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Rock the Dragon Discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Tailon, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    So, Shocari, Rex and myself have been up to plotting, and I dragged them into an RP based around the (relatively) new Dragon Ball MMO!

    This takes place 216 years after the end of Dragon Ball Z, and the plot would revolve around an offshoot of the Red Ribbon Army getting into a sort of civil war with the then current Red Pants Army. Naturally, the RPers characters get embroiled therein.

    216 years later, a few races dominate the landscape of the Earth. Due to a book written by Son Gohan, son of Earth's hero Son Goku, making the masses aware of the benefits of learning martial arts and gaining command over your ki, all of them have taken up martial arts in droves:

    Humans: Are still the most numerous, and seem to have interbred with the extending Sayian families to the point that nearly all Humans have access to the Super Sayian transformation, though the ability to gain a Zenkai(a boost in power from nearly dying) in battle seems to be lost on them.

    Animals: The sentient animal people are still prevalent, and like the other races, many have taken up martial arts. Their appearances range vastly due to their seemingly varied species.

    Namekians: After the destruction of New Namek, the Namekians made Earth their home, and like the other races have gained an interest in the martial arts. Namekians are split into two clans: the Dragon Clan and the Warrior-Type. Dragon Clan Namekians have the ability to heal others and increase their power, while Warrior Types are exceptional martial artists and very capable manipulators of ki. All Namekians have powerful regenerative capabilities and are able to stretch their arms and legs. Powerful Namekians are able to become Great Nameks, growing to the height of a large house and gaining strength to match.

    Majins: Born of Majin Buu and the wife he created, Booby, the Majin race has become quite widespread due to their ability to reproduce asexually via magic. Majins are magical beings and are very skilled at mimicking the techniques of others. Like Namekians, Majins have incredible powers of regeneration, able to reform from tiny masses; they also have absolute control over their body structure and are able to stretch. Powerful Majins can transform into Pure Majins, small, childlike forms with incredible power.
  2. Re: Rock the Dragon

    Okay this sounds awesome. I would love to join if you guys would allow me to that is.
  3. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    Re: Rock the Dragon

    Quick update with some world stuff:

    Three Human Martial Arts Schools have been established
    The New Turtle School has been reestablished by Krillin, passing down techniques such as the Kamehameha, Scattering Buller and Krillin's own signature Destructo Disc.

    The New Crane School has been established by Tienshinhan and Chiaotzu, and includes techniques like the Dodon Ray, Solar Flare, Tien's Signature Tri-Beam, and Chiaotzu's Signature Self Destruction. Besides the Dodon Ray and Solar Flare, many of the Crane School's techniques focus on channeling the user's life energy instead of ki

    The Kikoukenjutsu Sword School is a new school, established by Trunks and Goten. The school passes on Trunks' sword techniques focusing on channeling ki through the sword, as well as his Signature Burning Attack. The techniques used by Trunks' father, Vegeta, are also learned here, including the Big Bang Attack and Final Flash.

    Outside of the formal schools, various other techniques have been passed down, including Yamcha's Wolf Fang Fist, Instant Transmission, and Goku's Rock, Scissors n' Paper.

    Namekian training has two branches:

    The Warrior Types, similar to Piccolo have gained many of his techniques including the Masenko, Special Beam Cannon, Mystic Attack and Mouth Energy Wave, as well as his powerful Light and Hellzone Grenade techniques.

    The Dragon Clan, similar to Kami or Dende, are able to heal their allies and grant them extra power, as well as gaining several of King Piccolo's techniques, such as the Antenna Beam and Energy Cannon.

    Finally, the Majins have brought a magical ability to mimic and their own training:

    The Wonder Majins are largely concerned with energy techniques, including Super Buu's Galactic Donuts, Human Extinction Attack, Vanishing Beam, and the Imitation Kamehameha. Like all Majins, their attacks are mostly produced via magic, rather than ki, and they hold immense powers of regeneration.

    The Mighty Majins are largely concerned with physical power and defense. Their techniques include Majin Buu's Candy Beam, Special Surprise Punch (his arm stretching technique), and the Imitation Kamehameha.

