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Rocoso High School

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Carmen Lopez, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. Edit: And also, if you aren't one of the people listed in the discussion thread. Please don't post ^^;

    OOC: Oookay, so this is my first RP post in over a year and the first RP I've ever started so please bear with me. I think I put enough background info in the discussion thread so everyone should have an idea of why kind of school Rocoso is.

    Oh good grief I hope my post is all right ^^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;


    This class is such a joke… thought Dakota Van Dalen.

    This fifteen year old was sitting in his health class and as usual, he was annoyed and in a stupor. In theory this class was supposed to be interesting with all the things that could go wrong with the human body, but nooo. First off, the teacher, Mrs. Nichols, was like that prudish aunt that loves preaching to you. She even had the old lady glasses with the chain attached to them. Dakota was fairly sure the teacher hated him and if she didn’t, he’d failed at his job. He routinely slept in class and still knew the answers to any questions she had and made smart-alecky comments out of the wazoo.

    But he’d been on his best behavior for the past week because he didn’t want to give her any reason to stop him from battling next week. However that didn’t mean he would be nice to her. He found a way to irritate her that was perfectly within the rules. She turned and glared at Dakota.

    “Mr. Van Dalen, what are you smiling at?” she said tersely.

    Dakota had on his best creeper smile on and never turned away from her so she was thoroughly unnerved. “It’s a wonderful, wonderful day,” Dakota said in a falsely pleasant voice as he sat next to the poster with some crusted over body part where Mrs. Nichols kindly placed him after he insinuated that her class was pointless. Half the class giggled.

    He could tell she wanted to strangle him, but technically he wasn’t doing anything wrong. Instead, she just took to glaring at him. She droned on for about five more minutes before the bell rang and there was a mad dash for the door. Dakota immediate released his Breloom, Sully. Mrs. Nichol’s looked on in disgust. That was another reason why she was unpopular; she didn’t allow Pokémon in her classroom even when they were well behaved. Well, she was at the wrong school then.

    “Time to head to the stadium, Sully,” Dakota said as he smacked the Breloom on the back.

    Immediately, the Breloom got a maniacal look in his eyes and he Mach Punched the air and nearly hit a passing freshie.

    “Whoa, whoa, whoa! Not yet buddy!” said Dakota, though he was amused. “We’re not battling yet. This is just the closing ceremony of the festival.”

    This had been a really fun week, but then Festival Time was always great. It was even better this year because he wasn’t a lame freshie and therefore he didn’t get picked on as bad. Instead he was the one pulling the pranks like the one where he hit some poor dude with a balloon filled with spaghetti sauce. Pranks were a huge part of Rocoso High School and the students had the reputation of being some of the best pranksters ever. Your job was to not be on the receiving end of them.

    “Heeeeey, Van Dalen!” Dakota heard someone say from behind before said person pulled him into a headlock. “You ready for next week?” It was a Joe, a fellow member of the Rocoso Soccer Team.

    “You better know it,” Dakota responded back. By his own admission, Dakota looked like the last person who’d ever be on a sports team. Not that he was scrawny—he was definitely athletic and one of only two sophomores on the varsity team; Dakota just looked like a total slacker who had a bored look as his default expression. Heh, another reason why you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. The members of the soccer team showed their solidarity by all embroidering a Pokémon kicking a soccer ball on the backs of their uniform jackets—in Dakota’s case it was a Breloom and a Hitmonlee in Joe’s case.

    Joe finally released him and laughed. “You also better do the school well. We can’t let East Veilstone beat us now, can we? Not after we thrashed them last week in the game.”

    “Definitely not,” Dakota said. Ah, that game was spectacular…best part was definitely scoring the winning goal against the EV’s ‘star’ player after he’d trolled Rocoso the entire time.

    The school was still decked out in posters advertising the different clubs and what they were doing for the festival. While the soccer team’s show was not the most creative in the world, a soccer match between Pokémon, it proved to be more popular than any of them thought. Dakota was amazed no soccer team before had done it. Students were streaming into the stadium, but Joe, Dakota, and Sully pushed their way through to sit with the rest of the soccer team. They heard someone mutter “dumb jocks” under their breath but they didn’t care.

    OOC: So yeah, we're making our way to the stadium. I, uh, hope it wasn't too short and stuff. I promise to develop my charrie even more! *Stops rambling*
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  2. OoC: I hope I didn't make this too long or anything :X


    Shane glimpsed at the clock. Five more minutes until class was over. He sighed. The last five minutes were always the worst. And to top it off, he hated math with a passion. He didn't get it, and to be honest he couldn't really care less. The only reason he wasn't failing was because of his best, and only friend Marisa. She was a brilliant at math, easily sailing through the courses with A's while the other students struggled.

    At last the bell rang. Mr. Anders, their math teacher, tried to remind them of the homework for next time, but he was drowned out by the crowd. Shane got up, brushed a hand through his long brown hair, and put on his black hat. The fifteen-year-old headed towards the door and caught up with Marisa outside. She turned and smiled. There was one easily distinguishable feature with Marisa; her eyes were mismatched. Her right eye was a dark brown, while her left eye was a shining emerald green.

    Marisa and Shane were alike in a very simple way; they were both social outcasts. In elementary school, Shane had been bullied a lot because of his Ghost-type phobia. Shane's older brother had a Gengar, and when Shane was younger his brother would always send Gengar to scare him in the night. Sometimes he would even be attacked by the Ghost-type. Luckily for Shane, his brother hit the road to become a travelling trainer when Shane was six, but the damage was already done. Shane had a bad case of Ghost-type phobia.

    Marisa had moved to Veilstone when Shane was in third grade. People might have started picking on her anyways because of her eyes, but the real reason she was outcasted was because she was so empathetic. She couldn't stand Shane being bullied and took his side. The “cool” kids started picking on her as well, and it was done. Marisa had been Shane's only friend since fourth grade, but she was the most reliable friend anyone could ever have. An upside about not being popular, Marisa tended to state a lot, was that you could wear whatever accessories with your uniform you wanted. You could color your hair how you liked. It wasn't as if it could get any worse.

    Currently Marisa's hair was its normal light brown color. “Had a really fun and exciting lesson?”

