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Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by MUNCHLAXnick, Jun 7, 2007.

  1. This is my current team for Diamond...

    Empoleum lv. 47, Hardy (no item)
    Metal Claw
    Rock Climb

    Torterra lv. 50, Lax (no item)
    Giga Drain
    Razor Leaf

    Honchkrow lv. 47, Hasty w/Scope Lens
    Night Slash
    Nasty Plot

    (I have a good strategy for Honchkrow.. With its Super Luck ability and Scope Lens held onto Honchkrow you will get a "Critical Hit!" 80% of the time.. I like it.)

    I am hatching a Munchlax right now(I just hatched my Snorlax I thought it would be a munchlax since it was a egg but it wasnt so im mad.. but it know tackle and its Rash nature)... I need a moveset for it.. I know I am going to teach it Ice Beam and Thunderbolt or Thunder because I have no Ice or Electric type for the Flyers and Dragons.. I also need a 6th poke I am thinking about using a Psychic but I need a little help on deciding that..

    wb anybody if you want to help me out... thnx

  2. Carmen Lopez

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    You could pick Gallade or Alakazam. Gallade can cover a variety of types as it can learn Leaf Blade, Night Slash, and Psycho Cut. Put Brick Break on it and it covers eleven types to be exact. You can hardly go wrong with Alakazam. It is fairly verastile--just don't teach it physical attacks.
  3. id go with gallade, but i also noticed that you had metal claw, a physical move, on a special pokemon, and i think it would be better if it knew flash cannon, due to it being special, and it has more power. so far its worked for my empoleon.

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