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Open rainbow falls (Romance rp?)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by *that* gay guy, Mar 12, 2017.

  1. so the plot I'm thinking it's mating season and Pokemon come from far and wide to rainbow falls to meet the Pokemon they can call there mate
    • Follow pokecharms rules
    • Use good grammar please it gets on my nerve seeing "hEy u iM bill who are u" all though a thread
    • Don't hate on a gay relationship any type of relationship is allowed!
    • Fan made Pokemon allowed just make it detailed
    • Have fun

    Sexuality (opitional):
    Home region (opitional):

    I'm open to suggestions! :)
    I'll make my form soon
  2. (I have two OC's, my character and her boyfriend.)
    Name: Grace
    Species: Petilil
    Personality: Grace is graceful but shy, she's kind and thoughtful, although she's a bit stubborn at times.
    Appearance: Normal Petilil with a pink fedora and a green scarf
    Likes: Flowers, Everything Cute, etc
    Dislikes: Wilting Flowers, Ugly stuff, etc
    Home region (opitional): Unova

    Her boyfriend.

    Name: Buddy
    Species: Karrablast
    Personality: Buddy's a bit competitive, he can be rude at times, but his attitude isn't compared to his arch enemy.
    Appearance: A Shiny Karrablast with sunglasses
    Likes: Fighting, Picking a fight, etc
    Dislikes: Cowards, Running Away, etc
    Home region (opitional): Unova

    (Hope this is good ^^)
  3. Uhh sorry but the whole point of romance rps is that they don't already have a boyfriend/girlfriend and they want to find one so
  4. Well I feel very very stupid now. Who am I kidding I already am stupid.
  5. I can let you in if there not in a relationship
  6. Name: sapphire
    Species: umbreon
    Personality: sapphire is moody quiet and shy he's either in a great mood or he's in a terrible moons he has no in between
    Appearance: sapphire is albino with blue rings
    Likes: quiet, books, small groups of people
    Dislikes: loud noises, fights, large groups of people
    Home region (opitional): kalos

    Name: Ethan
    Species: riachu
    Personality: Ethan is kinda depressed and lonely
    Appearance: a normal riachu
    Likes: People how are nice to him
    Dislikes: anyone who is mean
    Home region (opitional): kanto
  7. Name: Foxy
    Species: Fennekin
    Personality: Foxy is very friendly and brave Fennekin. She also kind and loyal.
    Appearance: Normal Fennekin
    Likes: reading, drawing, exploring, meeting new friends
    Dislikes: Mean and bad tempered Pokemon
    Home Region: Kalos
  8. Name: Rufus
    Species: Pangoro
    Personality: Shyer then most Pangoros, though he may revert to his angrier side when provoked.
    Appearance: Like any other Pangoro, although a blossom bloomed on the end of the stick that hangs out from his jaws... And he has a ukulele.
    Likes: Peacha berries and playing songs on his ukulele.
    Dislikes: None much other than cocky males.
    Home region: Alola Region//Poni Island

    All but a lone Pangoro sat on a large rock next to a creek of some sort, playing a tune on his ukulele. He hummed quietly along with the song that he was playing. With each strum of his fingers, the tune kept playing. The Pangoro looked around again, seeing that no one else had arrived to Rainbow Falls yet.
    "Hm... Perhaps the other Pokemon are just taking their time..." Rufus murmured, taking a moment to enjoy the view he had from the rock he was sitting on.
  9. Your all good:)

    Your good but I belive this is the discussion page
  10. (I'm jumping on this boat because I feel there is going to be angst, I want to be in a place with angst, also, this is in the official roleplaying thread... so you might want to move this lol)