    Shane rolled his eyes. “Of course. Most amazing thing ever. The highlight of my entire week. I don't know how I'm going to top this.”

    Marisa smiled again. “I do,” she said with a wink. “To the stadium!”

    Shane smiled as well. He dug out a Pokeball from his backpack. “Let's go, Yumi!”

    In a flash of red light, Yumi was released from her Pokeball. The white and blue Pokemon gave a melodius chime of delight as the temperature around her dropped slightly. Yumi was a Froslass. As ironic as it was, Shane's best Pokemon companion was of the same type as his worst nightmares. Since Yumi was a Ghost-type herself, she had a type advantage over other Ghost-types, therefore being able to protect Shane from them. Besides, Yumi wasn't like other Ghosts, she was an elegant creature, not a some freaky nightmarish thing.

    “We're heading over to the stadium,” Shane told the Froslass. Yumi's eyes sparkled. They both loved battling equally much.

    The Froslass sped off towards the stadium. Laughing, the two outcasts followed.
  3. (OOC: Jeez, Carmen, get some self esteem! I love this<3 Also, whoo Dutch last name xD)


    Today was exactly the kind of day Alexis loved.

    Having had a fun week, the Festival to be exact, Alexis Rogers felt rather good. This was probably very noticeable from the crooked smile that she couldn't get of her face whatever she tried. Even though there had been some trouble with a book review in her German class, she had enjoyed every aspect of the week; Hanging out with her friends in the Stadium, where she had witnessed an awesome battle between a Steelix and a Blaziken. Like every freshie could tell you, the type difference was positive for Blaziken- But it had been a close match anyway, the Blaziken finally won after an hour-long battle.

    The Festival Market had also been a lot of fun; She had probably never tasted so many different kinds of food before; Johto Sushi, exotic dishes from Hoenn, and the famous sweets from Sinnoh itself of course, among many others. There had even been a cooking show from the chefs of the Grand Lake Hotel; Now that was good food.

    The games had been equally fun. Apart from the regular games such as the Magikarp Fishing stand, where you had to catch as many plastic miniature Magikarps as possible with a rod (Harder then it seemed) and the Machamp Punching Ball, an excellent way for adolescent boys to relief their stress after failing at the Magikarp Fishing stand, she had seen several new additions; Beedrill's Pin Missile Shooting, in which for some reason she was quite good, and the Tauros Rodeo machine, which was a lot of fun even though almost nobody could hold on to the saddle for more then five seconds.

    Thinking of those good moments while she was pacing trough the halls of Rocoso High, Wyatt the Metang levitating in close pursuit, she looked inside her agenda to see what her next class was; Mathematics. Many teachers were still in the Festival spirit, and she and her class had spent most of the time slacking during the lessons, because the teachers didn't really care today.

    Wyatt hummed softly, a vibrating, metallic sound, as she checked her map. There had been a recent class location change, and she found it quite difficult to find the right classrooms now. Wyatt drifted up in front of her, and pointed one of his sharp steel claws at one of the classrooms on the map.

    Alexis smiled at him. 'Thanks, Wyatt.' She said. Wyatt was an absorber of knowledge; His evolution, Metagross, was known for having the brain of a supercomputer. But even though Wyatt was only half as smart, he could beat any human with ease when it came to mathematical knowledge. He was the main reason she had become so good at math. A Steel-type trainer had once told her that gaining knowledge was common for Metang who lived with a trainer; being a psychic-type, the Metang evolution line thrived on it. Machop lifted Graveler to make their muscles stronger; Metang learned to make their minds stronger.

    The last lesson of the day passed by quickly, mostly because Alexis' class had he coolest math teacher ever. Mostly he'd just give the people some easy assignements to do, hardly caring if they actually did them, but when someone didn't understand something he would always explain it clearly. Mr. Moore, as he was called, dressed rather oddly as well; He originated from Hoenn, which was visible by his brown kaki shorts, colourfoul blouses and a random suncap everyday, along with worn sandals. But people didn't like him any less for it.

    Metang was usually allowed in-class; Being a friendly-natured Steel type, who were pretty calm anyway, he would either sit under her desk, under which he barely fitted, or float near the ceiling where no one was bothered by him. Everyone always joked around how they'd love to be a Psyhic, so they could ask Wyatt for answers during tests. Another joke was Mr. Moore telling everyone 'My best student? Wyatt, of course!'

    After the lesson, her friend Audrey Martinez joined her in the hallways, along with another friend called Samuel Nelson. Audrey was a kind and caring girl, but she tended to get embarrased quickly and was a littly shy to strangers. Samuel was a typical teenage guy; He pretended to be cool, but he was a bit of a klutz. He was on the school's javelin throw team.

    'Where should we go?' Audrey asked Alexis. Audrey was eating a cherry lollipop, and offered one to her as well. Alexis shrugged. 'We don't have a lot of homework. Why don't we go to the stadium?' Audrey and Samuel both had PokeMon of their own. Audrey owned a female Mime JR. called Joy, not related to the pink-haired nurses, and a Medicham; Samuel was the Trainer of a Steelix, not the one of the battle she had witnessed, a Sableye that usually followed him around and a Shelgon that he was trying to train until it became a Salamence, for it was known that the best way to become popular at Rocoso High was to have a powerful Dragon-type.

    Samuel and Audrey agreed, and they went on their way to the big, classical stadium connected to the school.
  4. Another typical, boring class. That's all that went through Jesse's mind during his Chemistry class. Not that the class itself was boring, or that the teacher was; Jesse found pretty much everything to be boring, but that was probably his Senior-itis. He sat next to a window, which he was currently gazing out of, his head propped up on his hand. Jesse hadn't been paying attention to the words of Ms. Brown, as usual, but today, he actually had a reason to be daydreaming. Today was the last day of the Festival, and it was supposedly going to top last year's, if that was even possible.

