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Ask to Join Project PSB

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Luke The Riolu, Apr 5, 2018.

  1. Long story short : This is a Pokemon Simulation RP, basically "if SAO was Pokemon" note this RP is a "Pokemon" RP so no I dunno PacMan or weird SAO swords popping out (This takes place in the pokemon world so I guess it could be in Pokemon Role Play)

    Story :
    Welcome to the year 2024, where gaming and simulations have evolved to its final stage. Virtual Gaming now exists, you are one of very few people of the world who have purchased the PokeGear+ an advanced simulation gear for young Pokemon trainers, as you join in with countless of other gamers you soon found out that the company of the game Silph-Gaming is owned by criminal masterminds, the game is programmed to trap all the users inside, if the game is not completed in the next three years then they will wipe out all data and the gamers will be trapped forever in a black abyss.

    Information for RPers :
    Like the description said this is a Pokemon Simulation RP, you can only own six Pokemon like in the original game you can release, catch, buy, accommodate yourself in this system of the so called "Silph-Gaming Company". I tried to make this as Pokemon like as possible. You are about to start out your adventure in the real world but decided to learn more about becoming a trainer or in the other case a gamer and so came the PokeGear+ and The game Project PSB (Pokemon SimulationBattlegrounds) and yeah that's how this RP starts
    Sign-up : www.pokecharms.com/threads/project-psb.19049/

