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Open Power Rangers Samurai - The Next Generation (RP DISCUSSION)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by SylvieThePokemonTrainer, Oct 6, 2017.

  1. If you've watched both seasons of Power Rangers Samurai, you'll know this:

    "Centuries ago in Japan, Nighlok monsters invaded our world, but samurai warriors defeated them with power symbols, passed down from parent to child. Today the evil Nighlok have risen once again and plan to flood the earth. Luckily, a new generation of heroes stand in their way. They are the Power Rangers Samurai."
    BLUE RANGER: Kevin
    GOLD RANGER: Antonio Not Official Ranger - Not In This RP

    I've been obsessed with watching this again and again, and I'm aware it is a children's show, doesn't mean you can't RP it XD And I wanna RP it! Lol. So...
    The original rangers retired from being samurai rangers after Master Xandred and all the Nighlok were defeated.

    The Yellow Ranger and the Green Ranger (I ship them so much YES I KNOW IT'S A CHILDREN'S SHOW) went on to get married, and they had twins - a boy and girl. The girl was going to be the Yellow Ranger and was given the Yellow Ranger Samuraizer, as a precaution for if Master Xandred came back. The boy was going to be the Green Ranger and was given the Green Ranger Samuraizer, as a precaution for if Master Xandred came back.

    The Blue Ranger and Pink Ranger (I SHIP THEM SO MUCH TOO) Also went onto getting married and also had twins - a boy and a girl. The girl was going to be the Pink Ranger and was given the Pink Ranger Samuraizer, as a precaution for if Master Xandred came back. The boy was going to be the Blue Ranger and was given the Blue Ranger Samuraizer, as a precaution for if Master Xandred came back.

    The Red Ranger went on to find love with a woman who he thought was his soulmate, and he had a kid with her, a boy. The boy was given the Red Ranger Samuraizer as a precaution for if Master Xandred came back.
    After the defeat of Master Xandred, our heroes went on to their real lives. Jayden married a woman, his soulmate and they had a boy who would be the Red Ranger if Master Xandred came back.
    Emily and Mike got married and had twins after Mike confessed his love to Emily five years after the defeat of Master - the girl would be the Yellow Ranger and the boy would be the Green Ranger if Master Xandred came back.
    Mia and Kevin also got married and had twins, a boy and a girl - the girl would be the Pink Ranger and the boy would be the Blue Ranger if Master Xandred came back.
    The Power Rangers' kids were trained by their parents to be Power Rangers in case Master Xandred and his Nighlok came back - and it certainly came in handy...

    Twenty years later, all the Power Rangers' kids were all nineteen years old...and Master Xandred was back somehow, unbeknownst to them. However, when the first Nighlok attack on Japan, a weak Mooger attack, only the new Red Ranger knew. The new Red Ranger's dad, the old Red Ranger only told him and used this opportunity to test his son and see if he was strong enough to fend off the first Nighlok attack - and he was, as the Nighlok were very weak.

    Two years later, the Nighlok and the Moogers were quickly growing in strength and Master Xandred was turning people into proper Nighlok to serve him and prepare for more stronger, future attacks. The new Red Ranger could hardly fend off the Moogers now, as they gained more power as the Sanzu River rose. The old Red Ranger, who acted as their mentor rather than Mentor Ji who was too old to help, told the Red Ranger he had to form his Power Ranger team.

    All the new Power Rangers were best friends, and the other Power Rangers were beginning to become suspicious when their parents trained them way more than before - they would also notice the new Red Ranger and his dad running out of the house, the new Red Ranger with his Samuraizer at hand.

    But soon their suspicions were stopped, as the new Red Ranger told them what was happening. (Hah making sure you're reading this story - put 'Samurai' in the 'Other' part of your character bio) The five new Power Rangers went to the Shiba samurai house and prepared themselves for the next Nighlok attack, the five friends from childhood ready to fight together as a team.

    Green Ranger (EARTH)(BEAR FOLDINGZORD: @Glaceon trainer
    Yellow Ranger (ROCK)(APE FOLDINGZORD):
    1. Follow All Pokecharms Rules
    2. No overpowered Rangers.
    3. Read everything in this post.
    4. Follow the character sheet.
    5. No making your character the most powerful of the group, even if they're the Red Ranger.
    6. Have proper grammar, spelling and punctuation.
    7. At least four lines per post.
    8. One character per person.
    9. Don't RP until approved.
    10. OOC blather in the Discussion.
    11. Only RP posts here.
    12. Have fun!
    13. In the 'Other' part of your Character Bio put the word 'Forever'. DO IT. You won't be accepted if you don't.
    14. I will not accept you if you haven't got the right words making sure you've read this whole post if it isn't in the 'OTHER' part of your character bio.
    15. Romance is allowed! PG though.
    16. Swearing is allowed but keep it to a minimum - no further than 'crap, heck, hell, crud'.

