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Predictions for Xerneas/Yveltal's typing

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Toastie, Jan 27, 2013.

  1. I'm really intrigued with the typing of X and Y's mascots, Xerneas and Yveltal. Before Game Freak reveal this information, I thought it would be fun for some Charmsians to make their predictions. I'll quickly present you guys with information about the two legendaries, as well as their assumed origins:

    3.0 M, 215 Kg
    "Xerneas comes from the letter X. It may be derived from cervus (Latin for deer), Cernunnos (horned Celtic god), and Ceryneian Hind."

    5.8 M, 203 Kg
    "Yveltal comes from the letter Y. It may also be derived from yvel (a Middle English spelling of evil) and quetzal."

    My Guess
    I believe that Xerneas will be Grass/Steel and that Yveltal will be Dark/Flying. I chose grass for Xerneas because of its possible connections with a Celtic god (the Celts were very much part of nature themselves), while its antlers and unusually large weight compared with its size lead me to believe that it is part steel as well.

    I chose Dark/Flying for Yveltal, because it seems bird-like, and its name may be derived from a bird, so flying makes sense. The 'evil' part of its name lends itself to the dark typing.

    Additionally, these typings fit with what I believe these mascots represent - Chaos and Order. Chaos is often associated with evil, and the way that Yveltal can fly around shrieking (as it does in the trailer) makes it seem chaotic. With Xerneas, grass represents nature and comfort, as well as the familiar 'structure' of our planet, while steel symbolises stability and power.
  2. You've guessed exactly what I thought :p The only other typing I think Xerneas could be Psychic/Steel.
  3. Although I'm sure it won't happen, my headcanon says that Xerneas could be Light/Steel and that Yveltal could be Sound/Flying, if they were to follow that fan theory. But I'm sure it won't happen :p

    Okay, so my guess? Xerneas will be Psychic/Steel and Yveltal will be Fighting/Flying. Xerneas should be obvious, but Yveltal has me guessing that it will be part fighting because... well, look at it. It has three claws and what appears to be very flexible wings and tail. Personally, I could see it working. Though I am perfectly okay with Yveltal being part Dark.

    However, if they are BOTH dragons, I will murder a cactus.
  4. [​IMG]
    I wouldn't be surprised if Game Freak somehow managed to make Yveltal part Dragon, just like they'll inevitably find a way to make Fennekin's evolution Fire/Fighting.

    Still, surely they couldn't make a stag Pokémon Dragon-type? Right?
  5. They've made a bug thing and a cloud into a Dragon. Why not a stag? Its a staggon.
  6. I doubt they will have new types for Gen VI, especially not Sound and Light. We have already had several sound-based Pokemon, and many moves associated with sound. These Pokemon and moves are generally Normal-type, although Electric and Steel fit too. As for Light, that is already affiliated with Electric, Psychic, and Bug. So, having these as types does not make sense.
  7. I can say i think Yveltal will be Dark/Flying, however, I have no clue what types Xerneas will be. I guess i will have to wait and see.
  8. Grass/Steel or Steel/Psychic seem to be popular ideas for Xerneas' type, watch this GF will make it something ridiculous like Poison/Dragon ¬.¬

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