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Ask to Join Rising Dawn Pokemon Summer Camp

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by TinyTiger28, Jan 28, 2018.

  1. Welcome to Rising Dawn Summer Camp!
    This summer camp is exclusively for pokemon, no people allowed! The Rising Dawn Summer Camp program lasts the entire summer. It’s the perfect place for your pokemon to train and relax! Located on a small island in the middle of Lilly Lake, Rising Dawn ensures that there is a serene enviroment to learn and practice in.
    The main interest of many looking to have their pokemon come here is that there isn’t any trainers there. This may sound worrying at first, but worry not, we have many trained pokemon there that help teach and protect any enrolling pokemon.
    There is also a rigerous training schedule for any enrolling pokemon. Activities are held, but there is also many free periods, and even entire off days!
    Not only do we offer a perfect training enviroment but we also have a contest at the end of the summer! The entire camp has a battling tournament, and the winner gets their own medal!
    We hope your pokemon have a great time at Rising Dawn!


    Welcome! This rp takes place on an island in the middle of Lilly Lake (which is full of water lillies). This island is densly wooded, aside from the clearing with the camp in it. The students stay in cabins, well cabins of sorts. They’re Adirondacks, which is a fancy word for a cabin with a wall missing. The Adirondacks are shared with five pokemon in each group. Most activities are attended by one group at a time, but some, like meal, the end of summer competition, and assembalies, have the entire camp attend at once. There’s also a dining hall, which is pretty much just a giant wood cabin. The training area has a multitude of training equipment, and is pretty much a gym (like the excersice one) but for pokemon. The battling arena in a big, dirt area with the arena.. lines painted on it. The rest of the camp is surrounded by woods. One small trail leads from the camp to the lakeside. It’s rumored that a hostile, deadly pokemon roams the forest.

    Camp Rules (these can be broken, they’re only rules in rp)
    No going into the forest without supervision.
    No battling outside of the arena.
    No injuring other students.
    Don’t bully.
    Have fun!

    Rp rules
    Pokecharm rp rules apply
    Fakemon allowed
    No OP pokemon
    No legendary pokemon (even with permission, because it would be kinda weird if a legendary went to summer camp).
    No dodging everything, try blocking attacks with another attack at least.

    - means open spot


    Cabin 1
    Holly ( TinyTiger28 )

    Cabin 2

    Cabin 3

    Cabin 4

    Inferno ( TinyTiger28 )

    Join here

    Holly sighed. The houndour was already missing her trained, but she shook it off as she headed towards her cabin. As she entered the cabin through the giant missing wall she sneezed, which was pretty much an explosion of fire. She hastily patted out the fires she had set and then waved to the pokemon in the cabin, which was at the moment just a charmander, embarrassedly.
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  2. Jimmy, a young Charmander has been dropped off at a strange place he has never seen before. Jimmy would look around and then he found his cabin he would walk in and find his room "Wow looks good!" he exclaimed. He laid on his sleeping area and took a nap. (First bit done)
  3. Charmander Smiled. "Hi I'm Jimmy!" he Bellowed. Jimmy noticed that the pokemon was the same type as him. He'd stare at The pokemon "Whats Your Name?" he continued.
  4. “Holly!” Holly replied. Holly tilted her head, “So your a charmander then?” She asked. “Does that mean you were a starter?” She wagged her tail excitedly.
  5. "Yes!" Jimmy Replied. "Are you a houndour?" he asked "If so then we are the same type of pokemon!" he would Have a huge smile on his face like so big.
  6. “Yup!” Holly replies, still wagging her tail. “Wait, do you know when the activities and training stuff starts?”
  7. "Nope.I just got here u see." Jimmy replied He would stare at the wall for a couple seconds "maybe we should ask someone." jimmy suggested "Should we?" he asked.
  8. Holly tilted her head thoughtfully for a moment, “Eh, not yet. I assume there’s gonna be a bell system or something.”
  9. (Write more than one line just saying its part of the pokecharms rules, read them if you have too)
    "Ok." Jimmy would reply. Jimmy went to his room and started playing songs. He'd sing them "Ta ting go skrra pappap kaka." he'd sing (#mansnothot) "My trainers favourite song!" (Jimmy has a trainer still does just needs training)
  10. (this is an interaction scene though)