    Identifying Marks:
    Love Relationships?:

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  2. Do you need to use one of the original characters? Or can we make our own?
    Ranger: Pink Ranger
    Zord(s): Turtle Foldingzord
    Power: Wind
    Gender: Female
    Height: 4'61/2"
    Weight: 102lbs
    Hair: She has dyed, long, wavy pink hair to her waist. Her daily hairstyle is where she ties up her hair into two ponytails at the side of her head with a braid around her forehead.
    Eyes: She has dark blue eyes which shine in the light.
    Clothing: When she isn't in her Power Ranger form she wears navy blue jogging bottoms and a black shirt, and when it is cold or near night she wears a pink cloak-like coat. She wears a bandana-like scarf around her neck and pink fingerless gloves.
    Identifying Marks: She has freckles dotted over her face and a scar near her left eye as well as a birthmark on the back of her wrist.
    Musculature: Sylvie is fit but not muscly - she is good at running and tends to run regularly, making her quite slim.
    Personality: Sylvie is a friendly, cheerful girl who is always up for a challenge no matter what it is. She is confident in herself and her team, always believing and not giving up until she is finally finished. She is quite eccentric, and will always crack a joke to lighten the mood, whatever the situation they're in. She is quite fast - fast in her attacks, running and reflexes, and although she is great at this she is quite clumsy and hurts herself often. She is also quite witty with the way she attacks, but can only accomplish these with the help of her team, always trusting them.
    Skills: She is good at playing the flute and keyboard and her main attribute in being a Power Ranger is her speed - she is proud of it and calls it her power of the wind, as the wind can also be very fast, as she is quick at attacking and great at running, as well as fast reflexes. Doesn't help that she is quite clumsy though.
    Love Relationships?: None.
    Other: Samurai forever!

    (@Glaceon trainer Did you even read everything? Just by the TITLE you should know the answer to that question.)
  4. I'll take green, but to late to fill out the form. I'll do it tomorrow if it's alright?
  5. Name: Halt
    Ranger: green
    Zord: bear foldingzord
    Power: earth
    Gender: male
    Height: 6'0
    Weight: 172
    Hair: A dark green
    Eyes: bright green
    Clothing: he wears a green windbreaker, on a white undershirt. He wears blue jeens.
    Identifying Marks: na
    Musculature: quite well built. He is able to bench press around 200 lbs
    Personality: he is semi humorous, but tries to crack jokes. Halt stays on task when needed, but not when it's not.
    Skills: he is extremely strong, and can use the Earth to strengthen his attacks. Halt is stronger in the wilderness.
    Love Relationships?: not yet.
  6. Crush: Not yet? cool

  7. It isn't started yet, so how can he have any crushes?
  8. No, I mean because you said 'yet' XD
  9. So, You don't think there are going to be any relationships, do you?
  10. Think about it.
    乁( ⸌ ‿ ⸍ )ㄏ
  11. 乁( ⸌ ‿ ⸍ )ㄏ
  12. And who do you ship?
  13. Out of the Power Rangers from the Power Rangers Samurai?

    Emily >< Mike
    Kevin >< Mia
    Jayden > He ain't got nobody.
    Antonio > Screw him.
  14. Nobody yet they haven't even met XD I can only ship Halt and Jessica but the RP hasn't even started XD I posted in it though so GO REPLY
  15. I saw, working on it.
  16. Dammit! I was hoping to be the Gold Ranger. Oh well XD.

    Name: Jay
    Ranger: Red Ranger
    Zord: Lion Foldingzord
    Power: Fire
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5'6
    Weight: 140 lbs
    Hair: White hair.
    Eyes: Dark red eyes which shine when it's bright.
    Clothing: Jay would wear a red long sleeved shirt, blue jeans and black sneakers. When it's cold, he would also wear a black leather u-boat jacket.
    Identifying Marks: None.
    Musculature: Not muscular but he is fit.
    Personality: He may not look like it but he is kind, caring and supportive. Although when duty calls, he can get serious and will not flinch during a battle. When Jayden told him to go build a team, he was not too fond of the idea, since he enjoyed working alone.
    Skills: He is pretty good with his sword and likes to combine it with his speed during battle. Jay is also pretty good at fighting without a sword, which comes in handy whenever he has to fight without a sword.
    Love Relationships?: None
    Other: Samurai Forever!
  17. Hey, Sylvie. How about we make some changes to the characters because they are not the same as their parents?
  18. Accepted! Was worried this RP wouldn't survive XDDD

    @Glaceon trainer whaddya mean?
  19. Maybe a suit difference, make it look more modern, and update the weapons some.
  20. I like to think that everything is the same, because they wanted to be like their mums and dads.

    @BlueMew392 You know you can RP now, right? =D
    #26 SylvieThePokemonTrainer, Oct 9, 2017
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2017
  21. Sooooo.......what about the other two Rangers?
  22. I think this rp is dead. Sylvie got banned, so yea.
  23. Oh...how did she get banned?
  24. Check out steller's profile.
  25. Wow, I didn't expect Sylvie to be like that.
  26. Is this RP still on?
  27. Oh ok well thanks anyway.

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