    Jesse yawned and stretched a little bit, his coal-colored blazer ruffling against his stark-white polo. He ran his hair through his chocolate hair, and turned his head ever-so-slightly so that the sun would hit his eyes in such a way that they sparkled like pale blue diamonds. It was pretty common for him to to slip into a daydream during class, and his teachers had pretty much gotten used to it. He glanced at the clock, and noted the time. In just a few minutes, he'd be in the stadium, enjoying what was to come. He pulled a red-and-white PokeBall out of his blazer's pocket and turned it around in his hand a few times before intensely staring at it. A tribal design of a Pokemon had been etched in all over, and colored in with black, making it unique amongst the numerous PokeBalls at Rocoso High. Jesse liked to stand out when he could, plus, it would make identifying it much easier were it ever to get jumbled up in a crowd of others. He wasn't exactly popular, but he was far from being a loner. His circle of friends was small, but nearly everyone seemed to know him, and he was fairly positive that they liked him.

    As he slowly snapped out of his little trance, he noticed that the class was empty. "Bell must've rang. I guess there's nothing to do except go to the stadium, right, Seishuku?" The Absol was sleeping on the floor next to Jesse's feet, and instead of looking up or something, it gave a gentle growl as an answer. He was gaining bad habits from his Trainer, sleeping in class like that...not that it got any grades or anything. Like most Absols, he had white fur, dark navy skin, and a blade growing from the side of its head and rump. Differing from the norm, it had golden eyes instead of crimson.

    Jesse stood up, shouldered his bag, and left the classroom, Seishuku following sluggishly. Jesse's class was as far away as you could get from the stadium, and it would take at least eight minutes to get there. Fortunately, the festivities didn't start for another fifteen minutes or so, so there was still time. He already had someone reserve a good seat for him, which was another bonus. Seishuku was fully awake now, and was walking at about the same pace as Jesse, and was staring straight ahead...like Jesse.

    But apart from how they walked and acted during class, that was as far as the similarities between the two went. Seishuku despised battling, and preferred doing...well, anything else. If it got his nice, gleaming coat dirty, there was a strong chance that he wasn't going to do it. Jesse, however, was a born battler. He lived for it, and quite literally lived, breathed, ate, and slept battling. But he wasn't a super fanatic about it, either. Jesse picked his battles when he knew it would best suit him, and spent about half of his free time training.

    He was one of the first to hear that there was going to be a tournament during this year's Festival, and he had jumped at the chance to sign up and prove his worth. Jesse wasn't the best battler, but he could be a contender. He pulled out another PokeBall, but this one had a much more savage-looking tribal design on it.

    "Sakaki, I think it's time."

    OOC: Carmi, stop worrying. Your writing is fine ^^
  5. The dead girls eyes were haunting, they stared up, accusing the one who look down upon her. Her long hair was splayed around her body where she had fallen. One hand reached out weakly towards the person looking at her, the other clutched the sword that had stabbed her through her heart. Cassandra Jolon studied her drawing for a moment, before adding some more definition to the Skitty tee shirt that she wore, stained with blood.

    “Miss Jolon!” A shrill voice rang out. “Are you paying attention?!”

    “Yes Miss.”

    Cassandra set her sketch book to the side and turned her attention back to what Mrs. Hobbings was rambling on about. For about 5 seconds, before turning her attention back to her drawing.

    Cassandra, or Cassie as she preferred to be known, was on the short side for someone her age – 15. Her hair flowed halfway down her back; dead straight, and such a pale blonde that it appeared white. Her skin was just as pale, and her eyes were an incredibly icy blue, with a slight hint of purple in them. In short, an albino. Her eyes flicked up, looking at the clock up above the whiteboard. According to it, the clock should go any second now. She started to shove her books into her back. Of course, Mrs Hobbings wasn’t too pleased about that.

    “Miss Jolon!” She called again in that shrill voice of hers. “What are you doing?”


    “Well yes but why?”

    At that moment, the bell rang.

    And there’s your answer Miss. Cassie thought as she swung her bag on her back and left the room, pulling a Dusk Ball out of her pocket as she walked, releasing the Pokemon within. In a swirl of purple and black, a four legged creature materialized. Purple in colour, with large ears and a tail that split into two at the end, the Espeon growled happily at being released. His nose twitched, taking in the scents around him. Being a male, Solo was more robustly built than his female counterpart, with a slight hint of a mane around his neck. He was named Solo because of his link to the sun, and ironically his sister, an Umbreon, had been named Duo.

    “Hey Solo.” Cassie said.

    The gem on his forehead started to glow, and Cassie felt something strange yet familiar enter her mind. There were some advantages to having a Psychic Pokemon for a partner. They could communicate to some degree. Solo would speak telepathically, and Cassie out loud.

    <The stadium! The stadium! I wanna battle!> Solo cried in her head.

    “Yeah, that’s where we’re heading stupid.” Cassie told the Sun Pokemon. “In fact, everyone’s heading there. You’d have to be insane not to be heading there.”


    Cassie had signed herself up for the battling competition that would be held next week. It was less for herself really, she wasn’t that interested in battling, although she wasn’t too bad at it. She could react quickly. It was more for Solo and Regulus, her Gabite. Her final Pokemon, Daren, a Haunter, wasn’t fussed either way. And what harm could come from it really? Just a bit of friendly competition. It couldn’t harm her… right? Right?

    You’ll be fine Cassie. She told herself as she stopped at the entrance of the stadium, standing slightly to the side. The tide of eager teenagers flowed through the doors, pushing each other and crushing each other in a bid to get in. Cassie didn’t want to be a part of all that, so she waited until the stream of people and Pokemon thinned. Once they had, trainer and Pokemon made their way into the stadium, and quickly found two unoccupied seats, far away from the really popular girls. That done, she slumped down in her seat and waited for the fireworks to begin.
  6. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    Zoey Richards groaned as yet another ending day woke her from a rather nice nap she had been having during her history class. The junior liked history, sure, but in general she couldn’t really be bothered to pay much attention, and the teacher never seemed to notice. She did well enough on the tests anyway, though her lack of inclination toward doing her homework meant her grade wasn’t exactly the best it could be. Zoey was of average height and build for her age. Some of her medium-brown hair fell over her face, occasionally covering one eye, while the rest fell most of the way down her back. On this day, like so many others, she wore a light grey t-shirt under a her favorite black jacket, whose buttons were a golden color, and her usual, practical pair of jeans.