    Also, if you'd like to join, please post a basic profile for your character including:

    Training History/Techniques:
    Some vague personality thing:
  4. Re: Rock the Dragon

    Name: Ten-Sei
    Species: Human
    Age: 17
    Sex: Male
    Appearance/Clothing: Ten-Sei is well structured. Tall with wide set shoulders. His muscle structure is well defined and visible. He has brown shaggy hair that falls to his chin and Blue eyes. He is most often seen wearing a black gi with the kanji for fire printed on the back. Under this he wears a white undershirt. He also has a sword strapped to his belt.
    Training History/Techniques: Ten-Sei has trained at the New Turtle School allowing him to learn the Kamehameha. While there he also learned the Destructo Disc Technique. He has also learned the Wolf Fang Fist Technique and trained at the Kikoukenjutst Sword School for a time.
    Some vague personality thing: Ten-Sei is a Wise cracking softy. He will usually be making sarcastic comments to hide his desire to get stronger. When he fights its as if a whole new person takes over and he becomes more serious. This is more apparent when he senses a challenge or lacks knowledge of his opponent.

    Thats him I hope he isn't too crazy. If I need to change anything let me know.
  5. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Re: Rock the Dragon

    Unsatisfied with the goals and mercenary nature of the Red Pants Army, Colonel Stanford Crimson has broken away alongside his brigade to reform the original Red Ribbon Army, with the goal of gathering the Dragon Balls and taking over the world. What was originally a group of 5000 has expanded into a force that could very well give Red Pants a run for their money.

    Alongside traditional military tactics, the Red Ribbon has access to Dr. Gero's android research, and though they lack a means to mass produce the machines they can, and have, built a few. Due to their nature of being a splinter cell of a mercenary group, Red Ribbon's technology is all over the map, with some of their pieces dating back to Age 750, when the original Red Ribbon Army fell. Though many means of communication exist, physical messengers tend to be preferred for communications between Headquarters and the field. The loss in speed being made up for by increased security.

    Officially, the group likens itself as a reborn Red Ribbon Army. Thus, unofficially, they have been called the Red Ribbon Remnant. To members of Red Pants, and those that know the history of Red Pants, they truly are just Red Pants Traitors.

    Name: Colonel Stanford Crimson
    Species: Human
    Age: 49
    Sex: Male
    Appearance/Clothing: Middle aged human male, hair is brown with streaks of gray. White skin is slightly tanned, and his eyes are gray underneath a pair of black shades. His clothing is well kept, and consists of a brown fatigue jacket, worn closed, black pants, and black combat boots. A red bandana is tied around his left arm, and the Red Ribbon insignia is pinned to his lapel. He speaks with light English accent. He is tall, standing 6’1” easily, and fairly muscular.
    Training History/Techniques: Having been a member of Red Pants for a long time, Crimson is well trained in tactics and weapons of war. He has completed firearms training, and is capable of operating tanks and helicopters. He is trained in close combat, and has higher than average strength and endurance.
    Some vague personality thing: Resolute and unwavering, Crimson is the head of the rebuilt Red Ribbon Army. He does not accept excuses, but unlike his peers among Red Pants, tends to be alright with failures that are not repeated or catastrophic. Considering experimentation to be the key to success, he enjoys new solutions being applied to old problems.

    Name: Major Linus Saffron
    Species: Human
    Age: 32
    Sex: Male
    Appearance/Clothing: Major Saffron is, above all else, a field operative. His black hair is tied into a short ponytail. His eyes are blue, and his white skin is heavily tanned. He wears a brown cowboy hat that displays the Red Ribbon insignia. He also wears a black muscle shirt, underneath a brown fatigue jacket, which is normally worn open. Brown pants and black hiking boots complete his outfit. He speaks in a light German accent. Visually, he’s a bit bulkier than Crimson, standing 5’9”.
    Training History/Techniques: Saffron trained at the New Crane School before leaving to join the Red Pants Army. He is capable of using the Dodon Ray and Tri Beam. He is also capable of using Multi-Form and Solar Flare, to confuse and overwhelm his opponent. As part of Red Pants and later Red Ribbon, he has completed the same firearm training and close combat training as Coronel Crimson. While not on par with Crimson, his strength and endurance are higher than the average soldier’s. He is armed with a fan, which gives him access to Crane Cyclone, Fan Out, and Mystical Crane Typhoon.
    Some vague personality thing: Easily excitable and always on the move, Saffron makes a very good field operative. Unable to sit on the sidelines, he leads his troops into battle himself, a feat that has gathered him a bit of respect. However, he is reckless and headstrong, occasionally having issues with authority.

    Name: Corporal Riley Zaffre
    Species: Animal (European Polecat)
    Age: 21
    Sex: Male
    Appearance/Clothing: Tall and reedy, suiting his species. Corporal Zaffre’s general fur tone is a sandy tan. His chest, upper arms, and upper back are a deeper brown. His head is white. The tips of his ears and tail, as well as the lower half of his arms and legs, the area around his pelvis, and the area around his eyes are black. His nose is pink, as are the pads on his hands and feet. A white, three toed, paw mark is on his left arm. He stands 5’11”, and speaks with a light American accent.

