pilre, who stood triumphantly.
    "Pil, im not ready. I'll get eaten up out there!" He sighed at her.
    "Trust me, you're more than prepared for Royka."

    Today was the last day before Mariko boarded a train to the capital city of Galamo, Actan. There, he would begin his journey through Royka. Royka, the Acadamy of The Elements is a highly prestigous school for Elemancers, people who can control the elements. People with this power are born with one, and keep it forever, and some of the most famous went to Royka. Now its Mariko's turn.

    Mariko's family, the Maklas family, were a heavy fire based family. Everyone, including Mariko controlled The Fire Element, and the absolute raw power that Mariko's father had landed him general of the Actan Military, Power division.

    Pilre shed a tear as she hugged Mariko goodbye.
    "Don't worry, you'll do great. Just a tip, never use the green Boys Dorm Shower, its so nasty, they'll never change." She joked, kissing his forehead.
    "Noted. I love you, but the train's leaving-" he said, giving his wave goodbye.

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  2. Hanaka and her family stood speechlessly in front of Royka's gates, their mouth hanging open in awe. They still couldn't believe that Hanaka will become the part of this highly prestigious elemancer academy.

    "Huge...." Hanaka's big brother mumbled to himself, but everyone could heard that clearly and nods in response.

    "Now, Hanaka. It's time to show them what you can do! And don't forget to become a good person." Her father pat her hair and tap her shoulder firmly, a gesture he oftenly do when he is worried about someone. Hanaka gave him her best smile.

    "Don't worry father, I will!" She replied with as much confidence as she could muster. Honestly though, she didn't even know what to expect, she didn't have any acquiantance that can tell her about the academy. But at least her reply could slightly ease her father.

    After saying her goodbye to her family. Hanaka dragged her suitcase to her room, she threw herself on the bed and fell asleep immediately. Today is just so exhausting.

    "Wait, I forgot about Toma-chan!" She suddenly jumped from her sleep and look out of the window, looking for her family. Sadly, they were nowhere to be seen. She then fell asleep in disappointment. How can I forget about my beloved Toma-chan?! Hanaka you stupid!
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  3. Anemi was saying goodbye to her parents, which took longer than necessary, but that was just how her family was. It didn't bother her, anyway, since she loved her parents very much. And she had hope that the long hugs would make her miss the train to that stupid school she didn't want to go to. Anemi rarely called things stupid, but when she did, she meant it. From the bottom of her heart, she meant it.

    Alas, it was as if the train was twice as stubborn as Anemi, and waited for her. In the end, she had to board it, and there was nothing she could do about it. "I'll miss you, mom and dad." She gave them a tight hug.

    "We'll miss you too! Have fun and good luck," her mom said. Emi smiled and waved to them as she got on the train.

    The ride to the capital wasn't anything special, but some of the views were nice. Anemi still couldn't understand why she couldn't train with her father, an Air Elemancer who was definitely better than anyone in that stupid school! While she was lost in thought, she heard the train conductor announce that they were nearing their stop.

    Anemi suddenly got very nervous. What would the school be like? What would everyoene think about her? Will she be good enough to give her family a good name? She better not forget her suitcase when she gets out.

    The train stopped and Anemi felt as if she was about to explode. But she took a deep breath, and stepped out.

    When she got to the school, her nervousness turned into a feeling of excitement, for a moment. The school was huge, and it looked magnificent. Anemi was out of breath. But she was snapped back to reality after she remembered what was to happen there. Stupid school, trying to bend her view on it by looking pretty.

    She saw many other first years part with their family there, in front of the school. Anemi wished her parents could've done the same, but they were too busy for that. She as grateful they had time to say goodbye, though.

    Upon entrance, she was asked her name, and was given a room she was going to share with someone. It was another girl called Hanaka Ashenfield. She hoped they would get along.

    When she got to the room, she saw it was already unlocked. Anemi entered and saw the girl on her bed. "Hi," she said, cautiously, in case she was asleep.
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  4. He smiled at the large building, but as his smile grew, so did the feeling of his nerves twisting. He hesitantly stepped inside where lists of people and their dorms were posted. Boys 147. He threw a confident smile. No need to be that nervous. He followed some small signs, and used his gut to find the dorm.

    He entered, and sat for a second. For the first time in his life he was alone, but it wasnt too bad. It was nice and quiet. He noticed a card on a side table besides his bed. An ID card with his name on it, along with a letter. He skimmed through, it was a welcome letter that didnt hold anything important, but it had two dates.