    Roleplay :
    It was a nice morning, the birds were singing, flowers were blooming. Karen was walking back home from high-school with her Delcatty, "You know, it's kinda nice to live in the future, but still training you guys with this technology isn't fun anymore, atleast we can still visit the Safari Islands" she said as she looked down to her feline fellow, the Delcatty looked back and purred a little while rubbing her head againts Karen's feet. "Aww you cute snuggle bug, I'm going to feed you once we get back and test out that new game the guys at school were talking about" she said while she continues on the path to her home.
    Later . . . "Alright, I think that's enough food for you" she said as she took a plate of PokeFood and gave it to her Delcatty, without hesitation it dug into the meal. Karen went up to her room and tried to search more about the game "Project . . . PSB . . . There we go, Project "Pokemon Simulation Battlegrounds" an online simulation game where gamers and others can learn about becoming a trainer or learn about Pokemon and their behaviors" she read the pages on the wiki. "Cool, let's try this out" she said as she adapted the PokeGear+ to the wifi connection and put it on as she lied down on her bed
    Account : Karen2006
    Password : *********
    Region : Sinnoh
    What nickname would you like to use in "Project-PSB"
    As Karen opened her eyes she wasn't in her bedroom anymore "Woah, it's been a while since I've used this thing" she said as she looked at a big open world city with hundreds of other people joining in, she noticed an Update Log appearing on a gate
    Welcome WitchDoctor400, to Project PSB a Pokemon Simulation Game, you have spawned in Central Kentra, the region of this game, to complete the game you must train your Pokemon to high levels to beat through the gyms, and challenge the Elite 4 after this you shall be known as champion of Project PSB unless your place have been taken down by another player, would you like us to show you the tutorial on how to catch a Pokemon and catch your own starter ?
    [See Turtorial] [Skip Tutorial]
    "Guess I got to learn first" Karen said as she pressed the See Tutorial button, as she pressed it, it teleported her to a field
    "This is our safari zone since you are in a tutorial the Pokemon you catch wont be counting as a caught Pokemon" "Oh ok, let's find something to catch then" Karen said, as she walked into the safari, various Pokemon spawned, "Let's catch this one, she said as she aimed her Pokeball at the Rhyhorn, "Throwing your Pokeball with skills can help, try throw the ball normally if it escapes, try throwing a ball that it swirls in the air or as we say "Curve Ball", natural elements can also stop your ball from reaching the Pokemon like wind and rain and also the Pokemon can block the ball if they can counter it at the right moment" "Alright" Karen mumbled as she throw the Safari Ball at the Rhyhorn, the ball swirls in the air and hit the four legged stone creature, one shake, two shake, three shake "Yeah !" Karen said excitedly as she caught the Rhyhorn, she teleported back to Central Kentra and recieved a message, "Inbox . . . New Messages . . . Here we go" she said as she read the message "Congratulations, you completed the Tutorial head to the Professor and recieve your first Starter Pokemon as well as you choose your class" Karen read out the message quietly, "I wonder where it might be, maybe someone could help" she said as she looked around for information
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  2. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Braxton sat down on his bed with his newly purchased PokeGear, his eyes gleamed with wonder and his face beamed with child-like excitement.
    "Finally, after months and months of convincing I finally have it, the PokeGear. Now I can play the crowned jewel of Virtusl Gaming, Project PSB, I can't wait!" Without hesitation, the teenage boy put the headset and was sucked into tbe world of PSB, metaphorically and literally.
    "The graphics are so realistic, and the frame rate is impressive, its almost as if I'm not even playing a game anymore," The boy made a squeal after that, he was kind of a tech nerd, so this stuff was the kind of thing he lived for. About two seconds after his geek-out, he saw two options apeqr on the interface.
    [See Tutorial][Skip Tutorial]
    "I need to learn, how else am I expected to play the game, I'm no beta tester. But on the plus sude, I like how in this Pokemon game, you can see or skip the tutorial," He clicked the former and the tutorial commenced, leading Braxton to the safari zone. He recieved the same explanation as all the others, he was fascinated with how many factors contribute to whether you catch or don't catch a Pokemon.
    "Interesting, I might as well try it," Braxton shrugged as a Tauros spawned and he soon found himself with a safari ball in hand. He put some spin on the Capturing device and shortly the ball made contact with the bull. It shook once, twice, a third time, before stopping completely, the Tauros had been caught.
    "Yes, this is going to be fun!" Braxton exclaimed in triumph as he was sent back to Central Kentra and recieved a new message in his inbox.
    "Congratulations on finishing the tutorial, now head to the Professor's lab to recieve your first Pokemon!" It read, and the child later closed out his inbox and stqrted looking around, he soon found Karen and decided to meet up with a fellow player.
    "Hey, you know where I can find the Professor's lab?"
  3. "Oh hi, my name is Karen, nice to meet you, I'm new to the game, I was hoping to look for some information of the lab, I guess we're looking for the same thing" she replied to Braxton, she checked the Menu and looked for something useful, as it opened she scrolled down through some options and found a "Map" feature. She opened it and a square minimap appeared showing her in the middle of it, "Blue dots are Players, Red are Pokemon, Yellow are NPCs Oh here we go Special Locations is white" she said as she looked on the map, there was only one white dot on the map, "I think I know where the lab is follow me" Karen told Braxton, as she followed the path she stopped at a tall skyscrapper "Helio-Laboratory, this must be the place" she said. As she went inside she saw multiple Players battling each other, a lab assistant walked up to her and welcomed her to this high tech building "Welcome, to Helio-Laboratory, this is Kentra's research lab, you must be new let me show you to the professor", as he finished he walked into another room with Karen following behind "This is so cool" she said. "This is Professor Leo, the professor of Kentra" said the lab assistant, "Hello there, you must be a new trainer, as you heard my assistant my name is Leo, as you would know each year, trainers would come here and recieve their first starter, please choose yours from these 21 breeds of Pokemon" after the professor finished a third-dimensional screen displayed a list of the starter Pokemons, her favorite Pokemon was always part of the turtle family so she went with a Turtwig "I'll take the Turtwig" she said "Nice choice, would you like to give it a nickname" Professor Leo replied "No, thank you" she replied, as she finished another screen was brought up
    Which Class would you like to be ?
    [Trainer] [Breeder] [Healer]
    [Thief] [Professor/Scientist] [--------------]
    "Seems like there's a missing class, I'll go with Healer" She said as she pressed the Healer button, another message was sent to her "You have chosen the Healer class, a supply of healing items were sent to your PC, now trainer set foot into the world of PSB and become the best !" "Nice now I can start the game now" Karen said excitedly
  4. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    "Nice to meet you Karen, I'm Braxton," The teen introduced himself, shortly following after Karen once the introductions were done, hearing the directions to the Professor's lab. He reached the Lab around the same time Karen did, abeit slightly later than the female player, however he was able to hear the speech that Professor Leo gave to Karen as it was text that was repeated to all players.
    "Well, since I can, I'll take Bulbasaur," Braxton shrugged as he took the Pokeball containing the Seed Pokemon. Once recieved, a text box appeared saying to choose a class.
    [Trainer] [Breeder] [Healer] [Professor/Scientist] [-----------]
    "I'll be a Professor/Scientist, but why is there a missing class?" He inquired as a plethera of test tubes and fourmulas were sent to his PC and he was told, "Now set foot into the world of PSB and become the best!" However as he asked this question, the older Professor seemed troubled.
    "That is outside of my field of knowledge, my apologies," Braxton figured that would be the answer, the computers were simply incapable of understanding that they were in a game.
  5. Karen turned to her side and noticed another player taking their starter, though he skipped a lot of the dialog, maybe he's a Beta-Tester "Hey ! You seem to know about this game a lot already are you a Beta-Tester ?" she asked looking at the boy hoping to get a reply. In the mean time she looked for more features as she learns slowly, there was a Check Pokemon feature, she pressed it and a screen displayed
    Turtwig (Male)
    Owner : WitchDoctor400
    Type : Grass
    Pokedex : Made from soil, the shell on its back hardens when it drinks water. It lives along lakes. t undertakes photosynthesis with its body, making oxygen. The leaf on its head wilts if it is thirsty.
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  6. Mo6