    Zaffre has a number of piercings on his head, a ring through his left nostril, three studs arranged in a crescent next to his left eye, two bars through his left ear, each ending in a pair of studs, and another ring through his right ear. When about, Zaffre tends to only wear a pair of blue pants, with a red bandanna tied around his upper right leg. When “in uniform”, the bandanna is moved to his arm, overtop a brown fatigue jacket. His uniform also includes a pair of black boots, and a brown patrol cap bearing the Red Ribbon insignia.
    Training History/Techniques: Zaffre is a graduate of the Southern Transformation Kindergarten, though he has been unable to hide the paw mark on his arm. As a member of Red Ribbon he has completed basic training, and is capable of operating firearms and defending himself. However, he has no physical abilities that set him apart from the average soldier, his abilities being more suited towards espionage.
    Some vague personality thing: Zaffre’s easy going and laid back attitude would have gotten him booted from Red Pants, and possibly executed. His talents as a shapeshifter mean he is used as a messenger and spy for Red Ribbon. He is Crimson’s assistant, and is extremely loyal to the Colonel.
  6. Re: Rock the Dragon

    I forgot to reply to this >>

    Name: Rasiel

    Species: Namekian

    Age: Looks 20 by human standards, is actually much older due to the way that Namekians physically age.

    Sex: N/A, but identifies as male

    Apperance/Clothing: Like all Namekians, he is green-skinned with green-yellow areas on his body's major muscle groups, his face a green-yellow, and a line that perfectly bisects his head from his nose and running down the back of his head. Also, is bald and with two antennae on his forehead(another Namekian trait.

    He wears a blue gi top over white pants, and comfortable brown shoes. Also wears a purple belt.

    Training History/Techniques: Being of the Warrior-type, he knows the Masenko, Mouth Energy Wave, and the powerful Light Grenade technique. As a Namekian, he also has the natural abilities of: heightened hearing, thick skin, regeneration, stretching arms, telekinesis, and telepathy. Being trained as a Warrior-type has made him extremely proficient in hand-to-hand combat. Flight. There's that, too.

    Some vague personality thing: Rasiel is very stoic, caring very little for anything but himself. He can be quite arrogant, and considers a fight boring if the opponent isn't at their full strength.
  7. Re: Rock the Dragon

    I hope it's alright for me to join still, I was debating it for a while, but I feel obligated to participate because it's DBZ and there are no Majins represented.

    Name: Majin Ko

    Species: Majin

    Age: Appears late thirties by human standards, impossible to tell thanks to his nature.

    Sex: Male

    Appearance/Clothing: A soft pink in color, a single head tendril that arches down to his waist. He wears simple, blue cloth pants, comfortable to fight in and a black vest, and shoes.

    Training History/Techniques: Majin Ko is a Wonder Majin, focusing heavily on the use of magic attacks. His personal favorite to use is Galactic Donuts, with the Imitation Kamehameha a close second.

    Some vague personality thing: Majin Ko is sensible, relaxed and focused. Possesses some child-like qualities, however, such as an innate curiosity and a love for small animals. When facing an opponent, Ko likes to gauge their ability before unleashing his full potential.
  8. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    Re: Rock the Dragon

    Name: Josei

    Species: Human

    Age: 27

    Sex: Male

    Appearance/Clothing: He has black hair, which is naturally spiky, however, he keeps it slicked down due to disliking the look. He typically wears a forest green gi bearing the symbol of the Crane School on the back with white pants, over a white undershirt. He wears solid black boots with white soles.

    Training History/Techniques: In his youth, Josei spent a short time at each of the major schools learning basic physical techniques at each, as well as some ki manipulation with the Kikoukenjutsu School, before settling in at the New Crane School, whose techniques he would go on to master, including the Dodon Ray, Tri-Beam, and the Spirit Burst power up technique.

    Having learned the Crane style, Josei struck out on his own throughout his teens, eventually learning the Kaiōken and assorted physical techniques.

    Some vague personality thing: Josei is rather quiet and in general fairly reserved, and prefers meditation and training to social activity, though he is not openly hostile either. This comes out in his fighting style, as he favors counterattacks and leading the opponent until an opening is made.
  9. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Re: Rock the Dragon


    With that, I have posted the RP. Please do post as soon as possible. Let's get this party started.

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