    First Year Induction, Tomorrow Night , 6:00pm

    Skill Test, Day after Tomorrow 1:00 pm

    He looked over the card afterwords. It said his name, his dorm number 147, and his year, First Year. The silence was interupted by a growling stomach. He thought to himself

    'Im sure I saw a food room somewhere!' Wait....food room?' He left before he had a full fledged convorsation with himself.
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  5. Peter looked back to his father at the train station. The stoic man looked forward with an almost grateful look. Today Peter left for Royka Academy, of which was at the capital. He had to leave today for school. Peter gave a slight wave before trudging forward with his suitcase full of stuff. Peter didn't expect much from his father, as he never showed much of a liking for him. As he thought about his father, Peters' hands started to glow white. Luckily, he noticed it and stopped his power from activating. If not, his baggage could've blown up. "Careful." He said quietly to himself before stepping into the train.

    Peter looked forward to the school. "Man, thats a let-down." He said quietly to himself. He had expected much more from the high-ranking school. Peter shrugged as he walked forward. "Best find my dorm."
    Peter walked down to the location marked 'Boys Dorms' His dorm number was 147, so Peter quickly tracked it down. As he opened the door, Peter saw another boy in the room. "I guess we have shared rooms?"
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  6. "Uh..." Mariko looked around like he had just taken some black market drug. He felt an awkward theme filled the air. He didn't try to make it worse, but he did. "FOOD!" He blurted.

    His face turned red. "S-sorry. Im a bit shy. Big school, big expectations." Mariko sounded like he was hiding a body. "I'm making worse aren't I? I'm Mariko. I guess we are sharing a room." Mariko got himself together and held his hand out.
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  7. Hi??

    Is there someone? The half-asleep Hanaka tried to open her eyes and checked her surrounding. She saw a small girl with silvery hair and tanned skin, my roommate? Her small build reminded Hanaka of her little sister, minus the silver hair and the well-groomed look, for a brief moment she want to jump and pinch her in the cheeks but of course she can't do that right off the bat. She wiped the excess drool from her mouth and stood up, note to myself: stop drooling while sleeping!

    "Are you my roommate?" She tried to smile and extended her hand to offer a handshake. "I'm Hanaka Ashenfield, but just call me Hana."
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  8. Peter looked around as Mariko spoke. "Seemed more like a let-down than big expectations. I could blow this place apart easily." He said while tossing his stuff on the empty bed. Peter then turned back to his roommate. "Peter, and I use an explosion like magic. You?" He asked. As a little example, Peter took a piece of paper out and placed it onto his hand. The hand started to glow white before the paper seemed to shatter into many pieces.
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  9. "Well, burn stuff, but i guess im a late bloomer. My father was be big deal before his death, especially the way he used his magic, some ability where his power has a huge increase. My sister got it, but i didn't. But everythings pretty much just fire for me." He looked down. "Im pretty hungry, but theres this place near here, they cook really good, i had it once, but it was cold. My big sis brought it from the city. Do you wanna come with?"

    He had felt less awkward knowing someone would actually talk to him that wasn't a teacher or a weird Janitor.
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  10. "You can call me Hana!"

    The girl's – Hana's – friendliness caused Anemi to grow more timid. She wasn't used to conversations with new people, and struggled to find the right words to say. She told herself to stop being so shy, though, and tried her best to make a new friend. "Uh, I'm Anemi Venti, but my friend's call me Emi," she said. For the reason of not looking awkward, she approached her bed, the one that wasn't occupied, and left her suitcase next to it. "Sorry for waking you up, I wasn't sure if you were asleep or not," Anemi told her.

    She then felt herself getting hungry. "Do you happen to know any place where we can eat? I'm kind of hungry." Although those were just simple words, Anemi felt proud that she didn't panic and mess the conversation up.
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  11. "Eat, hmm?" Hanaka scratched her head, trying to look at least put some thought into the question. Although the answer was clear for her from the start. "I'm sorry. I don't know. Hehe..."

    She then pulled some boxes from her suitcase. "If you just want some snacks though. I have plenty of crackers and raisins here. Feel free to take it. But, if you want something more filling, I think you should go outside. Since the school cafetaria only start serving when the school start." She put the boxes on her desk and lay on her bed again.

