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Project G.E.A.S.S.

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Shocari, Jul 8, 2009.

  1. Geass, the power of the kings, is a strange and wondrous ability, but at the same time is a curse. Geass grants whoever it is endowed upon a special power that activates whenever the Geass activates, and increases in strength the more it is used. Unfortunately, it can drive one to the brink of madness if uncontrolled, so it is a gift given only to those deemed worthy enough to handle it. Yet, it is as if Geass itself has a will....

    A young man with short blond hair walked towards a large bipedal machine in the middle of a forest. The man was in an orange and white jumpsuit, with black boots and gloves. He had mesmerizing blue eyes that shone like sapphires, and took a necklace off of his neck as he drew nearer the machine. On the end of the necklace was a midnight blue key, which was very short and was similar to a universal serial bus device at the end. The machine itself stood about four adn three-quarter meters, with a width of of about two and a half meters. It looked similar to a robotic suit for a human, only much, much taller. Midnight blue metal covered it, with some black lines running vertically on each side and black shoulderpads. Its arms were ebony as well, and it held a sword with a small scythe attached at the pommel in its right hand.

    The machine was on its knees, and as the blue-haired man began to climb up the machine to the middle of its back, a voice stopped him. "So, Kurayami, is that the new ninth generation Knightmare frame?" a man's voice said, with an air of dry humor.

    Not turning around, Kurayami replied "Yep. The Hanzou is the latest design, and one-of-a-kind, thanks to Rakshata."

    "Rakshata?" the man sighed. "Now why didn't you just ask me? I could have made you something just as well." he said, still dry humored.

    "Oh, you know me, Lloyd, I just have to go with the woman's touch." Kurayami said. Turning around, he got a quick glimpse of Lloyd: a man with silver hair and glasses, dressed in a white labcoat...in the middle of the forest.

    "Going to give it a little test-drive, then? I won't get in your way. Just remember to go at least thirty meters ahead before you do so. We have a safety area set up so that the enemy can't find you."

    "Even though I don't serve Britannia, I still don't think that the Hitokuyoriawai are in the right. But, that's what we all thought with Zero, right?" Kurayami asked. Lloyd let out a sigh as Kurayami climbed into a seat that had emerged from the Knightmare. Kurayami climbed in, and the seat closed into the robot, entering a small cockpit. He placed the key in a hole near his right knee and turned it, activating the Knightmare. He could hear the very faint rumbling of the Core Luminous, the power source of the Knightmare, activate within the center of the machine. His energy readings were full, and everything else checked out okay, which meant he was ready to roll.

    Kurayami pressed a button on a small keyboard, and a Landspinner emerged from the back of each leg. Landspinners were somewhat like roller skates, and enabled Knightmares to move at high velocitys across nearly any terrain. A slight forward tilt of the controls, and Kurayami sped forward through the trees. He picked up a small communication piece and placed it along the right side of his face.

    BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! One of the Hanzou's radars flashed repeatedly while beeping. A red triangle was coming in from northeast of Kurayami's position.
    Yes, yes, Code Geass RP. To join, you must 1)actually know SOMETHING about Code Geass; i.e. what Geass is/does, how its obtained, what/how Knightmares are/work, and some quick summary of what's happened. This takes place shortly after the end of R2, so start from there. And 2) make your own character. Any real characters MUST be auto'd, and MUST follow their personalities.

    You CAN have Geass power, but you don't necissarily have to. But if you do, it absolutely cannot be one expressed in the show.
  2. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    (You look lonely Sho. Allow me to join you. BTW, I'm about to cheat so bad with my name.)

    "Master Zero! Has the UFN contacted us on what should be done about the Hitokuyoriawai?" questioned a you man with spiky black hair. He wore the uniform of the Black Knights, black pants and a buttoned black jacket.

    "You're name was Saiko Monki wasn't it?" asked Zero. Most of Zero's gold trimmed purple suit was hidden under his long flowing gold trimmed black cape with a tall collar that came half way up his face which was hidden behind a black mask shaped like the king chess piece.