    This is it, after almost twelve hours of [Reset] and [Continue] they can finally defeat this dang skeleton!

    Thomas made a noise in his throat which was meant to be a growl but it ended up sounding like a painful groan, Sansa answered him with her own groaned followed by a thud. The pre-teen looked over his shoulder, alarmed, only to be greeted with the sight of his sister pass out on the wooden floor. He smiled as he set his headphones down, Megalovania were still on as well as the fight but he could only careless as he carried his sister over to her bed. After tucking the eleven year old, he abruptly shut down the computer, with one last glance at the bluenette, he went to his closet and pulled out his Pokegear+.

    "Ro~" the raven haired boy grinned as he turned to his avian friend, who was eying him tiredly. He let out a silent laugh "Hey bud, I'm just gonna try this so go to sleep." his Rowlet let out a tired huffed before closing his eyes. Thomas continued to boot his gear, once done he lied back to his bed made a few adjustments for a much comfortable position before putting on the Pokegear+. And then he was... sucked in... there's no better words than 'getting sucked in the world of Virtual Reality'.

    Account : TommyGone
    Password : *****************
    Region : Alola

    »What nickname would you like to use in "Project-PSB"?«
    And as expected, he was in a totally different world. Wow. He pinched his arm and, ow, nothing happened. He hummed and did a twirl, a manly twirl, then he just let instinct took over which is to follow a bunch of players towards a gate. He froze for a minute to question why they were there when he noticed an Update Log. He read it as fast as he could, probably not really soaking everything it said and only took notice of the one thing below everything else.

    [See tutorial] [Skip tutorial]

    His gaze were locked on the [Skip tutorial], he just stood there staring at it before... "Finally! They did something right!" he shouted out of nowhere which probably grabbed a few heads. He didn't dare looked at them and just awkwardly coughed, pressing one of the options. He cringe at every passing second before he received a notification. His brows furrowed in confusion before pressing the Inbox and the new message. "Head to the Professor and recieve your first Starter Pokemon as well as you choose your class" he felt his whole being turn to ice.

    "You're hopeless." a very familiar voice stated as he immediately turned to the owner of the voice.

    Sansa snorted as she watched her brother's face contorted from the mixed emotions he was unsure of showing. She sighed, hooked her arm at his much longer one and just dragged him along. "Don't worry brother, your super cute and super smart little sister is on the rescue." she said as she continue to dragged him towards the lab.