    "I still feel tired. So I will just continue my sleep here." She tried to fix her sleeping position so she could find a comfortable one. She ended curling in her usual fetus style, her hand stretched aimlessly in an uncomfortable manner.
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  12. "Oh," Anemi said, disappointed. "Alright. Thank you, but I'll look around." She got out of the room as Hana went back to sleep.

    As Anemi was walking down the hall, she thought about how big tomorrow night was going to be. She got nervous at the thought of it. She felt it in her stomach. Or, was it just grumbling due to hunger? Anemi wasn't sure anymore. What she was sure in was that this stupid school didn't open up the cafeteria yet, probably to spite her even more.

    Anemi walked about, starting to feel lost in the spacious hallways, before she finally saw some people. They looked older, but not old enough to be teachers or staff, so she presumed they were upper-classmen. She felt her cheeks get hot because she knew she would have to ask them where she could eat, but she told herself that, if she could have conversed with Hana, she could ask these students something, too.

    With new found courage, but still timid, Anemi made her way to the pair. "Excuse me?" she said, and the two students looked at her. She took a moment before asking, "Would you know if there was any place I could eat at?" Shockingly, it all went smoothly. They told Anemi that there was a restaurant near the school, and she thanked them, and went on her way.

    When she got out of the school, Anemi was surprised that there still students arriving. She would get to places earlier more often than later, though, so it shouldn't have come as a shock. Anemi only then checked if she had any money on her, and was relieved that the answer was positive. She was bound to find something for the money she had, right?
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  13. Fire Mana

    Fire Mana Previously Top_Smug_

    When Parker woke up that morning he let out a deep sigh, and rolled out of bed still half asleep. He showered, got ready, ate breakfast, and walked out the door. All without his parents saying a single word to him, not even a "Goodybye" or a "Love you, goodluck!". Locking the door behind him, he set out for the 15 minute walk to the train station.

    This stupid school better be worth it...

    The darkly clothed boy stepped onto the train, and before he knew it he had already arrived the school campus. He did seem to get lost in his own mind a lot now that he thought about it.

    After confirming his attendance and getting his things from the front office, he made his way to his dorm room to drop off his minimal possessions. Parker walked slowly through the building before finding himself in front of room 143, his room.

    God I hope I'm the only one in this room.

    His shoulders heaved with another heavy sigh as he unlocked the door and stepped inside.
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  14. He began his way towards the resteraunt. It wasn't a far walk on the odd roads of Galamo. It had a large sign the read: "Kich's Kitchen". He stepped inside, where the very crowded building had a definitive smell, a good smell. After just a bit in line, he got to the hostess.

    Before he could say anything, she pointed to a sign that stated: "Shall not seat unless party of two or more".

    He sighed under his breath. "They are still outside, let me get them." He said, stepping outside the building and looked at people nearby. He made motions for them to come towards him, just so he could eat some good food. After all, after the year starts, no telling how hard he would practice without getting good food! Nobody really paid mind to him.

    'C'mon, one meal!'
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  15. This is impossible!!

    Unlike the first time when she was very tired from the long journey and thus able to sleep easily, now Hanaka realized how uncomfortable she is. No warm blanket with mild lavender scent, no stiff pillow with ketchup stains on it, and more importantly, nothing to be hugged at because she forgot to brought Toma-chan.

    She jumped out of her bed and went out of the school building with her wallet in her hand. I will go home and take Toma-chan. Even if I must miss the first two days of school.
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  16. Kich's Kitchen was the name of the restaurant. It took Anemi a few tries to find the right path, because this time, she refrained from asking a stranger for help. In the end, she had to ask for directions, and she couldn't believe how easy it was to find the place.

    From away she could smell the food, or that's how it seemed. Anemi was just too tired. All she wanted was to eat, for now. She got to the entrance, and walked in full of joy, but was met with a gloomy hostess who let her know that she can't eat there alone. "What?" Anemi said, defeated. This could not be happening. She spent so much energy on walking, she didn't know if she could make it back without collapsing. She hoped that, by some miracle, the hostess would feel sorry and let her in, but no amount of looking sad in front of her seemed to help.
  17. Liam had calmly taken a seat on the train that would be taking him to Royka Academy, with a huge smile on his face. Since he had already lived within the capitol of Galamo, he had boarded the train a tad later than the other students. He found a seat in towards the back and sat his luggage on his lap. It wouldn't be a long ride, which worked out in his favor because he could barely contain the chaotic mixture of excitement and nervousness that welled within his stomach.
    He was a tad worried to be independent for the first time, but in reality his home was only an hour's travel away by train.

