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RoseTea's Doodles ~ ♥ *Updated*

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by RoseTea, Apr 29, 2007.

  1. Okay... I figured I will posts a couple things I have done...
    I'll start of with the most recent....

    MS Paint doodles -
    (warning: I currently only have a mouse, so these things took me a while)





    Open Canvas -
    (These were done with a friend's tablet - You'll want to click these to see them full viewed)






  2. *JOYGASM*

    Freakin' incredible! I am envious of your MAD MSPaint skillz and I'm adoring your Chibi's!

    Fantabulous! I really wish to see MUCH more! I like the style of shading on your one color MSpaint piccies as well. And I adore the well-blended style of shading on your chibi's!​
  3. -blush-

    Thank you very much.
    I am so very much flattered.
  4. Wow those are pretty awsome for a mouse! I used to do stuff like this with my tablet but with a mouse thats just incrediable.
  5. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Hahah... I love it when people refer to something as a "doodle" that already looks great in its own right. I can only imagine what one of your more detailed pics would look like then ;D

    I like style you used for the first and third pics. I'll definitely take a lookie through your dA account to see what else you have to offer.

    Keep up the great work and post some more =)
  6. Well it is a doodle... My art teacher said so... xD

    And... >.>

    I found a piece I did back in early 2006.
    It's for a pet site that I use to go to...
    I made my pet "Kiichu" (RoseTea was her name. xD) into an antho.
    (Credit time - Kiichu is all respect owned by the site Teripets.com. This is just a simple fan art.)

    And I found a animated Pixel I did of her too...
    The base belongs to KawaiiHannah from GaiaOnline (I am giving credit, so you can find her).
    But I editted into my own thing, and she agreed to let me use it, since it wasn't for profit.

    (Should this be in pixels? o.O???)​
  7. Oh My..God...O-O....Those are the best drawings i ave EVER seen on MS paint..I can't do anything as near to that! XP

    Your a WAY talented Drawer! O-O...

    I especially like the first one...The face and the shape is perfect! ^^
  8. awesome! youre really talented, especially on the 1st one, id really like to see more
  9. I saw so many people here trying to draw some of the trainers, we all know and love, older, I decided to try my hand at it...
    I only did May and Misty so far...
    (to bad I only have a webcam to take pictures with...)

    I like how May looks, But I think if I play with Misty some more, she'll turn out better.
    After I play with both of them some more, I am going to draw them into outfits I see them wearing when they are older...

    And considering that Misty and May are around the ages of 10 and 11... I drew them in their late teens.


  10. I challenged myself today..
    And tried to do a decent doodle in one minute on paint...

    Here is what I ended up with...

    It's okay... ><
  11. I like it. I wish I could do art as good as you.

    [glow=red,2,300]Great Job! Keep up the good work![/glow]
  12. Thanks. ^ ^

    And here is a lineart sketch, done in paint, for a commission I have on Gaia.

    This OC is copyrighted to ORANGE MANGO of Gaia Online. ^ ^
    Thank you.

    I am still fine tuning it, but I like it overall.
  13. Wow...MS Paint...I am in awe. @_@

    I really like your sketches and your style for humans! They all look so mature and...like...poised, or something.

    And your chibi characters are adorable! I went to your DeviantArt, and I really liked the one you did for Ragnarok. So cute...^_^

    I hope to see more "doodles" and such from you...

    Or stuff you do in art class. The autumn landscape you did on DA was amazingly breathtaking. @_@
  14. Thank you!​
  15. ...But it is cool like that. All pastely (that...is not a word) and pretty. I like her expression. It's cool...and wow, you draw hands reallyreallyreally well. @_@ I have to teach myself how to draw and stuff (no class space to take art at school, and no time to fit in any art classes after school unless I want to die, or something), and hands are kinda challenging for meh. >_<

    You are very skilled with anatomy. *nod nod*

    But yeah, it looks kinda funny without the rest of her hair. It's like she's a monk with a partially-shaved head. Yuuuup...

    Also, is she gonna wear pants or a skirt or something? Cuz right now, it's like she's missing part of her clothing...

    Oh yeah, and on DeviantArt, I added you to my watch list and put the autumn forest landscape on my favorites, cuz it rocks. Hope ya don't mind. ^_^ (I'm Nyaa-Neko there, by the way...so the "Nyaa-Neko" who is now watching you would be meh.)
  16. The pic is far from finished, and I am liking my shading...
    It's just the outline I hate so far...

    And Thank you. ^ ^
    I'll add you to my watch too, and thank you so much for the fav!!!​
  17. Okay...
    I started to color the lineart I posted above...
    But I am not to sure how it looks.
    I am coloring it Paint right now, because my open canvas is being stupid and not working... ><

    What do you all think so far?

    As I get into it more, I'll shade it better...
    But I am just starting with the shading.
  18. I like it.

    What college do you go to? I'm going to risd next year. I'm scared about going to art college, I hear a lot of bad things about it.
  19. Currently, I am only attending a community college to get my basic credits.
    After that, I am transfering to Eastern Michigan University where I will be studying Japanese and art.

    A lot of art colleges are very strict.. And I don't agree with some of them.
    Sure, you need to know the principles. but that's not the only way.

    They try conforming you use the basic rules and techniques, yet are upset when your work matches everyone else's....
    I prefer my art class at the community college. ^ ^

    -will update with art later-
  20. Oooh, you're gonna study Japanese? RoseTea-san wa Nihongo no seito ni naru? :3 (Ima Nihongo wo benkyou shiteru?)

    Japanese is a most fun language to learn. I take it in high school right now. Japanese > all the other languages offered. Cuz it's just COOLZ that way. *nod nod*
  21. these are really good pictures you made..there so rich in color too. and on ms paint, i tryed a pic once but i messed up
  22. I know Japanese, but better in speaking then writing/reading.. ^ ^;;;
    I am rusty too...

    I haven't had a class in a while.

    Here is some art from my art class...

    (colored pencil)


    Bad picture for the last one...

    A friend wants to pay me for the last one..

    That scares me. xD

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