    "W-wait..." his voice trailed off as he noticed his sister's nickname. Sansa blinked and glanced at him, she was greeted with a bellowing laugh which cause her to stopped and pout. Thomas stopped as well, his arm going to his stomach as he bend over and wheezed "Y... Your... hahahaha... na-name..."

    Sansa pouted even more "Yeah, so?"

    Thomas let out a couple of more silent laughter before coughing "Hello, GSans11." she gave him an unamused looked before smirking "I am fine, TomsonGone. Did ya like my name? It's like saying I'm a girl without eleven." Sansa looked at him straight in the eyes and with an evil glint "I sure am glad that I didn't change it to sixty-nine." she relished the tomato coloured face of her brother and his surprised coughs.
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  7. Getting no reply from the trainer, Karen continued to Braxton "He seemed to be AFK, couldn't get an answer" she said, she wanted to see more features of this game so she sent out her Turtwig, after the flash the leaf headed Pokemon sat on the ground and glared at her trainer, he looked confuse "Hey little guy, my name's Karen" she said to the Pokemon while bringing her hand closer to the creature, it stood uo and sniffed her hand, after knowing that it's safe he let her pet him "Hehe, feels weird like I'm actually touching it" she said.

    Meanwhile back in reality at SG (Silph-Gamimg) Companies, "Sir over 100000 players are online, shall we begin the plan ?" An unknown person stated "Let's wait, we have to give others opportunities" another one said in a more sinister voice, seemed to be the leader.
  8. Mo6


    The sibling duo entered the lab and saw a few more players in. "Okay, brotha. Just skipped the dialogues and picked your Pokémon.I'll be the one explaining things if you don't understand anything." Sansa said as she went over to the professor. She skipped everything and immediately picked her starter.

    Froakie (Male)
    Owner : GSans11
    Type : Water
    Pokedex : Froakie, the Bubble Frog Pokémon. From its chest and back, Froakie creates bubbles called Frubbles, which act as a cushion and soften the blow of an opponent's attack.

    She looked over her brother and saw that he was holding his Rowlet in deep thought.

    Rowlet (Female)
    Owner : TommyGone
    Type : Grass-Flying
    Pokedex : Rowlet, the Grass Quill Pokémon. A Grass and Flying type. It stores energy during the day from photosynthesis. It swoops down without making a sound and unleashes a powerful kick without being noticed.

    Thomas kept staring at it and would have stared at it more if it wasn't for his sister. "Look, it's not like your replacing your Rowlet. Its just a game." Thomas shook his head and he heard his sister sighed. He blinked and looked at her "It's not that. It's just.... It's a girl."
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  9. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Braxton took out his Bulbasaur and smiled at it, meanwhole the Seed Pokemon seemed visually confused. Clearly, it no idea who the teenager was, or aware of the fact that he now had a trainer.
    "Hey there Lil Buddy, I'm Braxton. I'm gonna be your trainer now," He thought that he might need to talk to his new partner and naturally, the grass type smiled back once clarification was brought about. Once they established the roles of trainer and trainee, the African American teenager then checked his Pokedex to see the entry.
    Owner: Swirlz64
    A Grass and Poison Type. It absorbs nutrients from the sun through its Bulb. It awaits the day that the Bulb will blossom into a beautiful flower.
    "So, do you wanna be called Lil B?" Braxton asked his partner. The B usually stood for Buddy, but it could mean Bulb, Bulbasaur, Bro or even Braxton.
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  10. "Hehe, that"s a good one, maybe you should tell it if it likes that name" Karen replied, she noticed other players outside the lab, her eyes caught attention to two people in the lab who had similarities and same personalities it was like they're sibblings. Karen recieved a new message in her inbox as she turned back to Braxton, the message read "Now that you've known a little more about your partner, how about heading out and catch some Pokemon, use the Map feature to locate the routes and places, press the dots to know more information about that place, note this only works for Locations", "Welp I'm about to start this wanna come with ?" Karen said as she checked Braxton's Profile, she pressed the Send Friend Request button, which every online game has and hope for him to accept.
    "WitchDoctor400 sent you a friend request. Would you like to accept it"
    [Yes] [No]
  11. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Braxton was somewhat startled when a friend request appeared in his inbox, he smiled and pressed Accept. Shortly, a message appeared in Karen's inbox. It read, "Congratulations, Swirlz64 accepted your friend request," Braxton and Karen both unlocked an achievement titled, "Lonley no more" which was recieved once a friend was made.
    "Sure, let's go catch some Pokemon!" He began walking out of the door and hoped Karen would follow suit.
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  12. Karen followed behind Braxton while checking her profile, she wanted to sort out some of her info, as she didn't want anyone related to her know about she being in the game, when she got outside with Braxton the sky was already shifting to the afternoon "I heard this game has special Pokemon only appearing at certain times, we should find out" she said, Karen opened the map and looked for Route 1, it took her some time scattering through the blue dots but she found a white one, "Information : Route 1 connecting road from Central Kentra to Marinium City", "Found it, follow me" Karen said as she started running to Route 1.
    The game now had over 15000 players which was almost the population of an entire region, the SG Company are now creating codings to trap these players inside, SG was developed by a criminal mastermind and grew bigger and bigger as more coders went in for the job, if some are lucky to leave the game early would be safe but for those who are still playing, they will have a treat.
  13. EnigmaticMissingNo.