    His father and uncle, who were both Light Elemancers as well, joined his mother and younger sister in seeing Liam off a as he left home. Since the Actan Military had allowed his father and uncle some time away from duty, they were able to spend the past week spending time with Liam prepping him for the things he should expect while attending Royka, and elaborated on tips for him to hone his skills of wielding his element. Hopefully, it would all prove useful and help him gain an advantage to excel through his time years at the Academy.

    The blonde watched out of the window as he passed the familiar metropolitan scenery, and began to phase into the more prominent areas of Galamo, where the prestigious Academy lied.

    Before he knew it, the train had arrived and Liam entered the gigantic, astounding building that would now be his home, and training grounds until he was 18 years of age. Upon entering, he found his name on the large bulletin where dorms were being assigned. Boys 143 was posted next to his name. The first year elemancer enthusiastically made his way to his room, and entered. Liam realized that he was the only one who had made it so far, but there

    As he came in, he set his two large bags on his bed, and took notice to an ID Card that withheld all of his information, and a welcome letter. He took a seat cross-legged on one of the chairs and read through the note, giving a small schedule. It seemed that the official orientation would begin the next day, and then the "Skill Test" would be the following day - Liam assumed it would be an assessment for all of the students who are coming in for the new year, in order for the evaluators and professors to grasp what level everyone was on.

    He set the note down and looked around the room. He was slightly intimidated at the reputation Royka Academy had, but all he had to do was show his worth and not screw it all up.
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  18. "Welp no food for me!" He shouted, contemplating threatening with his power to get in, but what good would that do? He sighed and stepped inside, where he noticed a girl, alone and with a sad look. He stepped up next to her.

    "Oh there you are, Babe!" He said, then whispered into her ear:

    'Go along with it.'
  19. Babe? Who was this boy? What did he think he was doing?

    Although Anemi realised he was trying to help her out, she couldn't help but feel uncomfortable in that moment. "Relax," she thought. "You're hungry. This might be your only way in." Besides, the boy looked like he was alone too, and if she blew their cover, then there wouldn't be food for either of them. The hostess was waiting...

    "Y-yeah, we came here together," she said. "So, you'll have to let us in, now, right?"
  20. The hostess complied, leading them to a small table where theye were told to order. Mariko ordered the same thing he got when his sister was here once. He looked at the girl that he called 'babe'.

    "Thanks for not punching me in the face, and going a long with it. You are a true life saver." Mariko smiled and rolled his sleeves up, revealing a scar and some dirt on his fore arm.
  21. Hanaka was running to the gate of the school when she suddenly bumped into her big brother again, his face red and drenched in sweat.

    "Brother! What are you doing here?" The surprised Hanaka asked him, but her brother took some seconds before he was able to answer.

    "Y-you, forgot this..." He handed her a cloth sack with a coconut-sized tomato inside. At the sight of the fruit, Hanaka's face lighten significantly. She hugged the fruit tightly and gave her brother a very wide smile.

    "Toma-chan! You brought him, thank you brother!"

    "Really, how can you forgot Toma? When we just board the train back I found Toma in my backpack so I rushed here without even telling mom & dad. I bet they will panic when they realize that their 25 years old son is missing, especially mom."

    "I-I'm very sorry. I think its my fault, I felt my luggage was already full so I put Toma-chan in yours. I'm terribly sorry!!" Hanaka felt ashamed of herself that she stared at the ground when she apologize to her brother. Her brother let out a tired breath and ruffled her hair, a gentle expression on his face.

    "Never mind that. So, what were you going to do? Running around in the school like that?"

    "I thought you all already on the way home so I planned to go home, take Toma-chan and come back here as soon as possible." Her brother facepalm himself.

    "Don't. Do. That." He said to Hanaka, with emphasize on each words. He sighed before continuing. "Allright, I think I have done all my business here. So I will leave. You, Pumpkin Girl, do your best in this school." Hanaka straighten up herself before answering him with a half-assed military salute and a sincere happy smile.

    "Understood, sir!"

    Hanaka spent the next thirty minutes sitting in the school's park with Toma-chan on her lap.

    "Did enjoy the sunlight, Toma-chan?"