    The teenager looked about as the other students packed up, then stood, took a Pokeball from her bag, and slung it over her shoulder before shuffled out of the room ahead of them, not wanting to get stuck in a crowded hallway. Zoey made her way outdoors as quickly as she could, soon followed by a rather large stream of other students leaving their classrooms. From the Pokeball in her hand, a bright light leapt, forming into a plane like shape, and eventually solidifying into her male Togekiss, Simon. The Jubilee Pokemon had only evolved from a Togetic a few weeks before, as Zoey had had some trouble procuring a Dawn Stone for some time, though he was now her main form of transport, thanks to his ability to fly while carrying her.

    The Flying type gave a cry of happiness as it materialized, hopping over to his trainer for a hug. Zoey obliged him, wrapping her arms around what could be called his neck before he turned and lowered a wing, allowing her to climb onto his back.

    “Alright Simon, why don’t we head to the stadium or whatever, I hear there’ll be a ceremony or somesuch,” Zoey ordered in quite possibly the most nonchalant way an order was ever given, prompting the Jubilee Pokemon to take off making a quick ascent before turning toward the stadium as Zoey spoke to him, “I understand there’ll be a tournament next week, good chance for some exercise, I’d think.”
    The Togekiss trilled in agreement as it fell into a hover near the stadium. Zoey looked down to see a veritable mass of people shuffling about trying to get in and once again ordered her Pokemon, “Alright, get us over into the seats, I don’t feel like walking through all those people,” the Togekiss complied, climbing over the top of the stadium, then entering a very slow, banking dive toward the bleachers. Zoey scanned the area, seeing a free seat a few rows down from an unusually pale girl, whose name she couldn’t quite recall. The teen had Simon hover over, then hopped down into the aisle between rows and took a seat, returning the Togekiss to his Pokeball.

    “This should be interesting…” Zoey thought aloud, beginning to consider various strategies for the upcoming battles, and waiting for the event to start up proper.

    OoC: Carmi really needs to calm down and realize her RPing is fine ^^ Also, olol possible commotion causing.
  7. English Class.

    These were the two words that Daniel Edwards hated the most. Dubbed 'D' by his few friends, the only class Daniel didn't hate was art, and that was only because he was actually good at it. He was certain his teachers were intent on making his school days miserable, and they were doing a pretty good job of it as well. Daniel glanced up at the clock, and smiled a little as he saw the bell was about to go at any second. He sat up from his slumped position, knowing there would be two red patches on his cheek from where his hands were holding up his head for the past half-hour. He brushed his silver hair away from his pale blue eyes, and looked at the clock again.

    The bell rang, and Daniel started to pack up his books. The teacher attempted to remind them all of homework, but Daniel tuned it out as he thought of what to draw when he got home later that day. Daniel looked up and saw that the classroom had been deserted, teacher and students not wanting to stick around. Daniel smiled, and got six pokeballs out of his bag. They were all painted with different designs, completely covering the original designs. He picked one up, and clipped the rest onto his belt.

    The pokeball Daniel had picked was covered a deep blue, with a hint of green. On the top of the pokeball, above the button in the centre, was a yellow trident, resembling the beak of the pokemon within. "Percival." Daniel said, not wanting to be overly loud. A beam of red light lanced out of the pokeball, and transformed into a shape of an overly large penguin. The beam flashed white, and the pokemon was fully revealed. It was a mainly black pokemon, with splashes of blue here and there. On it's large flippers that took the place of it's arms, the was a blue edging on the outside, looking as if it were made of steel. Partially covering it's face was something that looked like the head of a yellow trident. The Empoleon gave a large cry, and looked around. "Crowd control." Daniel said to the Emperor pokemon, a smile adorning his features.

    The Empoleon made a sound like a laugh and lumbered over to the door way. He lifted one flipper up and Daniel climbed into the space, Percival closing it for protection. Percival walked out of the doorway, and into a crowded hall. He let out a cry and started walking, people moving aside for the steel type. He and Daniel walked to the doorway, quicker than the teenager alone would've made it. They reached outside, and Percival lifted his wing once more, allowing Daniel out of his small shelter. He thanked the massive water type and returned him to his pokeball. He clipped it to his belt, and unclipped another one. This pokeball was a dark grey, like the colour of thunder clouds. On the top, again above the button, was a four pointed star, coloured gold. "Leo!" Daniel shouted, as yet another red beam shot out of his pokeball.

    "Ray!" roared the pokemon, as it was released from it's ball. It looked at Daniel with glaring eyes, though kindness was clearly in there.
    "I hear there's some sort of ceremony at the stadium, and I want to get there quickly. Is that okay?" Daniel asked, bending his knees a little bit so he was eye-to-eye with the Gleam Eyes pokemon. The Luxray smirked and lowered himself a small amount, allowing Daniel to climb on. "Alright then, to the stadium!" the electric type growled something, and without warning shot off to the stadium, almost throwing Daniel off.

    OoC: Carmen PM'd me after Secad dropped out and said I could join, so here I am. Also Carmi, your PRPing skill are way better then mine, so don't worry ^^.
  8. It didn’t take long for Dakota, Sully, and Joe to find the rest of the soccer team because that group was easily the loudest in the stadium. They were also getting dirty looks from some of the more “studious” bunch like the group of people in the school choir…which included Caroline Sutherland who had a Smoochum on her lap. She had long black hair, hazel eyes, and a heart shaped face—not to mention she was intelligent, had the voice of an angel, and she even played the harp too.

    Dakota felt the heat rise to his face. He had three classes with her and enjoyed every moment. Caroline and her Smoochum looked his way and they both had disapproving expressions. Dakota smiled his winning smile (not his creeper one) and she jerked her head away from him. Joe smirked at the entire exchange.

    “Dude, seriously. You need to just give it up,” he told Dakota emphasizing the last three words. “Everyone knows she hates jocks like us.”

    “That’s because she’s only looking at the surface stuff,” Dakota said. “And we do have something in common: she likes Pokémon battles as much as I do. And I’m going to impress her next week when I beat somebody epically.”

    Joe looked doubtful. “Somehow she doesn’t seem like the type to be won over with a battle,” he said in a rare moment of depth. “Besides, there are plenty of other Finneon in the sea. There are plenty of girls who want to go out with a star player on the soccer team.”

    “But I don’t want a Finneon,” Dakota complained. “I want a Milotic.” He took another glance at Caroline who was now talking to this nerd who Dakota was sure was smug because she completely blew off a jock. Dakota had to fight the urge to want to knock the smugness out of him.