    EnigmaticMissingNo. Previously McGlitchy

    "Well time to try out this new game, can't spend more than a few hours, gotta take Poochyena out for a walk." At the sound of its name the dog Pokemon ran over to its owner, "Sorry girl, we aren't going out yet, go out and play in the yard while you wait okay, I'll be out for you in a few hours." Poochyena gave a whimper, but eventually left to begin barking at the neighbors and their Pokemon. Lance walked over to PokeGear+ put it on prepared to play Project PSB.

    Account : Lancelot101
    Password : *********
    Region : Unova
    What nickname would you like to use in "Project-PSB"

    "This is an interesting feeling to say the least, now let's take a look at this." Lance looked over the update log, he picked skip tutorial, and felt a jolt of surprise as he appeared in the game. "Not the best experience I've been through... Anyway let's see where might I find my starter." Lance looked around the town for little while and eventually made his way towards the lab, there he picked Squirtle as his starter. He used the Check Pokemon option to see a bit more about his newly aquired starter.
    Squirtle (Male)
    Owner: LanceRPG1022
    Squirtle is a Water-type, when it retracts its long neck into its shell, it squirts out water with vigorous force.

    "Okay little guy let's get out and see if there's any other players starting here." He walked towards the exit seeing two people exiting as well. "Well Squirtle it seems we've found some players, let's greet them." Lance ran after them into Route 1.
  14. Nico sighed, having nothing to do but wait for the new game she ordered once it came out. Her foot tapped impatiently, she had been waiting for two days and she was getting impatient. She stood up and walked around her two story home, nobody being there but her. Suddenly, the doorbell rang and, rushing to it, Nico opened the door hastily, ready to play the new Pokémon game, Project Pokémon Simulation Battlegrounds. “Excuse me, young lady, but are you a ‘Nico’? This Nico didn’t specify a last name,” a male asked, holding a packaged box and a clipboard. “Yes I am, thank you,” Nico said, reaching for the box only to have him pull it back. “I’m going to need you to sign here,” he said, pointing the bottom line on the paper. She quickly signed it, getting handed the box which was quickly taken. She closed the door quickly, locking it behind her and bolted up the stairs eager to play the new game. She hooked it up and put on her VR set, coming into the game with a familiar feeling of becoming digital. Nico opened her eyes, knowing she would find herself in a completely different place. Her turquoise eyes found perfect plants and buildings, too perfect to be real but she didn’t mind.
    [See Tutorial] [Skip Tutorial]
    Pressing Skip Tutorial, Nico saw the choices disappear in front of her and she headed towards the nearest and biggest building which was most likely the center to get Pokémon from the Professor. She choose the Rowlet, the small owl creature coming out of his Pokéball on her command. At first it looked confused but after a smile from Nico it seemed to understand. She picked up the owl off the floor, thanking the Professor and leaving the building into the bright sunshine.

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