    Toma-chan didn't gave any answer.
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  22. "You're welcome," Anemi said. She noticed the boy's arm, but decided not to comment on it. "I was starving though. Can't wait to eat." She sat at a table, waiting for a waiter to bring a menu, or something. Anemi was drowning in the smell of good food. She could barely stay patient.

    Because she thought it'd be awkward otherwise, Anemi decided to start a conversation. About what, though? The boy looked around her age, so maybe he went to a nearby school? How cool would it have been if he went to Royka? "So," Anemi started. "Do you go to a school? I just started going to Royka Academy."
  23. "Really? I just started to go there. I got here today, and this place is good according to my sister." He said. Suddenly, food was just there. It appeared like nothing, as if the knew what he wanted and made it appear. The same happened for the girl. "Woah."

    Kich, the owner and head chef, had the ability to read minds, but he was someone special. He had two powers. He could materialize food. These people were quite rare, and you were lucky to have this ability.

    "So....uh" he started. "Whats your name?"
  24. Anemi was surprised when the food that appeared out of nowhere was just the one she wanted. After she found out the boy went to her school, and was a first year as well, she hoped she made a new friend.

    "Anemi Venti. My family controls air so," Anemi said taking a bite out of her food. Since she was so hungry, it wouldn't take long. "What about you?"
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  25. Peter brought his left arm back, it glowing with energy before swinging it forward at a wall of fire. An explosion of smoke came from the attack, as when it dissipated Peter walked forward through a hole in the wall. A teacher at the sidelines nodded at the sight before waving his arm forward. The wall of fire exaporated from existance.

    "Your powers seem strange, Peter." He said, his firey hair seemed to glow a bright red. Peter shrugged. "It's what I always did. Never thought it was special." The student said before releacing his energy from the arm. The teacher nodded, while taking note on one fact. Peter used his left, non-dominate arm. Like to see what he could do in the future.
  26. "Im Mariko Maklas, but my family sometimes calls me Riko. Me and my family like to burn things." He smiled, taking a bite. He didnt taste anything at first, but then, it was like his heart stopped. It was amazing. He quickly finished like it was nothing and sat there lazily.

    'Whew that was good.'
  27. "Nice to meet you, Mariko." Anemi smiled.


    The next day, Anemi woke up early. She was too excited for the first-year welcoming, but it was mixed with nervousness. The whole night she slept very lightly, the softest sounds managing to wake her. Not only that, there was an annoying mosquito buzzing next to her ear, and it didn't seem to stop. She tried blowing it away, but it kept coming back. In the end, Anemi decided to try control the air in the room, so that it guided the mosquito out. It wasn't easy – she was only a beginner, and it could've gotten out of hand, but she was careful enough to complete her plan. After that, Anemi felt a little bit better. At least she wasn't bad at controlling her element.

    At around six o'clock (in the morning), Anemi went to the bathroom to refresh herself. She was careful not to wake her roommate, and closed the door quietly. Anemi looked at herself in the mirror. She looked like she hadn't slept the whole night. Not too far from the truth, she thought. She turned the faucet on, taking some of the water in her palms, and washing her face. That ought to do it.

    She got back to bed, with the idea to try sleeping more, but since they had to be awake as early as 7:30, she took out one of her textbooks to see what they'd be doing that school year. The light she turned on was soft enough not to wake Hana, she hoped.
  28. Mariko looked at himself in the bathroom mirror.

    'Today is the day.'

    He looked at himself. His red hair messy, but managed. His clothes were loose so he could move better. He was gonna impress, or at least he wanted to. He sighed and left slowly, there had to be a training ground somewhere, might as well practice.

    He exited the to the courtyard and looked around the aread for anywhere he could burn without being charged with arson.
  29. Hanaka woke up from her sleep. She put Toma-chan on her desk, wiped her drool then gave Anemi a quick good morning before entering the bathroom.

    She likes the feeling of water raining down her body so Hanaka usually spent a liiitlee bit too long in the bathroom. She felt grateful that the room was designed for two people, if there's more than two then it would be very likely that she either has to bath very early or cut down her time inside.

    Now that she felt fully refreshed. It's time for the thing that made her most excited: uniform. Royka's uniform consist of buttoned white shirt, black pants/skirt and a hooded cloak. The cloak is special though, since it was colored according to the student's elements, this help the elemental teachers distinguish their students, probably? Anyway, Hanaka likes her dark-green hooded cloak very much. The fabric also felt so smooth it almost ticklish, so different from her previous school's rough uniform. She also heard that senior student have more freedom in customizing their uniform. Lastly, there's no restriction on accesory as long as there's no teacher that consider your accesory to be excessive. Well, that's pretty vague but at least Hanaka could bring Lily, right?

