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Project Cafe Thread

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by Toastie, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. Toastie

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    This is the thread for all Project Cafe/Wii 2/Stream/whateveryouwannacallit discussions. These are the rumours and facts about the console:
    -It will be shown at E3 2011 and will be playable
    -It will be released in 2012, April at the earliest
    Strong rumours
    -Its codename is Project Cafe
    -Nintendo are considering naming it the Stream
    -It will be backwards compatible with both Wii and Gamecube games
    -It will be 'significantly more powerful' than the Xbox 360 and the PS3 and will support HD display
    -The controller will feature two shoulder buttons and trigger buttons, two analog sticks, a d-pad and face buttons, leaning towards a more traditional layout than the Wii Remote. However, it will feature a 6 inch screen in the middle of it. This screen will be touch sensitive and whole games will be able to streamed to it and played on it, even when Project Cafe is turned off.
    Likely Rumours
    -It will play DVDs
    -Rockstar and Retro Studios have dev kits and are working on games for Project Cafe
    -Nintendo are considering a $350-400 price tag
    -The controller will have a camera on it
    -The controller will have motion control more precise than the PS3's move
    - The controller will be able to act as a sensor bar for the Wii
    Possible Rumours
    -Rockstar are working on GTA V for Project Cafe
    Unlikely Rumours
    -Retro Studios are working on Eternal Dark 2 for Project Cafe

    I'll post more rumours as they come in (and any that you guys point out I've missed)

    I think it's great how Nintendo are completely ignoring the console race. Their only competition is themselves. And seeing as there won't be successors to PS360 until 2-3 years after Project Cafe is released, Project Cafe will get the same games as them (which the Wii didn't) as well as offering Mario, Zelda, etc. It will also be doing something new with the controller which would win people over. If it remains in the same league as the PS360 successors then it could be a great few years for Nintendo.

    Wanted Games:
    -Super Smash Bros.
    Sakurai has seemed reluctant to return to this series, but an HD Smash Bros. would tempt a huge amount of people and could be used very well with the Stream to Controller function.
    A given, I'd like to see a game that really uses the console's capabilities. After all, for 2-3 years Project Cafe will be the most powerful console on the market.
    Even more potential, imagine beautiful forests and dark and dank caves in HD ♥
    -Super Little King's Story
    I'll tell you why I put this here. Imagine sending a grunt to attack something. With the Controller, you could use the screen to select that grunt and select a particular attack and send them to attack a particular enemy using the cameramotioncontrolthingy.
    Epic Yarn 2 in HD. Make it happen Nintendo.
    Personally, I have never played Metroid, but I don't need to to see that it would be a great game to show off Project Cafe's processing and graphical capabilities.
    I'll post more games I want later, too tired now. So, what do you think of Project Cafe? What games do you want for it? Comment below!
  2. I think this game console is very unique and it's good that they are ignoring the console race. I just want like a Pokemon game for the Wii 2, just like the DS games, but 3D and more RPG based. Or at least Pikmin 3 or SSB4.

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