    “Its interesting.” Holly replies, still wagging her tail. She suddenly perked her ears as she heard what she thought to be a bell. “Well, there’s the bell, we might want to get going!”
  11. ( Got it )
    "Lets go!" Jimmy said with excitement "Woop!" he cheered Jimmy ran as fast as he could his speed and attack was his Highest overall his desfense was not good.
  12. Holly charged after him, grinning giddily. She ran towards the large training area, which was a large glass dome with a three other domes attached to it. As she entered through the sliding glass doors she noticed that the big dome had a large forest-like biome in it. She walked to the middle, which was a large dirt clearing. In it sat a large arcanine.
  13. ( I don't know what to do here )
    Jimmy ran to the second dome which had icy grounds in it He walked to the middle, which was slippy. In it sat a large mystery pokemon that was Hollys evolution, houndoom.
  14. (its fine, the arcanine is a councilor, and I was gonna make this a class)

    Holly tilted her head at the arcanine, “Hi!” She shouted. The arcanine smiled, “Hello. I assume your here for training?” He asked, to which Holly replied, “Yes.” The arcine nodded, “Well I’m a camp councilor, call me Inferno.”
  15. The houndoom said "Hello there! I assume your here for training!" said the houndoom "Yes Sir!" ( Pretend the houndooms a counciler call him jeff xd) said Jimmy "lets get started! this is battle training for speed,attack,defense!" said jeff