    She wore the uniform and put on her headband, then she opened a small box which contained a small yellow flower inside.

    "Good morning, Lily!" She greeted the flower before picking it up and put it on the left side of her headband. The flower wiggled a bit before its root buried itself in the headband.

    Hanaka stepped out of the bathroom with a small dance and a bright smile, she's so excited today! Then she looked at Anemi, reading a textbook on her bed and Hanaka's excitement vanished in an instant. She forgot that this is a school, and she never had a good relationship with textbooks. She approached Anemi with an exaggerated pained expression.

    "W-why are you reading the textbook before the school even started?"
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  30. Peter had woke up before Mariko, but not like he noticed. By the time his roommate finished his bathroom pep talk, Peter was dressed and heading out the door. The uniform he wore was different completely to others, wearing a dark grey button doen shirt and black jeans. But the most distinguishing part was the solid white cloak. It was used to determine students powers, but Peters was un-recorded for a color. In that case, he was given a solid white cloak. Peter saw Mariko walk out to the courtyard and raced next to him. "You know there is a training gym open for use if you want some practice before the test."
  31. Fire Mana

    Fire Mana Previously Top_Smug_

    Parker rolled out of bed and looked around his room. For a second he didn't really know where he was, it was still just hitting him that he was at Royka and not at home. The bed next to his was still empty though, and the only stuff in the room was his.

    Still alone, huh? Not like I mind it anyways...

    He slowly and sleepily entered the bathroom, turned on the water, and got into the shower. He usually liked his showers boiling hot, but he decided to change it up and take a freezing cold shower this morning. He didn't really have a reason to, he just felt like a shift in routine to match the shift in setting.

    His outfit was simple, and much more bland than the other students. Where his peers had colorful cloaks, reds and greens and blues and yellows, Parker had a pitch black one. It made him look more menacing, the sycthe didn't help either. The whole outfit made him look the Grim Reaper.

    Real nice, this'll make me some friends for suuure...

    He sighed another one of his deep sighs, and walked out the door.
  32. "Really? I guess I should've listened to some info. I keep zoning out, but thanks." He awkwardly looked down. "Do you know where it is?"

    Mariko was usually so happy go lucky, and would kill for some sleep, but that previous night, he didn't try to sleep. He kept zoning out, before taking out a book from his suitcase.

    'The History of Wars: Actan'
  33. "Oh!' Anemi was caught by surprise. She didn't know Hanaka would speak to her in the morning, she thought the girl would be too tired, but Anemi guessed she kept her energy during the mornings too. "I-I was just looking at what I'll be doing during my Air-controlling classes! I don't want any unpleasant surprises..." Anemi was still sad that her that wouldn't be teaching her the art of controlling air. He was much better than the professors at this school! She saw that all they would be learning this semster were small tricks, like opening and closing a door, but she saw no mention of defence. Air was an element of evasion, but the book didn't mention it. Maybe the teacher wouldn't be going by the book all the time? Anemi hoped so.

    It was time to get into her uniform. Anemi's was the same as Hana's, but her cloak was grey. Grey? What kind of person corresponds air with grey. This seemed like a joke. She hated it. This stupid school never got anything right. Well, at least she wasn't friend-less. Then she remembered Mariko, and wanted to see him. Maybe he had a roommate she could meet, so she had another friend? All Anemi wanted was not to be lonely. But, the people she met were very interesting, and she was glad she met them.

    "Hey, Hana," Anemi felt weird using her nickname, since they weren't close, but she went along with it. "Do you want to come with me to find my friend, Mariko?"
  34. Hanaka looked at the clock before answering Anemi's question.

    "Sure, we still have some time." She opened the door and went outside. She also wanted to explore the school further since yesterday she didn't had much energy to spare. "Lead the way, Anemi."
  35. Lead the way? Oh, Anemi didn't know where Mariko was. She felt awkward in the moment, but she'd figure something out. It's important to play the part, right? She could ask around...