    “You are such a loser,” Joe said as he shoved him and Sully forward.

    “Hey!” someone from the girl’s soccer team yelled as soon as they sat down. “There’s a rumor going around that they’re going to surprise us this year.”

    That set off a flurry of chatter. “Surprise us how?” Dakota asked Joe. He didn’t know if surprises were a good or bad thing at this school because it could honestly go either way. One cool surprise was when they added the pizza bar to the cafeteria (and it was awesome). One lame surprised was when they stopped letting Rocoso students do the bonfire at fall festival because people kept setting stuff on fire.

    The stadium slowly filled with people. Since it was so huge, the entire school didn’t fill the entire stadium so they stayed in the bottom portion. Once everyone who wanted to be there was there, the ceremony began…or so they thought. The school was expecting a huge show, but instead, the three students who run the Battle Link, the school website that was devoted to battles walked onto the field. One of those three was Tyler Van Dalen, Dakota’s older brother, but it was the blonde haired girl, Ginger who spoke.

    “You probably heard rumors that we were doing something a bit different this year,” she said, in her best announcer voice into her microphone. “Well, those rumors are true. Instead of directly challenging East Veilstone High School, both schools have decided to create a bigger challenge this year. You will have to challenge each other for the right to compete in the big Rocoso versus East Veilstone match up which will take place next Saturday.” Ginger’s voice took on a more dramatic tone. “If you make it past the first round, you’re in the epic match up!”

    The stadium, which had been mostly silent during her speech, burst into excited whispers when she was done. Dakota himself was stunned. He was gung-ho about challenging EV, but now there would be preliminary rounds. Someone was going down epically because Dakota was determined to win. He felt Sully stiffen next time him. The Breloom was clearly up to the challenge.

    Tyler took the wireless microphone next and announced that competitors would meet in the cafeteria after the ceremony. Dakota groaned. Why did they have to wait till afterward? He could barely concentrate during the closing ceremony even though it was cool. The award winning school band played and the dance team did a routine worthy of a music video. There was also a small scale fireworks show, but finally it was over. Dakota and Sully said a hasty good-bye to the rest of the soccer team and bolted out of the stadium to the cafeteria.

    OOC: Someone feel free to run into Dakota if your character happens to be close. I'll go and edit in Dakota's appearance because I failed to do it the first time around. Once all eight people post at least once, I can do the next post ♥ Oh gosh, I just realized this post doesn't move the plot either...I promise I'll get better with my pacing ;_;
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  9. Daniel had got to the stadium with plenty of time to spare, and had retrieved his sketchpad from the depths of his bag. He was currently drawing a picture of a thunderstorm, with one lightning bolt arcing down to a spire of rock and transforming as it hit into the legendary pokemon Raikou. He reckoned it would look great once it was finished.

    “You probably heard rumors that we were doing something a bit different this year,” Daniel looked up from his sketchpad to see that some one had started to talk, so he put his sketchpad back in his bag, his pencil in his blazer pocket and listened. “Well, those rumors are true. Instead of directly challenging East Veilstone High School, both schools have decided to create a bigger challenge this year. You will have to challenge each other for the right to compete in the big Rocoso versus East Veilstone match up which will take place next Saturday. If you make it past the first round, you’re in the epic match up!” Daniel sat up straight. Battling East Veilstone would be great, and it would also be a chance to show he was good at something this school primarily cared about.

    Daniel got up, and collected his bag before making his way towards the exit from his seat. despite taking a seat far away from the exit, and all the people he had to say 'sorry' and 'excuse me' to, he managed to get to the exit just as the closing ceremony ended. He slowly walked outside as students jostled him in their haste to get out and, for some, get to the cafeteria. He smiled at the thought of some battling, and grinned at the thought of Percival, Leo and the rest taking down some EVs. Daniel let out a small cry of alarm and as he was pushed to the ground by someone. He got to his feet and turned around, absolutely fuming. "Hey! Watch where you're..." Daniel trailed off as he realised who had pushed him over. It was Dakota Van Dalen, a star of the soccer team. "I-i'm sorry." Daniel looked away, not wanting to get in any trouble.
  10. Sitting in a seat, waiting for everyone in their school to enter the stadium, was quite boring. Cassie debated over pulling her ipod out and listening to some music. But no, that probably wouldn't be the best of ideas. Caught up in the music, she could easily miss any important announcements, which could lead to them missing out on battling this year. Best not to risk it.

    She and Solo watched with some amusement as a majestic looking pokemon soared into the stadium. A Togekiss, that's what it is. Cassie thought to herself. She didn't recognize the trainer riding the pokemon, which wasn't that surprising for here really. The female student hovered the flying type the aisle, before dropping herself down and withdrawing her pokemon, heading off to find a seat. It wasn't a bad idea. You certainly didn't have to wait in lines or anything like that, which was a huge timesaver. Unfortunately for Cassie, she didn't have a pokemon that she could use to fly herself around. Yes, Daren could levitate, but he wasn't large enough to be ridden. Not to mention he was a ghost type. And getting Solo to use his psychic powers to move her would be, well, too attention seeking. If there was one thing Cassie knew about High School, the best way to survive was to keep quiet and keep your head down. If she could have her way, they wouldn't be battling at all. But her pokemon really wanted to so...

    "Hey Cassie!" A voice called. "You should come sit with us instead of being a loner." That was Thomas, her brother. He was older than her by a year, with similar features but his hair was a darker blonde in colour than her, and he had bright blue eyes. Duo, his Umbreon and Solo's sister, prowled by his side. He wasn't a battler. He preferred to show off his pokemon, not battle with them. A coordinator in the making.

    Cassie opened her mouth to refuse - she didn't get along too well with his friends - when a voice rang out over the microphone.

    “You probably heard rumors that we were doing something a bit different this year,” A blonde girl announced. “Well, those rumors are true. Instead of directly challenging East Veilstone High School, both schools have decided to create a bigger challenge this year. You will have to challenge each other for the right to compete in the big Rocoso versus East Veilstone match up which will take place next Saturday. If you make it past the first round, you’re in the epic match up!”