    Name: Zelda
    Species: Umbreon (Wow I know we have one on here already, but I swear I was going to use her before I even read Sapphire)
    Sexuality (opitional): Demisexual, also known as she needs to develop a strong friendship first before feeling romantic towards them
    Personality: Quiet and reserved, although she usually has an aura of extreme content and any other emotion displayed is usually an optimistic one. Easy going, strong willed, but also very submissive, although she does know how to stand up for herself if she needs too. Cares almost too much, and laughs at almost anything, she either appears to be happy or has no outward emotion at all. That being said, she isn't open about feelings, gets nervous easily, and can be hurt fairly quick.
    Appearance: Normal mostly, her rings are more of a pastel yellow and her eyes are hazel. The fur on the back of her neck is longer and more curly, and the same can be said for her tail and some extra feathering on her wrists and ankles, and she has two wavy fly away strands of fur like hair framing her face, starting right in front of her ears. She also has wavy, sideswept "bangs", its really just longer fur swept over her right eye, just barely skimming her eye lid. Her ears are also pierced with wooden earrings shaped like Tirtouga. On her right hip she has a rather nasty scar, and her right flank as an even longer scar. Her right ankle is covered in more scars, and her right cheek as a smaller scar that looks like a small cut. She isn't bothered by them at all, but she never tells why she has them either... (like seriously girl all on the right side?)
    Likes: Sweet, sour, and spicy; big lover of fruit although she isn't exactly the pickiest eater around, cool weather, early morning sunrises, sunset, full moon, listening to rain, cuddling, having the fur on her back and head ruffled gently
    Dislikes: being teased, being ignored without knowing why (makes her feel terribly guilty and alone), having to do things she knows she isn't able to do, being forced into things, spiders, feeling pain of any kind (although she copes with mental pain incredibly well)
    Home region (opitional): Alola, Akala island to be precise and she traveled with a trainer for a while before being released.
  11. Your in
  12. Um uh I stuffed up. Hey @Teapot could you put this in the Pokemon disscouion thing or tell me how I could? Sorry for bothering you
  13. Hey, this looks kinda cool

    Name: Kaisa
    Species: Absol
    Personality: Quite awkward in certain situations, but tries not to let it show
    Appearance: Honed and sharpened blade(s), clean white pelt
    Likes: Relaxing
    Dislikes: Speaking with strangers for too long, getting into a bad situation
    Home region (opitional): Hoenn
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  14. Good! Welcome to the rp
  15. @CrunchyCucumber Nah, I didn't join your... I think it was unova? RP because it just wasn't my style. This place looks kinda cool though, and I found it naturally, it's just we apparently have the same taste in RPs
  16. If you're still looking for people, I'd be more than willing to fill a spot :D

    Species: Emolga
    Sexuality (optional): Bisexual, but isn't very into the idea of 'love at first sight'. Expect some resistance before she opens up.

    Personality: Sora is a highly energetic daredevil, always looking for excitement. Always being reckless. Preferring speed over everything! She is simply incapable of taking it easy and constantly urges everyone around her to pick up the pace! Sora is confident, cocky and a big show-off. She thinks she’s the best around and nobody will be able to convince her otherwise. Nobody comes even close to the lightning fast Sora! No way!

    Sora doesn't look much different from any other Emolga, apart from her tail that is. Her tail is somewhat bend due to an (now healed) injury she prefers not to talk about. This does make her tail weak and unable to use it effectively in battle. Making her unable to use moves like Iron Tail or Tail Whip. Other than that it doesn't limit her in any way, nor does it hurt anymore.

    Competition of any kind. Be it racing with other Pokémon, battling with other Pokémon, or even competing in a berry-eating contest. Sora loves all competition!
    Aerobatics (stunt flying) is Sora’s bread and butter. She knows how to fly with great skill and does so often. Loops, spins, slides and dives, nothing is too much for Sora.

    Losing. Sora is somewhat a sore loser, but it isn’t too bad. If she realizes she was genuinely outclassed she will accept her loss. Should she lose in a close call however, she will nearly always request a rematch.
    Taking breaks. Sora dislikes laziness to the point it actually turns to irritation. She wants to keep going, keep moving. So pick up the pace!

    Home region (opitional):
    Doesn't consider any region to be her 'home'.
  17. That's great (she'll hate Ethan in his depressed state though)
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  18. Honestly, I haven't really read the others yet, I was about to do that now. However, being depressed sounds like something Sora would very much dislike yes ^^"
  19. Wait hand on wait

    Really really early ship!

