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Quickest way to fill up National Pokedex?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Vegetableish, Nov 18, 2014.

  1. So, I've been playing Pokemon X for awhile now.. and so far, I've only 'seen' a bit over 400 Pokemon. I want to fill up the Pokedex quickly because I want two things. The Oval Charm and Shiny Charm. And I've also been using Wonder Trade and GTS nonstop. Any other methods you can suggest?
  2. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
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    My apologies if I mention anything that you already know but I figured that I'd just dump several suggestions on you. ^^

    Once you've beaten the main story and have unlocked the Friend Safari you can start filling up your 'dex fairly quickly depending on how many friends you've registered. I also recommend always having hordes of Quick Balls handy because more often than not they'll do the trick.

    Myself personally, I ended up using Pokemon Bank for much of my National PokeDex because I'd already completed my Gen 5 Nat Dex on Black 2. Being able to transfer up to 30 Pokemon at once is a beautiful thing. ♥

    Other than those two methods, it's very handy to take advantage of the EXP Share to evolve multiple Pokemon at once. It really does work well if you can find higher levelled areas to battle in. What I ended up doing was battling trainers within the Battle Chateau because I'd upgraded mine to the second last rank. At higher ranks you'll encounter girls dressed in kimonos who all train Audino and only Audino, and the EXP gains from those battles are lovely. Definitely worth the effort of ranking up if you have the time and patience to do so. :)

    Regarding evolving Pokemon for 'dex entries: if you can be bothered, take advantage of the EXP. Point Power O-Power. It may not be overly useful at first but once you've ranked it up to stage 2 or 3 it can become quite handy for gaining EXP quickly.
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  3. AzureEdge

    AzureEdge ✧luzrov rulay✧

    My strategy sucks, but it does the trick.
    I love to wonder trade and GTS, and I've gotten a lot of Pokemon that way, including some legendary's.
    For wonder trade, I usually put Pokemon that I've just hatched, or friend safari Pokemon.
    In GTS, I usually offer Rotoms, but on GTS, it's like a giving candy to a baby. I usually get my offer quick.

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