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Ask to Join Power rangers: cyber racers

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by The legend of pika, Jul 20, 2017.

  1. (Wanna join, and know the backstory? Go here: https://pokecharms.com/threads/power-rangers-cyber-racers.17271/)
    Jacksons alarm clock rang. "Gah" he said as he hit his head on his headboard. "Another day of school" he claimed as he hopped out of bed. He put on his red clothing, a jacket, and put headphones around his neck. He then hopped onto his bike and road outside.
    "Jackson..." said a voice.
    Jackson stopped peddling his bike on the sidewalk. "Wha....whos their" he said, putting his bike in a bike rack next to the cafe where his friends meet for pre school breakfast and snacks.
    "Jackson...you have been chosen" the echoing voice said to the teenager.
    "Chosen for what" jackson said.
    "You will see in short time..." said the voice as it faded away. Just then, a man ran into jackson. He was about the age of 40, and was wearing a red vest and a white shirt under it, also with a lab coat.
    "Excuse me young man, I forget, is this hevansbrook cafe?" The man asked him.
    "Uhh...yeah, this is" jackson said, opening the door for the man.
    "Thank you. Here, take this for your kindness" the man said as he held out a wad of cash
    "Uhh...no thanks, im good, I am not the kind of person, keep your money" jackson said walking into the cafe after the man. Jackson sat at a table, orderd a coke, and waited for his friends to arrive.
  2. Animus was just leaving his home after waking up and having breakfast, as he left, he shouted to his Uncle,
    "Uncle, Bye!" his Uncle called down
    "Bye Animus! Have a nice day!" Animus left the house, and ran to café, everything he needed(Books, Jacket, Headphones with an Mp3 player, Etc.) as he reached the café, he saw Jackson's bike, and smiled before checking the time, the was an hour before school started, strangely, he thought he heard a strange voice saying
    "Animus, you are chosen..." he said
    "what was that? Hm, probably nothing."he went inside the café, and looked for Jackson.
  3. jackson looked up and saw animus. "Hey animus, over here" jackson said haveing one of his hands. Suddenly, the same old man who asked jackson for help, dropped papers all over the ground. "Damn it" said the man picking up the papers.
    "hey, need help again?" Asked jackson, helping the man. "Hey animus, mind helping out?" Jackson said to his older friend.

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