    "Yes sir." responded Saiko nervously. This was actually the first time the rookie Black Knight had ever spoken to his hero. He had always idolized the Masked Knight of Justice since Zero's first appearance. That is why he became a Black Knight.

    "Well Saiko, I understand your concern, however the UFN is still debating on whether or not the Hitokuyoriawai is enough of a threat to get the Black Knights involved. We can not rush into situations where we would only do more harm than good." the Masked Messiah explained.

    "I know but-" Saiko sighed. The world had finally seemed at peace after Zero returned and assassinated Emperor Lelouch. Now all this was happening. Was peace just an illusion? The young Black Knight hoped with all his heart that the UFN would give their approval to take on the Hitokuyoriawai and that Zero would perform one of his famous miracles.

    After a few moments of silence Zero spoke up. "If that is all, I have a meeting with Her Highness Empress Nunnally."

    "Uh... yea. I'm done. Thank you for your time and hearing me out Master Zero." said Saiko gratefully as he bowed to his idol. When he rose, Saiko left his master to his personal affairs.

    As Saiko walked down the hall, he pulled out his cell phone. "I wonder what my old friend Kurayami is up to." he pondered aloud as he selected the number and pressed dial.

    (I think its kinda meh, but you really didn't give us much to go on with the Hitokuyoriawai :p Anyhoo, let's see where this goes from here)
  3. (OCC: For Sebastian's character info please go to the character bio section, it's the latest one posted)

    A silver Knightmare sped through the forest, the machine gracefully glided in-between the trees as it made its way towards Kurayami. It appeared to be a Vincent Command model, one of the mass produced 7th generation Knightmare frames based on the Lancelot. The body was silver but Face plate, leg decals, and shoulder plates were a shimmering gold.

    Sebastian smiled as he increased the speed of his mighty machine, hearing the soft spinning of the sakuradite that gave it life. As commander of the region he was responsible for all that went on in this territory but that never stopped him from having a bit of fun. He had heard that a new 9th generation Knightmare was being tested today and could resist the urge to find out what it was capable of.

    As Sebastian got closer he used his view screen to get a better look at his target. It was an impressive sight, sleek and dark, and it caused him to shiver with excitement.

    "Oh yes, this is certainly a masterpiece." He said to himself with an air of amusement and self satisfaction. Typing something in on a small keyboard in the front of the cockpit he fired two slash harkens from the hip of his unit into the trunks of two trees on either side of the Hanzou and propelled himself forward and up over the new Knightmare to get behind it.

    Turning the machine quickly around Sebastian pulled out his twin MVS (Master Vibration Swords) and put them together at the hilt to make a double sided lance. The blades glowed a soft red color and a faint hum could be heard as if the weapon waited eagerly to be thrust into their target.

    ""I am Sebastian Refrew, Knight if Britannia and commander of this area." Sebastian said into his small communication device located on the left side of his face, eager for a duel. "Ready your weapon, you shall need it." With no other warning He charged forward the tip of his lance aimed at chest of the Hanzou.

    "If he can stop a front assault then this unit isn't even worth my time." He said to himself with an air of confidence. He had seen a lot of combat in his life and this was his signature opening move, a testing of the waters to measure if his opponent was put up a fight or not. It was reckless but he knew he'd be able to counter what ever this new Knightmare would throw at him.
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  4. As the red blip drew closer and closer, the strangest thing happened: Kurayami's cell rang. He put it on speaker and answered. "Hello? Saiko? Yeah, this really isn't a good time, okay? I'll-what the hell?" The blip was a silver and gold Knightmare, Vincent Command model, which shot its two Slash Harken cables into a tree on either side of the Hanzou, and propelled itself behind him while attaching to MVS together.

    "I am Sebastian Refrew, Knight of Britannia and Commander of this area." the pilot's voice said into Kurayami's comm. "Ready your weapon, you shall need it."

    Kurayami pressed a button on the side of his comm and replied "I am Kurayami Hantaisha, Black Knight of Japan. I seek no quarrel with you, but since you insist..." Kurayami powered up his own MVS, which glowed lavender. Returning to Saiko Monki's call, he said "Yeah, I'll call you back. I have...something important to attend to."

