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Discussion in 'Creative Discussion' started by BooBerry, Dec 29, 2017.


This is very, very, VERY, important... Am I gay?

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  1. Hey guys~! If you remembered reading my status, you'll basically know about this "special project", which is indeed, in regards of New Year. And apparently, that project is this! Namely, PROJECT: UNITE AS ONE~!

    I'm so excited about next year, so why not end another year on Pokécharms with a special project? Cool, am I right? xDD

    Anyway, back into the project!


    In this collaboration, which is indeed my very first multi collaboration with all of you, you will have to use your OC when making your entry. Fursona/Furry or Pokesona, I don't care (^w^) Oh yeah, here are a few things before you make your entry:

    > When submitting your entry, make sure that it's a vector, or the background is transparent just like these two examples below

    > Your work could be detailed, besides, details are not optional, since it's your style

    > Your OC can wear clothes, y'know, just to become festive for a fresh new start. But you don't need to, in case you're not used to it

    > Your OC should be in a specific pose, but it's up to you on what pose you want your OC to do, finger guns, a simple wave, or a dab would do

    > When posting your entry, tag me (@Aiko | アイコ) or just add Project: Unite As One in the tags section under your work



    > Don't try and show off like an asshole, that way, artists won't get too envied by one's intimidation

    > Don't even think of saying, "YOUR WORKS SUCKS!!!", since it will hurt other people's feelings and will decrease their confidence into drawing

    > You'll be receiving 3 warnings, which means, 3 strikes, you're out of the collaboration immediately, no matter what excuse you make

    > Submit you collaboration before or during the actual duration of the submission date. If you pass your entry during Janurary the 1st, DM me on my Discord or just simply add me in a Convo about it

    > This is just for fun, NOT a competition

    > You could only take 1-2 slots, I don't mind, but NOT 3 and above


    PROJECT: UNITE AS ONE 2017-2018

    SLOTS OPENED: 0/27


    SLOT 1 - @Baxter and Oliver

    SLOT 2 - @Baxter and Oliver

    SLOT 3 - @DaCerluanPerformerDawn(DONE)

    SLOT 4 - @DaCerluanPerformerDawn

    SLOT 5 - @TheAssasinRiolu

    SLOT 6 - @Riverrunner

    SLOT 7 - @Cloudswift

    SLOT 8 -

    SLOT 9 -

    SLOT 10 -

    SLOT 11 -

    SLOT 12 -

    SLOT 13 -

    SLOT 14 -

    SLOT 15 -

    SLOT 16 -

    SLOT 17 -

    SLOT 18 -

    SLOT 19 -

    SLOT 20 -

    SLOT 21 -

    SLOT 22 -

    SLOT 23 -

    SLOT 24 -

    SLOT 25 -

    SLOT 26 -

    SLOT 27 - @Aiko | アイコ


    SLOT 28 -

    SLOT 29 -

    SLOT 30 -

    Tak note that I myself shall be joining just for fun, however, I will only take one slot :3


    That's all for now~! I'll try to keep updated for people who will take a slot! Oh yeah, BTW, happy New Year!!! <33
    #1 BooBerry, Dec 29, 2017
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2018
  2. Hey i found this so can i take two slots, i dont really understand how you enter, but ill take two!
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  3. Hi! Can I take 2 slots?
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  4. Might as well join in for the fun, I'll just take 1 slot
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  5. I finished my first slot!

    Attached Files:

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  6. I can't stay I fully understand what the final product will be, but I'll take one slot.
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  7. I'd like to take a slot or two, but I can't make digital art. If you look at my old art(the stuff I posted right when I joined, and when it comes to drawing with a mouse I haven't gotten any better), you'll see that...

    Does anyone know a site where I could maybe take a green background and turn it transparent through the magic of green screen technology?
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  8. You don't need to use digital art to enter, as long as you submit an entry, digital or traditional, I'm fine with that since I saw your works and you're more on traditional ^_^

    That's one slot done~

    Nice work :up:

    Joining is pretty simple, just take 1-2 slots and you're in~ :)
  9. Oof. Well, I found a site to make a paper background into a vector one, but I didn't read that things have to be Fursonas. Oof. I'll get back on that one, but for now, I'll take one slot~!
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