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Rena-chan's sprites--need criticism

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Rena-chan, Dec 31, 2009.

  1. Err... this is my first thread, so..

    Hello, I'm rena-chan and only recently have i gotten into spriting. I do have a few oc's, some i don't use and some i do. I don't sprite alot, but I've looked around the forums and seen other sprites. I only have a few sprites.. but It would be very nice to have some helpful criticism :)

    Here is one of my OC's, Rin:
    (anybody else think that she kinda looks like byakuya from bleach? o.O or is it just me? LOL)

    This is my other oc, Darrel:
    He accompanies Rin on her journey (:

    These are just some other random sprites that I have:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    My Persona/OC, Ju-chan (Jules De Alice)
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    her original design was for roboloids, but i liked her so much i made her my persona lol xD she usually looks like this: http://i286.photobucket.com/albums/ll86/kawaiibrownii/JulesDeAlice.png?t=1266278089
    her color scheme is weird, i know. ;D

    I will try to make my other oc's once i get some criticism, and i don't do requests :/

    and i'm not that good at shading, anybody have any good tips for that too? I'll try to add some more sprites later on.
  2. I rather like the little chao-like people. They're actually kinda cute.

    The only thing I can say that need criticism is a simple enough fix: shading. Your trainer Rin has hardly any shading on her anywhere. Her hair you can tell is scratched on, but all you need to do is just make one side of it have either black as a darker shade of the hair as the outline, preferably the side that's facing away from the light source.

    I see slight shading on her left shoulder and on the edges of the bottom of her hair, and that' it. Her scratched hair looks very nice, but perhaps you should look at a trainer who has similar hair and shade accordingly.

    I hope this didn't sound too critique-y, but uh...yeah :/ All of your sprites so far are nice, it's just the shading on Rin that throws it off, but only the slightest.

    Keep it up~
  3. thankyou, that kind of criticism is just what i needed ^_^ i admit i do have trouble shading, but next time maybe i'll find a trainer thats similiar and follow the shading.

    oh--and i am kinda embarrased because i just noticed the dress doesn't have much shading either >_< perhaps maybe I'll try Rin again.

    and thankyou, one day I just made a mini plushie-like base and my friends requested those.
  4. BlackRoseJack

    BlackRoseJack Formerly psy-teen

    your sprites are actually pretty good (thumbs up) :)
  5. thanks bunearyboy (:
  6. BlackRoseJack

    BlackRoseJack Formerly psy-teen

    have a happy new year rena
  7. you too, happy new year ^__^

    EDIT: I re-did the shading on Rin (:
    Happy new year!!

    this is another one of my oc's, Darrel:
    He accompanies Rin on her journey (:
    I had trouble with the stripes on his right arm however :/
    and his streak is supposed to be brownish-reddish. lol :p
  8. uh.. sorry for third post ;___;

    another update.. i guess?

    I did little chao like sprites for Ju-chan:
    (but i did NOT, repeat, not sprite the base. I'm sorry I can't give credit to the original spriter but there was no credit given in the first place :-\ ) :
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] -> [​IMG]
    i decided to avoid her leggings, since i tried to do them but they turned out too difficult for me -__-;;

    these were the original bases: http://i286.photobucket.com/albums/ll86/kawaiibrownii/ch_male.png?t=1266611337

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