    Sebastian's MVS charged right at the Hanzou's chest, to which Kurayami pulled back while switching his MVS to the left hand in a reverse grip. He grabbed the scythe and pulled it sharply to his right, revealing a long chain of about two and a quarter meters. Kurayami grabbed the chain about a quarter of the length from the sword's pommel, then began to swing it overhead before tossing the scythe-end like a whip towards Sebastian.
  5. Sebastian chuckled to himself as the other Knightmare retreated backwards from his attack. "Is this all he can do? Perhaps this battle field isn't well suited to the Knightmare he's piloting, but no matter…" Keeping his lance pointed he increased his speed to try and match the Hanzou.

    Sebastian frowned as the MVS changed hands and its hidden chain was reveled, as he once again activated his slash harkens and shot them at the scythe. The first harken connected with the blade and was easily destroyed but the second was able to deflected the scythe and pin it to a near by tree.

    "Please tell me you have a better plan than that? Other wise I maybe have to destroy that beautiful new unit." Sebastian said into his com device, as he charged at Kurayami once again with vigor. A quick powerful thrust towards the left shoulder of the unit to cripple its ambidextrous fighting style then he would go around to that side and damage the land spinners thus ending its mobility that was his plan.

    Sebastian really wasn't hoping to ruin the Knightmare, just see what it was capable of and so far he wasn't impressed with Kurayami's piloting skills. He had seen many battles and fought dozens of skilled warriors and in his opinion the Hanzou was not in the right hands.

    "Then again what can I expect from a Black Knight? Knights with out a master…" he never agreed with the UFN relying on these former terrorists as world military forces, and even though he was officially part of the Black Knights he never considered any of them to be true knights.
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  6. So, this Sebastian character was slash harken-happy, was he? Well, he only managed to rid Kurayami of the kusarigama part of his weapon; the MVS by itself was still functional and under control. Sebastian charged forward, aiming at the Hanzou's current sword hand, but Kurayami jumped back again.

    "Let me guess: you think that I only have maybe one trick up my sleeve, a trick that you want to see before totalling the Hanzou. Well, since I hate to disappoint, I'll let you in on a secret: I have three tricks up my sleeve." he said into the comm. "And here's the first one!" Kurayami quickly typed something on the small keypad, at which red...wings? emerged from a black box a little below the back of the Hanzou's neck.

    "How do you like my Float System? I'll just take the battle up to the skies where there's more manueverability for both of us." He thrust forward and grabbed the scythe before jumping into the air, soaring above the trees. With a snap of the wrist and a few button presses, the chain retracted back inside the sword's hilt, connecting it to the scythe once more as it switched back to the right hand.

    "Just join me up here so you can see tricks Two and Three at the same time!"
  7. Sebastian couldn't help but grin, perhaps this pilot would be able to show him a bit more. Quickly tapping on a small key board and four extensions unfolded from his cockpit, the tips of each hummed for a brief second then glowed a light pink. Soon the Vincent was hovering above the ground before it shot up into the sky towards the Hanzou.

    "I'm so glad that you decide to fight me openly. I haven't had a battle that made me this excited since before the 2nd Black rebellion!" Sebastian said into the com device, pulling a leaver inside his cockpit a click was heard and his Knightmare pulled a machine gun from the side of the outer cockpit and aimed it at Kurayami.

    "I don't really like guns but lets just see you dance for me a bit!" He pulled the trigger and let forth a barrage of bullets at the winged Knightmare, he knew an attack of this caliber would never really harm the other unit, it was merely another line in the sand.

    "Come now! Show me this units potential! Let me experience its art!" Sebastian cheered hoping the other would satisfy his request. "Show me it's power!"

    In the unit's other hand the MVS lance still glowed ready to defend him from a counter strike. He wasn't an idiot, Sebastian knew that he had to be careful around this Knightmare, it still was an advanced model and he didn't know how well it had been tested. If he or the pilot weren't careful, Sebastian might die.
  8. A barrage of bullets came zooming through the air at the Hanzou, but it was more of an annoyance attack, meant to do no real damage. Obliging, Kurayami avoided each and every one, not that amused.

