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RGB-The Adventures of Red Green and Blue!

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by otterdude, Apr 19, 2008.

  1. First thing I want to point out is that Green is the one you probably know as Gary or Blue. Blue is a different character, from the manga. I switched the names because this is how it was in the original Japanese manga (Pokemon Special) and because it makes more sense according to what starter pokemon they have.

    This is a generally humorous comic based on the adventures of three 11-year-old kids sent on a journy by an etcentric old professor. Don't mistake it for a carbon-copy of the game's storyline. You may notice I've already introduced two plot twists that are very much different from the original game. So have fun reading and please leave comments.. you can also read this comic on my SheezyArt Page if that's more convenient for you.

    Comic 1
    Comic 2
    Comic 3
    Comic 4
    Comic 5
    Comic 6
    Comic 7
    Comic 8
    Comic 9
    Comic 10
    Comic 11
    Comic 12
    Comic 13
    Comic 14
    Comic 15
    Comic 16
    Comic 17
    Comic 18
    Comic 19*
    Comic 20
    Comic 21
    Comic 22
    Comic 23
    Comic 24
    Comic 25

    *If your having trouble reading it, the pokedex says "That is Zubat, the Bat Pokemon. It can't see, and uses echolocation to find it's way instead. It can rejuvinate it's own health by sucking other pokemon's blood."
  2. These are absolutely hilarious! Can you make more?
  3. Thanks, I can make comics roughly every other day, and maybe more often on weekends.
  4. hilarious #24 wouldent show up though
    u have to make more
  5. I tried 24, it worked for me...


    You can take this as the reason there have been no comics for a while, I was busy arguing with someone on Sheezyart over the legality of using sprite rips.
  6. This is an Awsome Series. Can you add me? Make me any Sprite. I Just want a Charizard. If you can't add me , it's okay 8)
  7. Sorry, I don't do cameos.


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