    Anemi took the lead, and tried asking one of the older students. But, how could she ask where the boy's dorms were? It would make her look weird. Well, since it's the morning, he ought to be near the cafeteria. She turned to Hana, "Well, I'm not sure where he is or if we're allowed in the boy's dorm but.." she felt bad for dragging Hana outside for something ridiculous. "But since breakfast is soon, he'd probably be there soon! What do you think?"
  36. Mariko found the training room, and upon entering, was greeted by large rooms, squared and with weird black walls. He saw some older students in the rooms, sending such powerful bursts of power, but nothing was damaged. He decided to try one out for himself.

    He stepped in a room and closed the door behind him.

    He took a deep breath, and he shot a small burst of flames onto the walls. The werent affected. Instead of training, he was more intrigued by this substace. It stopped magic, or at least, wasn't affected by it.

    'Okay, lets do this.'
  37. Anemi didn't had a clue to what she is doing, it seems. Hanaka thought to herself while following the girl and asking some other students about this Mariko, she felt glad that she's not the only one who had to struggle to fit into this new environment. Then it seems Anemi had given up because she suggested for them them to go to the cafetaria. She nods enthusiastically.

    "If its cafetaria, then I will lead the way." She said confidently before pulling out a map of Royka Academy from the general pamphlet.

    "Here." She grabbed Anemi's hand and dragged her along the corridor to a very wide room with tables and chairs line up. In one side of the room food counters could be seen with cooks standing behind, ready to pour food into the student's trays.

    "What do you think the menu will be?" She asked Anemi. "I hope it is meat." She felt grateful for the sounds of spoons and forks clattering on the steel trays, at least it cover the sounds of her growling stomach. It's embarassing.
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  38. Fire Mana

    Fire Mana Previously Top_Smug_

    Parker was pretty much last into cafeteria, as he waited for all the other students to enter first. He couldn't be bothered trying to shove through a crowd just to enter another crowded room. Especially since he wasn't even all that hungry, but he sat at a table all the same.

    This smell, I can't quiet tell what it is...It's definitely a meat of some kind.

    He still wasn't sure that he would get any good, too much of a hassle to get back up and wait in that line. He played his sycthe on the bench next to him, making sure nobody would sit next to him.
  39. Hana practically dragged Anemi the whole way to the cafeteria. Anemi didn't object, since she didn't know where the place was, and she was hugry. Again.

    The smell was amazing, meat, Anemi guessed. Although she didn't often eat meat, because she'd have a vegetarian diet during her training (something about better energy flow her father always talked about. Anemi had noticed that her air controlling skills were better when she didn't eat meat for some time.), she didn't shy away from it. "Yeah, I think there's gonna be meat." Anemi approached the food counter, realising she was right. She took eggs and bacon, and some salad as a side dish. Anemi could eat whatever she wanted here. She wondered if the chef here had the same powers as the one at that restaurant, and created food that the students wanted.

    Anemi sat at one of the tables, next to Hana. The noise of forks and spoons crashing the plates, and quiet murmurs of each student joining into a mess of white noise was oddly relaxing and enjoyable. Anemi found herself feeling blended in, not sticking out, and she liked it that way. Then she noticed some girls and boys in grey cloaks, just like her own, sat together at one end of a table. They didn't seem older than her. "They already made friends with each other?" Anemi asked herself, feeling sad for a moment. If they already created their cliques, she wouldn't be able to join any! And she wasn't sure if she was going to have any regular classes with Hana, let alone the ones where they learn about air controlling. Anemi decided to take her mind off of that, and start a conversation with her friend. "Do you know anyone who controls the same element as you?"

    Great job at taking your mind off of things
    , Anemi thought. But wait; She didn't even know what Hana controls, and her dark green cloak didn't spark anything in Anemi's mind. "Actually, what element do you control?"
  40. Being how his roommate left him at the courtyard, and food seemed pretty good at the time, Peter began to look around for the cafeteria. "Huh, guess I'm alone once more." He said to himself under his breath. The burst magic user then turned his step over to the doorway of the cafeteria. As he entered, the smell of meat expanded out the doorway. "Sausage I guess?" He said before turning forward to the food line. As Peter walked down the line, he picked out only a few foods, like eggs, sausage and gravy. The plate wasn't very full, as eating little helped him control his powers better.

    As he looked around for open seats, only a few could be found. Other people gave slight glances to the pure white cloak he wore, soon turning away. It wasn't a bad thing, just that people wondered what his power was. An open seat was near two girls. One wore a dark green hood, the other grey. The two seemed to be in a conversation already, so he didn't interrupt them. Instead, he just sat down and ate quietly beside them.

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