    The whole stadium erupted into people discussing this change in events. As far as Cassie knew, this had never happened before. A quick question to Thomas confirmed that this was very new.

    Another person took up the microphone and told the school that those competing would have to meet in the cafeteria afterwards. Then began the music and dancing. Cassie and Thomas watched them silently, then clapped with the rest of the school when they finished. It had been a very good preformance.

    People started to stand up, grabbing bags and chatting to their friends. Cassie remained seated, waiting for everyone to leave but Thomas grabbed her arm.

    "You're battling Cassie!" He exclaimed. "You don't have the time to be waiting around!" And with that, he frogmarched her out of the stadium, to the cafeteria.
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  11. (OOC: Lots of guys with names beginning with D, huh~?)

    Dylan Conder hastily scribbled down notes into his notebook, trying to keep up with the teacher. She was explaining fault lines and tectonic forces, speaking about earthquakes and the disasters that come along with them, and PokeMon that come along with those disasters. Faults not usually consisting of a clean fracture, fault zone used to refer to complex derofmation, he jotted down. With a slightly tempered wince, Dylan scribbled out 'derofmation' and wrote 'deformation' very slowly beside it. This wasn't the first time he needed to do that; he was dyslexic - and Mrs Stanley's quick screeches that all students were expected to write down really quickly didn't help him.

    Dylan felt a tap on his shoulder - he swiftly turned his head and leaned his shoulders backwards to look behind him; his best friend (and pretty much only friend), Naomi, was dangling a peice of lined paper just over her table and eyeing at it. Dylan slowly and carefully took the sheet of paper from underneath her fingers and looked at it when he placed it on his table.

    It was a full page of information that Mrs Stanley had given - Naomi was known to be a very quick and precise writer. She had her sheet at her table for her use and had quite clearly copied out a copy for Dylan. He smiled to himself and skimmed through the letters which, at first, got jumbled up in his dyslexic mind - until he noticed that, in the margin, Nai had written out simplified versions of how to pronounce difficult words, such as "tectonic = teck + ton + ick" and "fracture = frack + ch-oor". This made it much easier for Dylan to undestand. Ever since they were little, Naomi had always helped Dylan to understand better and react better to different situations. They certainly were best friends, and they certainly did stick together.

    "Mister Conder, please," Mrs Stanley called out suddenly, "do read from your notes for us, seeing as it seems you've got them all and the time to talk."

    "I, um," Dylan stuttered before swiftly snatching up his notes, "f-faults do not usually consist of a clean fracture, and the term fault zone refers to an area of complex deformation."

    Mrs Stanley flicked her chin up and stared down her nose at him snootily. She wasn't expecting him to be able to read anything out, and, as a matter of fact, neither was Dylan. Normally he couldn't quite read straight from a peice of paper sat in front of him; most of the time he needed to read it through before reading it aloud. This time he had saved himself, somehow.

    The school bell rung out loudly, chattering the walls and hinges of the doors slightly all around the school.

    Mrs Stanley peered down at the book upon her desk and flicked her wrist, signalling for the class to be dismissed. Dylan rolled his eyes and stood up, picking up his books and slapping them down on the table again to get them to go straight. He heaved a heavy sigh and turned around, waiting for Nai to follow him to the door. She looked up and smiled at her best friend before swinging her bag over her shoulder and stepping down to stand beside him. She tilted her head slightly and smiled, closing her eyes.

    "Shall we go?" she asked politely in her high yet non-annoying voice, which always had a cheery tone to it, whether or not she was meaning to be cheery. Dylan nodded firmly; he wasn't one to smile in approval. Nai brushed the long pink braid of hair that hung above her eye away from her face, she always did enjoy dying her hair various different bright colours. Her natural hair colour was a very musky dark brown, and it hung just above her waist. Dylan had always thought that it was slightly silly for her to have neon-coloured hair and accessories, but he never said anything.

    When they passed through the door, Nai burst into a huge grin. She started skipping by Dylan's side, singing a jolly tune quietly. Dylan looked sideways at her, keeping his hands firmly in his pockets. Even though he wasn't generally a cheery chap, seeing Nai so happy made him smile just the slightest little bit.

    They were, as pretty much all of the other pupils in the school, heading over to the stadium to see the ceremony marking the start of the Battling Tournament for the festival. Dylan took from his belt a Luxury Ball and clicked the switch on it; letting out a beam of red light, then taking the shape of a small purple primate with huge ears and a long tail leading to a large ball with three finger-like shapes sticking out of it; a hand of sorts. It was, of course, Dylan's Aipom, Ethan. Personality-wise, Ethan was the exact opposite of Dylan, being a very boisterous and outgoing character. As soon as he fully materialised, Ethan grinned at Dylan and climbed up Nai's back. He had always been very fond of Naomi since she and Dylan were friends when young. He sat contently on top of her head and swayed from side to side in a rhythmic motion.

    Naomi giggled and stroked the Aipom's tail, before taking a Love Ball from her shoulder bag and feeling it around in her hand. It was a gift from an uncle in Johto; who enjoyed using Apricorns to make PokeBalls. Nai clicked the switch and let out a tall pink cow in a puff of pink smoke; her Miltank, Josie. Josie cheerily called out and hopped about on the spot, smiling at her owner and her owner's best friend.

    "To the stadium, huh, Josie and Ethan?" Nai giggled, skipping along the hall leading to the stadium. She began skipping faster and faster, meaning that Dylan needed to start jogging to keep up. After a few minutes, they arrived at the stadium doors. Pushing them open and trotting down the steps, Dylan slipped into one of the rows of seats to the right and threw himself down on one. He sighed and flipped his dark red-brown hair to the side, as it was constantly going in front of his eyes. He sat back and got ready for the probably not very entertaining show that was to come; the battling part sounded good, but he wasn't one for all of the fuddy-duddy celebrations.

    "Oh, lookie~!" Nai giggled, pointing over at the side of the stadium. Before some of the seats there stood some cheerleaders posing to get photos taken of themselves. "That looks like fun. Sometimes I wish I was like them ..." Naomi leaned forward, placing her chin on her hands and her elbows on her knees. She stared in admiration at the cheerleaders, in a sort of trance-like way.