    Why did you come down here?
  20. ...?? So confused
  21. Just in case I should mention it, I made an opening post for Sora. Hope you don't mind ^^"
  22. Name: Mimi
    Species: Lopunny
    Sexuality: Male (Maybe Female)
    Personality: Kind,Relaxed
    Appearance: A Normal Lopunny with Rose Quartz Earrings
    Likes: Eating, Her Sisters
    Dislikes: Spicy Food
    Home region: Sinnoh

    Name: Aurora
    Species: Espeon
    Sexuality: Male
    Personality: Quiet, Relaxed
    Appearance: Normal Espeon, Has Pearl on head instead of the red gem
    Likes: Her Galaxy Cave, Being Alone
    Dislikes: Loud Noises
    Home region: Johto
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  23. Good!
  24. Oh jeez I just realised that I made my Absol a boy with my female name :D his name is Kaisa
  25. Holy Arceus, i really haven't been getting enough sleep. I thought you meant gender in the sexuality, and I put male. No, he's not homosexual, and I've edited it
  26. I hope i'm not too late!

    • Form:

    Name: Oran
    Species: Raichu
    Sexuality (opitional): Straight
    Personality: Easy going, naïve, derpy in every way :3
    Appearance: Shiny Raichu with white scarf
    Likes: Oran and citrus berries
    Dislikes: Roots.
    Home region (optional): Kanto
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  27. Name: Koda
    Species: Pancham
    Personality: A bit of a show-off to be honest. But he can also be very sweet, kind and caring.
    Appearance: A normal Pancham with a tan bandanna.
    Likes: Competition, nice people/Pokemon
    Dislikes: Spicy food, jerks
  28. Can I join in the roleplay?? Im currently a new person so, I dont know if i came to the right place ;-;
  29. Yeah sure as long as you've read the rules and fill out the form I'll then accept (probably) accept you and you can jump into the Rp
  30. Your good nice to see you back into the rps but remember story format or literate as you might also know it as

    That good your in!
  31. Name: Azura
    Species: Zorua
    Sexuality (optional): Pan-sexual
    Personality: Azura is a energetic pokemon that loves tricking and scary people. Her fun, chill, and playful mood can get go overboard when she's super hyper. Using her ability, Transform, she tricks other pokemon to her own trap and pranks for the fun of it, she does the same for humans. Despite her tricking moves, she's really nice and caring and always offer some berries if she has anything. Azura can also be very stubborn and grumpy, if she's in her bad mood, like waking up very early. But of course, she doesn't know what love feels, she has plenty of pokemon friends that has mates that they care for and there's her as the third wheel. But if she ever gets a crush her personality changes slightly. She gets shy and flustered or talks to much or quiet. Which other way, she tries not to mess up.
    Appearance: Azura looks slightly different from other Zoura's. Her fur, including the red, is darker,than the other Zoura's, and her eyes are ruby red instead of baby blue.
    Likes: Food, sleep, pranking, fighting
    Dislikes: Jerks, chili, pokemon kebbles

    There ya go I finished my form ^^ I hope this is good
    Also, I might make another character
  32. I did NOT expect this coming from a newbie! Your forms are better then mine! Your in!
  33. Haha thank you ^^
    I've been roleplaying for a long time and I haven't been roleplaying for a while so that's kinda why I'm here, and maybe because my obsession on pokemon XD
    So do I just pop into the roleplay??
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  34. After being away from Pokecharms for a large chunk of time, why not get back into roleplays again!

    Name: Torch (Usually called Torchy by Pokemon that know her very well)
    Species: Braixen
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality (opitional): Straight
    Personality: Kind, Loves to perform talent shows and help people with their problems, also clumsy a little bit...
    Appearance: A Braixen, but the Yellow fur on the normal one is replaced with Violet color like
    Likes: Performing, Her Stick in her tail
    Dislikes: Being Embarrsed (Is very Common of Happening)
    Home region (opitional): Kalos

    Torch's Cousin

    Name: Blitz
    Species: Jolteon
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality (opitional): Straight (is only attrated to other eeveelutions/ Gardevoir's and Lopunny's
    Personality: Brave, will do anything for a girl he is attracted to
    Appearance: A Shiny Jolteon
    Likes: FRIENDS! ( HOW MANY OF US HAVE THEM... FRIENDS! SOMEONE WE CAN COUNT ON! (( if you know this song then heeeey!!!!!! FRIIIIIIENDS!)
    Dislikes: Swimming ( however will swim for a girl he is attracted to
    Home region (opitional): Kanto

    I hope im not late! (Not too late...)

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