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DPPt/HGSS Ready for the elite Four in diamond????

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by chantymalo, Jun 1, 2007.

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  1. I tried to take on the elite four and could past the first one. My pokemons were all around lvl 50, so I loaded and trained. Here is the team I plan to use against the Elite Four. How can I improve it to make sure I win? ???

    Torterra lvl 60
    GigaDrain WoodHammer
    Crunch Earthquake

    Gyarados lvl 60
    Waterfall Earthquake
    Ice Fang Bite

    Garchomp lvl 60
    Dig Dragon Claw
    Crunch Slash

    Staraptor lvl 60
    Wing Attack Fly
    Brave Bird Close Combat

    Dialga lvl 60
    Dragon Pulse Metal Claw
    Earth Power Roar of Time

    Steelix lvl 60 (ITS SHINNY!!!!!) :D "rock-head" ability
    Iron tail Double-edge
    Crunch Stone Edge

    Also, another question. Is there any problem with using dialga or traded pokemons to beat the elite four???? I think that in Emerald you had to beat them with your own pokemon (not-traded) to open the battle tower or something like that.

  2. It's perfectly possible to take on the Elite 4 with traded Pokémon.
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  3. let me put it this way: the only types you should need are as follows, and in this order:

    fire (infernape)
    grass (torterra)
    water/ice (empoleon with ice beam)
    dark (weavile)
    flying or ghost (staraptor or gengar)
    (something ridiculous to take out spiritomb)

    that's what i think your team should consist of. oh, and for flint's lopunny, just use infernape.
  4. its possible to do it though without needing specific types,
    for example your team level sixty... alll of them.
    stronger than what mine was,
    i managed to do it with one level 60 torterra, and the rest of my team in the late 40's, which were staraptor, lucario, dialga. floatzel and graveler...
    so it is possible, its just you need a stratedgy for each person and there pokemon, plus lots of revival and healin items.
  5. Thanks, I already beated them with that team. And it was a lot easier than I though. The Lopunny didnt survive a single hit Staraptor's Close Combat.

    Staraptor took down all the bugs from the first battle.

    The second battle was a little trouble at first since the Quasgire used double team until it became almost unhittable, but finally Torterra Crunched it.

    The third battle was too easy, with Gyarados Waterfall and Earthquake.

    The fourth battle I used Garchomp and Torterra to Crunch everybody.

    And the last battle I had to use all my pokemons, Dialga used its Roar of Time to take down the champ Garchomp.

    It was lots of fun!!! ;D
  6. You should be fine. I took down the E4 with all of my pokes in the 40's (and a bunch of revives and hyper potions!). I would just bring some revives and max potions to be safe though.
  7. Glad to see you made it through the Elite 4. I just used my Gardevoir since she was a high enough level to knock out everything.
  8. you're ready for the E4!! i had all my pokemon on lv.40-50 and i traded a giratina (lv.70):p
    the E4 isnt so strong as everyone think it is!! there TOO easy!! good luck
  9. You should be perfectly suited for the Elite Four. I did it, myself, with a level sixty Torterra (Wood Hammer, Earthquake, Leech Seed, Rock Slide) and a level sixty Octillery (Surf, Ice Beam, Signal Beam, Flamethrower). :)
    I would suggest, though, getting rid of Giga Drain on Torterra, as its special attack is lacking.
  10. Something that helped me greatly was Roserade's Grass Knot and Giga Drain, so I greatly suggest teaching Torterra Grass Knot, other then that... I think you're ready!
  11. I'm going to repeat my previous post. Due to the fact that Torterra's special attack is horrid, I would save Grass Knot for a Pokemon that can use it especially well. Raichu, Roserade, Infernape, and Empoleon are all good examples. :)
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    People, this topic died in JUNE. Warned, Markoboy, check the dates on threads next time. The rest of you? You too, just because someone revives a long dead thread doesn't mean you all go posting in it.
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