    "I'm glad your not one of them, Nai," Dylan said, putting his elbows on the armrests at either side of his chair and coughing. He fiddled with his hands just above his stomach. "They're quite obviously preps - preps who think they're beautiful when they're not. You're better than them."

    "Oh, Dylan," Nai sighed, leaning slightly further back and playing with her hair, "I don't know." She looked over at her best friend with a blank expression at first, before loosening her facial muscles and smiling cheerily at him. "I think everyone is beautiful, in their own way."

    Dylan couldn't help but smile the smallest of smiles ever made, nodding his head to himself. "Of course you'd think that, Nai."

    There was a weird white-silence buzz that signalled across the stadium and made pretty much everyone sit down and attempt to listen. The three older students who ran the school website came out and started to give a speech about the changes made for the tournament. Dylan's face lit up as he listened. He had never competed in a tournament before, but he was definetly going to try this year. He shuffled about in his seat for the rest of the ceremony; the singing, the dancing, and the fireworks - he was desperate to get out and run to the cafeteria to sign up. Also, get a slushie.

    As soon as the last firework exploded and sent a shower of colour across the sky, Dylan stood up. Nai peered up at him as she stroked Ethan and fed Josie her daily sweet Poffins. "Are you going to the cafeteria now?" she asked. Ethan sat up from Nai's lap and crawled over the seats and armrests before tugging onto Dylan's shirt and climbing himself up to his shoulder.

    "Yep," Dylan replied, stroking his aipom's head. It bobbed up and down and nuzzled him affectionately. "Do you want to come with me?"

    "No thanks, Dy-dy, I'll be fine here," Naomi smiled, soon standing up and pulling down her red, pink, white and brown plaid skirt slightly so it lay better on her waist. Josie bounced up happily afterwards and let out a cheerful "Miiill, tank mil~!"

    Dylan hopped up the steps in high spirit towards the main building, looking over as he left to see Nai waving. He waved back and started making his way to the cafeteria.

    "Ah, here we are," Dylan smiled, striding into the center of the cafeteria. It was a large room, with lots of people lining up to register for the tournament. There were banners around for the battles, and various paintings and patterns of PokeMon. Seeing as it seemed that most competitors weren't here yet, he felt that there was plenty of time to grab a slushie. There was a stall to the right of the room, with a large banner with the words "Glaceon Slushies" draped in blue paint from side to side. He walked his way over to the stand and dug up some coins out of the depths of his pockets, counting them out in his hand. He had just enough for a blueberry and raspberry twist slushie, and so, when he got to the front of the line, he asked for one.

    "That'll be fifty, sir," the happy-looking slushie salesman said, eyes closed and mouth smiling contently. His hair was seemingly long and blonde, tied up inside the hat he wore on his head. Dylan slipped the money into his palm and the cashier popped it into a box beneath the table that the stand lay on, turning around and churning the slushie churner with a concentrated look on his face. Within a few minutes, the slushie was poured and capped with a straw stabbed in, and handed to Dylan. He nodded in thanks and turned around, walking to the right-

    "Oh gosh, I'm so sorry!" He blurted out, noticing that he had bumped into a girl with blonde and caramellish hair. He realised that he had spilled the majority of his slushie on her shirt. "I ... wow. I can, er, buy you another slushie if you want ... ?"
  12. After a while of shoving their way through the crowd, Shane and Marisa finally made it to the stadium. Most of the seats from which you could actually see the stage were taken, so Shane and Marisa had to do with seats further back, from which you had trouble seeing anything at all. At least they could still hear what was going on.

    The background noise slowly died down. “There's probably going to be an announcement,” Shane said. Marisa nodded and put a finger to her lips.

    Shane wasn't really listening, but when he heard the words “Eastern Veilstone High School”, he had a sudden peak of interest. As the announcement went on, Shane's hopes sank. They were going to fight each other for the right to battle EV. Which meant he might not be able to battle EV:ers at all. He had been looking forward to it so long. Not to mention the fact that Rocoso High School was filled with excellent battlers, eager to steal his chance of battling their rival school.

    Yumi, however, seemed overjoyed. She was chiming happily and doing small piruettes on the spot. Apparently she saw this as a chance to compete in more battles, and to prove herself more times. Shane snorted. If he only could share his companion's happiness. Shane felt a hand on his shoulder.

    “You okay?” Marisa asked. She looked a bit worried.

    “I'm fine,” Shane said glumly, brushing her hand away. Marisa didn't look convinced, but still dropped the subject.

    Shane remained down throughout the following ceremonies. The school band played and the dance team did a performance as well, but from where they sat, Shane, Marisa and Yumi couldn't see any of it. They heard people praising the performance as they left the stadium when the ceremony was over. Apparently they had missed a lot.

    “You going to the cafeteria?” Marisa asked when they got out of the stadium.

    Shane sighed. “I don't know.” Yumi let out a cry of disbelief.

    “Oh come on!” Marisa exclaimed. “Show a little spirit you wuss!”

    Shane was about to make a comeback when Yumi grabbed his sleeve and started pulling him through the crowd, despite Shane's complaints. After a while they found themselves in the cafeteria. There was a rather large crowd inside, all of them eager battlers. Yumi shivered with delight. Shane just shook his head and sat down on the floor, leaning towards a wall.

    “Frooo?” Yumi asked carefully, pointing towards a slushie stand not far away.

    “Nuh-uh, you dragged me here,” Shane replied. “You're not making me buy you a slushie as well.”

    Yumi gave a very human-like “hmph” and sat down next to her trainer.

    This, Shane thought, is going to be just great.
  13. The three friends were fortunate enough to find three empty spots at the edge of one of the bleachers, right next to the stairs; Wyatt was, unfortunately, too big to be on her lap (Too heavy, too) and floating above her would spoil the view of the people behind her, so the Steel-type willingly went into his PokeBall. On the other hand, Eli saw his chance and escaped from his, giving Alexis a quick smooch on the cheek before floating down onto her lap like the cute little balloon he was. Audrey smiled at the little Drifloon and petted him as well. Eli was a total attention addict, especially if it come from women.

    'Well, let's see what's going to happen.' Alexis said. 'Personally, I'm hoping for a fight with a good Ice-type. We haven't seen good Ice Beam or Hail action in months.' Samuel said, and Audrey and Alexis had to agree. That was the fun thing about Samuel; He loved any kind of fight, wether it was two Bidoofs Scrathing eachother or an epic fight between semi-legendaries.

