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Rikoren's Sprites!

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Rikoren, Oct 8, 2008.

  1. Hi, I'm totally new to both the community, and I thought I'd put up a few sprites I'd made in my free time. Sadly, they're all video game characters and entirely unoriginal, and they're mostly just edited recolors...do they still count as recolors if they're edited?


    I just got GIMP today, so I might edit these to be transparent later. Also, comments and criticism are appreciated! I'm okay with requests, too, if anybody wants to bother with those.
  2. I like Cynthia's blue hair :D
  3. They are modified enough to my tastes to not count as all recolors, like the May/ranger one. These arent bad, I like what you did with the 2 kids, turned the boy into a girl :p
  4. Thanks! The kids and the not!May were the hardest to do, actually. :)
  5. Wow these are not bad. I especially like Cynthias blue hair and the breeder with the bucket. The twins have a very nice design and it was very creative how it's boy and girl. Just like Jeydis had mentioned the May Ranger is also good.

    Good luck and I look forward to seeing future projects.
  6. Actually I really like the Volkner recolor. looks really, experience and wise. Kinda like Old Ben Kenobi!

    The one to the right of Cynthia, is the the main character from Colluseum, or is that an edit to look like him, cause I really like that one alot too :D
  7. Thanks! I'm not sure if the one next to Cynthia is the Coliseum guy or not, since I've never played that game, but it's a recolor of one of the custom game sprites, I think.
  8. Been gone for a while now...but I made a new sprite! Gonna work on some more when I have the time.


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