    Holly wagged her tail, “So where’s everyone else?” She asks. “Probably training with Jeff, don’t worry about it.” Holly nodded. “So what now?” she asked. “Well, I’m going to join Jeff and the others, so if your coming then follow me.”
  17. Jimmy would see holly walk in "hi!" he said "Shh. student listen!" said jeff "Ok." said Jimmy "Everyone one will battle one of the councillors! take ur pick!" said jeff "I choose jeff!" said Jimmy "ok!" said Jeff so they went to their arena!
  18. Holly shrugged, “Well then I choose Inferno.” As they entered the arena they saw a large, flat, dirt area that was fenced in. It had the arena.. lines painted on it and every time they stepped on it a small cloud of dust erupted upwards. “So,” Inferno begins, “Who wants to go first?”
  19. Jeff would take Jimmy to an icy arena like the other one. "We will battle here!" said Jeff "Got it!" said jimmy "Battle begin!" said the rhydon Jimmy used quick attack and hit jeff "Decent." exclaimed jeff. Then, jeff used hyper beam. Due to charmanders terrible defense it hit him and he was almost fainted and then jeff went to use flamethrower but then Charmander turned bright white! he was evolving. Now that He had evolved to charmeleon he had better defense and the flamethrower didn't do much. Then jimmy used dragon tail and hurt houndoom. "Battle over u win!" said Houndoom. Jimmy headed back to his sleeping area.
  20. Holly trotted to the DIRT arena. As soon as they had run to the other sides of the arena, Inferno shouted, “Three, two, one, go!” Holly darted foreward immiediately and bit him on the leg, but softly so that it didn’t break the skin. Inferno threw her off and she hit the floor, sending up a cloud of dust. Holly then shot a few ember sparks at Inferno, who dodged most of them. He used flamethrower, shooting a bolt of flame directly at Holly. It hit Holly hard, but she managed to not faint. She Holly stepped back, sending up a small cloud of dust. This gave her an idea. She began to dart back and forth across the arena, sending up large clouds of dust. Soon the dust had enveloped the entire arena. Holly then found Inferno and jumped onto his back and scratched it. It didn’t hurt Inferno much, s he just rolled over. Holly coughed as the dust cleared, the breath knocked out of her. Inferno helped her up and Holly laughed. “The dust cloud was a smart idea.” Inferno told her.
  21. While Jimmy Chilling at his area, He watched the news, It was about his trainer! His trainer died in an explosion. Jimmy cried, After evolving, That turnt his day to a terrible one.
  22. Holly was in the cabin at the time. She was walking towards her bed when she heard crying. She followed the noise until she found Jimmy. He hesitantly walked towards him. “Jim? What’s wrong?” She tilted her head.
  23. "After Evolving," Stuttered Jimmy "My...Trainer Died in an exppll.." he couldn't say anymore than that he went under covers. He cried continuously.
  24. Holly gasped, “Your trainer died?! Oh my Arceus! That’s terrible!” Holly walked closer to his bed, “Is there anything I can do?”
  25. "No." Jimmy run out the house thing, He trained a lot he went missing for a few days just doing training. Destroying Trees, and way more.
  26. Holly sighed. She was walking towards the training area. As she stepped into the dome she wondered where Jimmy was. She soon lost the thought as she practiced the new move she learned, flamethrower.
  27. Jimmy looked for his fellow pokemon friends from his trainer. Until, he found the explosion people who made it with the pokemon heading to destroy the camp! Jimmy came to the camp as a charizard "Holly!" he shouted. (plot twist)
  28. Holly perked her ears. Was that Jimmy’s voice? She darted towards he sound. “Wow! Jimmy you evolved! Again!”
  29. "Pokémon poachers Are coming to destroy camp!" said Jimmy "they destroyed the building with my trainer in it!" he continued "they have my buddies in a net!" "We must stop them." he exclaimed ( I'm going to soon be all my Pokémon buddies as well as myself)
  30. Holly nodded grimmly. “Shouldn’t be too hard, you are a charizard.” She says, shrugging. “Let’s go!”
  31. "Lets go!" Charizard Flew "Gather everyone!" jimmy said. Jimmy went to cut open the poachers net and set his friends free! "No!" said the poachers, they ran to the camp and started netting the pokemon! "I got my friends out!" said Jimmy "Lets make them scared!" shouted Jimmy
  32. Holly nodded. She darted towards one poacher and blasted a flamethrower in their face. She yelled, “Hold your breath!” and then used smog. A purple cloud began to stream out of her mouth. It slowly expanded, enveloping the poachers.
  33. The poachers ran! "Great job Guys!" shouted Jimmy ( Here comes the other pokes!) "You too jimmy it was really u and holly!" said Frogadier , TalonFlame And Garchomp. "Goodbye Everyone!" Said jimmy "I will protect this camp!" he continued "And guard it , u wont see me much! bye!"
  34. Holly wagged her tail happily. “So what now?” She asked. “I mean, its kinda hard to just continue the day normally after that.”
  35. jimmy would stop, "Just Stay in the resting areas, until tomorrow, new day new you, they say." he said "Holly....Look after my buddies ok," he continued "While I'm away." Jimmy would go ( Now Jimmy wont be in every scene i'll play as his friends)
  36. (Ok)

    “Okay, fine by me!” Holly turned to the pokemon. “Hi, I’m Holly, what’s your names?” She asked.
  37. "I'm just frogadier." said frogadier "The others cant speak but they will just train." frogadier continued. the others went to train "Jimmy was a great pokemon." said frogadier "His nickname for me was froggy heh heh." he said
  38. Holly tilted her head curiously. “What do you mean the others can’t speak? Why?” Then she followed the question with, “And why don’t you have a nickname? That’s like your trainer being called trainer?” She asked.
  39. "Well, We didn't want nicknames." he said "and the others I dunno, we were only recently catched before he entered the building that exploded."
  40. “Huh, well I guess that makes sense.” Holly glanced at the frogadier. “Wait, so if Jimmy was his starter, that means your trainer caught you in the wild right?”

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