    Unexpectedly, three students appeared in the arena. One, a girl, was holding a microphone, and started talking, but the hush didn't die soon enough for Alexis to hear all of it. '...doing something a bit different this year,' The girl, who Alexis recognized as Ginger, said. 'Well, those rumors are true! Instead of directly challenging East Veilstone High School, both schools have decided to create a bigger challenge this year. You will have to challenge each other, for the right to compete in the big Rocoso versus East Veilstone match-up which will take place next Saturday.' Ginger continued with a dramatic tone. 'If you make it past the first round, you’re in the epic match-up!'

    'Oh-oh.' Audrey said, looking at Alexis. 'I know that gleam in your eyes. You're going to enter the competition, aren't you?' Alexis nodded enthiousastically. 'You have to admit, I've got a pretty strong team. I'll try as hard as I can to enter the Veilstone Finale!' She shouted, airfisting, resulting into several funny looks from others. Slightly flushed, Alexis quickly sat down again.

    After the announcement, along with the added information that those who wanted to sign up could do so in the school cafeteria, there was a show with the school’s marching band doing a song, the dance club doing what they did best as well- And boy, were they good- And the grand finale; A fireworks show that slightly frightened Eli, but as long as he was cuddled he was OK.

    After the show, Alexis and her friends went down the stairs as fast as they could; Samuel had decided to join as well. The café would be very crowded soon, so they made sure to be among the first to leave the stadium. There were already a couple of people at the café when they arrived, but they were still early.

    Samuel and Alexis wrote down their names and classes on one of the sign-up papers spread across the tables, before heading to the table where Audrey has seated herself at.

    ‘I can’t wait!’ Alexis said, after they had ordered three cokes. ‘It’s been a while since I’ve had some good battles. Last time… Oh, the guy with the Luxray I battled this winter.’ She continued. Audrey nodded. ‘Yeah, that was awesome. How that Luxray almost brought Wyatt down with a Thunder Fang, but was Meteor Mashed at the last second!’ Alexis smiled. ‘I hope this tournament will be just as awesome. If little Eli-‘ She looked up at the little Drifloon, who was happily bouncing near the ceiling with a smiling Wyatt chasing him. ‘Could turn into a Drifblim before the tournament, I’d have more chance. But I’m taking my time; I don’t want to press him into evolving.’

    ‘You’d be sure to win if Wyatt was to evolve into a Metagross.’ Samuel said. ‘Not to mention that’d such a powerful PokeMon would make you very popular around here.’ Alexis rolled her eyes. ‘Yeah, which is so important to me. To be honest, I’m not sure if I want to evolve Wyatt anyway.’ She said. ‘Why not?’ Audrey asked, frowning as she took a sip of her drink.

    ‘Well, first of all because I won’t be able to take him around inside buildings anymore; Metagross can grow up to six feet. Another reason, more selfish, is that he was the cutest thing as a Beldum, and he still is now. But Metagross are big and burly…’

    Alexis shrugged. ‘I guess it’s mostly up to him, really. If he decides he wants to evolve because he wants to be stronger or smarter, I won’t stop him. I just can’t really picture Wyatt as a strong, burly Metagross.’

    Audrey smiled sympathetically. ‘Well, you have a lifetime to go. We’ll see what happens.’ She said. Alexis nodded. ‘I’m going to grab a slushie, I’ll be right back!’ She said as she stood up.

    At the slushie bar, Glaceon Slushies, Alexis took some coins from her wallet to pay for a strawberry-tropical mix. She enjoyed ice cream in all it’s forms, but this was one of her favorites.

    The man behind the counter took her money and gave her her slushie, with a friendly nod. She didn’t have a lot of time to enjoy it though; As soon as she turned around, someone bumped into her and her slushie fell to the ground, the flavored ice inside splattering on the floor. At the same time, the other person’s slushie spilled all over her shirt, staining the white fabric.

    ‘Oh gosh, I'm so sorry!’ The boy who had bumped into her said. Alexis was unable to say anything, just staring down at her ruined shirt. The people in the café eyed them with surprise and a bit of amusement.

    ‘I... wow. I can er, buy you another slushie if you want?’ The boy said, and Alexis shook her head. ‘Uh, no, I’m fine, thanks.’ She said, looking up at him; She suddenly noticed the pretty brown eyes. ‘I’ll, eh, get some paper towels. Don’t worry, I’ll have it cleaned. What’s your name, anyway?’

    The boy told Alexis his name was Dylan Conder, to which Alexis replied by telling him her name. They went over to the bar, where Alexis tried to clean her shirt with some tissues.

    ‘So, Dylan, what where you at the café for anyway? Did you sign up for the contest?’
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  14. OOC: not sure if im aloud to be in this now, but if i am..heres mine!


    James was waiting in his pokemon battle class, his teacher, Mr. Fleming, was banging on about type effectiveness, and how a well-place mega punch could knock out a dark type in one hit. James had a fighting-type of his own, his Machamp Jon. James was one of the best battlers in his class, his gallade had even taken out his teachers tyranitar and aggron. "James, could you demenstrate to everyone?," asked Mr. Fleming.
    "Yeah sure...," replied James, getting out of his seat and sending out his Machamp. "Jon, use mega punch!," ordered James.
    Jon got a fine hit on Mr. Flemings Gengar, knocking it out cold. "well well, james...," said Mr. Fleming, "an excellent demonstration, you may sit."
    James sat down, and stared vacantly out the window, spotting a passing....wait...what wis that?! its a shiny Pidgeot! "oh well, i cant catch it..." though James sadly.
    At that moment, the bell rang and everyone was fighting to be the first out of the class.
    "off to the stadium Gallant?," James asked his Gallade, while holding out his luxury ball, and in a flash of pink light, James` Gallade appeared before him.
    "Crowd control please, Mark!"whispered James, sending out his Muk to keep everyone away.
    Before long, James reached the stadium, taking a seat at the front of the crowd, while listening to the announcment.
    "Well ensure we win, right Gallant?," James said to Gallant, who had taken the seat next to him.

    OOC: i hoped that was good, i havent really done RPs before ^^;
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