    "Is that it? A lousy gun? I guess the older models just don't have the stuff that the newer ones do." Kurayami taunted. Is this the best he can do? I was hoping to use it...but I guess I could anyway. he thought. "Sebastian! Are you ready for trick number two? I can do what no other Knightmare in the world can: strike faster than the speed of sound. Watch closely now!"

    Kurayami made the Hanzou's arms appear as if they were pulling the air into the area right in front of its chest, not in a grabbing motion, but in a swirl. For a moment, the colors of the machine began to distort, then stopped. Kurayami kept it up, and the Hanzou's legs began to vanish into thin air. The invisibility kept spreading up the body, taking up the head and leaving naught but the arms, until they eventually disappeared as well.

    "Hey, Saiko, are you there? This is Kurayami. I'm still fighting that Vincent Knightmare, but I just used the Hanzou's secret weapon. If only I could see his face..." he said into the phone.
  9. Sebastian smiled coyly as the Hanzou dodged his little shower of bullets. He had hoped it would motivate the pilot to continue the lesson on this new model's abilities and was pleased when he was rewarded.

    "Ah yes, my poor Vincent is not as advanced as your Knightmare. Please be kind to it." He responded to the taunt with a shrug, he was getting what he wanted and if Sebastian had to lose his spare Knightmare frame to accomplish his goals it was a worthy sacrifice.

    What is that bizarre arm movement? Is the unit disappearing? He thought as Kurayami revealed the next secret of his Hanzou. "What an intriguing technique, is that your Knightmare's special trait?" He pondered for a second then as he saw that it was almost completely vanished he sprang into action.

    Tossing the gun aside he split his lance into two separate long swords in each hand. Typing quickly onto the small key board in front of him he released his remaining slash harken into a tree that was below he and his foe.

    "Speed of sound then huh? Is the invisibility caused by your unit speeding up beyond what my eyes can follow or is it something to cover up the rigid movements of a machine traveling at such a velocity?" He mused with a smile, thrusting a sword in front of his unit and to the rear, anticipating and attack from either side. High speed strikes are made in straight lines so the attack would be from either his front or his vulnerable blind spot.

    He knew that the strike would be fast and almost impossible to counter, that's why the harken was in place, if he couldn't parry he would quickly pull himself away and strike during the Hanzou recovery.
  10. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    "Hey, Saiko, are you there? This is Kurayami. I'm still fighting that Vincent Knightmare, but I just used the Hanzou's secret weapon. If only I could see his face..." Kurayami answered.

    "Yeah, it sounds like a pretty intense battle." Saiko responded having been listening to the fight over the phone the whole time. He had been ready to hang up the phone when Kurayami had said it was a bad time, but the sounds of battle had been just too alluring to ignore. Kurayami's opponent was no slacker that was for sure. All in all it sounded like a pretty even match up. Saiko still could not help but wish he was watching the fight first hand though.

    "You better win this fight in one piece, ya hear? I still haven't seen that new Knighmare of yours." Saiko said. He knew Kurayami was getting a new model complement of Rakshata, but he had never seen the Hanzou first hand.

    (Teh shortness! It burns us! Blarg!)
  11. "Don't worry, he won't be harmed that easily." Kurayami said. "I still haven't released its full potential." The Hanzuo's invisiblity booster wouldn't last that long, so he'd have to make it quick.

    Kurayami began twirling the kusarigama in a figure-eight motion along the left and right of the Knightmare, getting ready for the attack. "Sebastian, I'll have you know that I can't lose this battle. I'll need to keep the Hanzou in fair-condition to fight off the Hitokuyoriawai. It just won't do to get a scratch." Kurayami swung at the Vincent, the amount of power used draining the invisibility booster of energy.

    'Come on, get hit, get hit, get hit.' he thought. 'Don't make me use it. Don't make me use it. Don't make me use it!'

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